GH Update Thursday 2/20/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/20/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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The hospital is buzzing and Lucky comes in dropping his papers that he has for Bobbie. She has been expecting him. Elizabeth shows up and talks with him for a while. She had breakfast with her grandmother in the cafeteria. Lucky has been taking classes but he has stopped his acting classes as the reason that he took it in the first place isnít there anymore.

Summer comes to see Luke and he gets her some coffee. He wants to go out with her that night. She would like to go but she is upset.

Scotty and Taggert are in Scottyís office. Taggert knows that what Scotty is about to do is illegal and they could both lose their jobs over this. Scotty would like to get more evidence for the murder but they have to get a name first. Taggert threatens Scotty over this. He is not going to go down over this.

Skye enters the office and wants to know what Scotty and Taggert want from her. She learns that she is the number one suspect in the Alcazar murder.

Alexis is at the hospital when Cameron comes over to talk to her. She has been taking his diagnosis on her life and condition very serious and would like to make sure that she does the right things to get better as she doesn't want to lose her daughter in the process. If anyone finds out that she has a problem like this, she will lose her child and her whole life as she knows it and that isnít an option. She has had her access to her child limited and that worries her. How dangerous does Cameron think she is? He worries that she isn'tí ready to take her baby home right now and would like to keep an eye on that situation for a while. What will happen to the baby if she canít handle things properly. Cameron will be with her. He will make sure that she is going to get through this. Why is he doing this for her?

Faith is at the diner when Ned shows up to meet her. She has called him to come and see her. He has no idea what she could possibly have to talk to him about. She tells him that she likes meeting there as there is something innocent about the place. With that comment, she makes eye contact with Courtney who is behind the counter across the room working. It is clear that the woman wants nothing to do with Faith.

Coleman shows up at the diner and orders coffee from Courtney. She isnít thrilled to see him. She tells him that whatever he has heard about her is not his concern.

Jason shows up at the diner and sees Coleman and Courtney talking in the diner. AJ comes up behind Jason telling him that he should bust into the diner and save Courtney.

Carly finds Ric at work and she tells him that he should let the staff work and he should take it easy. He blames Jason for what happened the night of the opening of the club. He managed to get the press off her back. She tells him that he has to make sure that Sonny never finds out what happened the night of the opening.

Jax blames Sonny for his having dumped Brenda at the altar. Sonny finds that to be a laugh, as he feels that he had nothing to do with the way that Brenda was treated the day of her wedding. Jax finds that this has everything to do with Sonny and he is going to have to pay for that.

Jax feels that Sonny had to prove to himself that he could have Brenda whenever he wants. Carly saw he and Brenda too. Sonny wants to know what Jax is talking about. He loves his wife and he wouldnít leave her for Brenda or anyone else. Jax is the one that leaves his wives for other women it seems. Jax would be married to Brenda now he feels if it werenít for Sonny. Jax denies any responsibility for this. Sonny asks about Skye and how drunk she has been lately. That is because Jax couldnít honour his commitment and that was because he wanted to throw away Brendaís life too. Sonny calls him a loser. Jax is going to come after Sonny now for all that has happened.

Scotty reminds Skye that she paid off a witness that ended up dead. Skye wants the man off her back. Scotty tells her that the new suspect that Skye has come up with has an alibi. Felicia is involved in this too and Scotty has to wonder how Skye managed that. Taggert knows that she hasnít been honest with them. She saw a dark haired woman in a dark coat running from Alcazarís room. She remembered that at a convenient time. She says that she tried to remember the womanís face but she canít. Scotty offers her water and gets her attention away from Taggert who has placed something in her purse. Scotty tells Skye that she was the one that killed Alcazar and he is ready to give her a deal, but she denies that she has nothing to do with this. She wants a lawyer. Scotty is going to charge her with murder soon. She leaves.

Taggert thinks that Skye is going to end up back on that ledge and that is going to be Scottyís fault. They are pushing her into a corner and Skye has been unstable for a long time and could flip out at any moment. They really should take it easy with her and not push her so far. Scotty doesnít care about her, he is going to get what he wants and save his career. Taggert isnít so sure about that.

