GH Update Monday 2/17/03


General Hospital Update Monday 2/17/03

Update By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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‘Kristina’ in has Cameron with a knife at his throat. He is trying to make her see that he cares a great deal. She knows that he can make things worse for her. He keeps following her around and she finds that means trouble. She is going to stop him, maybe the way that she stopped Alcazar. She says that he killed her first and then she killed him.

At the club, Sonny tells Jason that he should go and see Carly and make sure that she is alright. He was trying to talk to her earlier but she didn’t seem to be in the right frame of mind and she stomped off alone. Sonny is worried about her. Jason has shown up at the club as a support to Carly but Sonny wasn’t really all that pleased to see him there as Courtney is there and he knows that they have only just broken up and the need for her to see him and make up is great. She doesn’t need that enticement at this point. That is not what Sonny wants for his little sister. He wants her to go to a nice school and meet a nice man and have a nice, normal life. Not a life like he has. Jason doesn’t care that Sonny doesn’t like him being there, Jason makes his own decisions. He was asked to be there for Carly and that is the reason that he has come and he will stay until she wants him to go. Yes, he has seen Courtney at the club, but he has made a decision to break up with her and he will keep to that decision, so seeing her isn’t all that big of a deal. He is strong in his convictions. Courtney comes over to talk to Jason and Sonny and wishes that she wouldn’t do that right now as they are talking about something important. She wonders if what he has to talk about with Jason has anything to do with cheating on Carly.

Carly is at the bar having drinks alone when one of Faith’s men follow her in and drugs her drink. She drinks with the man and he pretends that he doesn’t’ know anything about her. She tells him that the club that she has was her place and her vision. She left the club as her husband has something important to tell her and she doesn't want to hear it.

Skye is watching Jax and Brenda get married. The minister asks Brenda is she will take Jax as her husband. She will. The minister asks Jax the same question and he starts looking confused. He pauses and then he says to her and everyone there, “No…” The crowd gasps.

Skye can’t believe her ears.

Jax tells Brenda that he can’t marry her when she loves someone else. She is crying now. She tells him that he doesn’t know what he is saying. Jax feels that she has been hiding her feelings for Sonny. Jax waited for her to tell him about her time with Sonny but she didn’t. Just now, Jax would have stood there in front of her and married her but he realizes that he can’t. He can’t be in the fall guy position and she would only hate him for that. She and Sonny only cause constant drama.

Skye is putting her gun away, looks like it won’t be necessary after all. She had the gun on her the while time and had a plan in mind and was ready to carry it through but that seems unnecessary now that Jax is dumping Brenda.

Brenda is saying that she was only telling Sonny goodbye so that she could be with Jax. She needs him. Jax shakes his head. She can see that he isn’t interested in the truth that she has to offer him. They both have tears in their eyes now. Brenda thinks that it is good that he doesn’t want to marry him, as she doesn’t want to marry him after this anyway.

Jax didn’t want to take Brenda to the altar to dump her. He waited for her to say something to him. She was going to marry him and he feels that she wants someone else. She can’t believe that he would believe that she would have ended the whole thing on the altar? He let her walk down the aisle and say her vows, knowing that this has happened to her before. What is wrong with him? Has he really changed that much? He tells her that she hasn’t changed. She tells him that she has in fact changed. This is her fault. Maybe she was gone for too long. Something got destroyed between them that can never be fixed. She will not be with someone that she can’t trust. He could have ended this in a way that respected her and he didn’t. That is it. He has made his choice and she will accept it. “Bye…” She turns and walks back down the aisle but alone. Jax turns and watches her walk off.

Courtney tells Sonny that Carly saw him kissing Brenda on the pier. He is such a hypocrite for doing this. Sonny tells her that she has misinterpreted things. Jason can’t believe what he is hearing. Sonny admits that he did kiss Brenda.

Carly is getting whacked and the man with her gets very friendly. She tells him that she isn’t a slut and that he should get off her. The man gets up and grabs her to take her out of there. Ric appears and stops the man telling him that she doesn’t want to go with him.

‘Kristina’ tells Cameron that Alcazar was going to hurt Alexis and the baby. ‘Kristina’ has been protecting her baby. She has to protect the baby and that is why she has to get rid of him. She knows that he is going to tell what he knows about Alcazar and she can’t let that happen. She is waving the knife around and Cameron takes advantage of the rant that she is on. He goes for the knife and gets her hand while she holds it, securing its position away from the both of them. He holds her tightly so that she will not be able to get away from him. He will protect her.

