GH Update Monday 2/3/03


General Hospital Update Monday 2/3/03

Update By Glynis
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Cameron has come to talk to Alexis and he warns that if she doesn't let him in, she will assume that something is wrong. He can tell that something terrible has been going on with her. He has been following her and found her at her sisterís grave and before that, she was talking to her baby in some kind of trance that he had trouble breaking her out of. He had to practically shout at her to get her to come to and talk to him. She didnít remember how she got to the hospital or even where she was for a moment. That caused Cameron some great concern and he even gave up a board meeting to follow her to see what she was up to.

Alexis is in the house in her get-up to make her look like Kristina. She has on a wig and has been applying makeup the way that Kristina likes it, to her face. She hears the pounding on the door but she ignores it. She says quietly that Alexis doesnít live there anymore. She gets up finally to get the door.

Cameron is pounding on the door shouting that he will assume that something is wrong if she doesn't answer. Alexis knows that means that he is going to break down her door. The door opens and Alexis is there looking like her usual self in a pink robe. She says that she has been having a shower and she turns from the door knowing that he will insist on entering.

Courtney comes to see Carly to talk for a bit. Courtney is scared and Carly tells Courtney that she used to be scared and still is for her man. Carly reminds herself that she has a lot to treasure and then she freaks out. That is the way that she handles things now. She canít lose it as that always screws up the relationship. She has to bite the bullet now. Courtney doesnít understand why Sonny doesnít just take off with his family and live safe and happy. If he really loved them, that is what he would do for them. Sonny does love his family but he canít do anything but what he does now. Carly tells her that they would have to take everyone that they love with them to be sure that no one would be hurt. There is no escaping this life. Carly has thought of that many times, but that is a fantasy and this is real life. The choice is to take the man as he is, or leave him as you found him. Their men have chosen their lives and the women they love have chosen them.

Sonny comes to see Ned and Faith is there but hiding as she listens. Sonny sees no one else in the room as he meets with Ned. Ned is not dressedÖhe is in a robe as he has just been having fun and games with Faith who is hiding in the back. Sonny tells Ned that someone came to play a joke on him and used a gun with blanks in it to get a point across. Sonny didnít think that was very funny. He now has an enemy he knows. Ned thinks that Sonny shouldnít be surprised that someone has done this to him, with the life that he leads. He finds Sonny arrogant that he thought that Ned wouldnít ever fight back after Kristinaís death. Sonny tells Ned that he has stepped into his world now and will be treated accordingly if he doesnít get out now. He is way out of his head and his league if he really wants to play with the big boys. If he pulls a weapon, he better make sure that he means business or that may come back to haunt him. Shooting with blanks isnít a good move for most mobsters.

Jason doesnít want to hear what Brenda is saying. She has just told he and the judge that she loves her husband. The government official is there to give them their divorce but Brenda will not sign the papers. Jason signed first and now it is Brendaís time to do it. She canítÖShe loves Jason and has just admitted it to the judge. The man thinks that Jason is very lucky to have a woman such as this. Jason will hear none of it. Is she on drugs? The only person that she wants to be married to is her husband she says.

Alexis comes out to see Cameron and she is properly dressed as the old Alexis would be. ***Cameron tells her that he followed her that day to her sisterís memorial. She finds that nothing is sacred anymore. She feels stalked. She too looked into his business once. He is concerned about her. She has been losing time and finding her self in places without a clue as to how she got there. He asks her what she did that day. She tells him that she went to the cemetery and then she came home to get a delivery. She wanted to have a shower and did that after letting him in. Cameron tells her that she can continue stonewalling him or they can have dinner and she can then let him convince her some more that she is sane.

