GH Update Friday 2/7/03


General Hospital Update Friday 2/7/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Elton comes to see Brenda glad that he is going to be her wedding coordinator. He sits down and offers all of his expertise to her. He is going to give her the wedding of the century if she wants. That will be mandatory. He would like to know how long he has to plan the wedding. Is it going to be one day or two days? Brenda can see that Jax has not called him to update him on things that are happening with them. He thinks that he is being fired but that is far from the truth. If Brenda were to be getting married anytime soon, she would want this wonderful man to be the one to plan it. Brenda is the one that is a little overwhelmed by everything and has been stalling, she admits. Elton thinks that this has to be about Alcazar and that whole thing with the trial. Of course, Elton knows that she was innocent all along. Nasty thing that was. Brenda would like to have the wedding later in the year if that is possible. Elton is fine with that and will make the date for anytime that she wants. This is going to be a glorious gig for him. Elton is ready to leave but Jax comes in happy to see him and knows that he is there to talk about the wedding.

Alexis gets her order at the diner and she doesnít want that. She doesnít even recognize the cup of whatever has been put in front of her. Apparently, she was there before and ordered the very same thing. Alexis asks for another cup of coffee, something that she usually has. Apparently, she has ordered that type of coffee or tea before but she hardly remembers doing that. The cup of Celtic Goldenrod was something that Kristina would have had and not the practical Alexis. Cameron comes up after having heard Alexisís problem. He recognizes this as another one of Alexisís lapses of memory kicking in.

Lucky is trying to figure out Summer and he is having trouble. She warns him that she is helping a terrific guy out of a hard patch and that is allÖnothing more is going on with that guy. He has been able to find solace in Summer and she is happy with that. She likes the limits of what she has with that man and can handle it. The man is smart and funny and attractive. Lucky is sorry that he asked about the man. Lucky can tell that she is in love with this guy. Summer canít see how Lucky can come to this conclusion. She is no way ready for a relationship and neither is the guy.

Scotty comes to see Luke in his cluttered world. Scotty asks Luke what is going on with the Spencers attracting trouble all the time. Carly is opening her club and there has already been a shooting and other stuff going on. Luke doesnít give a hoot about that. Scotty tells Luke to get the place shut down as he is part owner of the club and it is already proving to be trouble. If Luke will not close the place down, Scotty will be glad to do that for him. Luke knows that this isnít because of the club. Scotty really wants to know about Laura and Luke knows that Scotty really doesnít want to know about Laura as things are worse than he could think.

Gia has found the check that Nikolas Has written for Zander. They were walking in the snow and Nikolas dropped it. Nikolas says that he was only trying to be a friend to the guy, helping him to have a new start in life. Gia thinks that Zander would have only been in more trouble with this check. He might have just gone out and gotten himself high with it, or worse. Nikolas says that he was going to offer Zander a job. This check is not the money that you give a guy for a job. Gia can see that the check is a pay off for the guy to stay away from her and she hates that Nikolas is doing this again. He hasnít learned from before when he used to throw his money around to get what he wants.

Sonny is giving orders to a man to go and look for Jason. He is to check everywhere and leave no stone unturned. The man leaves and Carly gives Sonny a drink telling him to drink the drink while he still can. ďWhat the hell is that supposed to mean?:Ē IT is going to be a lot harder to swallow when Sonny slits his own throat in this situation.

Courtney is still stuck in the car with a very unconscious Jason. He has a punctured lung and has been coughing up blood. He has his eyes closed and she tries to wake him the best way that she can, but nothing will get him to open his eyes and talk to her. She is trying to keep from crying but it is hard. She has to be the strong one at this point and she tries her very best to do just that. She holds his head in her hands and begs him to open his eyes for her and look at her so that she can know that he is okay.

Courtney tells Jason that he is going to be okay. She has to believe that. She canít leave him to go and get help like she would like to. He may slip away from her. She knows that he is as he has never lied to her and she has told him that he would be okay. A flashlight comes in the window and a man tells her that he will be getting them out. Courtney turns to Jason telling him that someone is going to get them out.

