GH Update Monday 2/10/03


General Hospital Update Monday 2/10/03

Update By Glynis
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Summer and Lucky are about to get it on at his place. She was earlier trying to make Lucky see that she wasn’t ready for a closer relationship and he figured out that she is afraid of becoming close to anyone as that hurts too much. Lucky thought that she was getting involved with the other guy that she has been helping out but she denies that anything romantic has been going on with she and the other guy. She is only helping him get over his dead wife and that is all. She wishes that someone could love her like that guy loves his wife.

Luke has come to talk to his son as he has gotten a great idea. He was talking to Bobbie earlier and they decided that Lucky was just the person to look after the place next door. Carly could use the muscle and Lucky can be trusted as he is part of the family and besides, he needs the money badly. He knocks on the door and Lucky goes out to tell his father that this is a bad time. Luke gets it and leaves to give his son privacy. The boy is a lady killer just like his dad.

Lucky returns to Summer and he tells her not to worry as the person is gone and they can get back to what they were doing before they were so rudely interrupted. Is she sure that she can do this? He would love to make love to her but he doesn’t want to seem like he is forcing her to do it if she really doesn’t want to. She tells him that she really wants this and she knows that he wants it too and so they look into each others’ eyes and get back to business. They fall back on his bed and commence kissing as a prelude to love...

Cameron has found Alexis in a red wig sneaking around the docks. She was listening in on someone conversation and now she is trying to walk off but she is suddenly stopped. Cameron calls out to her as “Kristina” and she turns to him demanding to know why he is calling her Kristina. He tells her that he has been wanting to meet her for a long time now. She still doesn’t get it. Why is he calling her “Kristina”? He knows that is not her name. She walks closer to him and he stares into her eyes wondering how this is working with her? How is she processing this? He picks up a strand of her wig’s hair and shows it to her. She had no idea that she was even wearing a wig. She sees that it is red hair that he is holding out in front of her and not her usual mousy brown. She asks him what is happening to her. She has proof now. Something is terribly wrong. Cameron has been right all along. She has been having lapses of memory and she has been doing things and ending up in places with no idea of how she got there in the first place.

Jax finds Brenda at the hospital and she will not leave until she sees Jason. He doesn’t think that her being there means anything and wishes that she would leave with him but she won’t. Jax is sure that she doesn’t want to sever her last tie with Sonny but she tells him that isn’t the reason. He keeps jumping to the same conclusion time after time, after time. He tells her to come with him and she can see Jason the next day, Jax would like to take her home and spend some time with her. She wants to see Jason now she says and she means it. She will not leave with Jax at this time.

Sonny has a heart to heart with Jason. Jason relates that he has come to realize that he cares very deeply for Courtney. He should have told Sonny but he didn’t as things kept getting in the way. Things kept happening and the time wasn’t right until now. He and Courtney thought that is was better to keep things quiet as they weren’t sure how Sonny would feel about the relationship and Sonny had a lot on his mind. She was fighting with AJ and didn’t want him mad at her too by hearing all about it and having the news come out. Jason didn’t think that this would be a problem for Sonny. The men are practically like brothers, so Jason didn’t think that Sonny would think this way to the degree that he has. Jason rented a place for Courtney so that they could meet in private and Sonny knows this as he has been there looking at their things and the items that they shared together. It sickened Sonny to see the love nest as it confirmed what he had been told and what he didn’t want to happen. Jason is in terrible pain still but he still finds a way to apologize for what he has done. Hurting Sonny and causing him pain wasn’t in the cards when this all came to be. Sonny knows that Jason didn’t mean this as it turned out, sometimes these things happen. Jason fell for Courtney and he loves her, that is clear but that can’t happen, Sonny won’t let it. That is what happened though and Jason can’t deny that. Jason admits that he does love Courtney and he is ready to make that public. He does love Courtney and she loves him. Sonny reminds him that he is an enforcer. He has forgotten what his life is really like. He takes lives and he risks his own and he could be gone in a moment, that wouldn’t matter as long as he was alone. There is nothing that can be done about this. Jason has to know that this has to end. He always seems to do the right thing anyway, so Sonny is sure that he will figure it out, sooner instead of later. Jason tells Sonny that he loves Courtney and can’t give her up. She loves him too and he feels that he doesn’t have to end this if he doesn’t want to. He will do as he wishes in the matter.

