GH Update Thursday 2/6/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/6/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Lucky comes out of the diner as Summer is walking in. She is glad to see him but he has mixed feelings on seeing her there. She smiles at him but he doesnít come closer to her. She wanted to apologize for the last time that they were together. He remembers that night. They were getting hot and heavy and then she cooled things off abruptly, leaving him to wonder why. Should he take that personally? He has no idea what that was about.

Luke is at the office trying to get some things done. He has papers all over the place and a pencil behind his ear should he need it in a hurry. He has never been good at filing and the papers in one of the drawers are proof of that. He finds in the drawer, a box of photos that he hasnít looked at in a while. He takes out one of Laura and stares at it as if a light had suddenly been turned on in his head. Bobbie comes by to check on her brother. She hasnít seen him in a while and is glad to see that he is doing well, or is he? He takes her in his arms and holds her close to him.

Carly comes downstairs asking about Jason and Courtney but there is nothing to report. Sonny doesnít even turn to talk to her and he doesnít even talk to her. He is upset and that is clear. Elizabeth has let him in on something that he couldnít even fathom. Carly thinks that Elizabeth has been delusion and jealous in her telling Sonny about Jason and Courtney. She was just being vindictive and getting back at Courtney for doing something that she couldnít ever do in a million years. Sonny is angry when he hears her talk that way. This is a big deal to him and she is talking about it as if it is nothing. Jason hasnít been answering his cell phone and he hasnít been home last night. That leads Sonny to believe Elizabethís story and now Jason seems unfaithful to Sonny and that is something that he really needs from a guy that is his right hand man. Even if the phone isnít working, he should be keeping in contact and Jason hasnít been doing that. Carly thinks that there are reasons why Jason might be missing besides him running off with Courtney. Sonny doesnít want to hear that right now. He thinks that he is seeing evidence that Jason has been keeping a secret and going against him. Sonny knows that Jason has gone behind his back and he also knows that Carly has been lying to him too. They all thought that they were playing a game with him and he isnít going to stand for it.

Courtney is with Jason who has been hurt in the crash. He tried to use his cell phone but it was damaged in the crash and so they have no way to call for help. Jason would call Sonny to get him but there is no way. They are stranded. She is fine but he is not doing so good and he coughs periodically from feeling so bad. He closes his eyes and Courtney has to wonder if he is alright as he really doesnít look it. He tries to put on a face that makes him look okay.

Sonny wants to know how long Carly has known about this. What was she trying to do by keeping this from him? He made it clear to his wife how he felt about Courtney and the life that he leads. He didnít want her anywhere near this life and she ignored that and kept the secret. She knows that he wasnít kidding about Jason and Courtney being together. Carly has no idea where Jason and Courtney are and hates that she has been accused of knowing more than she does. Carly came out and asked Jason if something was going on and Jason told her not to bring that up. He was telling her to mind her own business and that is what she did. Sonny told her that the relationship was in her imagination and she kept her mouth shut. She did as she was told to do. He cannot find blame with her over this. She will not accept it. This has nothing to do with betraying Sonny this time.

Courtney talks to Jason who is clearly hurt. They are stuck in a blizzard in the middle of nowhere with no hope of being found anytime soon. Courtney is only a little scratched up but JasonÖ She is with him and they are freezing but they are together and that is all that matters to her. They are freezing out there with no way to get warm again. She hugs him close to her for body heat. They are both shivering now. She is so cold she canít feel herself. She has her head on his chest and he is in pain from that but says nothing to her about it. She is happy to be in his arms and nowhere else. At least they are together. Courtney thinks that the universe is telling them that they shouldnít tell Sonny about this. Jason knows that they have to tell Sonny no matter what. Jason is always honest with Sonny, except for now. He will tell Sonny has he has a right to know. He is going to be mad as he didnít figure this out for himself. His pride will be hurt. He loves Jason as a brother and will come around in time. Courtney is sure of it. Jason grimaces in pain but tries to hide it so that Courtney will not be alarmed. Their toes are freezing. They have to keep them moving to keep the feeling in them. The cold doesnít seem to be bothering him very much she sees. Jason coughs again. He knows that he has a high tolerance for heat and cold and pain and that is why he seems so mean and without feeling sometimes. People see that in him and think that he canít feel anything but she knows better. She knows that Jason has more feeling than anyone else that she knows.

