GH Update Tuesday 2/4/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/4/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

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Rick stood outside the apartment building, watching Jason and Courtney’s shadows through the closed blinds. His phone rang and Sonny asked him to come and take care of business. Like a loyal servant, he quickly agreed.

Inside, Jason told Courtney about his trip to the Dominican Republic, admitting he hadn’t gotten an annulment after all. Courtney worried that Brenda had decided to keep him after all, but he assured her Brenda wanted to remain married for her own personal reasons. He told her that regardless of his marital status, he was taking his life back and he wasn’t going to hide their relationship any longer. He vowed to tell Sonny immediately. Courtney was a little upset with his decision, wanting to keep their romance private a little longer. He pointed out they could still disappear, just after they told Sonny about their relationship. He told her they would go to the Caribbean. She stopped for a second, pausing as if time stood still, then asked, “Do you ever get the feeling that everything’s about to change?” He assured her he didn’t, and if things changed they would be for the better. She tried to convince him to wait once again, playing the AJ and Elizabeth cards, but he had a full hand of his own, explaining that Liz was his fault and she didn’t want anything out of AJ that could make him stop the divorce. When she pulled the ace out of her sleeve (Sonny), he pointed out they should have told Sonny early on, but he had waited, and concluded that Sonny deserved to know. He left to go tell him.

Sonny and Carly discussed Courtney at the penthouse, Carly trying to convince her husband not to make Courtney’s decisions for her. She tried to tell Sonny that Courtney’s life was here, as were the people she loved, but he refused to listen. “Has Courtney ever let you make a decision for her?” Carly asked pointedly. Sonny admitted she hadn’t, but was sure he was good at making other people’s decisions for them. Carly packed in the living room, clothes strewn all over the floor. She nonchalantly asked him what kind of attire she should pack and what kind of make-up to wear. He told her they were going to a cabin and she didn’t need make-up. “You don’t mean that, you only think you do,” she teased. They joked about her black teddy she was packing, Sonny complimenting her choice. She opted to put it back in the closet and throw in her long johns instead, but he quickly snatched it up and told her to pack it. He then joked about her always ordering in and having fast food, explaining there wasn’t a four-star motel where they were going and asked if she could use a can-opener. “If I couldn’t manage a can opener, Michael and I would be dead by now,” she assured. Then a twinge of “too-good-to-be-true” hit her, and she asked what was wrong. He assured her he just wanted to spend time with his wife, to make up for lost time. They started to kiss when there was a knock at the door, Carly vowing to get rid of the intruder. Rick walked right past her when she opened the door, realizing it was a bad time. She admitted it was and told him good-bye, but Sonny stopped him from leaving, admitting he had called. Carly went upstairs so the men could discuss business. Sonny asked Rick to take care of some things he would have had Jason take care of, had his right hand been in town. Rick pretended not to know Jason was nearby and agreed to “fill-in” for him while he was out.

Sonny and Carly went to the cabin and looked out the window into the snowy wilderness, holding each other close. Carly pointed out that all the conditions were right for making a new addition to their family. They sat down on the couch to discuss it. Carly pointed out the fire wouldn’t burn without kindling, showing off her knowledge of the wilderness to her townie husband. They discussed the baby, admitting that it may or may not be a good idea, but it was an idea nonetheless. Sonny pointed out the dangers of having a baby and how the child would feel growing up, emphasizing Michael’s lack of friends and frequent trips to the island with his nanny. He admitted that soon he would be doing for Michael what he was doing for Courtney – sending her away for her own good. Carly asked him why he insisted on sending his sister away from the things that she loved the most. Sonny told her he didn’t want to talk about Courtney and they began to kiss.