Nikolas has to wonder if there is a reason why he should be keeping her away from Zander. Gia knows that Nikolas is the one that is in the wrong. Nikolas has to wonder how much she really cares for Zander. Nikolas is reverting to that spoiled rich boy that can pay the price for anything.

Scotty learns that Laura is never going to come out of her stupor. Luke knows that Scotty blames him for everything that happened but if Laura is gone, what is the point. Scotty gets himself a shot to drink. Luke has no idea what to believe as Laura was the one that made things believable. She made thinks crystal clear all the time. How did she get that gift? Luke has no idea. She is magic. She is magic but she shouldnít be like this.

Lucky wonders if Summer is hip to the guy that she is helping out. Summer says that she is there for the guy emotionally that must mean that she is getting hooked without the sex. She knows that he is right.

Cameron tells Alexis that she should take the therapy. Alexis thinks that she knows how to cope. She will manage. She has had devastating losses in the past and she has learned that the world keeps turning and you have to move with it no matter how much you hurt and how much you want to die. That works for her. She wonít let him poke around in her life to justify his life. Faith and Ned come into the diner and Alexis is angry. Is this his way of making he believe that he is a good father?

Carly thinks that Courtney isnít going to react good about Sonny telling her that she canít be with Jason. Sonny knows that someone is going to come after him and then Jason is going to throw himself in front of Sonny to die. Someone comes to see Sonny. It is a henchman who tells Sonny that there has been an accident. Courtney is okay but Jason is not.

Summer assures Lucky that the guy that she is helping is not someone that she is going to fall in love with. She isnít going to let that happen. She always disappears when love comes into the picture. She should really let her walls down and see where that will lead. She isnít interested in having her heart broken. Lucky tells her to give him a call when she is done living in Universal One. She recognizes that term and wants to know where he got that term.

Faith and Alexis are talking now. Faith would like Ned to haul Alexis into court and take her kid from her. Faith finds her pathetic. Ned tells Alexis to deal with him like a rational person or she can keep her distance. Faith and Ned leave and Cameron asks Alexis is that was an example of her well-honed skills.

Nikolas thinks that Gia is trying to hurt him but she isnít. He is so wrong. She doesnít want him in pain. They canít be like this. They almost made it and that is something to be proud of. She finds him to be an angel in her life. She used to be insufferable and stubborn and selfish. He has changed her and he saw though all that and found the real her. She is so crazy in love with him. She wanted to be everything to him. Nikolas tells her that none of that has to change. He doesnít want to lose her but they canít be like this. He is controlling her and she canít deal with it. He promises to be different. She doesnít want him to be different. He is wonderful the way that they are. They canít do this anymore. If it takes this much for them to work, then that has to be a sign that they have to let go. That is it. Shouldnít they try to work things out? Gia knows that they canít. She takes off her ring and hands it to him. He takes it and holds her hand for a moment. She kisses him, ďMy sweet princeÖĒ

Elton tells Jax and Brenda of the places that they can use to get married. Jax thinks that he is on the right track. Elton is very sensitive to the needs of his brides. He leaves and Jax has to wonder if Brenda is okay. She looked like she wanted to bolt just now. Elton is sweet and exhausting. Jax is glad to see that she is making wedding plans. He was getting worried about her lack of enthusiasm. The phone rings and Brenda answers learning that Jason has been found and that he is hurt.

Jason is brought into the hospital and taken in for examination. Tony tells Courtney that she has to be examined too. They hurry her into a room.

Sonny arrives and Monica tells him that Jason is going into surgery and will not be available until after surgery. Sonny and Carly will wait then. Sonny walks off alone and sits by himself.

Summer really needs to know where Lucky picked up that term of Universal one. She was reading a letter that the guy wrote to his wife and that term was used. Lucky is a great guy who deserves someone that is wonderful and special, so he shouldnít settle for less. She kisses him and walks off. He enters the diner and Summer returns to where she was.

