GH Update Tuesday 3/4/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/4/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Skye showed up on Jax’s doorstep uninvited; he greeted her in nothing but a towel. She assured him she just wanted to make sure he was okay. At that point his secretary came down the stairs, buttoning her shirt. “We’ll, I’d say you’re handling things pretty good,” Skye observed. Andrea left and the ex Mr. And Mrs. Jacks continued their conversation. He told her it was just a business deal and she gave him a little info about sleeping with strangers. “Believe me. Everyone looks worse in the morning,” she told him, explaining that a stranger could never give him love. He assured her he didn’t want love, didn’t believe in it. She pointed out his “white knight” persona. He pointed out he hadn’t been too good of it lately, recalling Alexis, Brenda and the woman standing in front of him. He admitted he would always regret what had happened between them, that he hadn’t been there for her when she needed him most. He told her he was going to do what he was good at and go back to making money and making deals. He told her she deserved better.

Ned told Faith he was bringing the baby to the gatehouse and didn’t want her anywhere near it. She pointed out that he was much colder than he looked. He ordered her to be gone by the time he got back with Kristina.

Once Ned was gone, Faith called Edward, insisting he visit her at the gatehouse. She tried to play up the loss of her grandmother, but Eddie caught on, asking her what she really wanted. She explained the baby had become a problem.

Alexis confronted Cameron, asking if he had turned her in for faking multiple personality disorder. He informed her he had covered for her even though it made him an accessory. He explained that he had a feeling helping get her baby back would help him get his son back. “Maybe Luke’s right. Maybe I am as crazy as my patients,” Cameron assessed. Alexis wanted the scoop on Scott, so Cameron let her know he wanted to put her on trial for murder one. Alexis didn’t understand, assuming she would go to a mental institution. “Well, gee. Maybe he thinks that you’re faking,” Cameron told her.

Zander caught Gia digging through her purse for money, realizing Bobbie had raised the prices. She explained that Nikolas had taken care of everything and her former modeling career hadn’t paid for much more than school. He welcomed her to the real world and told her to complain the food had a fly in it. She told him she’d eaten it all and couldn’t. He called Courtney over, and informed her he would be paying for Gia’s meal.

Cameron walked in, breaking up the duo and asked to speak with Gia. He encouraged her to ask Taggart what Scotty had on Alexis. “I’m not breaking into anyone’s office,” she assured him. Cameron played on her weaknesses, reminding her if Alexis were to loose the case, she would loose the baby as well. “Why don’t you worry about your own kid instead of worrying about Alexis’ all the time?” Gia asked.

Scott was in the middle of a bargaining phone call when Taggart walked in, overhearing an offer for $4,000 to make the jury see things his way. Taggart called him on it, pointing out the jury would see through his scheme.

Gia went to Taggart to get the scoop, but he knew something was up immediately. She asked him for Scotty’s strategy, and he managed to tell her without actually saying anything. Gia left and Alexis asked Cameron the ultimate question: “What if I can’t fool the experts?”

Cameron went over to the counter to converse with his son, but he didn’t get the friendly greeting he’d expected. He admitted he’d been wrong and wanted to get past what had happened. He reminded his son that they were getting a second chance. “I’m trying to get over my past and you’re a part of that,” Zander told him.

Ned visited Alexis at the hospital with the papers allowing him to take Kristina home. Alexis refused to let him, worried that he would not give her back. He assured her that he would and that Faith wouldn’t be allowed near the baby. He promised her it wasn’t a trick, just an offer to get her out of the hospital and into a home. He explained that he would sing to her and listen to her first words. Alexis explained she wanted to do that and he assured her he knew, but she couldn’t. He promised to keep her safe. Alexis signed the paper and hugged him.

Jax went to the hospital to visit Alexis. She voiced that she hoped Ned could take care of the child and Jax assured her he would do good. Jax informed his best buddy and ex-wife that he had arranged for her to have the most expensive attorney money could buy. “Good. She’ll need it,” Cameron said, entering the room.

Once Jax left, Cameron pointed out how nice it was that she had rich friends. Alexis worried that Ned had caught on to her faking the disorder since she hadn’t flipped over him taking the baby. Cameron assured her Ned wasn’t thinking that way. Gia interrupted, informing them that Scott planned to get her testimony thrown out of court by proving she was faking. Picking up on the clues, Gia asked if she was actually faking. Alexis asked her why she would put everyone through the hell they were going through, which was enough to convince Gia to back off. Once alone, Alexis asked Cameron the big question: “What if I can’t fool the experts?”

Ned took the baby home to find Edward in the gatehouse, balloons, baby bed and all. Wondering how his grandfather had found out about Kristina, he tried to ward off any upcoming attacks. He assumed Edward was trying to build a nest for his new heir, and Edward let him think it, explaining he wouldn’t let another Quartermaine child slip away. He then hit an all-time low, trying to use Lila’s desires to get to know Kristina against his grandson. He ultimately accomplished his goal – keeping Ned from ever entering into the possibility that he and Faith were in cahoots.

Sonny and Jason discussed business at the penthouse, Sonny trying to send Jason out of town to finish up a project. Jason outright refused, informing his boss that the shooter who was notorious for knocking off mobsters was back in town. All they had was half a name – Sam, and they didn’t know whom the killer was gunning for.

Carly visited Courtney at Kelly’s, asking if she’d heard from Jason. She admitted she hadn’t, but could wait. Carly asked for tea instead of coffee, a change that clued Courtney in on a change of pace. Carly informed her sister-in-law of the possibility of a child. Rick managed to overhear and tried to join in on the conversation but they shifted topics to Michael. Rick gave Courtney some college documents and told her he had set up some interviews for her at schools. Carly tore them up for her and told him Sonny wasn’t going to run her life for her. Courtney also informed him she was going nowhere, and made it clear that when and if she decided to attend college, she would pay for it herself. Rick pointed out he was just doing his job. Once he was gone they got back to gossiping, Courtney asking Carly if she should continue to work at The Cellar. Carly assured her that would be the best way to run into Jason, and if she ran into him he would realize what he was missing, and if he realized what he was missing he’d realize he made a big mistake. “Okay, you win. I won’t quit – ever,” Courtney told her.

Sonny joined Carly and they headed to The Cellar discussing Faith’s grandmother and Carly’s desire to pay homage since she died in the club. Faith came down at that moment, which got everyone’s panties in a bunch. She informed the Corinthos’ that she wanted to apologize to them, telling Carly that she had brought her grandmother’s dream to life. Sonny and Carly didn’t buy what she was selling.

Courtney showed up for work a little early, taking Carly’s advise and wearing a skin-tight, low cut gown. Jason came running down the stairs and saw her, realizing his mistake. He assured her that he was there to do business with Sonny and they would find another place to meet. Courtney promised that it didn’t matter; she’d already made her choice.

Sonny and Jason discussed the hit, still oblivious to whom the shooter was.

Faith and Sam (short for Samantha) stood outside Kelly’s, Faith informing her hit woman that she wanted history to repeat itself during her grandmother’s wake.

Jax made a few business deals until he heard a knock on the door. “I’m busy. Call my secretary,” he ordered. “It’s me,” Andrea called back. She came in letting him know the deal had wrapped and he now owned yet another big company. She asked if he wanted to celebrate, but he turned down the offer. Once she was gone, he got frustrated at his change of pace and lack of love and violently overturned the room service tray.


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