GH Update Tuesday 2/25/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/25/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas confronted his mother’s look-alike, telling her that Luke was Lucky’s father and Lucky was at the club confronting his father that very moment because he didn’t believe her.

Lucky explained to his father that he was glad he’d found comfort with someone, but couldn’t agree that Summer was legit. Luke explained that actual family members were more than he could handle and Summer came along, having no connection to him and just seemed to understand. He told his son that Summer had helped him, that she didn’t have an ulterior motive. Lucky pointed out that his father was unclear for a long time and that he had even scared the people who had loved him most. He questioned why a complete stranger would trust him in the situation he was in. Luke admitted that in the end, she had talked him off a ledge. Luke then asked his son, “Why are you so suspicious about a woman you’ve never met?” At that moment “Laura” walked into the club, looking at both men, still a little astonished at the revelation. Luke pulled her into their circle and introduced her to his son. Lucky pretended like he’d never seen her, extending his hand and mumbling all the niceties. “Well, this is awkward,” Luke assessed, standing in the middle. “You don’t even know the half of it,” Lucky muttered beside him. Luke informed Laura/Summer that his son had concluded she had a hidden agenda and that they had to convince him otherwise. Lucky started asking Summer the inevitable questions, family and the like. Luke told his son not to give her the third degree. He apologized and left. Summer excused herself quickly afterwards and went after him, catching up with him outside Kelly’s.

Lucky and Laura stood outside arguing, him telling her she was making excuses, her pointing out he and his father had both pursued her. “You were doing what you’re good at – hookin.’ You were playing me and my father,” he told her coldly. She slapped him and informed him that she wasn’t playing anyone, that she liked their company. He made her a deal that if she wanted to spend time with his dad, he would be watching. She took him up on the deal and told him that she spent time with him because he was kind to her and she liked him and no other reason.

Nikolas headed to Luke’s to find out the outcome, unaware that Luke was the uninformed party. He explained he was concerned about Lucky and was just there to help. Then he left, looking for his little brother.

Courtney tried to touch Jason on the face, but he held her at arms length, treating her like a stranger. He brought up the kidnapping situation and told her that she wasn’t going to die because of him. “Don’t you understand that I couldn’t live with that?” he asked her. He told her to take Sonny’s offer at a life in college – a life away from him. She asked if that was what he wanted because the further away she was the easier she’d be to forget. He told her to stop fighting it. “I will not be the reason you die,” he told her, more honestly than ever. He pointed out the constant danger and told him that she once said she loved him so much she would do anything for him. He called her on that and asked her to leave. When she started to protest he told her if she wouldn’t go, he would. “I won’t come back for you again. I’m done,” he told her. After he’d shut the door she picked up a vase from the mantelpiece and heaved it, hitting some art above the doorway.

At The Cellar, one of the bar tenders apologized to Carly for letting Ms. Roscoe make it into the club, a thought that agitated Sonny. Carly explained that Faith felt she had a right to be there, claiming it was her grandmother’s club previous. Sonny laughed at the “coincidence.” Sonny pointed out that Faith was getting bolder, obviously the one behind the Jason/Courtney mountain meeting. Carly stabbed him with an “I told you so,” pointing out Jason wouldn’t “betray” him by seeing Courtney in private. She tried to convince Sonny to let up on the relationship, but he refused to budge, trying to shift the responsibility by saying all he did was present Jason a scenario, not think for him. Carly pointed out that one of Jason’s strongest ideas was that people make their own choices and have their own beliefs, and Sonny needed to find a way to accept that. Sonny asked his wife if she thought he enjoyed keeping two people in love apart, and though she admitted she didn’t believe he did it for enjoyment, she did give him an earful. “I know the drill: protect the helpless, defenseless little women. Do you have any idea what a raving chauvinist you are?” She told him they would have to agree to disagree because they would never settle on this one, and he folded. Their conversation turned toward the child they decided to conceive and Sonny admitted he was a little worried that a new baby would bring more happiness than he was meant to have. Carly told him she didn’t always think she deserved happiness either. They agreed that what they had done wrong was behind them and they needed to look forward. They were dancing when Carly saw Jason standing by the doorway, almost ready to leave. She called his name, stopping him and went over. Pointing out that he looked like a truck had hit him, she rightfully assumed he and Courtney had a spat, ending with both of them miserable. She left to console her sister-in-law. Sonny stayed behind, asking Jason a little about the issue. Jason told his boss that he thought he’d finally gotten his point across and Courtney understood he wasn’t coming back. Sonny pointed out that Ned and Faith had used her as a weapon, leading toward the “you shouldn’t be together” talk. Jason understood quite clearly. “You don’t think I haven’t tortured myself?” he asked his best friend. Sonny asked if Jason thought he wasn’t sorry for the way things had ended, but Rick interrupted them before the conversation could take off, informing them about Alexis’ arrest. Sonny acted uninterested, informing his associate that they were in the middle of a conversation. Jason noticed that regardless of how crappy Sonny treated him, Rick continued to attempt to prove his loyalty. Sonny agreed that the situation was awkward, voicing his opinion that Rick was out for more than he claimed.

