GH Update Wednesday 2/26/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/26/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Jason and Sonny are standing on the docks; Jason is worried that Sonny is out in the open.  Sonny gripes that he's a prisoner even though he's got all this money and power.  Suddenly, shots ring out and Sonny is hit!  Jason calls an ambulance as he urges Sonny to hang on.

Sonny suddenly finds himself at the gates of heaven and Luke welcomes him.  Sonny asks him what happened.  Luke says he got into a fight with Baldwin and hit his head, so now he's here.  Luke says it was quite a shock, as an atheist, to find out there's a heaven.  Sonny says that at least Luke gets to spend eternity with his loved ones.  Luke says he doesn't want to spend a minut with most of the people there.  That's why he's been assigned to gate duty while St. Peter is on vacation.

Luke looks on his heavenly computer to see Sonny's file.  Sonny tells him that they both know where he belongs.  Luke says that's not necessarily true.  He points out that not all sinners are damned; there is repentance.  Sonny says that he doesn't repent.  He knew what he did and that it was wrong.  He just wanted power and hurt a lot of people.  Sonny just wants to see his loved ones before he gets sent to Hell.  Luke tells him to slow down and looks at the file.  He is amazed at how many sins he sees.  Luke says that Sonny went to mass regularly and has a lot of people praying for him and a whole lot of people who love him.

Luke says that Sonny gets to go back and make things right.  If he does it correctly, he gets in heaven.  He just has to do what Luke tells him.  Luke tells Sonny that Alexis wants to see him.  Sonny can't figure out why, since she hates him.  Luke says she has something to tell him.

Sonny is at Alexis' door and she opens it, surprised to see him.  She invites him in and offers him all of the possible drinks in her house, yammering on.  He tells her to breathe and she does.  She says it's been a long time since he told her to do that (YES, TOO LONG!! yell the fans).  She apologizes for yelling at him at her sister's funeral, for using against him the things he trusted her with.  He forgives her.  She brings up her daughter and then finally tells him that Kristina is his.  He can't believe it.  Luke interrupts by freezing the action (blowing his whistle).

Sonny isn't crazy about Luke listening in on his conversation.  Luke tells him that doesn't matter now and Sonny has to do what he says.  Luke is surprised that Sonny slept with Alexis and kinda figured that he (meaning Luke) and she would get together, but the timing was never was right, and she was a Cassadine.  Sonny says that's how it was with them, too, but they slept together one time while he and Carly were getting a divorce.  Sonny says he's sure that the baby is Ned's because they did a DNA test.  Luke sends him back to hear the rest.

Alexis explains to Sonny that Ned rigged the DNA test so that Sonny wouldn't know that he was the father.  Because they both were afraid that he would be too dangerous.  Sonny says he understands.  Alexis says that now he'll do the right thing and let her raise the baby, and then when she's old enough, Sonny can tell her or not, as he feels like.  They get into a shouting match.  He refuses to give up his daughter and Alexis will share custody right now or else he will take the baby away completely.  Alexis says no, she will never let that happen.  He tries to strong-arm her as he does most people.  Luke blows the whistle again and yanks Sonny out.

Luke yells at Sonny for not doing the right thing.  Sonny says he'll burn in hell before he gives up his child.  Next we see that Sonny is wearing an outfit much like the ones Jason wears, plain shirt and leather jacket.  Sonny says he misses his suit.  Sonny goes to his apartment and sees Jason and Benny talking about Morales.  Benny says that Morales has been skimming, so Jason wants to go in and get him.  Sonny is apparently the enforcer and Jason is in charge--they have switched places.  Sonny doesn't want to act like the Number Two guy.  He yells at Benny, who won't take orders from him.  He tells Jason that this is the wrong thing to do; he will start a war.  Better to go to Morales and act like he's going to kill him, but then hold off and give him a chance to back down.  Luke blows the whistle and yanks him out.  Sonny wonders what he did wrong.  Luke says that if Sonny respects Jason and trusts his judgement, he should respect his decisions.  Sonny objects, saying that he already paid his dues so he's not going to give that up for Jason or anyone else.  Luke says the next test is about lust, Sonny should do fine.