Cameron holds ‘Kristina’ telling her to stop struggling. Something happens and Cameron lets her go seeing that she is calmer now. ‘Kristina’ tells him that she stabbed Alcazar and he backed up and fell over the railing. She contacted Ric as she knew that no one else should be blamed for the murder. ‘Kristina’ thinks that she has to kill him. He would like to help her but she feels that no one can help her but herself. Cameron would like her to trust him and believe that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. A cloud passes and Cameron can see that Alexis is back. She looks at her hands and sees that she is clutching a knife. Cameron tells her that ‘Kristina’ will do anything to protect her, including murder.

Jax turns to the crowd at the wedding and he tells everyone to stay and enjoy the day.

Skye runs off from her hiding place at the back of the room.

Brenda is in her dressing room packing up her things. She turns and looks at herself in the mirror. She sees herself in the wedding gown and she pulls at it…taking off the gauntlets. She undoes the back zipper on the skirt and lets it drop to the ground. She steps out of the skirt and walks away…

Skye comes into the dressing room where Brenda is but Brenda isn’t in the room. Skye looks at herself in the mirror and plays with her hair. She walks over to the champagne and Brenda comes out dressed casually. Skye thinks that Brenda’s dress was beautiful on her. She finds it ironic that she has been called selfish and destructive but she can’t hold a candle to Brenda. Why did she destroy Skye’s marriage when she really wanted Sonny all alone. Brenda really did love Jax and she wants him to be happy even if that person isn’t her. Brenda would like him to be with someone that he can trust and Brenda is sure that will not be Skye. Brenda gets her things and leaves.

Sonny tells Jason and Courtney that he had a one night thing with Brenda and that was the end of it. HE was only saying goodbye to her and that was all. Courtney sees that he can’t run his own relationship but things that he can run her relationship with Jason. Jason has had enough and he tells everyone in the club to leave. The festivities are shut down and everyone leaves.

Jason goes to Courtney asking her to leave the club. She would like to stay and go off on Sonny some more about how he treats her and Jason but Jason knows that this isn’t the time for all of that. She does as she is told and leaves.

Ric has managed to stop Carly from being abducted or maybe worse. It was a good thing that he came into the bar at the time that he did, or else Ric would have missed her getting dragged out of there outside of her own will. The thug leaves and Ric tries to help Carly but she only wants Jason to come and help her. She still doesn't trust Ric, she only trusts Jason. She rattles around to get into her purse but Ric stops her telling her that he will call Jason for her. He grabs her purse from her which is a good thing as she leans towards the table for support. She is too weak from the drug to fight him and so she lets him have his way. If he wants to call Jason for her, he can do that. She will not fight him. He can see that she is a mess.

Ric has Carly in a room and he sits her on a bed to relax. He tells her that help is on the way. She is crying now as she can’t live with Jason as that will hurt Courtney. She can’t live with Sonny as she saw him with Brenda. She saw it. He has something important to tell her now and she knows what that is, she is sure of it.

Jason knows that Sonny has given him a lot. Jason turned Carly and Michael over to Sonny and he hasn’t honoured them by kissing Brenda. Sonny thinks that kissing Brenda has been misinterpreted. Jason calls him a liar. Jason remembers Carly telling him that Sonny was going to leave her for Brenda. Sonny loves his wife and he says that he didn’t lie. Sonny didn’t seek out Brenda. He was on the docks and he is fighting with Carly and she leaves and he turns and Brenda is there. They kissed as he needed to find out once and for all about Brenda and he did find out. Carly has seen that and that kills Sonny. Jason would like to go and see Carly but Sonny would like to be the one to fix it. Jason is fine with that and he will wait at the club. Sonny loves his wife, even more than she loves him. Sonny leaves to find his wife.

Jax is crying and Ned comes in to see him. Ned remembered that he has something that belongs to Jax. The ring. Jax remembers the ring as being the one that he used the first time that he married Brenda. Ned knows that he loves Brenda, so why did he give up? Jax said what he felt to the crowd. He did that because of Sonny. Carly came to Jax and told him what she seen. Brenda had admitted to kissing Sonny, and Brenda never told Jax and that scared him. Jax realized that there is no trust and you can’t build a future without trust. She said that she was done with Sonny. Jax will still walk away from the love of his life.

Alexis and Cameron talk but she can’t deal with this. She has just come out of one of her trances to find out that she was holding a knife and that she was some other entity for a while. Cameron wants her to understand what she has been doing and she has to talk about it. She can’t brush this under the carpet any longer. She has to face what has been going on, as that has been what has been feeding her other personality. Alexis’s inability to deal with the emotional traumas in her life, has brought her to this point and she can’t hide that anymore. Cameron would like to be the one that treats her and brings her back to stability. ‘Kristina’ thinks that she is the protector of Alexis and her child. Alexis has no idea what he is talking about. Kristina confessed to killing Luis Alcazar. That gets Alexis where she lives and she can’t say anything more. Alexis didn’t know that. She has killed a man and when they find out, they will take her baby, she is sure of it and she bows her head into her hands to cry.