Sonny knows that Ned would like to come after Sonny man for man but he knows that Ned wouldnít do that. Faith hates Sonny too but she doesnít have the money to take Sonny down. The problem is that Ned doesnít have the guts for violence and that is what is needed here. Ned doesnít want that. Sonny thinks that he has been overestimating himself. Sonny thinks that Ned has been forcing him into a position for bargaining. Ned has given up his one advantage and that was the element of surprise. Ned reminds Sonny that the last thing that he needs is to bring attention to himself. Does Ned really want to do this? Sonny warns him to get out of this as fast as he can or else he will not have another opportunity. Sonny heads for the door but before he leaves he shouts out, ďBig mistake Faith! You are not going to have a way out and this time it is going to cost you.Ē Sonny leaves and Ned shouts for Faith to come out. He looks at her and with a grim look on his face he tells her that was the sweetest double-cross that she has ever made.

Jax is at the diner when Scotty comes in. He has advice for Jax telling him to put away his white knight suit as there is nothing that he can pull out of his kangaroo pouch that is going to save Skye.

Brenda tells the government official that she really thinks that they should stay married. She knows in Jasonís heart, he really doesnít want to lose her and she doesnít want to lose him. There is nothing that can be done. Brenda refuses to sign the papers. Jason is fine with that and he pays the official, thanking him for his time. The judge leaves and Brenda is happy with that. Brenda thinks that they should go home now. Jason isnít taking her home. He is taking her to Switzerland. Brenda isnít going there. She is changing her mind. She tells him that Jax is the reason that she needs to stay married to Jason now.

Brenda wants to marry Jax but she is just worried as she doesnít want to rush things. She didnít tell Jason this before she had the pen in her hand. She knows that somethingÖsomething is going to go wrong. Brenda has no idea if this is the right time. Jax might need more time. Things are moving too fast for her. She has been gone for 4 years and now she is here and she is supposed to have a good life and every time that she is to be happy, something goes wrong. She starts crying now. Jason is the only person that has never let her down. She knows that she should have signed the papers as Jason isnít going to be her friend anymore. She has no other friends. She needs to sit still for a second before making another big decision. She expects Jason to make fun of her, but he finds that to be the first time that she has ever made any sense. Jax wonít understand this because he is going to think that she wants to put the wedding off because of Sonny. That is not what she is doing. She isnít naÔve. Sonny And she are not right forever. Jax feels jealous and threatened. She should be tired of holding Jaxís hand through everything but she isnít. He does the same for her. Brenda is sorry about this. She will file for the annulment in Port Charles but it will take longer. She will tell Jax the truth. She will say that they were stranded and she thinks that they should get the annulment at home where it is legal. That will give her more time. Will Jason do this for her or not? His condition is that when they get in front of the judge, Brenda will say that she wants an annulment from him. She laughs. She wonders if he thought that she was into him. She laughs some more. Everything is settled now and they get their things to go. He gets his bag and heads to the door. She stops him to come and get her bags for her. He tells her that the bag has wheels. She knows that he doesnít mean that and she leaves ahead of him. He knows when he is beat and he throws down his bags to go and get hers.

Scotty tells Jax that Skye is guilty as hell. Skye walks in and Scotty tells her to come clean and he will make her a deal. Scotty reminds Jax that he dumped his wife for his ex-girlfriend. Scotty leaves. Skye hates Scotty but Jax finds that he has a point in what he said.

Ned tells Faith that the partnership is over. He has all the trouble that he needs from his family and he doesnít need her. Faith admits that she was the one that sent the gunman. She loves that Sonny has come there making threats and warnings. Ned thinks that she is wrong. Someone might come next to kill them. Faith knows that wonít happen as Sonny has a family. Everyone is watching him and this is the perfect time to take advantage of Sonny. Is Ned going to help her now or is he going to walk?

Sonny comes home and Courtney and Carly are talking. Courtney looks good. Sonny explains that he has checked into the shooting thing and everything is alright. Sonny is glad that his sister has been staying calm. There is a knock and Ric shows up saying that he has just been thinking about Courtney What an amazing coincidence.

