GH Update Friday 2/21/03


General Hospital Update Friday 2/21/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Lucky has to wonder what would happen if 'Laura' actually trusted him? She was starting to have feeling for him the other night and then he felt like a john and ran out and that hurt and she doesn't want to hurt. He would like her to take a great leap of faith here. Lucky will be risking his feelings too and that should give her comfort as she will not be alone. She doesnít get why he would like to risk anything for her. What is in it for him? It seems that no matter what she does, he is there for her no matter what. She thinks that maybe she could trust him maybe a little.

Scotty thinks that it is time to go. They have heard Skye say on tape that Alexis is the murderer. He gets up to go and pick up his suspect. Taggert warns him that he canít do that. They have illegally wiretapped Skye and she is a drunk anyway. She has already accused one other woman falsely of the murder, who knows if she is telling the truth this time? Scotty knows that Taggert is right. If he goes after Alexis now, he will never get her to stick to the charge. The only other thing that they can do is get Alexis to confess to the murder herself.

'Kristina' is more determined than ever to make sure that Alexis is safe now. She knows that if she is found out, she will be taking Alexis to jail and Alexis canít handle that. She has to protect Alexis. She knows that Alcazar had to pay for what he did to her family land Alexis couldnít do that, neither could the justice system. That is why 'Kristina' had to act. Alexis knows that Cameron wants to help but she isnít sure that he can, She warns him that if he tries anything funny on her or tries to contain her, she will make sure that Alexis never see the light of day again.

Jason tries to make Courtney stop trying to get him back. He tells her that she has to find a way to stop trying to be with him. She canít do that. He is it for her. He is the man that she is going to spend the rest of her life with and she canít give up on him now.

Faith and Coleman have a plan and they think that now is the best time to put that plan into action.

Carly has been trying to convince Sonny that Ric would be a good addition to his legal team. Sonny isnít sure that is true and he is surprised to hear her talk this way after agreeing with him all along that Ric is to much of a kiss-ass. He tells Carly to send Ric in to see him. She leaves to go and get the man.

Ric comes in to see Sonny as instructed and Sonny asks him point blank what it is that Ric has on his wife.

Lucky has no assumptions as to the way that things are going to turn out for he and 'Laura' but he would like to try and find out if something could happen. Lucky has an idea. There is this Hungarian place that he knows of where there is a train out there that blows its whistle when people order and he would like to take her there. 'Laura' would like to go with him but she canít as she is meeting her other friend that night. They will have to make their date another night.

Cameron wants more information from 'Kristina' and she hates that. All he does is probe her and question everything. Cameron would like to know if Alexis has any say when 'Kristina' is about to come out. 'Kristina' is feeling closed in by Cameron and she doesnít like that feeling. Alexis is deep inside her and only 'Kristina' can reach her. Cameron finds that terribly unfair. Decisions are being made that involve Alexis and she should have a say in what happens too. Cameron knows that Alexis must be suffering now because of what 'Kristina' did to Alcazar and nothing else. Cameron also has a concern for Kristina. What is to become of that little child? Surely, 'Kristina' wants what is best for herÖ.'Kristina' again says that she will take care of the baby if that time comes. Cameron tells her that she will not be taking care of the baby then as that child will be gone. Cameron knows that if this case goes through, Alexis would be deemed insane and then the baby would go to Ned and grow up in dysfunction with the Quartermaines. Is that what 'Kristina' wants for the baby and Alexis? Alexis too would be depressed and sad that she were separated from her child.

Alexis comes out of her 'Kristina' personality and instantly knows that she has flipped again. She asks immediately how long she has been out this time. Cameron only knows that it has been too long. Alexis is growing more and more scared of this condition. Cameron will be there to see her through it and he takes her in his arms and holds her close.

Sonny is not stupid. He knows his wife and she usually understands that when he says no, he means no. For her to come to him again after he made himself clear to her before, makes him think that she is afraid of something and that Ric must be forcing her to work on his behalf. Ric feels that Carly has stood up for him because she believes that he could do a good job. He has done a good job for Carly so why shouldnít she want to have him do a good job for Sonny? Ric senses that Sonny just doesnít like him and that anything that he does isnít going to make Sonny want him as a lawyer.

