GH Update Wednesday 2/12/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/12/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Brenda and Jax talked with Elton about the wedding plans, Elton believing their wedding would rejuvenate his status as a coordinator. Jax worried about the annulment going through, but Brenda assured him things would be fine. When Elton left to attend to the musical selection for the big day, the entire Quartermaine clan joined the lovebirds. Brenda asked them if they had plans for the day of love and told them they were invited to the wedding. She apologized if the news disappointed any of them since Skye was a Quartermaine and a marriage between she and Jax would be the end of Skye’s hopes at reinstating her own nuptials. No one but Alan seemed upset, but Daddy stood strong for his little girl. He asked if anyone had told her yet, and they apologized that they had not. Bringing up her suicide attempt pretty much killed the conversation, but Lila interrupted just in time to remind everyone that being happy for Brenda was not betraying Skye.

Once the party had scattered, Edward ordered AJ to make sure the hotel saw Brenda’s wedding as number one on the agenda. AJ pointed out that he worked for Ned, not for Edward. Faith passed by at that moment and as soon as his grandson was out of earshot, Edward made a beeline for his partner in crime. He asked her what was taking her so long, and she explained that Ned was being conservative. He told her not to forget that Ned was a pawn, that he was king in this game and she assured him she was well aware of the fact. “If you want my affection, bring me Sonny’s head on a plate,” he told her.

A courier with the annulment papers stopped Brenda and Jax. Jax admitted he had been worried that it was she who didn’t want an annulment from Jason and concluded it must have been Jason after all. She didn’t correct him, just told him she was excited. He admitted he would like to get married soon – Valentine’s Day. Jax asked her why she looked sad and she explained she felt sorry for Jason, that she wanted to invite him to the wedding. Jax asked how she could feel sorry for someone she couldn’t stand. She assured him she felt sorry for a lot of people she couldn’t stand.

Sonny watched Michael get ready for an ice-skating party, pointing out his child had a mind of his own. Carly noted the comment and it’s similarity to the other things going on in their lives. She pointed out she had no problem with Michael’s individuality and sarcastically asked her husband if he had a problem with it. As the two were on their way out the door, Jason came in, having released himself from the hospital. Carly pointed out he needed to rest, but he refused. Michael had to give his friend a low five because Jason wasn’t healed well enough for a hug. Once Carly and Michael were gone, Sonny pointed out everyone had been a little worried about him taking his bike out in the middle of the night. He told his best friend that he wished things didn’t have to be the way they were, but his feelings on the matter remained – Jason couldn’t take the chance of being with Courtney. Sonny told his enforcer to take some time off, but Jason refused, so Sonny gave him a job – inform Faith that she had better not come closer or she would be shot down.

Elizabeth and Rick were chatting at the counter in Kelly’s when Courtney came in, apologizing for being late. Elizabeth tried to be nice (as much as she could muster anyway), telling her she hadn’t expected her at all, but Courtney pressed past her and went to work. Elizabeth turned to Rick, pointing out Courtney’s behavior. Rick told her to give her co-worker a break and explained that Jason had ended things with her on Sonny’s orders. Elizabeth took the initiative to apologize to Courtney, but Courtney explained that she loved Jason enough not to give him up and left to go to the loft and wait for him.

Rick went downstairs to make some important calls about the club and Carly joined him. He took the opportunity to ask about Jason, trying to sneak some information. He then apologized for asking; pretending like it had been a slip. She admitted she needed someone to listen to her – a sounding board. His ears perked at that, but he was let down when she started talking about the floor of the club. He understood her motive and outright asked how she had become so familiar with the rules of Sonny’s world. He pointed out that she had married and was happy and Courtney should have that right as well. He asked her how she had gotten what she wanted. “I am frighteningly persistent,” she told him, admitting Sonny had tried to turn her away but she had refused. He had no argument to that and asked if she thought Courtney might wear Jason down as she had Sonny. She admitted she hoped so.

Jason found Faith on the docks and gave her Sonny’s message. She didn’t like it, telling him she liked things in full force, but he put his hand around her throat and lifted her off of the ground to prove his point. She asked if he would really kill her. He explained he had nothing to lose.

Courtney waited at the loft for Jason to come, calling his voicemail and telling him to call her. Sonny showed up instead. He told her he wanted to help and she immediately thought he had changed his mind. He assured her he hadn’t, he wanted to help her move on. He made the college offer once more, but she wasn’t too receptive. She got extremely upset when he told her she would get over Jason in six months, asking if he thought his love and his love alone would last forever. She explained that she wouldn’t let him take her away from Jason. “I never wanted anything from you and I still don’t. You’re selfish,” she told him. She assured him she would not be moving away from Port Charles. He told her she could hate him, but he didn’t care as log as she was safe. She told him he was nothing, that she no longer had a brother and ordered his departure. When Jason arrived, she was out of the room. He sat down on the couch for a moment. She was happy to see him, mistaking his return as a way to salvage what was left of their relationship. With tear-filled eyes, he assured her they would do nothing of the sort, that he was there simply to get his things. She told him they could find a way, but he disagreed. She asked who was taking care of him, admitting she was afraid for him, but her concern hurt him more. She pointed out that if Sonny sent her away to college they would never see each other again and asked if that was what he wanted. He couldn’t answer, leaving instead.

