GH Update Monday 2/24/03


General Hospital Update Monday 2/24/03

Update By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

'Kristina' threatens Scotty and has a knife at his throat. He has come into Alexis’s apartment and he has caused Alexis to feel threatened and now 'Kristina' has come out. He wants her to put the knife away. She knows that he is a liar and she will not believe him that she will not go to jail. Scotty knows that a jury will listen to her. She tells him that she can’t handle this and that is why she is there. Cameron comes in and 'Kristina' runs to him with the knife. “You did this. You did this you liar…”

Jax would like to support Alexis but Skye didn’t sign on for this. She knows that the woman needs help but that doesn’t mean that she should sign on to take the wrap for her. Scotty is after her and he will not stop. Jax knows that and he should be concerned for her safety. He would like Alexis to have a little time to get treatment. Skye has to wonder if she will confess or if she will be quiet. Scotty isn’t someone that is going to get discouraged. Skye thinks that she should pin this on Alexis now. Alexis is going to have to confess. Jax sees that Skye can’t be trusted here. She will accuse Alexis, that is clear.

Lucky comes to his father’s club and he sees his father dancing with the woman of his dreams. He is shocked to say the least. He can figure it out. She has been seeing this guy that has been trying to get over his wife. It all makes sense now. He says nothing but only leaves. Luke looks into Summer’s eyes and they share a moment.

Nikolas comes into the diner and finds Gia sitting alone. He is glad to see her as he hasn’t been able to be with her for a while now. He has been feeling that she has been avoiding him. She greets him. Zander shows up then telling Gia that he is sorry that he is late. Nikolas sees that things have been happening since he has been away from Gia.

Jason and Courtney are alone in the cabin stranded. Jason got a call that Courtney was there and that he had better show up there or she would be hurt. He had no choice but to go and help her. Courtney remembers when they were alone before and the whole world would disappear. Jason thinks that someone has put them there for a reason. No one has shown up and that makes Jason know that they have been set up so that Sonny would find them. She knows that he realized that this was a trap and he came anyway. He wouldn’t let anyone hurt her. She remembers being in the car with him during the blizzard and he told her that he loved her. Why did he say that?

Sonny gets a call from someone that has told him that Jason and Courtney are alone in a cabin in the woods. Sonny wants to go there. Carly tells him that he shouldn’t go. Jason and Courtney are in love and he should be able to accept that. He can’t.

Jason would like to know why Courtney is bringing all this stuff up. She would like to know why he came to help her. He had to do it. That doesn’t matter. He tells her that this is only a fragment of what is going to happen to her if he stays with her. They can’t work. His work is nothing that she can be a part of. There is no chance. She thinks that there is. They have something wonderful and she would like them to fight for it. She thinks that he doesn’t feel the same for her. He tells her that he needs her to stay away from him because he loves her.

Carly tells Sonny not to go to the cabin. He gets a call from a stranger and he is ready to go running off like a maniac to save his sister from what? Jason? She would like him to think for a moment of what he is doing before he bursts in on the young couple. She has no idea where Jason and Courtney are but that doesn’t stop Sonny from accusing her of knowing where they are. Jason knows what is best for them. They shouldn’t’ have to deny their feelings. Maybe Jason has changed his mind. Sonny thinks that is wrong. What is that saying about Sonny and Carly? If Jason is up at that cabin, he will not hurt Courtney and if he does something he will come to Sonny and tell him the truth. He has to accept that they are in love. Sonny finds that there are things that are more important. Carly thinks that maybe Jason has gone away with Courtney to be safe. Sonny knows that they are not safe. Carly fears that this is a trap. She wants to go with Sonny. He tells her that she will not go. She understands. She doesn’t like it but she understands.

Nikolas hangs up his coat as Zander sits with Gia. She knows that Zander is not Nikolas’s best friend these days. Nikolas obviously doesn’t believe that. Gia could have a career but she would have to be available to Nikolas all the time and so she left. Zander would like to leave there and Gia agrees that they should go. They get their coats and leave Nikolas in the diner.