Carly comes into the room thinking that Sonny and Ric are fighting. Ric is glad that she is there as he would like to clear something up. Sonny doesnít mind putting his cards on the table. He only has two questions to be answered about Ric and he has answered them. Does he trust the guy and can he do a good job? Sonny is leery of the guy as he has been hiding information since he hit town. That doesn't sit well with Sonny. Ric has been involved deeply with a man that Sonny hates and if Carly is okay working with him that is fine as long as Ric knows his place, but that is it. There is no place in Sonnyís organization for Ric.

Luke plays some music for Summer so that she will know what they will be hearing all night on their night out on the town. She loves it. She looks kind of worried though. Luke turns down the music in order to hear what it is that she has to say to him. She feels that this deal with him isnít good anymore.

Jason gets a call. A man says that he has Courtney and that she will be fine if he comes to a certain address. Jason tells the caller to make sure that Courtney isnít hurt. The man says that she will not be if he gets over there.

Jason can hear Courtney in the background. She is asking the person what he wants from her. The caller tells Jason that he has to get going so that Courtney will be safe. Jason has questions but the man will not answer them. The caller is Coleman and he tells Jason to just get going.

Ric meets up with a contact. He orders another background check on Ric Lansing. The first check was pretty thorough but not thorough enough to show that Ric had been involved with Alcazar. There must have been a reason for that to have been hidden. Sonny wants to know more. Why is this guy here and why is he all over Sonnyís life?

Ric thanks Carly for trying to help him out with Sonny. He will wait and maybe Sonny will change his mind about the man later on. Ric thinks that Carly is his secret weapon and that he can use her to get to Sonny but she tells him that it is time to back off. She knows Sonny and this is the end of it. Ric reminds her of her circumstances and she tells him that she feels threatened again that he is blackmailing her.

Sonnyís man asks him why Ric is still around if Sonny is suspicious of him. Sonny has him still around as he did help with Jason and Brenda and it is good to have the man working with his wife so that he can keep an eye on him.

Carly doesn't misunderstand. She knows that Ric is telling her that she better get Sonny to take him on or he will find out about Ric sleeping with his wife. He assures her that she doesnít understand him at all. He is only pointing out to her that they are friends and she will be helping him out. She is leery of him as Alexis used to be the same way and look how that turned out. Ric finds that Carly would be glad to have someone as good as he looking out for Sonny and keeping him out of trouble. She doesnít understand why Ric is threatening to tell as Sonny will kill him if he finds out that they slept together. Ric shows her that is a reason for the both of them to make sure that they are both happy as they both have things that they could lose in this matter.

Nikolas tells Lucky how he has broken up with Gia and hasnít made up with her yet. He would like to see her but she has been avoiding him. Nikolas has news about Laura. She isnít getting better and they would like to try another round of drugs on her. Lucky hasnít seen his mother but he knows that Nikolas has a good idea of what is going on and he trusts his brother. Nikolas wants his brother to understand that Laura isnít coming out of this. Lucky canít believe that. He will not believe that. Nikolas has to make him see the truth.. Nikolas lets Lucky see that even Luke has been trying to face the truth about this. They know that Luke has been seeing someone but that doesnít mean that he has given up on Laura. He canít. Lucky wonít believe this unless he hears it from his father.

Luke canít believe that Summer is turning things around again. He is getting whiplash from this girl. She thought that they wouldnít be hurt seeing each other but she feels that she was wrong. She thinks that they are hurting each other with this arrangement. Every time that he looks at her, he is seeing Laura and that isnít fair. Summer knows that she is a person and has needs of her own and this isnít fair to her. She isnít going to do this anymore. She has her own life to lead. Luke feels that this is just Summerís way of showing him that the guy that she has been seeing has been getting to her.

Alexis talks to Beverly on the phone and she thanks her for keeping the baby for this time. She is thankful that the baby could stay for a while longer. She will be right over. Scotty is there and hears her talking. He knows that he is there in the nick of time. Scotty tells Alexis that the has new information on the Alcazar murder and he wanted to talk that over with her. Scotty tells her that Skye is still the number one suspect in the murder of Alcazar and that she is going down. What is Alexis going to do for her client? Alexis tells Scotty that Skye saw a woman coming out of the hotel suite that night so there is another person involved in this. Scotty knows that the description that Skye gave of the woman that she saw could fit any number of women out there. Even Alexis fits that description. Alexis doesn't remember what she was wearing the night of the murder in fact. Scotty also finds it funny that Alexis was glued to her daughter for the longest time and it is funny that the one time that she goes out, she finds Alcazarís body dead.