When Jason arrived at the penthouse Sonny and Carly were gone and all he found was Rick. Wondering what the attorney was doing there, he asked about Sonny’s whereabouts. Rick told him he didn’t know, that he was only finishing some business for his employer. Rick played with Jason’s mind a little, pointing out that he, being Sonny’s right hand man, should know about his boss’s whereabouts, where as Rick was the outcast and knew nothing. Jason called one of Sonny’s guards and tracked him down. He then turned to Rick and told him they were leaving. Rick told him he had more work to do, but Jason refused to let him remain there. Rick gave up easily, letting it slip that he could find Courtney and out of state college the next day. When Jason began to question it, Rick pointed out that he was sure Jason knew more than he, since Sonny kept Jason up to speed on everything. He then slid in the hint that Sonny didn’t want his sister around any of the “unsavory elements” in his life. Rick left, but Jason stood there for a moment, letting it sink in. He then headed back to the apartment.

Courtney went to Kelly’s looking for Bobbie, but found Elizabeth there instead. It took a little effort, but Elizabeth finally got her to admit why she was there – she needed some time off. “I’m the one who’s going to end up covering for you and I think I deserve to know what’s going on,” Elizabeth told her. Courtney admitted she was going to spend a few days with Jason. Elizabeth accused her of flaunting the relationship, but Courtney disagreed, pointing out that if she kept quiet Liz called her a sneak, but if she spoke about it, she was flaunting it. She assured Elizabeth she didn’t feel guilty about her relationship with Jason and she was going to continue with it. She left, offering to call Bobbie at home.

She and Jason met up at the apartment. Jason informed her Sonny and Carly were gone. She took it as good news – a chance to stay in their private haven a while longer, but he informed her of Sonny’s plans to send her away to college. She was furious with Sonny once again taking her life into his hands. Jason suggested they go to the cabin and tell him right away. “We don’t have to tell Sonny. He obviously doesn’t have any respect for me,” she said. But Jason had a different view on the situation. “We’re his family. That’s why we’re going to go up to the cabin and tell him – together.” Courtney went to pack, practicing telling Sonny the truth as she closed her suitcase. Jason watched her from the doorway, and then interrupted, telling her it was time to go.

Rick found Elizabeth at Kelly’s banging around dishes and asked her what was wrong. She admitted Courtney had gotten her goat yet again – flaunting her relationship with Jason and the fact that they were going away together. Rick was a little upset that she couldn’t reveal a destination, but instead asked her to go for a walk. The two ended up outside of Jason and Courtney’s apartment building, Elizabeth recognizing it immediately and deeming their being there bad luck. When they looked up and saw the lights go out in the apartment, Elizabeth pulled Rick behind a tree and asked him not to laugh at her, admitting she didn’t want Jason to find her there, spying on them. When Jason and Courtney came out of the apartment, Courtney admitted she couldn’t believe they were doing what they were doing. Jason asked if she was nervous and she admitted she was. She turned to him and they shared a kiss, with Elizabeth and Rick watching from behind the tree. They went through the gate and headed on their way. Elizabeth and Rick came out of the shadows, Elizabeth having drawn her own conclusions. “They’re not just going out of town for a couple of days. They’re eloping.”

Skye went to see Scotty, ushered to his office by Detective Taggart. She refused to answer any questions without a lawyer present. Scotty assured her he wasn’t going to ask any questions; rather he wanted her confession – or at least her voice confessing the exact same way as the murderer – for a comparison. “How drunk do you think I am,” she asked. He assured her if she weren’t guilty, she would have nothing to hide. She agreed to his plan, hoping she would be exonerating herself. After she finished the recording, Scotty pointed out that her voice was quite similar to the one on the tape. She assured him that she didn’t kill Alcazar and no professional who heard the tape would think so either. “You know, the funny thing about experts? They tend to say exactly what I want to hear,” Scotty informed her. He pointed out that she would go up for murder one, not to mention that she tried to frame Brenda for the whole thing. They began to fight over the tape, but Taggart stopped them, telling them not to draw any conclusions yet. “In my old age, I sometimes misplace evidence,” Scotty admitted before Skye left.

