GH Update Wednesday 2/19/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/19/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

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Carly explained to Sonny that part of her died when she saw him kiss Brenda. “I don’t want a divorce, I don’t want Brenda, I want you,” he told her. “There is nobody on this earth who has the power to tear us apart. Sonny tried to touch her, but she pulled away. He admitted he was wrong and told her to be as upset as she needed to. She told him she didn’t want to hurt anymore, but he refused to let her go. He refuted her reference to herself as a “consolation prize” to Brenda’s “trophy” status. “You are my wife and I love you forever,” he told her. They headed home where she informed him that if they climbed into bed and pretended nothing had happened, that they would end up back in the same loop again later. They both admitted that they made mistakes, and Sonny told his wife: “I can promise you with absolute certainty there was never a chance of me leaving you.” Carly suggested they agree not to punish each other for what they couldn’t undo, neglecting to tell him her mistake, and they headed to the bedroom.

Liz ran downstairs after seeing Rick with the gun. He was only a few steps behind her. He assured her he didn’t regularly carry a gun, but he needed it for defense, that he had been given an ultimatum and had chosen to stay and fight. She asked him a few questions, whether he was running from Sonny or someone else, but he refused to answer. If he was running from Sonny, she advised him to leave and quick. He told her he had taken too long to get to Port Charles to leave. He told her all he could tell her was that he had something to do, and it ended here. She asked him a few questions, (if he was a federal agent) but he refused to answer most of them, only agreeing to the obvious – lawyer, Harvard graduate, rich. He told her he wasn’t going to let anything stand in his way, that he’d come too far.

Courtney told Faith she wasn’t scared of her threats. Faith remarked that Courtney needed to have more respect; that even Sonny’s powerful empire could fall. “If you have a problem with my brother, say it to his face. If you have a problem with me, let’s go. I’m not afraid of you Mrs. Rosco.” Jason interrupted, telling Faith she needed to leave. Jason told Courtney she should leave town to be safe, but she told him she’d only leave with him. “I don’t need you to take care of me, I just need you,” she told him. He told her his life was dangerous, that she should leave. She refused, telling him that she had a life in Port Charles and as far as she was concerned he was a part of that life. Mike overheard the last bit, interrupting and Jason took advantage of the situation and left. Mike confronted his daughter about her feelings, “Honey, I know how it ends, and believe me, it’s not a place you want to go.” Mike put the clues together – the disappearing acts and the excuses and realized she and Jason’s fling had been going on a while. Courtney told her father that Sonny ordered them apart and Jason wanted her to leave, but she loved him and would fight for him. Mike tried to change her perspective a bit, drudging up a story about he and Sonny’s mother and how they were “so in love,” and how her family had seen him as a deadbeat. He admitted her family had seen his true self, but she had looked past it, thinking their love could withstand anything. She had been wrong, that his addiction to gambling had been stronger than his love for her. “Jason’s addicted to his job,” Mike pointed out, letting her know love could be blinding. He told her that Sonny’s orders would always come first, but she disagreed. Courtney told her father not to compare Jason to himself, so he tried to point out Jason giving up Michael and Carly. “If Sonny wants something, anything, Jason makes that sacrifice,” he told her, telling her she would never come first. She informed him that she loved Jason and he loved her and nothing would be more important than that. “Isn’t love supposed to be the most precious thing in the world? You’re not supposed to throw something that precious away. It’s a mistake that could cost you everything,” she told him, leaving.

Jax told Brenda the $1 mill should be enough to get her going, but she resented the offer, suggesting he was attempting to pay her to stay away and informing him he could never keep her from returning. They discussed their first marriage him pointing out the money could be considered alimony, and the argument concluded in Brenda feeling very offended. “Are you just trying to make me feel like a prostitute?” she asked. He told her he didn’t feel guilty about anything, he just wanted to give her means to get where she wanted to go. She pointed out that several people had tried to warn her about him, but she had refused to listen. “You hate to lose. Well, I guess you won. You broke my heart,” she told him, asking if he had ever really loved her. He told her no, the woman he had loved died four years ago. “I don’t want to be married to someone who doesn’t love me as much as I love them, because I deserve better than that,” he explained. Jason chose that moment to arrive home, Upset with the outcome of the conversation, Brenda handed Jax back his check. “Why don’t you take this and donate it to the foundation for battered women. Why don’t you take it yourself? While you’re there you can find a new girl to rescue,” she told him. “You’re your own worst enemy,” he replied. She agreed. He wished her true happiness and left. Once he was gone she put the check down on the desk, but Jason had his own check for her. He told her to put it in her account, that the money was from him, not Sonny and he wanted her to have it to move on. “I have enough money,” he admitted, hugging her for support.