Cameron saw that Alexis was a pit bull shouting at Ned and Faith. Ned has been insisting that he is Kristinaís father and he hangs out with a mobster. Cameron thinks that she might have been jealous. Cameron thinks that this has more to do with Kristina than Alexis thinks.

Carly goes to her husband and reminds him that she was going to rat him out to the Feds. She made that decision made up on love. It blew up in her face and she wants him to learn from that. He canít protect Courtney so much that he will drive away the man that she loves. Courtney will resent him and she will not forgive him. They see Jason being wheeled out on a stretcher. He goes by and his eyes are closed. He has no idea that they are there. Did Sonny hear anything that Carly just said to him? Sonny ignores her and walks over to the room where his right hand has been brought in. He looks at the man through the window of the room.

Brenda shows up asking for Jason. She is still married to him as there were problems overseas. There was a lot of rain and the judge was kind of weird. Brenda is going to get her annulment there in town instead. Tony comes over to let them know that they are going to keep Courtney there overnight. Sonny leaves to go and see her. Carly wants to know 7why Brenda is really not free of Brenda. Brenda hasnít anything to say to Carly. She is insecure. Carly is not surprised by Brendaís indecision to end the marriage. Brenda is going to do what she wants to do as she was there first. Carly tells Brenda that she canít get what she wants this time. Jax sees the ladies having it out and asks them what is going on there.

Faith canít work with Alexis over their shoulders. Alexis is a problem that Faith would like to neutralize. Ned warns Faith not to hurt Alexis. Faith tells him to relax. Why did Ned get involved with Alexis anyway? Ned tells Faith that the woman that she has seen isnít the woman that he knows. Alexis is walking by and hears Ned and Faith talking. Ned is saying that something is wrong with Alexis as she is not like this.

Summer goes into the diner and heads up the stairs to the rooms above.

Luke comes into the diner and greets his sister. Luke would like to take his duties at the diner a little more serious.

Summer makes her way to Luckyís room and knocks. He tells whoever it is that the door is open. She opens the door and he is glad to see her. No words are spoken. She walks to him and he takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately as that is what she finally wants.

Taggert finds Gia alone in the dark. He can tell that she has had a fight with Nikolas. She has broken off her engagement. Taggert goes to his sister to see if wants to talk. She doesnít want to talk. He tells her that she shouldnítí be sitting in the dark. Her mother loves her and her brother is there for her. She feels that her mother would tell her that she told her son. She bases that on history. Taggert tells her to come to his house and she doesnít have to talk if she doesnít want to. They can watch TV and have ice cream. She cries and he holds her.

Luke admits that Taggert and Scotty made a pretty good point about the club. If Sonnyís friends start hanging out there, they should protect their interests. Luke thinks that they need a hands on manager. He doesnít want Bobbie to do it. Luke canít do it either. They need to get someone in the family. They can get Lucky to do it. Luke heads upstairs to tell Lucky the good news. He will tell him right now.

Summer is warming up to Lucky like never before. They are kissing and making nice on the bed. She is on top of him and willing to feel for a change.

Faith is in the mood for love and she and Ned walk off.

Cameron comes to the docks and sees Alexis with her wig on heading out after Ned and Faith. Cameron calls out to Kristina who stops when she hears her name being called. Cameron tells her that he has been waiting to meet her.

Jax tells Brenda that he is looking after the annulment and then he and she can make wedding plans.

Carly comes in to see Courtney. She asks about Jason but Carly tells her that Jason is going to be just fine. They were going to tell Sonny that they are going to be together and there was a deer. As soon as they get out of the hospital, they are going to tell Sonny the truth and then she will be able to live a normal life. Carly is sure that is not going to be that simple. Courtney is sure that everything is going to be great.

Jason is coming out of it and he calls to Courtney. She isnít there. Only Sonny is there. He tells Jason that Courtney is fine. Jason would like to tell Sonny something. He was on his way to talk to Sonny, but Sonny already knows. Sonny knows that he cares for Courtney, but he has to hear Sonny on this. This canít happen. Whatever it is between Jason and Courtney, it has to end Önow.