GH Update Wednesday 2/5/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/5/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Ned tells Faith he's already moved against Sonny.  She's impressed with his plan.  He tells her that Kristina would not approve because she liked to focus on the positive in everyone.  But Ned says he's a Quartermaine and far too cynical for that. 

Zander plants drugs in Carly's new club and almost gets caught by Liz and Ric coming down the stairs.  He sneaks out behind them.  Elizabeth is upset about seeing Jason and Courtney run off.  She wants to get on with her life but can't seem to forget Jason.  Ric tries to console her.  He suggests that Sonny might not like Jason and Courtney being together.  He tells her that Sonny asked him to find colleges in other places for Courtney to attend.  Mac comes in with some cops and searches the place. They find the cocaine where the tip (from Ned or Zander) told them it would be.    Mac questions Elizabeth but she wasn't involved so he lets her go.  He wants to question Ric so Ric gives Elizabeth Sonny's cellphone number and asks her to call him, to tell him the situation.  Then Ric tells Mac that he's searching illegally, and some other stuff that makes Mac take the cops and leave.

Ned meets with Zander on the docks and gives him a lot of money, even more than he had promised him.  Zander has some of the cocaine left and he opens it but then decides against taking any and throws it away.

Jason and Courtney are driving to the cabin where Sonny and Carly are staying; but there is a snowstorm.  Jason loses control of the car and they crash.  Courtney awakens and she's fine except for some scratches.  Jason, who wasn't wearing his seat belt, says he's fine but seems to be in pain.  Jason tries to get the car out but it's stuck.  Also, his cell phone battery is broken so they can't call for help.  Later, he coughs up blood but then hides it from Courtney.  Courtney tries to be chipper and gets out some blankets and hot coffee she has.

Carly tries to start a fire but gets soot all over her face when she goes to open the flue.  Sonny laughs at her so she smears it on him, then they end up kissing.  Sonny pours her a bath and washes her hair (it's very sensual).  I think they make love but I missed some parts.  Sonny gives Carly a bejeweled bracelet.

Sonny gets the phone call from Elizabeth and says they have to leave.  Carly is not pleased to cut her romantic trip short.  Elizabeth tells Ric that Sonny is on his way.  Ric realizes that as he gets closer to Sonny, Sonny's enemies will become his.

Skye is out on the ledge at Alcazar's penthouse.  Jax gets her to come down.  She tells him that she remembers seeing another woman that night.  Scott and Taggert arrest her.  Alexis says she can't defend her, but Jax talks her into it.  Cameron warns Scott that he should be careful of Skye because she kind of tried to kill herself.  Skye keeps having flashes of a woman with a dark coat and jeans, and dark hair.

Cameron keeps trying to psychoanalyze Alexis, first when she's looking at the balcony where Alcazar fell, and later when they're at the PCPD.  Alexis asks Skye questions about the night of Alcazar's death to see if she can remember anything more about the woman.  Skye can't quite see the woman's face.  Alexis gets Skye released since Scott doesn't have any real evidence.

Sonny arrives at Carly's new club and Ric fills him in.  When Sonny mentions Jason's name, Elizabeth blabs that she thinks Jason and Courtney ran off to elope.  Sonny is shocked.

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