GH Update Thursday 2/13/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/13/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

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Alexis went to GH thinking she would be able to finally take baby Kristina home, but her hopes were shattered when she found out Cameron had requested the baby stay longer. Alexis tried to convince him the baby would be fine with her and he agreed; however, he couldn’t trust the baby to be fine with Kristina. He told her she wasn’t stable enough to be in charge of baby Kristina at this point. She asked him to define stable. “Someone who doesn’t loose time or manifest multiple personalities,” he explained. She started getting loud with him, accusing him of blackmailing her into therapy. He took her aside and sat her on the couch in the waiting area near the nurse’s station. He told her that she posed a threat to her child. Just as he said that, Alexis changed into “Kristina” to deliver a warning. “You are not trying to help, you are trying to keep a mother from her child and that isn’t right. I’m not going to let you keep my sister from her baby,” she delivered. He asked her why she was there, why Alexis had manifested this alternate personality. “Kristina” told him that her sister needed her, not him, and if he didn’t leave her alone she would find a way to stop him.” At that moment Alexis shifted personalities and awoke as if she had been lifted from a trance, wondering how she had gotten to the couch, having last remembered standing by the nurse’s station. He informed Alexis that “Kristina” had told him to go away or she would get rid of him, and that was why he couldn’t let her take baby Kristina home. He explained that the “Kristina” personality she was experiencing did not seem like the sister she was describing, that this “Kristina” seemed to be capable of a lot more than a bad temper. He told her to record her daily events so they could track “Kristina’s” appearances during the blocks of time she couldn’t remember and he would pass off not letting her take her child home as postpartum depression. She agreed and they parted ways.

Skye discussed her discovery with Felicia in front of the police station only to find out Felicia had another suspect in mind. Skye pushed taking Alexis’ name to the police, but Felicia assured her that if Alexis wasn’t guilty, Skye would certainly be convicted for the murder, having turned in the wrong person twice. Felicia convinced her to let her continue with the lead before telling anyone anything. She pointed out that if Alexis had, in fact, murdered Alcazar that she hadn’t let Jason and Brenda take the fall and she wouldn’t allow Skye to either. Skye wasn’t so sure, but Felicia convinced her to trust Jax’s faith in her and let her do the job. Skye agreed, telling her to do it quickly. As soon as Skye disappeared down the street, Felicia’s phone rang and she told the person on the other side to meet her immediately.

Scotty arrived on the steps of the Port Charles Police Station to meet with Felicia about her new lead. “I’m going to try to help you not make a mistake this time,” she told him, telling him whoever had killed Alcazar had done them all a favor. She explained she didn’t care who took the fall, as long as the wrong person wasn’t convicted for it. Scotty assured her he was confident Skye had done it, but Felicia told him she had found the real killer. She gave him a needle in a haystack to find, sending him on a wild goose chase after a maid who used to work for Alcazar. She gave him a story that the maid was jealous of Brenda, having been Alcazar’s bed partner previous to his meeting the model. He asked where she was and Felicia informed him she was incognito and they would have to find her. Scotty agreed to take over the investigation and hold off on arresting Skye.

After Scotty was gone, she met with Cameron, Alexis in the bushes listening carefully. She asked if he had gotten enough to assure Alexis was not the murderer, but he admitted he hadn’t. She explained she had bought them a few days, but not much more. He told her he didn’t think “Alexis” had murdered anyone, but explaining her multiple personality disorder, he wasn’t so sure “Kristina” hadn’t.

Elton was giddy with excitement at the Jax reception hall, asking the bride and groom how they wanted to be introduced after the ceremony. Jax kept trying to pull his bride away, but Elton continued bombarding her with questions, the funniest one being where do we sit the Quartermaine’s. Jax told him anywhere would be fine. “I’d like to put the Quartermaine’s in Cleveland,” Elton voiced. Jax assured him that was fine, as long as he left Lila behind. Brenda told him to put them all at the same table. “Yeah, it’ll be the floor show. It’ll be great,” Jax laughed. A worried Elton rushed off to attend to other important matters. Brenda asked her husband to settle their wedding coordinator down and made an excuse that she had to go to another dress fitting. Lady Jane and John showed up before she got to sneak away though. The world’s best parents showed all kind of appreciation for the loved ones. “Some lovers are just destined to be together and tomorrow you will prove it,” Lady Jane told them.