Jason has been guarding Courtney for months but does she understand what Jason really does? He has some romantic ways about him and the fact that people don’t really know what he does for a living makes him interesting to women it seems but that is not the real Jason. Jason tells her that he does things that he can’t talk about. AJ calls him a hit man and Courtney knows what that means but she doesn't really understand. She couldn’t. Courtney has seen him kind and angry too and that is not pretty but she can accept it. He has a temper and gets into it occasionally. Courtney thinks that Jason is noble and isn’t wrong but she hasn’t seen Jason’s real work and Jason hasn’t told her about that. On order, Jason will take a gun and end their lives. The people are targets …obstacles and he does this for Sonny. Courtney doesn’t love Jason but she loves a man that she doesn’t know but if she knew what he really did for a living, she would be screwed up. Courtney couldn’t be comfortable with a killer. Jason knows that. Jason has to say it. Sonny made this life for him and he was as innocent as could be. Sonny used him to keep himself in power. That is the reason why Jason can’t be with Courtney. Jason will choose what he wants to do. Sonny orders him to set Courtney free.

Carly tells Courtney that Sonny feels that Jason is wrong for her. Jason can be a very dangerous person to be around. Sonny is dangerous too. Carly married Sonny and that is working. Carly knows that this doesn't make sense but Sonny will not listen to her once he has made up his mind. Courtney thinks that all of this doesn’t matter. Sonny is a controlling jerk but he is only trying to protect the people that he loves. Courtney loves Jason and she is not giving up on him. Carly knows what Courtney is feeling. Courtney knows that she is going to be with Jason and that Sonny will not get involved.

Jax thinks that Brenda staying there isn’t about Jason, this is about Sonny and staying a part of his life. Brenda would go to Sonny if she wanted him. Jax has to accept this and will see her later. He kisses her and walks off.

Alexis has no idea why she bought the wig and she doesn't remember buying it. It is like Kristina’s hair. The last thing that she remembered was being at Kelly’s with him. At Kelly’s, she was having tea with Cameron and they were talking. Then Ned and Faith came in but she doesn’t remember it. She was jealous and freaked out making a scene. She has no recollection of that. She was in Kelly’s and Cameron called his name. Cameron is going to take her to the hospital and run an MRI on her. She is afraid that she has a tumour but he has no idea that a tumour may be the problem. She is holding the wig in her hand now and she rushes off ahead of Cameron to get to the hospital to see what is wrong with her.

The sex with Summer was very good for the boy. She was amazing. She was everything that he expected and more. It was like she wasn’t there. She finds that he was amazing. He feels that she is just saying that. She is saying that as she was faking he thinks. He was looking at her face and he thought that she liked him. He likes her but he would have never done it if he thought that she was going to treat him like a john. She is hurt now.

Luke gets a visit from his daughter. She is looking at a picture of her mother and father. She thinks that he has been away because of something that she has done. She didn’t want him to go away but he did. He assures her that she hasn’t done anything to make him go away.

Elizabeth comes to the hospital to see Jason but Carly stops her telling her that she isn’t to see Jason. Carly knows that Elizabeth was the one that caused all of this. She wanted Sonny to think that Jason had betrayed Sonny and that wasn’t true. Ric is nearby and he comes over to save Elizabeth. Ric thinks that Elizabeth is only a target there. Carly tells Elizabeth that she will not be seeing Jason so she might as well leave. Elizabeth walks off. Carly tells Ric that the has no idea what has been going on.

Brenda comes in to see Courtney. Courtney thought that she was the doctor but she isn’t. Courtney hates sitting in the hospital bed when nothing is wrong. She doesn’t want to tell what happened, but Brenda can see that they have crashed. Brenda is glad that they are okay. Courtney asks her a question. She knows that Brenda is married to Jason but is she bothered that he is seeing Courtney? Brenda laughs and says that she isn’t worried about that at all. Brenda thinks that she is crazy to be involved with Jason. He has been great to Brenda but she wouldn’t be involved with someone like that again. In the end, he ended up hurting her but he didn’t want to.

Jason has a lot to think about. Sonny knows that Jason will have to love Jason from a distance. Why is it this way? Sonny has a family and he protects them. Jason feels that he can protect Courtney. Sonny knows that he wouldn’t want to do things that he can’t tell his wife about. Carly can barely take it herself. Carly is not like that now as she has been getting to know how things run. She has steel in her and she cares about only herself and her family. Sonny feels that Jason should want more for Courtney. Jason loves Courtney and that is the end of the conversation. Sonny will never give his blessing, even if Courtney could deal with this. He can’t protect her…there is no…there is no worse hell than watching the woman that you love die because of you.