Courtney opened the door to a big hug from Carly, who told her that Jason still loved her and was hurting just as badly as she was. Courtney told Carly that Jason swore he wouldn’t come back to her and she was beginning to believe him. Carly asked if she was giving up and she admitted she didn’t feel like she had much choice, explaining how he didn’t seem to care about pushing her away like a stranger. She admitted she thought her husband stalking her was bad, but it had just begun to prepare her for this heartache. She worried that maybe Jason didn’t love her as much as she loved him, but Carly assured her that she was wrong, that Jason loved her and he wasn’t like Sonny, that he had an open mind about people making their own decisions. Carly told her sister-in-law that she loved Jason and wanted him to be happy, encouraging her not to let go.

Carly got back to The Cellar just as Rick left, and just in time for the Alexis discussion. Sonny was worried more about the child than anything, seeing as how he thought it was his at one point; and Jason pointed out that Alexis could have let them convict he and Brenda, getting away Scott free. Carly on the other hand, thought Alexis had just tried to outsmart everyone and failed.

Rick showed up on Courtney’s doorstep with the college admittance papers. “If this is about Sonny wanting to ship me away, I’m not interested,” she told him. He begged her to just let him come in so he could actually turn some work in to her brother. She asked him why he was so hard on impressing Sonny. “Sonny is a controlling jerk,” she informed him. He recognized the act and told her she must really love Jason and she should fight for him. She admitted she did and he left, leaving the papers behind.

Alexis lay in the hospital bed, talking with the nurse. She asked for Cameron so she could find out when she could see her daughter. Scotty chose that opportune moment to make an appearance, telling the nurse to restrain her since she had attacked him and confessed to a murder. The nurse bluntly told him she didn’t need his threats and agreed to restrain the patient. As she began to put the restraints on, Alexis begged her not to and turned into Kristina, screaming threats and lunging out at anyone near her. “Alright. I want everyone to back the hell off and leave her alone,” Cameron said, entering the room. Cameron told Scott to leave or he would file for harassment. “You have no rights here Baldwin. In this hospital I get to play God. Now you can leave voluntarily or I can have you thrown out.” Cameron told the DA. He confronted Alexis in the room once they were alone, she admitting she remembered nothing after asking for him. He asked her to trust him to put the restraints on her, trying her best to be calm, and she did. He promised her he would make sure she could see Kristina and things would be okay. Cameron told her it was a good thing that Scott agreed with his diagnosis and that she would need everyone of her annoying traits to get through this (stubbornness, directness, etc.). She told him that she believed him. He went out into the hall where he found Scotty still waiting like a vulture, and gave him a piece of his mind.

Jax and Skye went on a hunt for Ned to tell him the news, finding him at a table with none other than his partner in crime, Faith. Before Jax could break the bad news, Taggart interrupted the gathering. “What’s the mob widow doing hob-knobbing with the Port Charles Power elite?” he asked. He continued, telling them that the PCPD had made another arrest, this time Ned’s fiancée, who gave a full-out confession. He warned them she would “go down,” for her crime.

Ned and Jax rushed off to the hospital, Skye and Faith trailing along. They got there and found Scotty and Cameron arguing in the hallway. Ned asked how Alexis was doing and Cameron informed him that she would be okay if the DA would leave her alone. Jax went off on the elected official, making him aware that a prosecution wouldn’t go easily if her confession didn’t hold up in court. Scotty chose from his reserve of unnecessary remarks, warning Cameron that his attachment to Alexis might belittle his testimony as a medical professional.

Jax offered to let Ned go in first, but Ned explained he and Alexis were fighting, that he didn’t want to go in unless she wanted him there, so Jax went in to see one of his dearest friends. “I’d get up to give you a hug, but I’m a little tied up,” she told him. Skye listened in closely as Jax promised to get her out of the mess

Ned went to see the baby instead, finding Faith there already looking in. He was upset at the scene, pointing out she wasn’t the motherly type and told her he was going to make it his purpose to keep the child safe and away from all the dangers Alexis had tried so hard to avoid.

Ned then went in to see his ex, entering the room gently, he assured her Kristina would be fine, that he was going to take her to the gatehouse where she could be safe and away from all the mess. Alexis didn’t like the idea much, wanting the baby close by. Ned reminded her that the baby needed to get used to a real home, not a hospital. He just about had her smoothed over, until Faith walked in holding baby Kristina. Alexis turned into Kristina and started screaming. “Get that woman away from my baby! Oh God, Ned. Please don’t do this!”

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