Sonny says he's a married man, but Luke says it's okay, he's been given special dispensation.  Sonny is back in his apartment and Skye arrives.  She is dressed really sexy and acting weird, like trying to be sexy but in a silly way.  Her voice is higher than normal and kind of breathy.  She has a proposition for him and asks him to pour her a straight vodka.  He does, reluctantly, saying she won't get a second one because he doesn't tolerate drunks.  They exchange insults but she's not mad.  She says that she hates Jax, and so does Sonny.  He says that Jax treated her badly.  She thanks him for seeing it that way.  She points out that the Quartermaines don't show her any respect and he hates them, too.  He says he hated them long before she came along.  She says he should think of the revenge and fun they can have together.  She comes on to him and tries to kiss him and take his clothes off.  He pushes her away and says that he can't sleep with her because he'd wake up with a knife in his back.  She takes off her top and we can see from the back that she's not wearing anything underneath.  He tells her to put on her clothes and get out.  Luke blows his whistle.

Luke thinks Sonny is crazy for not wanting to sleep with Skye.  Sonny can't love her or trust her, he says.  Luke says the people in charge only wanted one night, but Sonny won't do it. Luke says even though he's annoyed them, Sonny has another chance.

Sonny goes into his penthouse.  Carly is on the phone, ordering Benny to put a hit out on Taggert.  Sonny stops her.  She says Sonny has to do something because he's been harrassing Michael at his school.  Jason arrives and tells Sonny that he did research and found out that Mike was married to Taggert's mother, Florence, after he ran off from Sonny's mother.  Gia is his half-sister and Taggert is his step-brother.  They're horrified.  Sonny says he'll take care of him.  He goes to see Taggert and aims a gun at his head, but he doesn't pull the trigger.  Sonny asks Taggert if he knows why he didn't pull the trigger.  He knows that Taggert is his step-brother.  Taggert says he's known since Brooklyn but he is a cop and Sonny is a criminal.  Sonny tells Taggert to leave him alone or else Sonny will ruin Taggert, take away his job and everything else, until he's left with nothing but his life, which he will owe Sonny.  Luke blows his whistle.

Luke tells Sonny that this was his chance to forgive Taggert.  Sonny says he'll never forgive Taggert or anyone else who's hurt him.  Luke asks him how he feels about making a sacrifice.

They go to the Quartermaine Mansion, where there are is a film crew.  The Quartermaines are now a hit reality show like "The Osbournes".  They argue but this time it's for the cameras.  A.J. is the only one not joining in on the usual insults.  Carly arrives with Michael.  She hasn't told him yet that A.J. won custody of Michael in court.  Sonny comes down the stairs.  Michael runs to Sonny and clings to him, scared.  A.J. tells Sonny to tell Michael that he stole Michael from him and that A.J. is his real father.  Sonny refuses.  Luke freezes them.  Sonny tells Michael that this will never happen, but he can't hear him.

Luke and Sonny argue. Luke points out that Sonny is a hypocrite because he won't let A.J. have his child, yet he won't give up his rights to Alexis' child.  Sonny yells that A.J. is a pig and doesn't love or deserve Michael.  He doesn't care if that lands him in Hell, either.

Sonny wonders why "they" want to change him.  Luke doesn't know but urges him to follow his heart.  Sonny is in his home again and Carly is with their baby.  Sonny gets all choked up and insists on leaving.  Luke asks him where he's going? He's in heaven with his wife and child.  Sonny asks if that means they're dead.  Luke says, no, heaven is outside of time or space.  Sonny says he doesn't deserve this kind of happiness.  He says his sons died and he's not allowed to be happy, and he's supposed to have power and then die and go to hell.   Luke wonders why he thinks that.  Sonny asks why his sons died.  Luke replies that it wasn't their time.  Sonny asks why everyone who loves him has died.  Luke doesn't know but says that Sonny loves these people deeply so that counts for a lot in heaven.

Sonny has the choice now. He can't go to Hell.  He can stay in heaven or go back to Earth.  Sonny wants to stay with his family and the life he's made for himself.  Luke points out there are no guarantees; he could still wind up in Hell later if he chooses this.  Sonny understands.  Luke asks him not to have so much pride and wrath in life, so Sonny agrees to try.

Back again with Jason, before the shooting.  Sonny agrees that they shouldn't be out in the open and they leave.  He tells Jason that he did good work.  He goes home to Carly, who is helping Michael with his homework.  Sonny hugs and kisses them.   He tells them how much he loves them and how great it is to be alive.


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