GH Update Friday 2/14/03


General Hospital Update Friday 2/14/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Ric comes to Carly and finds her in a bad mood at the bar. She is opening the bar that night and she wants nothing to go wrong. Someone breaks a glass and she practically shrivels from the noise. It is only the bartender dropping a glass. Carly thinks back to what she saw. She saw her husband kissing Brenda and that has infuriated her. She grabs a glass and throws it at the wall in fury. Ric has to turn and wonder what has gotten into her.

Sonny is at the cemetery talking to Lily. He tells Likely that he wanted to be happy and he finally thinks that he is. What he has is something that he didn’t have before. He has love. He tells Lily that it is not what he expected. It is better. Carly has given him more than he expected or ever wanted in his life. He should go and thank her for that.

Brenda is in her robe getting ready to get married. She has asked Jason there to talk. She wants to know how he is doing. She would also like to say thank you to him. He likes that. She knew that he only married her as he thought that she was going to go after Sonny., That was what she told him but he doesn't have to worry about that as they respect each other’s marriages. They laugh together. She is happy for once. Taking her vows is going to be the greatest moment of his life.

Jax is at the church talking to the preacher explaining that he would like to say a few words at the wedding.

The guests are arriving for the wedding, and Jax’s parents are there too.

Alan and Monica are there for the wedding and Alan can’t figure out what they are doing there. Monica says that they are there to support Brenda, but Alan thinks that they should be supporting Skye instead. Skye must be very unhappy about this as Jax is the man that she loves and she can’t possibly be happy that he is marrying Brenda. Monica thinks that Skye will get over this in time. She feels that Jax has wised up and Monica is glad of that. She isn’t sure that Skye is good for anyone.

Skye is at the wedding and a woman ask s her for a tissue as weddings always make her cry. Skye gives the woman the whole pack of tissues in her purse as she has no intention of crying that day.

Edward sees that Skye is there and Alan and Monica turn to find her standing behind them. Jax helped Skye on the case and that may be the reason that she is there. They should give her the benefit of the doubt until she is proven wrong.

Jax comes to Skye and she tells him that she is sober and would like to put the pain in their relationship behind them. She would like to make amends and thought that this day would be a good day to start. She wishes that he have all the happiness. She kisses his cheek.

Alexis sees Ned and she goes to him and tells him that she is glad to see him and has been waiting to see him. She kisses him way too intimately. She tells him that she will fight for him fire with fire. She wants to know what it is that Faith does and Alexis will do it too.

Faith meets with Zander and she tells him that the club met with disaster once and it would be a shame if that happened again.

Carly tries to act fine but e. Ric tells her not to worry as she has gone over every detail of the club and nothing is going to go wrong. Ric reminds her that he is her friend but she doesn't really know him does she? He has been perfect and that is what’s wrong with him. He told her a lot of things and she needed someone to stand by her but this is too much. Something if obviously wrong. He would like to know what that is. She suspects that he only wants to know more about Sonny’s life. He tells her that she is way off base. Jason doesn’t like Ric either and he is never wrong. Ric is way too indispensable. He sounds like Carly when she moved to town. She has done the act too. Something has set her off. She feels that the is the reason. Carly wishes that Sonny were around. Ric would like to talk to her more but she tells him to get moving as they are about open for business.

Jason tells Brenda that if this is what she wants, he is happy for her but if she isn’t happy with thinks that can be dealt with too. They hug and Jax enters. Jax tells him that everything is happening as it should be. Jason is happy for that. Elton comes in and finds that Brenda isn’t even in her dress yet and that will not do. He tells her, “Chop! Chop!” Get moving! It is time to get married1

Jax tells Elton that it is okay that he sees the bride before the wedding and Elton and Jason are let out of the room. Brenda is worried that she is going to forget her lines, or maybe pass out. She is so nervous. Jax gives her a last chance to back out. He has that chance too. Brenda has never been more certain of anything in her life, unless Jax has hidden ex-wives that may show up at the wedding. Jax says nothing about Skye being there to see the wedding. He tells Brenda that he has no secrets. Neither has she.

