GH Update Monday 3/3/03


General Hospital Update Monday 3/3/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

At Carly's club, Faith was crying while the paramedics prepared to leave with Catherin'e's dead body. Ned came down to the club, and Faith told him that she didn't know what happened, and she was upset about her grandmother. Ned got mad and told Faith that she did know what happened to her; she murdered her own grandmother because she wanted revenge on Sonny. Faith told Ned that he was wrong, and that she loved her grandmother. Ned remembered that she had just been talking about keeping a promise to her grandmother, until she was dead. Faith told Ned that she never wanted to see him again, and whatever they had between them was done. Ned left, and Mac came down to ask Faith some questions. They sat down together, and Faith told Mac that her and Catherine had shared a toast, and Faith left. When she was going up the stairs she heard the glass break, and went back down and found her grandmother dead on the floor. Ned went to the hospital to see Monica. He asked her to find a copy of the autopsy report on Catherine. She asked why, and Ned told her that he was doing business arangements and wanted to know who he was dealing with. Monica agreed, and when Ned was outside the church chapel, she brought him a copy of the report which said that Catherine died of natural causes. Inside the chapel, Faith was sitting when Ned came in and said he owed her an apology. She said that wasn't neccessary, she wanted a hug. When Ned left, Faith talked to herself in the chapel. She said it was sad that Catherine's life had to end this way, but she couldn't openly defy her, so she had to kill her. Faith said that she needed the money from her grandfather, and if Catherine had stayed alive, she would have left the money to someone else, and she needed it.

At their penthouse, Sonny fussed over Carly after they realized that she might be pregnant. Carly told Sonny that she never let herself hope that she would become pregnant, and she didn't think after all this time it was possible. They hugged, and Carly pulled away after having a flashback to the night with Ric. Sonny asked what was wrong, and she said nothing, she just didn't want to get her hopes up for nothing. He wanted to take her to the hospital for a pregnancy test, and she refused saying she wanted to wait a few days. He started to argue, but was interrupted by her cell phone. Carly answered the call from Bobbie, and told Sonny that something awful had happened at her club and that she had to go right away. He went along. At The Celler, Carly asked the paramedics who were still there with Catherine's body what happened, they told her she had died. Carly looked as though she were going to cry, and Sonny told her that he would find out what happened. He listened in as Faith told Mac what happened. When Mac left, Sonny sat down and Faith told him he should respect her loss. Sonny told her she didn't seem to be grieving, Carly was more upset than her. Faith told Sonny that he didn't cry when Lily was blown up, and she didn't cry when Rosco died. Carly went over and told Faith to get herself out of the club. Back at home, Carly sat on the couch, and Michael came down and told Carly that he had another dream. When Carly asked him what it was about, Michael told her that he drempt that her and Sonny brought home a baby brother. Carly assured him that she was sure that someday that would happen.

Cameron continued to question Alexis about the DID cases that she written down in her files. She told Cameron that she had no idea what he was talking about. Cameron pulled out her notes, and asked if maybe Kristina had written them. Alexis said she didn't know, he was the one who talked to Kristina. Cameron told Alexis that he thought she had made up the entire story about the personality disorder. She denied that, and then Alexis started to make herself into Kristina. "Right on time" Cameron noticed. Saying that Kristina always comes to protect Alexis from losing the baby. After saying he was going to Scott with the new information, Alexis begged him not to. Cameron pulled out a knife and told "Kristina" that she could either kill him to protect Alexis, or deal with the situation. Alexis didn't do anything with the knife, and she admitted to Cameron that she was herself, and that she killed Alcazar. Cameron asked her to tell him what happened, and she explained the night she killed Alcazar, acting in self defense. When she went to his hotel suite, she slapped him, and he hit her back and pushed her down. Alexis had told him that she would kill him if he ever hit her again. He told her she would have to kill him, and picked her back up, not knowing that she had a knife in her hand. He lubged at her on the balcony and jammed the knife into his stomach. Then he fell over the balcony. Cameron told her she had explained a perfect case of self defense, and wondered why she didn't use that. She told Cameron that nobody would believe her, she had motive to kill Alcazar. Cameron told her that she used him, and knew what he had to do. Alezis begged him not to go to Scott, but he left the room, and went to the PCPD.

At the PCPD, Cameron told Scott that he should do the right thing, and show the tape to a judge and do the right thing for Alexis. Scott told Cameron that he wanted a big trial. Before seeing Cameron, Taggert and Scott watched the tape, and Scott announced that he thought Alexis was faking.

At Luke's club, Luke told Summer that he knew she had been seeing Lucky, and she explained that she never exchanged last names with Lucky, and Luke had never told him his son's name. Luke asked Summer what she wanted from him, and Summer told him that her whole life she didn't know what she wanted. What she did want now, was the feeling she got of being in love with Luke. Luke asked why she loved him, and she said because he had saved her life. He told her that was gratitude, not love, and she was better off forgetting about her. Summer left in tears, telling Luke thank you for her surprise party. On the docks, Luke found Lucky and told him that he knew about Summer, and maybe he should try and have a relationship with her. But, he should do whatever he wanted.

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