Jason and Brenda headed for the airport, arguing like always, Jason asking if she had enough money. “Would you please stop trying to give me money? It’s a turn-off,” she told him. She laughed, admitting that she may appear normal, but her track record proved otherwise. She recalled she’d had quite a few normal relationships and engagements, but she couldn’t quite get the wedding day right. Jason suggested she follow in the path they took. She quaintly asked if that meant a wedding without love, but he told her it meant without the wedding. Her flight was delayed and he offered to stay with her, but she assured him she had 3 magazines and a really bad book to keep her company and she’d rather deal with them than listen to him. He teased, bringing up the money subject again and they laughed. He wished her good luck and told her to call if she needed to. Before he left, she stopped him, telling him she’d changed her mind. Assuming wrongly that she meant about leaving, he told her she couldn’t stay with him, but she assured him that wasn’t what she’d changed her mind about. She explained that she thought he and Courtney should be together. “Just trust me on that one. Life does not just hand you endless happiness. You need to grab it while you can. … I do know one thing for sure. Life’s too short to not be happy, and did you know, that out of everyone I’ve ever met, you deserve it the most.” He thanked her and they hugged goodbye. “You know, I’m really going to miss your cookies,” he told her. They laughed, leaving the goodbye heartfelt.

Brenda sat on the chair waiting on her flight to leave and remembered her times with Jax and Sonny. (Michelle Branch’s “I’m with you” played in the background.) The attendant at the stand came over and warned her that the flight was about to leave, if she wanted to be on it, she needed to board. She sat there, thinking.

Skye and Coleman shared a heated kiss at the cottage. Skye tried to resist the urge to take things further, reminding him that it was the perfect opportunity for her to help Jax out of his state of mind. They resisted the urge and headed down to Kelly’s. Coleman commented that she looked quite good for an alcoholic and asked if she was getting back in control. “If I were getting my life back in control, I wouldn’t be sleeping with you,” she told him. He thought otherwise, but before they could continue the conversation, Jax opened the door and Skye took advantage of the moment. “Stop threatening me,” she yelled at Coleman. Jax came to her rescue, ever the night in shining armor, telling Coleman to leave her alone. He informed Skye if he bothered her any more to come to him.

He took her outside Kelly’s and they went for a walk on the docks. Jax got to the point and told her Brenda was leaving town. She asked if that was what he wanted. “If she hadn’t left, I would have,” he admitted. She told him she was glad it was Brenda who had gone. He tried to turn the conversation to the murder and her memory, but she brushed it off as waiting for Felicia. Skye asked what he was doing at Kelly’s and he asked the same. She told him Kelly’s didn’t serve alcohol, leading to the fact that she was trying to sober up, and he admitted he was looking for Carly, wondering if she was getting back together with her hubby or if she needed a new financial backer. Skye pointed out it left him in a great place to take advantage of Sonny, and agreed that that wasn’t a bad thing. She told him that they had bonded over their anti-Sonny problems and agreed that if they could have foreseen the entire year they could have avoided quite a bit of pain. Skye told him that things were done, for better or for worse and they agreed to skip the I-told-you-so’s and regain their friendship.

Sonny and Carly entered The Cellar, but Liz and Rick were already at the bar, toasting to his attempt a “the direct” approach. Carly tried to avoid him, but Rick joined the couple, apologizing for his actions the night before. Carly brushed it off as if nothing had happened, admitting they had all done things they had regretted. Rick “informed” them that he would be shifting his interests from the club to another project. Sonny got a phone call and excused himself, leaving his wife and former attorney a chance to chat. Carly told him to forget it ever happened, and quietly reminded him that if Sonny ever found out it did that he wouldn’t be alive for long. Sonny came back and danced with his wife, wondering what Rick’s “project” could be.

Jason went home to find Courtney in his penthouse, waiting. She told him about her father’s assumptions and he assured her he wasn’t addicted to anything. He told her he was in a life he couldn’t get out of and didn’t want to hurt her. She asked what she was supposed to do with the feelings, just let them go? She told him that she missed him, missed them, but he pulled away. He told her it would kill him to watch her die and he couldn’t let that happen. She tried to explain that you can never be sure what tomorrow brings, and told him that he needed to understand that she wasn’t going to stop trying to show him that they belonged together.