Cameron wishes that Alexis could have met his other son as Zander is a mess. They leave to go and see Kristina.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that things will be awkward if 'Laura' shows up to class and he sees her. Elizabeth remembers when they met and cared for each other. She wants him to trust his heart and not push 'Laura' away.

Summer doesnít want to go back to being a hooker but it is easier than being normal. Luke will help her in any way that he can. She likes being with him. Out there, it is cold. Luke knows that. She is cold on the inside. He offers to put some booze in her coffee. It seems like everyone else knows something that they donít know. There must be a rule book. Luke lived like a normal person for years. When he was with Laura, he could figure things out. He has wasted a lot of years. Summer couldnít live like a normal person. Luke thinks that she can. He laughs at her and tells her that they definitely need to go dancing. She agrees with him. This is going to be awesome. They are on for tonight. It is a date. She will meet him back at his club before they go. She gets her things and goes.

Skye called Jax and he has come to meet her on the docks. Scotty has come after her and he thinks that she has done the murder. Skye tried to tell Jax the truth but she didnít. Jax only wants to know what she knows. She tells him that she tried to remember badly and she finally saw her talking to the doctor and then she knew it was true. It was Alexis.

Scotty tells the surveillance guy to get the machine going so that he can hear what Skye is saying. They are having difficulty and canít hear anything from the bug in Skyeís desk.

Skye is still talking to Jax and she says that she doesnít think that she is mistaken.

Scotty hears Skye worrying that she is going to get arrested on the tape. It is clear that she has no idea that she has been bugged and now Scotty is sure that he will get everything that he wants from her. She has been keeping information and Taggert and Scotty know that. This is the only way that Scotty feels that he will be able to get Skye talking and give clues as to who killed Alcazar, or if the killer were her. She is sure to slip up. Jax is telling Skye that he will protect her from the weasel that is trying to find the murderer. Scotty knows that Jax is talking about him and he doesn't appreciate that comment. They hear Skye talking and she is saying that she has no idea how much longer she will be able to hold out with the truth. She has just told Jax that she knew who the murderer is, but Scotty didnít have the tape set up in his office to her what she said. He has missed the news and doesnít know it.

Courtney tells Coleman that her family is none of his business. Coleman can see that she is angry. She tells him to get someone else to serve him or get out. He gets his coat and leaves.

Coleman goes outside and finds AJ and Jason talking. He simply tells him, ďBuenos diasÖĒ AJ finds it funny that Jason didnít go after Coleman talking to Courtney. AJ guesses that Sonny has order him to behave. Jason tries to leave but AJ grabs his shoulder and that is all that Jason needs. He turns and starts pummelling AJ to a battered lump of flesh. Inside the restaurant, Ned nears Jason beating up on AJ and he runs out and stops the fight.

Sonny comes to the club and Carly seems fine. Ric is there and he wonders if he could run something past Sonny. Sonny tells him that he works with Carly now. That is fine with him. Ric tells Sonny that he can learn from his mistake. He has pushed too hard to be Sonnyís attorney and Ö well he doesnít give up that easily. He has done good work with Brenda and Jason. He would like another chance to show Sonny what he can do. Sonny finds all of this suspicious. Sonny tells Ric that his business and Carlyís business are to be dealt with separately and that is the way that things are going to stay. Sonny bypasses him and kisses his wife goodbye. He leaves.

Ric thinks that he has pushed Sonny too hard. Carly knows that Ric knows that Sonny doesnít deal well with pressure. Ric has to agree, or maybe, Carly was right about him all along. She turns to him wondering what that means.

Carly feels that she is being threatened by Ric. Ric thinks that Sonny suspects that something has gone on between them. Ric wishes that the night that happened between them didnít happen. He says that Carly was the one that came on to him. She has no recollection of that happening. Ric thinks that maybe Carly was right and that they should go with her first instinct. She knows that Sonny and she love each other and maybe she should tell him the truth. Carly feels that Sonny would hunt Ric down if he learns the truth. Ric knows that she has more to lose than Carly does. Carly can see that Ric wants her to talk to Sonny and have him make Ric his lawyer.

AJ gets up off the floor. He knows that he has hit a sore point by mentioning Courtney to Jason earlier. Ned makes AJ leave and tells Jason that AJ isnít worth the trouble. Ned sees that Courtney is miserable in the diner and Jason is miserable too. Ned feels that Jason should see Courtney anytime that he wants to. Ned also offers him a job when he gets tired of Sonny.