Cameron tells Alexis that the more she feels powerless, the more 'Kristina' will appear. In order for Alexis to get a handle on this thing, she is going to have to deal with it dead on and confront it along with all her fears. Alexis has to stay calm and rational or she will break in two. Her mind has split already and that is only a sign of what will come if she doesn't get well. Alexis wasn’t the one that killed the man. Alexis is crying now. The jury isn’t going to buy this. Her daughter is in danger now. She begs Cameron not to tell anyone this story. She cries to him to help her. She buries her head in his chest.

Jax comes to Brenda’s dressing room and finds no one there. He sees the wedding gown on the floor and he picks it up and throws it to the side. He also finds the engagement ring that he was going to give her. He hears someone coming and he finds Skye there. She tells him that Brenda is on her way to Sonny and he better hurry if he wants to catch up to her.

Sonny comes off the elevator to find Brenda sitting outside his apartment waiting for him. She looks so small now. She is sitting there in her jeans, waiting on the step. She tells him what happened at the wedding and how she didn’t get married after all. Jax didn’t believe that she was over Sonny and he knows that they were kissing the night before. She can’t blame him for distrusting her. She didn’t tell him what happened and that caused suspicion in his mind about her. He waited and waited for her to tell him the truth but she couldn’t do it. She is okay now and over it. It is probably for the best. She loves Jax and she was walking down the aisle and she thought that she was going to be happy forever and she really believed that she was going to do the right thing. Jax ended up telling her the truth about things and he has lost trust, so the wedding was a no-go. Without trust, you have nothing it seems.

Carly wants to get up but Ric comes over to stop her from going out. She needs to rest. He places her back on the bed. Ric tells her that he has called Jason and that he is coming. Jason doesn’t like Ric as he thinks that the man is too smooth and looking for an angle. Sonny will never like Ric because he spent too much time trying to suck up to the wrong woman. Carly tries to get up again but Ric pushes her back down on the bed and she suddenly passes out. He sees that she is out and down for a while and he just stands over her…watching her.

Cameron and Alexis are at the docks still. Her alter has committed a murder and they have to integrate her mind. She warns him to keep the secret so that she can keep her child. She begs him not to turn her in. She is going to try and if that doesn’t work the way he wants, she will turn herself in. She begs him not to let her lose her baby. He goes to her and hugs her promising to find a way with her. He will not let her lose her baby or herself. He will not let that happen.

Jason is at the club when Courtney comes in. She took a chance that the would still be there. Jason is there waiting in case Carly comes back. Courtney would like to stay there with him but the tells her not to. Does it hurt him to see her? It hurts her to see him. She knows that he is in pain and she can’t hold him or feel him. He asks her to go. He is the best thing that has happened to her and she can’t let that go. She may be fighting all the way but she knows that it will be worth it as she will be fighting for them. She goes to him and touches him but he moves away. She tells him that she loves him. He backs off from her. This shouldn’t be happening. She turns and walks from him.

Jax knows that Skye is enjoying that the wedding never took place. He offers her a drink. He pours himself one and downs it. She doesn’t mean to be mean to him. He keeps drinking and drinking. This is all so terrible and sad and ironic. He carried Brenda in his heart and all other women were immeasurable to her. She returns and she can’t even fit the bill. He has high standards and Skye couldn’t meet them but it is comforting to know that Skye couldn’t meet his standards either. She walks off leaving him.

Brenda tells Sonny that she is going to stay in the hall and wait for Jason. Sonny has no problem with that. Sonny tells her that Carly saw them together and decided that he had been lying all this time. She disappeared and ran off. Sonny has been trying to find her and tell her that he loves her and will be with her. She is his life. Brenda tells him to go and find Carly. She knows that everything will be okay for him. They smile at each other. She tells him…”see ya…” Sonny says bye and they reluctantly walk away from each other.

Sonny enters his apartment but no one is there. He takes off his coat and looks around the dark room.

Carly is sleeping and Ric touches her head and face…and lips…and then he catches his finger on the underside of the thin, thin, strap of her top…It is almost hanging off her shoulder anyway… She is too beautiful to avoid…she is sleeping… Then he makes a decision. The decision is totally his own. He suddenly leans in towards her on the bed…