Once Brenda and Lady Jane were alone, Brenda apologized for the way she left things before and asked if her soon to be mother-in-law thought it was too soon to get married. She pointed out that things hadn’t gone so well with Skye, and knowing that the Jack’s really liked Skye, she didn’t want any hard feelings. John joined them and assured her that they wanted Jax happy more than anything, and he was happy with her. “ You have had our son’s heart since the day he met you and you will have it forever,” John told her. Elton broke up the gathering, pulling the entire Jack’s clan aside for more answers and giving Brenda a chance to sneak off. Before she left she stood at the door and looked into the hall, thinking about everything that was about to be hers.

Skye showed up just outside the hall, in the lobby of the Port Charles hotel, looking for Jax. She found him and told him she had remembered something. He was interested, but had other things on his mind and told her to tell Felicia. She told him she had, but Felicia hadn’t believed her. Ready to reveal what she had remembered, she pulled him aside, into the hall, and noticed the room was decorated for a wedding. Obviously shocked, she pointed out he and Brenda had wasted no time. She told him the hall was beautiful and she knew that he and Brenda were eager, but she hadn’t realized they were this far along in their plans. Then she realized they were preparing for a Valentine’s Day wedding and sucked it up. He asked her to finish about the woman she had seen, but she told him not to worry about it, that she would take care of it. “You are getting married tomorrow to the great love of your life. May it be as memorable as you want it to be,” she told him, leaving. Once outside, she cried in silence.

Skye headed straight to Jake’s where she found Coleman. He pointed out she was back to her old habits, flask in hand. She admitted she had just taken the edge off. When he asked what she was doing there, she summed it all up: “I can get drunk here or I can get drunk someplace else.” The guy at the bar next to her noticed the opportunity and made an offer, telling her everything she needed was at his place. “Well, I’ve got everything I need at the Port Charles Hotel, but beggars can’t be choosers,” she told him. Coleman took it upon himself to break up the tryst and sent his customers home. While rounding up the last of the stragglers, including the guy at the bar, Coleman told him, “C’mon brother, you’ve got another shot tomorrow night. She’ll probably be back.” Once everyone was gone, he turned to her to find out the root of the problem. She tried to deny it at first, asking him why he was pitying her, but gave in and admitted Jax was the problem. She explained she used to think love was a myth until she found it herself, then had it ripped away from her. She watched as he took a gun out of a safe box, put something else back in and then replaced the gun. “Me,” she said, “I get the consolation prize – money, power… murder charges.” “And me,” he pointed out. She laughed at that, admitting she could do worse. He asked her if she wants to take a shot, since she had a pool stick in her hand, but instead she kissed him hard, all the while eyeing the lock box. He asked what she wanted and she admitted payback was her goal. They took their tryst up the stairs. She came down later in the darkness, found the key and retrieved the gun.

