GH Update Friday 2/28/03


General Hospital Update Friday 2/28/03

By Meghan
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station where Jason was being held after being arrested, Jason told Sonny that he had shut Courtney out of his life, and didn't know what else Sonny wanted from him. Sonny told Jason they would deal with her later, but Jason said they would never deal with it. Ric blackmailed Faith's guy into dropping charges against Jason, and he was released. Jason was suspicious of what Ric said to get him released. Sonny said it didn't matter, they were leaving. Back at the penthouse, Carl played devil's advocate to see if Courtney really would fight for Jason. Courtney told her sister in-law that she loved Jason, and didn't care what Sonny thought or wanted. Carly told Courtney to stay and wait for Sonny to come back from the PCPD, and tell him how she felt. When Sonny and Jason arrived back, Sonny asked if Courtney had gotten home, and rather than a reply, Courtney walked into the room and told Sonny that he had no right to run her life, or tell her what feelings and emotions she could have. Courtney told Sonny that she had every intention of fighting for Jason until they were happy together, without interference from Sonny.

Sonny told her she had made her point, and she could leave. Courtney continued with her argument of why she wanted Sonny to leave her alone. Courtney left then, saying it was by her own choice, not because she was ordered to leave. When Courtney left, Sonny and Jason began talking about the coffee business, and Carly announced that they should both care more about Courtney and not me right back on the subject of business. Sonny told her he didn't want a lecture from her, and she made things worse. Jason left. When they were alone, Carly tried to be mad at Sony, but she became dizzy. Sonny fussed over her, and she told him that she was fine. Sonny asked if she could have the flu, she said no, she had taken her temperature. Sonny asked if she could be pregnant. After leaving the penthouse, Jason walked by Kelly's and peeked through the windows of Kelly's where Courtney was working.

On the docks, Lucky was kicking the garbage cans after having an argument with Summer. Luke came by, and sat down with Lucky. Lucky told Luke that he was having problems with a girl, and Luke told him that his best advice was for Lucky to go with his gut feelings. Luke left and Lucky went to Kelly's and sat down with Nikolas, and told him about Summer and Luke. Lucky wondered if maybe he made a mistake in telling Summer they were over. Earlier at Kelly's, Scott and Summer had coffee together, and Scott questioned her about her relationship with both of the Spencer's. "If you had to pick one, who would it be" Scott asked her. Summer admitted that she couldn't make that decision but she didn't have to because Lucky made it for her. When they seperated, Scott headed over to Luke's club where he had set up balloons for Summer's birthday. Scott walked in and started popping the balloons, and bugging Luke about how much Summer resembled Laura. Luke asked if it was one last way that Scott was trying to compete with him for a woman.

Luke threatened Scott to leave, and he walked out, popping a few more baloons on his way out. Soon after, Summer walked in and told Luke thank you for the surprise, she didn't even know he was aware it was her birhday.

Cameron brought a video camera to the hospital, and told Alexis that he wanted to videotape Kristina so that the police could see that she really did have the personality disorder, so that hopefully that could avoid a trial. Alexis reluctantly agreed, and Cameron told her that Ned was seeking custody of the baby, and that he had a lawyer. Kristina immediately came out, and said that she would find a way to stop Ned. She said it would easy because she had managed to kill Alcazar and managed to make Alexis be the first witness to his death. When Alexis came back, Cameron admitted that he made up the story to get Kristina out. He took the tape to the police station to view with Taggert. One of the police officers put a box of Alexis's files on Taggert's desk, and Cameron opened them when he walked away. The top file was about cases of people who had been found not guilty of murder based on temporary insanity. He went back to the hospital and told Alexis that he had been doing research and mentioned cases which were the ones that she had made notes about.

Faith called Ned, and they met outside of Kelly's. She told him they had to speed up their plan of bringing down Sonny. They couldn't kill him because she had promised her grandmother that while she was alive, she would not order a hit on Sonny. When Ned left, Faith and her grandmother met in Carly's club where they talked about their family, and what revenge did to them. Faith's grandma asked that she not seek revenge; it would destroy her.

While getting their drinks, Faith added poison to her grandmother's...they made a toast and drank from their glasses. Faith said she had to leave, and stood on the stairwell as her grandmother dropped her glass, and fell against the table to die.

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