'Kristina' still has the knife at Scotty’s face. Scotty tells her to put the knife down and talk to them. Cameron tells her to put down the knife and give him the knife. Scotty has no idea what is going on. Cameron tells him that this is 'Kristina' and that she is protecting her sister. Scotty tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt Alexis. 'Kristina' doesn’t believe that. She finds Scotty to be a liar. Cameron asks her if she wants to go to jail and be separated from the baby. She only wants to help. She seems to be making things worse for the baby. That isn’t what she wants to do.

There is a moment and Alexis comes out. She comes out like a little lamb and the change is evident to all but Scotty Baldwin. She has calmed and that wasn’t like the woman that was before him earlier. Cameron recognizes the woman for who she is now and he calls her name. Alexis says, “Oh God…help me…” Scotty has a disbelieving look on his face over this whole scenario.

Alexis has an alternate personality that protects Alexis when she feels backed into a corner. She only comes out when Alexis needs her to. Cameron tries to make Scotty understand this so that he will be sympathetic to Alexis and her plight. Scotty only wants to know who killed Alcazar. That is all that concerns him here. He is trying to solve a case and this isn’t helping. Alexis hates that she can’t control herself. 'Kristina' has all the power. Cameron knows that Alexis is the one that needs the treatment. Alexis wanted Alcazar dead but she couldn’t do it. She didn’t do it. Cameron will testify that Alexis isn’t the one that did this. Scotty knows that the person in front o him is the person that killed Alcazar and that person has to pay.

Skye isn't’ going to pay for a crime that Alexis has committed. Jax tells Skye that she is not that different from Alexis. They both went to boarding school and had distant fathers. They both dealt with their pain in different ways. Skye drinks and Alexis broke. Skye envies her. Skye wishes that she could take everything that she hates about herself and push them onto someone else. Alexis has become her sister and Skye wishes that she could have become her sister. She could have a sister that would have been everything that she couldn’t and then she may have had her marriage. She thanks him for not saying that envying a woman with a disorder like Alexis is nuts. Alexis went to boarding school like Skye did. Skye agrees to cover for Alexis for a while for a favour.

Lucky comes into the diner and finds Nikolas there. He isn’t in a very good mood after seeing Summer with Luke. Lucky tells Nikolas that the girl that his father is seeing is the girl that Lucky thought was going to be his. She must be playing a game on the both of them but what is her angle? He thinks that 'Laura' knew it all along that he was Luke’s son.

Luke and Summer are getting close dancing to the music and he almost kisses her but stops himself. She wants to know why he is doing that. She is pretending to be someone else. He isn’t sure what he is doing and if he has been thinking of her as Laura. This might be hopeless but he isn’t going to give up. He would like them to have a fresh start. He is trying to pretend that he doesn’t know her and that isn’t true. She threw him a lifeline. She has an idea. They don’t go out that night and they start from the beginning. He is to call her Summer and they get to know each other. That could work. It is a date. She gets her things to go. He calls to her…”Summer! Nice meeting ya!”

Carly is having a beer when Faith comes into her club. Carly tells her to get out. Carly offers to throw her out. Faith has to wonder who is going to do that. Maybe there is trouble in the ranks. Carly has to wonder what she knows about that.

Jason is hurting. He has been trying to keep from falling into Courtney’s arms but his strength is failing and he feels himself being drawn to her. He thinks about being with her and that hurts. It hurts as he has been trying to keep from being with her as her brother asked. She moves to him and he kisses her. Sonny and his men show up at the cabin and push the door open. Jason and Courtney move from each other and turn to look at Sonny and his men. It is just as Sonny feared.

Courtney tells Sonny that this is not what he thinks. Jason explains the rest of it. Sonny can see that this was a set up. Sonny sends his men outside to look around and find clues. Courtney didn’t’ see the guys and neither did Jason. Faith spoke to Courtney and said some things. This is why Sonny doesn't want Courtney near Jason. Jason tells Sonny that he has heard enough.

Faith asks Carly about Jason and the hot and heavy thing that they had. She knows about their affair once upon a time. It must be hard for Carly these days, being in between the two men. Faith has to wonder whose side Carly is on with Sonny and Jason disagree. Carly tells her that they are on the side of family which works okay as that is the side that is against Faith. Carly lunges for Faith and starts beating her up. She warned the woman to get out but she didn’t go and now she has to pay. Zander comes in and stops Carly from beating up Faith. Faith warns her not to touch her again. Gia is behind Zander and Carly turns to Zander asking him if he knows who that woman is. She is a wannabe mobster and she warns Zander to stay away from that woman. Gia listens intently.