Luke and Bobbie talk about Laura and how Luke misses her too much sometimes. He found this box of memories and Laura is radiant and happy in the pictures. He doesnít even have that person anymore. She isnít the shell that she is now. The doctors have nothing good to report. Laura has crawled inside herself. What if she never comes back? How will Luke live with that? Bobbie knows that he has to take a step everyday and when he falls down he will have to get up. It was years for Bobbie to get over the loss of her son. Luke is grieving and he has to do it. He has to also deal with reality. It is hard as Laura is not dead. That might make things even worse. She is lost to him and he has been mourning her. Bobbie knows that Luke threw himself into something with the woman that he pushed away from the car. Luke only wants Laura and is only friends with Summer. Bobbie is glad to hear that. Bobbie wants him to be careful and not reach out blindly for something. She loves him and wants him to call if he needs to. Luke thanks her for her kind words and she heads out.

Summer knows that Lucky is irritated but he really is only trying to figure her out. He would like her to come inside with him but she will not do that. She figures that they should just cut her losses. Lucky is a great guy who should be with a girl that is less complicated. He knows that she is interested in him and he is interested in her. Lucky asks if she has been out with the men that she used to know. She hasnít seen the guy that she was a friend with lately. She reminds him that she isnít in a relationship with the other guy. Did she mean it when she kissed him before? Was she acting or did it feel good? He thinks that she felt unfamiliar with the kissing as it felt good. Summer tells him that he canít walk into her life and change her. This is only the getting to know you phase. Is she content to live the rest of her life not feeling anything for anyone? She is happier this way. She wants him to continue to be a gentleman to her and let this goÖplease.

Summer goes to see Luke at his office but no one seems to be three. She puts her things on the desk and she sees Lauraís picture on the desk. She has a closer look at the picture and sees that there is a letter there too. ďÖLaura, open those eyes and see what is staring you in the face. You shackled to Scotty is not who you areÖrun away with meÖI have been skating off in my universe. I need you, we need each otherÖĒ Luke comes in and tells Luke that she was going to leave him a note but she found a letter. He snatches it from her. She wishes that she knew someone like that who she could love like that.

Zander comes into the diner and Nikolas sits with him. It is a cold night. They have coffee together. Nikolas says that working in his business has been putting him in the right direction. Nikolas would like to put Zander on the right track. He would like to give Zander a fresh start. He passes him a check. He wants Zander to get out of town and never come back.

Jasonís job was to guard Courtney and nothing more. Sonny didnít think that he had to spell things out for him. Sonny told Courtney that she should leave court but she wouldnít leave. She wanted to go to the station and that was because of Jason. Jason wasnít ducking anything but he didnít want Carly involved in this. Carly thinks that if Jason has fallen for Courtney that is good for him. Someone comes to the door. It is Ric and Carly tells him that it is a really bad time but Sonny says that it isnít as he has called him. Ric hasnít been able to find anything out yet. He has checked everywhere. Sonny thinks that this is important to Jason and that he has been covering his tracks. He doesnít want to be found and he might not be.

Courtney has been watching Jason and he goes inside himself. People mistake that for him being cold. Some times that is true. There are things that people think are important but Jason doesnít care about them. His family is one of the things are important to him. Sonny and Carly and Michael are also important to him. Courtney is important to him too. She matters to him a lot. She needed to hear him say that to her. She can see it in his eyes. Jason starts coughing terribly now. Blood comes up out of his mouth. He is really hurt and has been 7fighting the pain. She demands that he tell her how bad it really is and she wants the truth. He looks up into her eyes telling her that it is bad. He coughs into his hand and they both look down into it, seeing nothing but red, red, blood.

Jason and Courtney are still talking about his condition. He has been coughing up blood for most of the night. He knows that he has punctured a lung from the pain that he has. She wants to go and get help. He stops her. He knows that they have to stay there. She canít just be there and do nothing. He tells her that he needs her body heat and she needs to keep him awake and talking.

Sonny tells Ric that if he knows anything about Courtney seeing Jason then he should say so. Ric admits that Elizabeth had told him that Jason and Courtney were seeing each other. Elizabeth blames Courtney for taking Jason from her. They looked like they were eloping as they had bags. Courtney said something that made it seem like they were eloping. Sonny would like an address. Ric gives him one. Ric thinks that this is only a misunderstanding. Jason would have told Sonny this if that were the truth. Sonny puts on his coat and leaves.