'Kristina' comes out. She lashes out at Scotty asking him to stop his stupid little games. She knows that he wants to accuse her of the murder of Alcazar. Why doesnít he just do it?

Summer tells Luke that she likes the guy that she has been seeing. It might not go anywhere but she would like to see where it will go. Luke would like to know more about this guy that Summer is so smitten over. Summer likes the new guy as he doesnít want her to play a part, he likes her for her. She wouldnít want to miss out on something with him and she would like to try it on and see how it fits. Luke is fine with her explanation and tells her to go then.

Jason shows up at the cabin and finds a very frightened Courtney there. She tells him that she left the diner and someone grabbed her and blindfolded her and brought her there. They took her coat and shoes so that she wouldnít leave if she managed to get out of there. Jason tells her to hold tight and wait for him to come back. They will leave after he comes back and after he knows that the way is clear. This is just what he was afraid of for her. She was hurt and he left her to avoid something like this happening.

Jason returns to tell her that they are stuck there. Someone has slashed their tires and they canít get out of there. They have to just wait it out and get rescued by someone.

Carly wants Ric to be straight up with her. He is. He tells her point blank that if she helps him with Sonny, he will not tell about their sleeping together. It is really very simple. She finds him stupid as Sonny is not going to like him at all if this ever comes out. What game is he playing with her? He canít win. Ric sees that she is getting over dramatic and he doesnít want that as that will not help them at all. He tells her again that they are friends trying to work something out here.

Sonny finds Carly and Ric talking and he wants to know what that was all about. Carly says that Ric has an idea for the club and she would like to tell him about it. Sonny doesn't want to hear that. He wants to hear what it is that Ric has on Carly.

Luke is willing to let Summer go if she wants to go. She said that she doesnít want to be meeting with Luke this way anymore and he is fine with that. She has to wonder what is going to happen with the feelings that they both have. He tells her that he paid her for her services and she delivered. There are no feelings. Summer finds it hard to just leave this way. She canít help it if she wants it all. What she is trying to say is that she doesn't want to be Laura anymore. She would like to be herself and be his friend at the same time. Is that possible? Luke has no problems to keeping in touch and dancing with her once in a while. With that said, they decide that they would like to continue spending time together. They will keep their date. Luke turns up the music. It isnít the music that he had on before. Now he is playing rhythm and blues. It is time to dance!

Jason frees Courtney from her bonds and she is grateful for that. She could barely feel her feet. Jason tries the cell phone again but he canít get a signal. They will have to wait now for someone to come looking for them. Courtney remembers that once, this was all that they wanted. They only wanted to be together and alone.

Carly defends herself. She only thought that Ric would be good for Sonny as he has been good for her. Gee, Sonny should only have to look at this place to see what Ric is capable of. Carly wants him to listen to her. She needed someone and Ric listened to her and helped her get through that Brenda thing. That was a great help to her and she knows that he could be a great help to Sonny.

Sonnyís phone rings and it is Coleman with his voice distorted. He tells Sonny that Jason and Courtney are in a cabin in the woods and that they are being detained. Sonny is given the address of the cabin and he is warmed that it is really cold up there and they might get cold.

Taggert goes to see Bobbie to see if there is a record of visitors to the NICU. Bobbie has a record like that for the hospital. Taggert is interested in Alexisís visits to the unit. She did have to sign in and out and Bobbie is curious as to why Taggert is asking. Taggert has to use the phone and as he does so, Bobbie goes to get the book for him so see the records.

Cameron comes in asking for a special form that he has to fill out for a patient. He gives the patientís name as Alexis Davis. Taggert overhears this and talks to Cameron about the patient for a moment. Cameron has no information for him. He has doctor/patient confidentiality. Taggert tells him to rethink that as Alexis is a prime suspect in a murder case.

Scotty asks Alexis if she was the person that killed Alcazar. She rewords his question making Alcazar seem like a monster. Scotty can see that something is terribly wrong with the Alexis that he knows. She is acting sort of weird. 'Kristina' tells him to leave this alone as he is not able to deal with it. When he speaks about Alcazar killing her sister, Alexis tells him that he really means that she was the one that was killed. She tells him that Alexis isnít there. She notifies him that Alexis isnít there and she hasnít been there. He finds that she is playing tricks on him, pulling out a trick to cover for her crime. 'Kristina' warns him that she was the one that killed Alcazar. She did it to protect her sister and if he will not leave her alone, she will be sure to kill again.