Lucky thinks that 'Laura' is playing a game with he and his dad. She lets you get close and then she pushes you away. He saw her with his dad, smiling and whispering to his father. Luke obviously doesn’t know what is hitting him. She must be doing this for money. She must be playing on Luke’s insecurities. She even has the same name as his mother. Maybe this woman isn’t even named Laura. Luke has been talking about a woman that is named Summer. Lucky will be damned if he lets Summer do this to his father. He gets up and storms out of the diner.

Scotty thinks that he has only seen a woman confess to murder. Cameron tells Scotty that 'Kristina' will emerge more if they go after Alexis. Scotty isn’t buying. Alexis is resting comfortably now. She listens as the 2 men fight over what to do with her.

Taggert and Scotty bring Alexis to the hospital and Bobbie finds them looking for a room for her. Bobbie leaves to get a room. Alexis asks to see her daughter. She needs to see the girl. Scotty tells her that there is not time to see the kid. Taggert offers to go with her and watch her as she watches the kid. They walk off together.

Summer comes to see Nikolas who tells her that Lucky isn’t around. She sees that he is not being friendly with her. What is that supposed to mean?

Lucky comes to see his father and wants to talk to him.

Alexis comes to see her daughter and tells her that she is her love. Taggert is there beside her. Cameron comes into the room. He hears her telling the child that she is going to be okay. The baby starts crying and that upsets Alexis greatly.

Zander thinks that he has saved Carly from a charge of assault and battery. She knows that he is working for Faith and she tells him not to make that his business. She knows him and knows that he has made bad decisions in the past. He has crossed Sonny before and he will not be lucky again.

Gia calls to Zander she has seen him playing protector to Faith against Carly of all people. What is with that? Ned has hired him and he has been doing things for him that need to be done. She would like to know what he is working on. Zander has no idea. She finds that unbelievable. How could he be working on something with people like this and not know what he is doing? Zander has some ideas on the subject but he doesn’t know exactly what is going on. Gia warns him to stay clear of Faith. She knows that Faith had him planting drugs in this place and that can’t be the act of someone that is good to be with. Zander is starting his life out and he would like to make some good money. Gia knows that Emily is coming back to town and he is playing with fire and he is going to be dead.

Jason is angry with Sonny for the way that he is acting. He has broken in there and found Jason and Courtney kissing and he wants to come down on them for that. Jason is not going to have it. He has done nothing wrong here and will not be reprimanded by Sonny. Faith is the problem and Courtney is innocent. They were lured up there by someone and now they are fighting and that has been the plan all along. Jason has been keeping away from Courtney but that is not the way that things looked when Sonny walked in. He knows that Jason is going to get his sister killed if he keeps this up.

Nikolas tells Summer that there is something that she needs to know about Lucky. She has been dating his father and the son at the same time. She is flabbergasted.

Luke would like to know what is happening with Lucky. Lucky tells him that this has to do with Summer. Luke thinks that Lucky is upset that he seems to have forgotten Laura. Luke thinks that Lucky would like to meet the girl of his dreams. He would like to introduce him to the girl.

Alexis is crying now. Cameron tells her that she isn’t going to prison. He will do everything that he can to make sure that she isn’t put behind bars.

Scotty thinks that Cameron is going to let Alexis plead insanity. She has a serious disorder and wasn’t herself the night that she killed Alcazar.

'Kristina' is listening to Cameron explain her case to Scotty and she is pleased with herself for pulling this off and making Cameron believe that she needs help.

Sonny comes home and Carly lays into him, telling him that there is nothing that he can do or say that will make Jason and Courtney stay apart.

Jason and Courtney are alone now at their special apartment and they talk about the talk that they had with Sonny. Jason doesn’t regret what he said to Sonny. Courtney would like to spend time with Jason as he told her that he still cared for her. He was wonderful. He would like her to do something for her.

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