Skye stands alone when Alan comes to see her. He kisses her cheek, not expecting to see her there. Alan hopes that she is there with good intentions. She is only trying to practice what they preach at A.A. She isn ’t even sure that she can go through with watching Jax marry someone else. She has thought about this and she has to give it a try.

Alexis would like Ned to come out with her and have a talk. Elton comes up telling Ned that it is time for him to come as the wedding is starting.

Ned leaves Alexis and Cameron finds Alexis making her come with him.

Courtney comes to see Carly and she is ready to party in her party dress. Ric tells her that Carly is upset and could use a friend.

Courtney goes to Carly and learns that there is something wrong with Sonny and their relationship. Carly thinks that Sonny has gone back to Brenda. Courtney doesn’t believe that. Carly saw it with her own eyes. They were standing on the docks and they were kissing like they were the only two people in the world. Courtney finds it hard that Brenda is marrying Jax if that is true. Carly feels that Brenda has been trying to get a response from Sonny. Sonny probably didn’t want her to marry Jax. Courtney knows that Sonny love Carly. Brenda is something that Sonny seems to have been fighting and now he can’t resist her. Carly feels lied to. Doesn’t matter how awful she is to him, there is this hold that she has on him and he on her and nothing can stop it. Carly has been fighting for a long time and Carly isn’t going to fight anymore. Courtney is sure that Sonny will have a good explanation. Sonny will come to Carly and he will be polite and he will promise to take care of Carly for the rest of her life and he is going to tell her that he couldn’t fight the love that he has for Brenda. Carly is crying now. Carly is sure that is the way that this will play out. Carly tells Courtney to go and enjoy herself. Guests are coming in now. The doors are opening. Carly composes herself.

Sonny enters the club and goes to Carly asking her for time alone as there is something that he has to tell her. Carly thinks that she has it all figured out. She thinks that Sonny is sure to leave her for the beautiful, yet elusive Brenda. Carly has just dried her tears over that very subject.

Alan tells AJ that Skye is there somewhere at the wedding trying to make amends but they have no idea where. Alan is very concerned and now so is AJ as they find it hard to believe that Skye can deal with watching Jax marry Brenda who is a woman that she hates.

The wedding music starts and all the guests get to their seats. Jax takes his place at the front of the room and looks longingly down at his bride to be.

Ned has Brenda at the bottom of the aisle.

Skye is watching the wedding play out from behind a curtain. She is hidden to all that are there. She peeks out slowly to see the wedding start.

Ned walks Brenda down the aisle in that daring dress that Brenda has chosen for her wedding. They reach the front.

Skye is at the very back standing up and watching the wedding unfold.

The minister starts. “…the union of husband and wife…is intended by God…for he health and comfort…” Brenda is crying now as she looks into Jax’s eyes.

Skye listens as they get to the part where you speak now or forever hold your peace. Nothing happens.

Brenda says her vows…”…from the very beginning…I’m not as smart as you…I am sorry that it took me a while to wise up…Our love ha been through many tests…but we have always ended up back together…you are my family…you are my safe place…and I want to be that for you too…You are my strength…you’re my comfort… you are my best friend…you are my love…on this day…I promise to give all of my heart to be all of those things top you…forever…”

Jax says his vows…

Skye reaches into her purse and takes out a gun…she holds it up but no one sees her as she is at the back of the church and hidden…

Jax says that he will speak to Brenda from his heart.

Cameron takes Alexis outside and tells her that she has been coming on to Ned as Kristina. Alexis hates that he ahs been trying to listen to her conversation. She thinks that Cameron brought her out there to have a little thingy with her. He sees that the is talking to Kristina and she admits it. He has a few questions for her. She tells him that Alexis is gone and she may never come back.