Brenda went to Jason’s apartment to invite him to the wedding. He wasn’t there when she let herself in, so she went to Sonny’s. Rick stepped through the elevator doors just as she went inside, then turned and left. Brenda let Sonny know that she wanted to invite Jason to the wedding. He promised to give his buddy the invite, but couldn’t promise he’d show. She admitted she knew about Courtney and expressed the opinion that the break up was a good thing. She told him it had saved Courtney’s life. Sonny told her he was afraid his sister wouldn’t have the strength to let go.

Jax visited Carly at the club. He made it a point to suggest she open by Valentine’s Day, since Sonny would surely make it to the grand opening, mentioning that was the day he was getting married. She recognized the expression on his face and pointed out he was worried about Sonny. “Sonny didn’t show up when he was supposed to marry Brenda, why do you think he’d bother now?” she asked, pointing out they were happily married. She laughed at the idea that he had no trust for Brenda at all. He reminded her to keep her husband busy. She congratulated him on his upcoming marriage. Rick came back at that point, his arrival surprising her. She asked why he was there, assuming he would be off trying to wiggle his way into Sonny’s business. He admitted Sonny had been busy – with Brenda.

Nikolas called Taggart to the docks for a heart-to-heart. Taggart gave his sister’s ex 30 seconds to talk. Nikolas explained that he didn’t want Gia seeing Zander, pointing out Zander’s arrests and drug use and criminal record. Taggart pointed out his sister didn’t listen to him anyway – she hadn’t listened when he told her to leave Nikolas. He told Nikolas to fix his own problems, not to use him.

Gia walked in to Kelly’s to find Zander enjoying his breakfast more than usual. When she commented about it he explained that he was happy because he was in love. She misinterpreted the comment, explaining that she wasn’t ready for a relationship yet. Zander laughed at her and told her he wasn’t in love with her, he was in love with Emily, who would be returning to Port Charles soon. Nikolas busted into Kelly’s and accused Gia of seeing Zander behind his back, making a big scene and going after Zander. He hit Emily’s former boyfriend just as Lucky came down to bust things up. “If you were ever thinking about why I wouldn’t marry you, think about what just happened,” Gia told Nikolas, leaving right behind Zander. Nikolas explained to Lucky that he loved Gia and had to get her back. Lucky told him to find another way.

Georgie and Maxie were sitting at a table nearby when the fight broke out. Georgie commented on how wonderfully Lucky had handled it and how cute he was. She asked her sister if she still had a crush. Maxie admitted she had let the thought go and pointed out that Maxie should do the same with her crush on Lucas. She told Georgie not to ask Lucas to the Valentine’s Day dance because she would be upset when he said no. Georgie asked loudly, what if he wanted to go. Lucas stepped through the door in time to hear her question and asked what was going on. Georgie stepped up to the plate and asked him to go to the dance with her. He told her he would love to, but he already had a date. She left suddenly, making an excuse that she had to study. Lucas asked Maxie if sounded like a total jerk. She told him he shouldn’t cancel his plans for her little sister. He admitted he didn’t have a date; he had actually been planning to ask her. They agreed that they couldn’t go together after all.

Cameron lured Alexis to Ned’s Gatehouse for a spiritual séance of sorts – he was fishing for Kristina’s personality. He asked Alexis questions about her sister – how close they had been, when they had reunited, when they had seen each other last as children. Alexis assured him that his questions would not make her flip and turn into Kristina. “I would never have survived my childhood if I just snapped every time someone said something upsetting to me,” she said. He then asked Alexis about her mother and how she had died; she explained that she had seen her mother die – slit at the throat by her stepmother. She told him she had known something was happening and had hid Kristina in the barn while her mother was getting murdered, trying to protect her from the same fate, but when she returned, Kristina had gone. She admitted she had given up on her sister, but her sister hadn’t given up on her. He asked about Alcazar when Alexis paused for a moment and emerged from the couch with Kristina’s personality, upset that a particular art piece had been moved and was destroying the energy of the room. She told Cameron that her “sister” didn’t need counseling - she needed meditation. She told him she was all the help her sister needed and pointed out that he was becoming expendable. He asked if she had “filtered out” anyone lately, and she admitted she had. He mentioned Alcazar’s name, but Alexis came back before he could get his answer. She, not realizing what happened, told him that he couldn’t get Kristina just by calling her name. He admitted he had just had an involved conversation with Kristina’s personality. He explained that developing a multiple personality was a way to avoid childhood abuse, one personality deals with the heartache and the other is preserved. Alexis was upset about the revelation, believing she failed both her mother and sister. She screamed at the psychiatrist, telling him to get out. He explained they weren’t finished and left. Just as he left, Kristina’s personality returned.