GH Update Tuesday 2/11/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/11/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Skye is watching Alexis as she walks away and she remembers that the woman was in the room the night that Alcazar was killed. She has been having flashbacks about the night as she was terribly drunk but now she is seeing things even more clearly. She has been having the flashbacks in black and white and she knew that someone else was in the room with her but not until then did she know for sure that Alexis was the one that was in the room and should have more to offer her about the murder herself. Skye is dumbfounded as the woman has just taken on her case and will be defending her. Felicia walks up to Skye and asks if she has anymore details about the murder. Felicia has been trying to gather more information on the case but she really needs input from Skye at this point to know where to turn next in the investigation. Was the womanís hair straight or curly? Skye canít take her eyes off Alexis who is over the way talking to someone. Skye is speechless as the revelation of what she has just learned dawns on her. Alexis returns but Skye canít say anything. She only stares up at the woman. Alexis and Felicia wait to see if Skye has remembered anything more.

Luke introduces Summer to his daughter. He didnít mean for them to meet but she just showed up unannounced and opened the door as Luke was playing cards with his daughter. Lulu saw Summer over his shoulder and thought that she was looking at a silhouette of her mother. Luke turned around, shocked to find Summer there looking in. She enters. Lulu thought that she was Laura for a moment and that really scared her as it did Luke. Lulu really misses her mother and seems to take a liking to Summer.

Elizabeth and Ric have been kissing. They were just talking and she started kissing him, then he kissed her back and so on and so on and so onÖThey have just found each other and she would like to take him up to her room and show him just how much she really likes him. He is flattered but he feels that he knows what this is about. She is as transparent to him as she can be. He can see right through her. He knows that she likes him, but she isnít ready for him yet. This is something else. She canít really mean that she wants to take him to bed. That would be a big mistake for the both of them.

Courtney tells Jason that she wants to go with him but he tells her simply that he canít see her anymore. He has come to her hospital room to tell her this. She thinks that he has gone crazy. Spending time with her as been great but they canít see each other.

Carly canít think of how her husband can ask Jason not to see his sister. Sonny was the one that made Jason dangerous. Jason knows the price that he has paid for his life. Carly and Sonny are together because they beat the odds. They canít forget that. Jason has always put his happiness ahead of his own. Sonny isnít proud of this and this isnít easy for him. It is killing him.

Skye has told all that she knows. She thinks that the police have everything that they are going to get. Felicia will check the surveillance tapes. Skye would like to help with that. Felicia thinks that is fine she will do this on her own. Alexis sees that something is wrong. Alexis asks Skye again to let her know if she learns anything else. Alexis would like to talk some more but Skye really has to go and doesnít want to talk to Felicia anymore. She gets her keys to go.

Luke watches as Summer and Lulu get along just fine. Summer thinks that she can meet the girl sometime and maybe they can hang out. Luke tells Summer that it is time for them to get going and see Leslie. He hurries out with the little girl and tells Summer to wait for him there.

Ric thinks that Elizabeth wanting to go to bed with him is not about him. She knows that he is right. Elizabeth was with Lucky and now they are good friends. Losing Lucky really hurt and losing Jason really hurts too. Elizabeth feels like an idiot. Ric knows that she came to him because she was hurting. He tells her that if they went off alone, she would regret it. He has been thinking that he would like to be with her but he would like to take things slow with her. She doesnít know whether to thank him or not, but he would prefer that she do neither. He walks her home.

Sonny knows that he is responsible for Jasonís life but that is why he is making things right now. Carly thinks that Jason is going to be hurt terribly. Courtney is still going to be alive though. Sonny and Jason are in danger everyday. Carly told him that she could handle this and she still feels that way. She wouldnít change places with anyone else. Courtney has just come to town and she might want to make some other choices. Sonny wants her to go to college and get a degree. She will meet a man that will have a regular job. Jason wants that too. Courtney can meet many men but no one is going to hold a candle to Jason. To them Jason is special but he can ít be to Courtney. Sonny has no idea what is down the road. He only wants to control Courtney. He admits that. He has told Jason the truth that it is too dangerous and he knows that Jason is going to do the right thing here. Carly doesnít appreciate the world anymore. Jason has found happiness and Sonny makes him choose. He will never fail Sonny and that makes Sonny someone that has just betrayed his best friend. Carly tells him to think about it and she leaves slamming the door.

Courtney knows that Sonny is making him choose, but Jason says that things shouldnít have gone as far as it did. Courtney wants to go to Sonny and make him understand but Jason wants her to understand that he is done. She knows that those are Sonnyís words. Everything that Jason has said to her canít just disappear. She tries to get close to him but he wonít let her. Does he want her to pretend that all that meant nothing. Jason needs her to understand this. Courtney understands what he does and she wants to be a part of that. He loves her but he will not have her back. Courtney knows that one day he is going to regret making this decision. She wants him to be honest with her. Did Sonny tell him that it had to end? Sonny only told him what he already knows. She wants him to tell her that he doesnít love her but he canít do that. She wants to hear him say it but he only tells her goodbye and he leaves the room at the hospital. Outside in the hall, it is hard for him to walk off and leave the woman that he loves standing there all alone. She comes out after him but he is gone and she isnít dressed to go after him.

Skye calls Felicia to the diner to talk to her in private as she remembers more information on the murder. The person that she saw the night of the murder was Alexis. Felicia finds that is incredible. They have to think that Alcazar hated the man and Alexis hurting the guy makes perfect sense as he was the man that planted the bomb that killed Alexis. Alexis was the first on to see the body in the alley. She has been able to cover her tracks and Skye is afraid that her lawyer is a murder. Felicia tells her that they canít do anything yet as they have to be sure that it is her first.