Zander says that if he took money from everyone that wants him out of town, he would be rich. Nikolas is simply offering Zander a chance at something new. Nikolas is bothered that Gia has made Zander his pet project. If Zander likes Gia at all, he would want the best for Gia. Gia enters the diner and walks up to the men asking what is going on.

Luke tells Summer that he doesnítí usually pour his heart out in letters and that was why he didnít send the letter. Summer loves that he loved Laura that much. He has been trying to get back someone that he loves. He canít get back to love when the one that he loves has gone. Summer knows that he is passionate and holds on to love with more passion than anyone that he has ever met. He tells her that he has been unfair to her and this isnít fair to her. He tells her that if this is too much for her, they can call it quits.

Summer tells Luke that she likes the way that he treats her. He thinks that she is special. She should have jumped off this ride a long time ago. Summer likes who she is when she is with him. She stops him from obsessing about her problems and she doesnít want to stop. She moves close to him and she holds his face as she kisses his cheek. She then gets her coat and leaves.

Gia sits with Zander and Nikolas. Nikolas says that he has come in to have a coffee. Gia is there to meet Zander for coffee. Gia worries that Nikolas might have been giving Zander a hard time. Gia wants to take a rein check on the coffee as she needs to talk to Nikolas about a couple of things. Nikolas and Gia walk off to be alone.

Courtney knows that Jason has to be okay as Sonny will not speak to her anymore. Jason asks her to keep talking. He is in terrible pain. She tells him that they will go to the Caymans and find an island and just hang out. She asks if he has been sailing. He has. They will sail around the world. Jason keeps coughing. They will lay on the deck and look at the sky and watch the stars. He will read to her. She will read anything as long as she is with him. He is hurting but says that he is okay. He can hardly breath now from the punctured lung. They can go anywhere that they want in the world. He would like to go to Spain. They will do that after they sail together. She is frantic but trying not to let it show.

Ric would like to do more for Carly if she needs him. Carly knows that Elizabeth is the cause of all this. She opened her mouth about something that she knew nothing about.

Sonny comes to the address and kicks the door open. No one is there. Sonny is being torn apart. He sees the bed where Jason stayed and probably spent time with his sister. He finds something on the bed and reads it. He goes through the drawers and looks around the apartment. Sonny finds a picture of Jason and Courtney and knows that his suspicions are true.

Summer returns something to a waitress for Lucky as he left it at her apartment.

Zander has a call and talks to Emily who says that she is coming home to Port Charles.

Summer leaves the diner and Lucky is there. She tells him that she was returning his gloves. He wants to get things straight. She doesnít want to go out with him as she doesnít want to feel anything for anybody. Maybe this is about this guy that lost his wife. Maybe she is falling in love with the guy.

Luke sits in his office pondering Laura. He takes her picture and puts it back in the box.

Nikolas admits that he followed Zander to the diner. Gia would like to know why. Nikolas thinks that doesnít matter. She is in law school and he is happy for her. They are apart all the time and he is tired of being alone. She is tired of that too. She tries to reach for him but there isnít time for that. Nikolas realized that it was time for him to put his pride aside. He doesnít want to lose her. She goes to him and holds him telling him the he isnít going to lose her. She loves him as he loves her. She thinks that they should go inside someplace warmer. He likes that idea. She finds something in the snow. It is the check that Nikolas was going to give to Zander. She reads the check and then asks Nikolas what this is.

Carly comes to the apartment and finds Sonny there. She tells him that Jason and Courtney left for a reason and they will explain it all to him when they get back. Sonny has no care for Jason and Courtneyís relationship, what matters is that it end and it is going to as soon as he finds them.

Courtney is still talking to Jason but he is finding it hard to focus on her. She keeps talking and talking to keep him awake. She tells him that they will not have definite plans. They will pick a direction and go there. They will stay together andÖ Jason is having a very hard time now. His eyes close. ďI love you tooÖĒ Courtney calls to him. She tells him that he has to hang on, he canít leave her. She needs him. There is nothing that she can do for him right now. She honks the horn. She honks it again, she honks it again, but there is no one around to hear. The car has crashed and is now covered by snow completely. It is dark and it is cold out.