Jax comes to see Alexis and she tells him that she has heard what happened with he and Brenda. Jax tells her that Skye is very scared as Scotty has been threatening Skye. She remembers something of the night of the murder. Skye said that Alexis was the one that was at the hotel the night of the murder. Alexis has been hit by an avalanche now. Alexis flies into a rage. She turns immediately into 'Kristina' and she starts ranting about protecting her sister. Jax has no idea what is going on with Alexis and he watches her start walking angrily through the room. She has totally changed personality and Jax sees that but has no idea what is going on. She goes to the front door to open it and she finds Cameron there. She gets angry with him and tries to shut the door but Cameron will not allow that. 'Kristina' tells him that this is what she knew would happen. She knew that Cameron couldnít protect her sister. She told him that he should stay away from her sister and he wouldnít listen. Cameron has it all figured out in a moment, but Jax is still in the dark. He turns to Cameron asking him what is going on there.

'Kristina' kicks Jax and Cameron out of the apartment and Cameron explains everything to Jax. Alexis saved Kristinaís life when she was a baby and that was the beginning of their protective relationshipÖand that hasnít ended. In Alexisís mind, they are still that close. Alexis has broken and Kristina has taken over to protect her now. Alexis has created this version of Kristina and that personality takes over when Alexis is threatened and so she must have felt that way just now. Jax had just told Alexis that she was seen at the murder scene. He understands now what has happened. He has flipped her over and didnít even know that he was doing it. Kristina has confessed to the murder but Alexis knows nothing. So it is true what Skye has said. Alexis is more implicated than Jax thought.. Cameron canít let anyone find out about this. Jax will not let Alexis or Skye pay for this murder. Jax will protect Alexis anyway that he can.

Ned knows that Sonny protected Jason but he had to give up his family for Sonny. Now Jason has to give up Courtney so that Jason can continue to do what Sonny wants. He doesnít have to give up this way. Ned has been very decent to Jason and Jason warns Ned to drop his vendetta on Sonny as it will never work.

Jason goes into the diner and Courtney comes over to talk to Jason. He would like another waitress to serve him and he is very cold to her. She simply leaves him sitting at his table.

Sonny returns to see Carly at the club. He is happy to see her again. She thanks him for the club and believing in her. Sonny tells her that he wanted to tell her what he was going to say the night of the club opening. He tells her thank you. She thought that he was going to ask her for a divorce. She has her reasons for thinking that. Sonny was thinking about her and everything that she has given him and he wanted to thank her but she ran off. He tells her not to run off from him again. She can break things if she wants but donít run. Her marriage means a lot to her and she will let no one tear them apart. They hug and he has to go. She wonders if he is going to do something legal. He wonders why she asks. She tells him that Ric has been upfront with themÖ Sonny sees that she wants him to hire Ric. She thinks that maybe Ric could be good for Sonny. Sonny has to wonder why this is so important to Carly.

Coleman tells Faith that Jason has dumped Courtney. Faith is glad to hear that.

Jason comes to the counter where Courtney is. She asks him how everything is. He tells her that everything is fine. She reminds him that love is stronger than anything that they are up against and she would like him to believe that.

Summer comes home and finds that Lucky is there. They know that they have been avoiding each other.

Cameron knocks on the door again and 'Kristina' answers. Jax has gone now, but he is concerned about 'Kristina' and her sister. 'Kristina' thinks that she needs no help protecting Alexis. She goes to the table and lights some candles. Alexis is confused and has no idea what has happened. Cameron tells 'Kristina' that Alexis canít have the baby back. 'Kristina' knows that she will be able to take care of the baby. The baby must be missing her baby though. Charity and Cameron would like Alexis to be able to be with her baby. 'Kristina' tells Cameron that if he isnít able to protect Alexis, he will never see her again.

Scotty is still listening to Skye through the bugging device.

Jax is back talking with Skye and he confirms that Alexis was the killer without saying her name.

Scotty only wants to hear the name and he finally does. Jax says it. He is the one that confirms that Alexis was the killer. Scotty and Taggert look at each other, not believing what they are hearing.