GH Update Thursday 2/27/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/27/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Faith talks to one of her goons, Fowler, wondering why Sonny has not yet retaliated for what she did to Courtney and Jason.  Ned interrupts her and reads her the riot act about being there around his daughter.

Courtney meets with Jason on the docks; he tells her that it's just business.  He says a guy named Fowler who works for Faith is coming through there in a minute, so he wants her to hide and then tell him if he's one of the guys who kidnapped her.   Courtney keeps trying to talk about them as a couple, how she misses him, etc., but he won't let her.  She asks why he can't just let it go with this guy and forget bout it.  Jason decides she should leave, but she won't.  When they hear the guy coming, Jason pushes her behind something and then confronts Fowler about being one of Courtney's kidnappers.  Fowler doesn't deny it so Jason asks him what Faith wants.  Fowler replies that Faith wanted Sonny to get a reality check.  He says that Sonny thinks Jason is loyal to him, but what did he think when Jason was shacked up with Courtney.  Jason threatens him and Faith but Fowler starts talking trash about Courtney, so Jason slugs him.  Taggert comes up and stops the fight.  Fowler claims Jason just attacked him for nothing.  Courtney starts to say he's lying but Jason tells her to stay out of it, so she has to shut her mouth.    Taggert says they were following Fowler and asks Courtney if she can help them out, but Jason still won't let her say anything.

Scott visits Alexis in her hospital room to browbeat her.  He tells her that he's read up on DID and he will not let her get away with what she did.   He plans to see her go to prison, or to a psychiatric hospital, for the rest of her life.  Cameron comes in and rushes to her defense, sparring with Scott.  After Scott leaves, Alexis confides to Cameron that she's scared that she might lose her daughter.  He promises this won't happen.  Later, Ned visits and assures Alexis that Faith won't get near their daughter again and that he and Jax will make sure to hire the best doctors and lawyers to defend her from Scott's charges.  He tells her that he wants to take Kristina home, which makes her get very upset.  He says the baby needs a loving home with one of her parents and shouldn't be in a hospital any more.  She is concerned about Faith but he tells her again that Faith will not be near her.  She thinks he's trying to take advantage of her situation, but he says he's just trying to do what's best for the baby.  They keep arguing.  Cameron comes back and Alexis pleads with him to help her.  He tries to get her to be rational, saying that he's sure Ned will bring her back for visits.  He promises to speak to Ned about it and says that Alexis needs to work on getting better.  He gives her a photo of her and Kristina and asks her to focus on the two of them and how different they are, how she is not Kristina.  He says she has to get better and move on with her life.  She asks, "What if being crazy is the only way out?"  They discuss her case.  He tells her to relax and says he's sure she will do minimum time.  After he leaves, she says to herself that she's not planning to do any time, as she looks at the picture...

Summer goes to Kelly's for coffee and sees Luke behind the counter.  Lucky arrives, gives Summer a dirty look, then goes to his room (I think).  Luke thinks he's just upset because it's hard for him to see him with anyone else besides his mom.  Luke says he wants to spend time with Lulu and asks Summer what she thought.  She gives him some suggestions and then says, Lulu will like anything because she just wants to spend time with her dad.  Summer excuses herself and rushes off.

Carly is on Sonny's lap, trying to convince him to stay home so they can make a baby.  Ric arrives, says oops (but doesn't look sorry) and says that he was let in by Marco.  He says that Carly must not have told Sonny yet.  Carly covers, saying they just had a business meeting.  Sonny leaves.  Ric thinks maybe Sonny has nicer feelings toward him now and wonders if Carly said something, but she says she didn't and won't.  She asks him again if he's blackmailing her.  He says he just wants her to bring up his name if there is a legal crisis.

Later, Sonny returns so he and Carly start to pick up where they left off.  But Courtney interrupts them to tell them what happened with Jason and Fowler.  She doesn't tell the truth when Sonny asks her why Jason was so angry at Fowler, claiming she doesn't know.  Carly suggests they call Ric to get Jason out.  Sonny doesn't have much choice, since he doesn't have another lawyer handy.

Alan runs into Skye and they sit down to breakfast.  He asks how she is. She says that she's run out of reasons to be self-destructive but she still feels like she's lost everything.  She says she should hate Jax and want revenge but instead she cares about him even more.  He gives her advice, saying that she should find love that will put her first, so if that's not Jax, she needs to move on and find someone who will.

Ric visits Liz at her loft.  He gives her a gift (a book?) about artists and she really appreciates it.  He brings up when she saw him with the gun.  She says she was afraid for him.  It threw her because she thought he was so different from Sonny and Jason.  He says he is.  Then she doesn't understand why he would try so hard to get into Sonny's world.  He tells her not to worry about him.  She says it's too late, she already does.  He replies, "If i was half as good as you were, i would walk away from you right now."  They about to kiss when he gets a call from Sonny.

Summer runs into Lucky on the docks.  He yells at her for going to the place he lives to look for his dad (rubbing his face in it).  She says she didn't, she was looking for Lucky.  He doesn't believe it, of course.  He yells at her for making him lie to his dad about the relationship.  She says she's not the bad guy.  He retorts that she's just a hooker and she'll regret it if she hurts his dad.  Scott strolls up and wonders why Lucky is yelling at her.  Scott defends Summer and calls Lucky a fool.  He steers her away and offers her coffee.  Luke finds Lucky upset and wants to help.

Scott guesses correctly about why Summer and Lucky were arguing.

Jason and Carly are at the police station. Jason says he doesn't want Ric to help him, but Sonny says he has to accept him for now.  Ric asks him a couple of short questions and then says Jason will be out in five minutes.  Jason worries that Ric will bring Courtney into it.  Sonny says Jason already did that.  They argue a little about Courtney.  Jason asks Sonny what more he wants from him.  Meanwhile, Ric tells Fowler that he knows that Fowler drugged Carly.  He asks Fowler how long he thinks he would live if he told Sonny that.

Courtney bitches to Carly about Sonny and how he's been acting.  Carly tries to reason with her.  Courtney says she loves Jason and no one is going to stop her.

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