Sonny knows that Jason will only end up lying to Courtney. He should hurt her now and get it over now. Lily would tell Jason about living with the mob if she could. The woman was blown to bits with his child inside her. Sonny is hurt talking about this. He should have been the one to die in the car with the bomb in it. The pain doesn’t fade. Sometimes Sonny hears Michael make a noise and he thinks that it is a gunshot when he is in his bed and he sees the child’s face and there is a bright light and the sound is much like their lives ending. If Courtney dies because of Jason, he will be carrying it forever. Jason should take that chance, he should walk away forever. Monica comes in asking Sonny to please leave. She knows that Jason needs nothing from Sonny. Sonny leaves.

Brenda knows a lot of Jason but she will not help Courtney love Jason. Courtney understands that he is a hit man but he is also smart and kind and loving and Courtney believes that he needs her. Brenda used to feel the same about Sonny and she used to be just like Courtney and she didn’t care about Sonny’s life because her heart was fluttering at the time. Brenda doesn’t understand what she is thinking. Men came into her house and shot at her…she was kidnapped and run down by a car. She gave up everything to be with Sonny and he left her . She had a nervous breakdown and all that she ever wanted was for him to love her and that almost destroyed her. She gave up because she decided that she didn’t want that life anymore. Courtney thinks that Brenda couldn’t have loved Sonny the way that she loves Jason as she couldn’t ever give up.

Carly knows that Sonny will stop Jason from seeing Courtney. Ric thinks that they are going to have to deal with this. Sonny will never back down and he will sever ties with the man. Jason and Sonny belong together but Ric isn't all that impressed with the picture that she draws. Carly simply tells him that she, Jason and Sonny are family.

Brenda comes to Carly asking about Jason but Carly hasn’t seen him yet. Brenda is going to wait to see him but Carly would prefer if she just get out of his life.

Summer admits that she has been treating Lucky as a john. She gets herself dressed. She felt something for him but she has no idea what to do about that. He calls her by her fake name…Laura. She doesn’t want to start caring for him. That scares the hell out of her. She shuts down as that is the only place that is safe for her. That is who she is. This isn’t going to work. She gets her things and heads for the door. She goes running out slamming the door behind her. He calls out to her but she runs off. He would chase her but he isn’t fully dressed yet.

Luke calls Leslie and tells her that Lulu is with him and that he will bring her home later. She has come to see him all on her own. She is sorry that she has taken off and left to see her father. Luke explains that Laura has gone because she has been very sick. She understands that but hasn’t been to see her either. He knows that but she has been sad and couldn’t make it out. He has been like her turtle and hiding in his shell. He is coming out of his shell now and would like to see her more often. She loves that. They have a lot of catching up to do.

Carly asks Brenda to sign the annulment papers and give the man back his life. Brenda tells her that she will do that. Brenda asks Carly how she deals with Sonny’s life? Is that why she is so cold and demanding? Carly tells Brenda that she is strong enough to be exactly what Sonny needs. Brenda was only wondering if Carly was really happy being this way. She walks off.

Sonny sees Brenda leaving and learns from Carly that she was there to see Jason.

Alexis and Cameron reach the hospital and he would like to explore all the opportunities to see what is wrong with Alexis. She is sure that this is something that is physical. He thinks that she has multiple personalities. She has a strong mind and she knows herself so she knows that this is something physical. She wants to get the answers so that she can be treated. He tells her to relax as she isn’t in this alone.

Luke plays cards with his daughter. He is teaching her how to play poker and have a poker face. Laura used to like to play poker. When she gets home, they will all play together. The door opens behind Luke’s back and Lulu looks up at the person, “Mommy! You have come back!” Luke turns in horror to see Summer standing behind him.

Alexis and Skye meet to talk at the hospital. Alexis has a document that Skye has to read over to see if there is anything that Skye finds was a mistake in it. Scotty will be sure to go after Skye if anything has been missed. Alexis leaves Skye and Skye starts having flashbacks. As Skye watches Alexis talking to someone at the front desk, the memories come flooding back. It was Alexis at the apartment that night…It was Alexis standing in the apartment that night…Skye can’t believe what she is thinking and she says quietly, “You????”

Elizabeth tells Ric that she has a talent for ending up alone. Ric knows what that is about. She grabs his head and kisses him suddenly. He likes it and holds her head to his. The kiss is ended but it is not long before another starts.

Carly would like to know what happened. Sonny said to Jason that he was dangerous and that he needs to give up Courtney. Carly tells Sonny that he has been completely wrong to do what he did.

Jason comes to Courtney’s room and she rushes to his side. He is fully dressed and she looks at him. She thought that he wasn’t going to make it and she hates that he has scared her. He has something to tell her. It is clear that he wants to leave and she will be with him. She rushes to get her things so that she can change and they can leave together but he tells her to wait. He doesn’t want her to get dressed. He has something to tell her.