Sonny sees that Carly has taken care of things at the club. Sonny wants to talk to her now and feels that Ric has the capability of handling things. Sonny tells her that something has happened that night and he would like to tell her about it.

Ric announces that it is time to open the club. Carly comes to the front wanting to introduce people that have gotten the club together. She introduces Ric and her friends and family. She tells of her husband and how he has stood behind her every step of the way.

Courtney is there and Jason is across the room from her. She would like to rush to him but that isn’t possible. They exchange glances occasionally.

At the end of Carly’s speech, everyone claps and it is over. She leaves the front of the bar, but she doesn’t go back to Sonny, she heads off elsewhere. Sonny can sense that something is going on with her but has no idea what.

Sonny goes to Jason asking why he is there. Sonny is afraid that Jason may be there to see Courtney and start things up with her again. Jason tells Sonny that he isn't’ there for Courtney, he is there for Carly and the opening of her club.

Sonny tells Jason that he shouldn’t be there. Jason maintains that he is there for Carly. They hear Ric fighting with Faith who would like to come into the club. She feels that since the club belonged to her grandmother, she has a right to be there. Sonny comes up telling Faith that she is small time and she has a big mouth. She will either leave or be thrown out. She tells him that the club has a lousy track record anyway. She turns and leaves.

Carly is upset and Courtney tries to talk to her and calm her down. Carly thinks that Sonny is going to leave her and she might as well get that over as soon as possible.

Ric comes up and learns from Courtney that Carly is upset right now.

Jason is at the club and he almost walks directly into Courtney. He talks to Courtney and Sonny sees that.

Carly leaves the club and bumps into Faith. Carly walks off from her and Faith tells her henchman to follow Carly and give her the night of her life.

Cameron continues talking to Kristina. She sits and he asks her about Alcazar. She says that he was a brutal man that took her life away. He was murdered and that was because someone had to set it right. Sounds like he should have fallen to his death. She knows that others would have been hurt by Alcazar. Kristina feels justified by what she has done. “Bingo!” She admits it. She was the one that killed Alcazar. She says it candidly.

Skye raises her gun and points it to the front of the church… Jax is saying his vows…” …the sacrifices we made…the people that we hurt…the danger and struggles that we endured…Now we are ready to start the next part of our lives…” He is happy and looks down into Brenda’s eyes as he speaks.

The minister calls for the rings and they are brought to the front of the church as part of the ceremony.

Skye has trouble with what she should do. She pulls the gun from the front of her and leans back against the wall that hides her from the audience and crowd. She looks at that gun now and holds the nozzle in front of her face pointing upwards. CLICK! She removes the safety.

Kristina thinks that that Cameron should be shocked that she was the one that killed Alcazar but he already suspected that. She thinks that she should be given an award. She would like to take Alexis’s baby home now. She will raise the child to be strong. Cameron tells her that she isn’t Kristina. She admits that she was the one that met Alcazar on the docks and stabbed him, and killed him. She did it with a knife that looks something like the one that she is carrying in her purse. She pulls it out and holds it out and under Cameron’s chin. She wants him to keep her secret for her.

Sonny tells Ric that he was talking to Carly and she disappeared. He fears that something is wrong.

Carly goes into some dive and sits alone. The thug that Faith has sent after her sits with her offering to buy her a drink. She warns him that she is Sonny Corinthos’s wife. She turns to get some more nuts and the man sitting with her slips something in her drink. She turns back to the man and picks up her drink.

The wedding continues. Skye has to make this shot. She aims her gun at the front of the church. Brenda accepts that she will take Jax as her husband …to love and to honour…as long as she will live. It is Jax’s turn now. They all wait for his response. Skye waits too. Jax looks around as if he has just woken up from a long sleep…”No…I won’t!” The whole room gasps at the turn of events. At hearing what Jax has to say, Skye pulls her gun in again, shocked at the way that things are going now. He isn’t going to do it!

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