Ric thinks that the shot might have been for Courtney. Sonny tells Ric that Courtney is fine. Carly and Courtney are going to go out. Sonny is going to talk with Ric about business. Courtney thanks Ric for his help earlier at the diner. Ric was glad to do it. The ladies leave and Sonny tells Ric that he wants a better life for Courtney. He wants her away from the city and the things that happen around him. She needs college and a new life. Ric sees that Sonny doesnít want Courtney nearby. Sonny wants her as far away from Port Charles as possible.

Jax is helping Skye as he would like her to have a better life. She hurt him because she wanted to. She wishes that she had handled things better. He wishes her well and he will do anything to help her. That means a lot to her. He gets his coat and Skye knows that he and Brenda are getting married. He tells her that she is getting an annulment now. She tells him that she wishes that things work out for him.

Ned tells Faith again that she has given away the element of surprise, but they also know that Sonny will not resort to violence yet. They still have a chance to bring Sonny down and will continue as partners. Ned tells her that he will walk if she does that again and he will take his money with him. Ned reminds her that he is a Quartermaine and Sonny will have trouble killing her but she on the other hand could easily disappear.

Cameron and Alexis have just had dinner and they are out walking. Why is she so hard on herself? Kristina used to tell Alexis to slow down. She was very brave. He has questions about Kristina and wants to know more. Cameron would like to know about the woman herself. She was the opposite of Alexis. She was quirky and spontaneous and fun. She loved surprises. She believed in crystals and she was filled with joy and hopeÖand now she is dead. Alexis seems to be blaming herself for her sisterís death. Why is that?

Alexis says that her sisterís death was simple cause and effect. Zander comes up behind Cameron and Alexis and asks if Cameron has been bothering her. Alexis has no idea what is going on. Cameron explains that Zander is his son. Now Alexis gets it. ďOh my God!Ē Alexis asks if Cameron knows that Zander has been in Port Charles for years. Where the hell has Cameron been all this time? Before Alexis will let Cameron counsel her on her family, he will have to learn how to take care of his own. Alexis runs off. Zander is happy with that as he only wanted Alexis to know what kind of animal she has been dealing with.

Carly is happy with the shopping that she did that day. She tells Sonny that things were great. Sonny sees that she is hiding that something is wrong. Carly admits that she knows that Sonny could have died that day, but he didnít. Sonny is glad that Carly has been strong and the model wife for him. She is not just the perfect wife for him. She wants him to promise that he will do his best to stay safe for her. He has to stay safe as he has a wife to show up for. He tells her that Courtney is going away. Carly is shocked to hear that. Where is she going?

Courtney goes to get her pay check and Ric is following her. He sees her walk off and pretends to talk on his phone until she is out of sight, then he resumes his trace of her.

Coleman comes into the diner to find a sober Skye drinking coffee. He thinks that is very good. She seems to be getting her life back together. She admits that she is doing just that, starting with her association with him.

Ned sees a woman from the back and she looks just like Kristina. He calls to her but the woman who is Alexis in drag runs and hides. She hopes that the man will go away now.

Skye explains that she is going to get Jax back by being the damsel in distress. She knows that Jax is going to head straight back to her.

Brenda arrives home and Jax has champagne for them. He has been expecting her. Jax shows her the champagne and he has a present for her. He wants her to open it. She sees that it is an envelope. She has something that she has to discuss with him first. He wants her to open the present first. It is an invitation to their wedding. Finally.

Sonny tells Carly that he has asked Ric to look into out of state colleges for Courtney. He can get Courtney anything that she wants and she can be whatever she wants to be. Sonny is sure that Courtney will want to go away to school.

Jason is home when Courtney comes there. He greets her and she is glad to find him there.

Ric is outside the apartment house where Courtney has gone in and soon, and he sees 2 bodies in the window embracing.

Jason tells Courtney that he has something to tell her. He announces that he and Brenda are still married.