Skye headed to Alcazar’s hotel room, trying to remember what had happened. She finally recalled seeing someone else – though she couldn’t see her face – coming from the balcony. She called Jax immediately, but he didn’t answer. Scotty and Taggart showed up at that moment, Scotty giving the “you’re under arrest” line. Skye tried to tell them she had thought of something else, but Scotty wouldn’t have it. He tried to grab her, but she pulled away, ran onto the terrace and climbed up on to a ledge, threatening to jump.

Ned ran to Kelly’s after seeing Kristina’s look-a-like, asking Elizabeth if she had seen a redhead recently. She admitted she hadn’t. He turned to Cameron and asked the psychologist the same question. Cameron asked him to describe her and Ned pulled out a picture of his former fiancée. Alexis watched the exchange from the café door and hid behind some trees. Cameron told Ned he needed sleep and sent him on his way home. When Ned had left the terrace of the diner, Alexis went in. Cameron confronted her quickly. She tried to get him on the subject of Zander, but he smoothly turned the tables to Ned, quickly informing her of his seeing someone who looked like Kristina. Alexis tried to change the subject yet again, mentioning Zander’s encounter with Jason’s fist, but he tried to sway her back to the topic at hand. She asked if he was using her problems so he didn’t have to deal with his own. “You take my mind off my own life. All my patients do, why do you think I went into therapy?” he pointed out. Alexis told him Ned was still grieving for her sister. He admitted everyone grieved differently. She pointed out Zander chose drugs and admitted she and Zander had something in common – the loss of a sibling. He asked if she ever found herself trying to be like Kristina. She denied the accusation, wondering where he would get the idea. He mentioned the wind chimes. He admitted that grief could swallow you up and change your life. Alexis admitted that she wished her sister hadn’t walked into that warehouse and that she was grateful to whoever had the courage to murder Alcazar. Before they could finish the conversation, he received a phone call about Skye’s threat, told Alexis and left, her right behind him.

Jax and Brenda discussed the wedding, Jax informing his fiancée that he hired a wedding planner and the date was hers to choose – as long as it was sooner rather than later. She told him she wanted to wait. Brenda told him about the trip to the Dominican Republic, telling him that they decided to wait and have the marriage annulled in the states. Jax pointed out that may take months, but she told him she didn’t mind. “No pressure, no deadlines,” was her argument. “No way,” was his. He pointed out they had lost years and he didn’t want to loose any more time. She told him they wouldn’t be because they would be together, but he still refused to listen. He told her he would get a hold of Jason and get his power of attorney. Shocked by Jax’s extremities, she tried to laugh it off, telling her fiancée that Jason hated him and would not give him the power. Jax pointed out the only reason he would have to say no was if he wanted to remain married, asking her if Jason had fallen in love with her. She laughed for real this time and assured him that wasn’t the case. Brenda told her lover they needed to sit still for a moment, and he asked if it was because of Skye. She admitted it was and asked how he felt about the situation. It finally dawned on him that Jason wasn’t the reason they were still married – Brenda was. Jax’s cell phone rang, but Jax refused to answer it. They began to talk again, Brenda pointing out she hadn’t gotten a “welcome home,” but the phone rang again, Jax again refusing to answer it. When the home phone rang, Brenda finally threw in the hat. “Someone obviously really wants to get a hold of one of us,” she said picking up the receiver. Scotty on the other line asked for Jax. When Jax hung up he explained to Brenda that Skye was on Alcazar’s balcony, refusing to jump.

As soon as Jax was gone, Brenda made a call of her own – to Jason’s voicemail, pleading with him not to give up his power of attorney to Jax when he asked. She admitted something wasn’t right about the situation.

Taggart tried to talk Skye off the ledge, but it didn’t help. Cameron showed up, trying to help too, but was unsuccessful as well. Alexis ran into the hotel room too, Scotty sarcastically asking if Skye’s suicide attempt was in the news and if he looked good on television. She admitted she had been with Cameron when he had gotten the call.

Jax showed up then, taking over for the unsuccessful doctor. Skye was happy to see her husband, admitting she knew he would come.