Carly and Sonny got into a monstrous fight on the docks on their way to Kelly’s. Carly had just started in on her hubby about interfering in Courtney and Jason’s life when Ms. Rosco decided to join them. She made it clear she had gotten Jason’s message loud and clear, but didn’t hear a word. “Take what’s left of your husband’s money and buy a condo in Miami. Because, if you come after me again, Jason will finish the job,” Sonny warned. She assured him she would push back, but he made it clear she didn’t want to choose that path. As soon as she was gone, Mr. Corinthos put his hand around his wife’s upper arm to continue escorting her to Kelly’s, but she jerked away, extremely upset Sonny had sent Jason back to work. “Is that how you’re going to keep Jason and Courtney apart? By getting your best friend killed?” she asked. Sonny pointed out that death was always a possibility in Jason’s line of work, and told her that their best friend had wanted to return to the job. Sarcastically she asked if he wanted to return the work the same way he wanted to break up with Courtney. She pointed out that Jason had been extremely loyal to him and he was using that loyalty against him. “If Jason is in love with your sister, don’t you realize he is never going to be able to give his heart to anybody else?” Carly pointed out. “The bottom line here is you are condemning your sister and your best friend to live the rest of their lives without love and without happiness.” Sonny tried to turn the tables, reminding Carly of when he was shot, when her best friend died in the car crash and when she fell from the Quartermaine’s balcony, losing their child. He asked her, had she known 15 minutes before those things happened, if she would have stopped them from happening. Of course she answered that she would have. He then pointed out that knowing what would eventually come of it all, he was just trying to save it from happening. She told him that line of reasoning was useless. “They love each other and when two people are meant to be together, they will be together,” she told him. He explained that Jason understood why he couldn’t be with Courtney, but Carly continued to fight. She pointed out that Courtney could die three thousand miles away through an accident, that it wouldn’t have mattered. Sonnies pointed out the odds in that happening were much smaller than the ones if she continued to be with Jason. Brenda showed up on the docks then, near the top of the stairs where she remained unseen. She listened as the fight continued. Carly asked why it was that he got to love and Jason couldn’t. “Do you have any idea how hypocritical, hateful and controlling that is?” Carly asked. Sonny’s answer was no. Carly pointed out how he got to be with her, have Michael and any other children they might have, but Jason got nothing. She told him she wasn’t giving up on the situation and told him he was selfish, after all the loyalty Jason had showed him. “I’m sick and tired of the world according to Sonny Corinthos,” she said. He pointed out she had said she could handle it and told her if she couldn’t she could leave. “Sonny, you enjoy your perfection, because I’ve had enough,” she told him stomping off.”

Brenda came down as soon as Carly had gone, pointing out she had overheard and it didn’t’ sound good. He told her not to worry, that it was about to be her wedding day and she should go be happy. He started to leave, but she stopped him, admitting there was something she needed to tell him. She asked if they fought all the time and he explained they didn’t. She told him she wanted to make sure he was happy and that she wanted him to know that she was. Then she admitted she finally got why he left her and what he went through after he had done it. “Thank you for my life,” she told him. They shared a passionate goodbye kiss, but they weren’t alone. Carly happened upon them just as they began to kiss and stood in the shadows watching, hurt and upset, near tears. She left before they parted, missing the most important part of the whole conversation. Sonny pointed out he was selfish, that they both knew it, and he had kissed her for a reason. “I wanted to be able to kiss you and still be in love with Carly. And I am.” He told her that he would always lover her and he wanted the best for her, even if it was Jax. She told him the same, even if it meant Carly. She then told him he was right, that it had been a great ride, and they went their separarate ways.

Carly wasn’t enjoying the moment nearly as much though, upset and hurt from what she had seen. She went to the Speak Easy and screamed; throwing tables about, and finally fell to her knees, crying.

Faith, upset after her run-in with Sonny, went straight to Ned. She explained that Sonny had sent Jason to intimidate her and she wanted to do things her way – take Sonny out on the opening night of Carly’s club. Ned told her things were in place for his plan, but if she wanted to take Sonny out alone that was fine by him; or she could hold out for the bigger prize. “If we do things your way, Sonny won’t know what hit him. I want him to know, and then I want to render him helpless to retaliate,” he told her. She told him he wasn’t the one receiving death threats and Sonny’s demise wouldn’t mean much if it happened after Jason killed her. They parted ways and Faith found Edward hanging around in the lobby. He told her to wait, but she told him the time was right. She explained if Sonny’s threats didn’t bother him then he could have them, but he convinced her to stick to the plan and warned her not to touch a hair on Jason’s head. “My dear, I will turn you into a legitimate business woman instead of the head of a two bit mob organization,” he promised. She told him he was sexy and he assured her now wasn’t the time for flattery. “I can’t refuse you a thing, you know that. I just look forward to the day I don’t have to,’ she told him, leaving.

Jax stood inside the hall, admiring his wedding ring and Ned joined him. “Should I assume I’m reporting for best man duty?” Ned asked playfully. Jax assured him he was. “I’ll be multitasking because Brenda just asked me to walk her down the aisle,” Ned told him. Jax explained Brenda looked at Ned like a brother and he assured his best friend he saw Ms. Barrett like a sister. Jax admitted the wedding had been a long time in coming and nothing was going to stand in their way.