Cameron comes to tell Alexis that there is no abnormality in her brain so that rules out physical trouble for the things that she has been doing. Alexis wants to be sure that there is no physical reason. She canít find any other reason for this to be happening. She has to face reality. The x-ray or other test isn't going to make her see what the matter is. She will have to have therapy if not for herself, then for the good of her daughter.

Ric comes to Sonny telling him that he has made some inquiries into getting Courtney out of there. Courtney isnít going to be receptive to this idea but Ric thinks that in time, Jason and Courtney will come along and do the right thing. Ric thinks that if he were Jason he would understand in time that the right thing to do is to give the girl up. Sonny knows that he isní t Jason, but a bull in a China shop and Sonny can see him coming a mile away.

Carly comes to see Courtney and she is freaking out. Courtney tells her that she and Jason are going to be together no matter what. Jason has come into Brendaís place now. He leaves the light off and soon Brenda comes downstairs to see him. she turns on the light and offers to do something for him. He shouldnít have left the hospital but he feels fine. She tells him that Jax wants to get married right away. She is scared of it all. She thinks that it doesnít matter that they are getting married. Jason knows that Jax is dependable and she should be safe with him. She knows that Jason is right. Jason looks terrible. He doesnít look like he is fine at all. He tells her that he will sign the papers for her if she wants. Jax enters knowing that Jason has left the hospital. Jax wants Jason to sign the papers right away and end his marriage to Brenda.

Felicia tells Cameron that Alexis may have been the one that caused Alexisís murder. He canít talk about her as he has been privy to some confidential information. Cameron has no proof but he has to piece together things about Alexisís life. She must have suffered some trauma. She probably has as she is a Cassidine. He asks her to stall the investigation but Felicia is working for Skye. Cameron reminds her that Alexis could lose her child. Felicia has to know what that is like. Cameron knows what it is like to lose a child and he would like to spare Alexis the same loss. He would like her to sidetrack the investigation as he needs time.

Sonny tells Ric that sometimes he has been useful for a variety of reasons. He will be paid for that but he is only hired help and Sonny doesnít want the manís friendship or advice. He warns Ric to stop sucking up and dropping by with lame excuses. That only wastes Sonnyís time and insults Sonnyís intelligence. Ric can be replaced and he wants Ric to understand that. Ric does understand and he leaves. He seems upset that Sonny will not give him a momentís glance.

Jax would like to move on with Brenda but Jason will not sign that night. He is not doing this that night. Brenda tells Jason that if he really wants to sign the annulment papers, he can. Brenda tells Jason that the only person that is standing in her way is she. She has to take the chance that someone is going to love her forever. Jason signs his name to the papers and Jax thanks him for that. Jax would like her to go with him but she will meet him later outside. Jax leaves. Brenda starts talking again but Jason doesn ít want to hear it. Brenda knows that if he broke up with Courtney, she must be upset and that must be killing Jason. He is a good man and he could always take off and leave the business and have a future with that girl. Jason will not do that. He canít. Too many people are depending on him. Brenda has to go but she tells him to call her if he needs her.

Courtney is sure that Sonny doesnít care about anyone but himself. He isn't trying to hurt Courtney but he is trying to protect her. Courtney feels that Sonny is trying to run her life, like from the beginning. Carly believes that she loves Jason and that Jason loves her. Courtney would like her help in this. Carly thinks that she is right. She should be with the man that she loves. Courtney isnít going to give him up and that is good. She should fight for Jason she should fight with everything that she has.

Luke returns to his office and tells Summer that she shouldnít be taking Lauraís place. She can do that for Luke but not for his daughter. He is yelling at her now. Summer gets it now. The job is over and she is out of there. He apologizes to her and tells her that he is sorry making her wait.

Courtney comes to see Sonny. Jason told her that things are over. Sonny knows that it must hurt. She knows that he was the one that put him up to this. Sonny knows that the man is dangerous. Why did he do this to her? Jason treats her with respect. She accepts that the work that Jason does is illegal but he woní t let her now. How could Sonny treat him this way. Courtney tells him that he is going to go to his friend and tell him that he is wrong. Sonny tells her that Jason has made a decision on his own. Sonny explains to her that she is going to have to accept this. She will not. Jason comes up to Sonnyís house and he hears Courtney laying into Sonny. She will take the risk of being with Jason. She loves him and she wants to be with him. Sonny tells her that she is going to have to move on. Jason leaves them without going in.

Sonny tells her that if she really loves Jason, she will let him go.

Luke is mad at himself for the way that he has been treating his daughter. He hasnít been over to see her and he has pushed her off on his brother and other family. He has been a lousy father as without his wife, he is a lousy parent. He is ready to start again and that is because of Summer. There are days when he will not get out of bed and then he sees her, he talks to her and spends time with her and he thinks that maybe he can get through another day when he doesnít want to burn down the police station. He gives her a shot. She has a life that seems like disaster and then she comes to see him and she feels better. There is nothing wrong with that is there? She is not hurting anyone. They clink glasses and down the booze.

Brenda and Jax come to the diner and it is all done. They have Jasonís signature on the dotted line. Brenda seems to be very happy. She is going to be able to marry Jax soon. There is only paperwork stopping them now.

Courtney knows that Sonny was the one that made Jason leave her. Love isnít walking away. What does Sonny get out of this? Does he like deciding who is happy? She is angry and Sonny knows that she has every right. Courtney thought that he was different and that she had a brother that she could count on. She had no parents but she had a brother. He only knows what is best for himself and now he wants to take away Jason. She is going to be with Jason and Sonny isn'tí going to stop that. Why canít Sonny let her love him? She is crying now. She tells him that she hates him. She pushes his shoulder, ďI hate you!Ē She goes storming out.

Jason is on his bike and he is riding itÖhe stops at the edge of a cliff and closes his eyes.

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