GH Update Friday 1/31/03


General Hospital Update Friday 1/31/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Cameron has come upon Alexis at the hospital and she is holding her baby and talking to the baby telling her that she will always be there for her. She rambles on and on and on while Cameron continually calls to her. He is only a couple of feet from her. Even if she doesn’t hear him, she should see him but she doesn’t. She keeps talking and doesn’t hear Cameron until he almost shouts at her. She is startled by that. She suddenly realizes that she is at the hospital of all places and seems to kind of wake up out of her thoughts or wherever else she was. She thought that she was somewhere else she says. She is embarrassed now at Cameron finding her this way. She doesn’t remember coming there and has to wonder what else she missed on the way.

Scotty tells Skye that she is hiding something. He and Taggert have come there to talk to her as Scotty is more than sure that she was the one that killed Alcazar. He wants to take her downtown to have this conversation on their turf, but Jax will not allow it. Taggert says that they are there as there has been some concern about her and her role in the murder of Alcazar. Jax knows that the police have botched the last investigation and now they are looking for a scapegoat and that it Skye in their eyes. Scotty asks her if she wants to come clean now and make things easier or if she would like to fight it and make things harder for everyone. Jax threatens to call the press about this and he gets out his cell phone to dial. The press would love to hear what antics Scotty is up to this time. They will be on all the news that night if they don’t leave now. Taggert and Scotty leave and Skye thanks Jax for that. She was overwhelmed by the police just now and she couldn’t have handled things as well as Jax did for her. She looks at him differently now. She is a little nicer to him for helping her out this way.

Jason and Brenda are on the plane and they are flying. Jason is fine but Brenda is having a fit. She feels like there isn’t any air on the plane and she takes off her jacket from anxiety with flying. She can’t keep still. She stands up…she sits down…she puts her head between her knees…She is afraid of the plane and doesn’t feel well on it. He tells her to relax, the flight isn’t a big deal at all and everything will be just fine. She wishes that they had gone to Vegas instead as that is on land and they could just drive there instead. She hates flying over water especially. She thinks that they are going to go missing and she will not be found for another 4 years. Jason tells her that they are going to get the annulment and they will be back and it will be over. In and out! The pilot comes on telling the passengers to buckle their seatbelts. That makes Brenda panic when she hears that. Why is he telling them that? Jason tells her that there is nothing to be worried about, everything will be just fine. The plane isn’t going to crash.

Sonny and Carly are together in the club and they are holding each other as they dance on the dance floor. Carly is thinking of the place and who owned it before. The woman who owned it had all her friends there one night as she was having a party. Someone is coming down the stairs to the club but Sonny and Carly don’t hear him. He walks very slowly and softy on the carpeted stairs as he proceeds towards them. Carly keeps talking and telling how at the stroke of midnight one night, someone came into the club and opened fire. At that moment, someone with a machine gun opens fire on them. He doesn’t shoot them once or twice but many, many times. Sonny and Carly hit the floor but it isn’t clear yet why.

Over at the diner, all the employees and patrons hear the ruckus over the way. That loud noise has startled everyone. Elizabeth goes running to the door. Ric comes running downstairs from his room and heads out the door. He runs to the club and finds a man coming out of the club. He tackles the man to the ground and holds him once he gets up. Sonny and Carly come up to Ric and the man and Carly tells Sonny, “That is him! That is the man!” More people have joined them now and they all stand around looking at the fiasco, wondering what is going on.

Sonny says that there is a misunderstanding. Elizabeth says that there is no problem. Elizabeth makes the patrons go back into the diner for pie. Sonny will take care of this. He knows that the cops will be there soon enough. Ric roughs the man up asking him what he was doing there. Sonny tells Ric to calm down.

Cameron thinks that Alexis needs to see a therapist. He could see that she was somewhere else just know. She says that she is tired and has been zoning out. She thinks that she is just stressed out. It is all the work that she has been doing. It happens to lots of people. She didn’t even hear Cameron when he called her. He heard her talking to herself in the 3rd person. She tells him that she was only talking to her child and that is nothing to worry about. Alexis tells him that she needs no help. A doctor calls to Cameron telling him that it is time for the staff meeting. Cameron tells him that he will not be there. He follows Alexis as she walks off.

Jax offers to get Skye out of town. She knows that he was going to probably done this for Brenda. He wants Skye to leave and get a fresh start. He swats her to go to Lisbon where he was going to go with Brenda. Skye doesn’t want to go as she thinks that she has good reasons to stay in town…now.

Jason and Brenda are talking as they fly on the plane. He assures her that everything is going to be fine. She calms down a bit. They are silent for a while. She asks if he ignores Courtney when she asks him a question. He doesn't do that with Courtney. Brenda asks him about her but Jason doesn’t want to answer her. Are you in love with her? Does she do everything that you tell her? Brenda thinks that Courtney has terrible taste in men. Jason finds that funny considering that Brenda is with Brenda. The pilot announces that they are making their final approach to the Dominican Republic. Brenda relaxes as she would like nothing better than to get off this thing. Jason turns to her telling her that most crashes happen during landings. Brenda turns to him with terror on her face again.

Cameron follows Alexis to a cemetery. She goes to Kristina’s grave and brushes the snow off the tombstone. “Please don’t be upset with me…It just gets so hard sometimes…I won’t let you down…I promise. She gets up and turns to the gate, leaving. Cameron hs hidden in the trees and watches as she walks away. After she is gone, he goes to the tombstone and read…”Kristina Cassidine…”

Elizabeth and Courtney get back to work. Elizabeth thinks that they should worry but Courtney is calm as she believes that Sonny will take care of things. Courtney is terrified. When Courtney brings up that she is terrified about Jason, Elizabeth gets suddenly cold to her. Courtney apologizes for mentioning Jason. Elizabeth wants to know why? Did he ask her not to mention Elizabeth? Courtney is trying to deal with things the best way that she can. Elizabeth gets it. She sees how Courtney stole Jason from her. Courtney puts her hand on her hip for this one.

Jason and Brenda go to the place where they are to get the annulment. They are taken to a hut and it is raining like crazy. The man only speaks Spanish and Jason tries to figure out what is going on. Jason gives the man money but Brenda thinks that was a mistake. She thinks that Jason messed things up. Jason tells Brenda that she can stay in the jungle if she wants but he is going back home as soon as possible. He laughs at her suitcase. She has packed everything for a one day trip.

Jax can’t understand why Skye wants to stay there. Jax knows that she is vulnerable. Why does he want to help her? Because she is vulnerable. She knows that he will help her. She likes what he has done for her. Jax will come with her to Lisbon until she is settled in. She has spent her whole life sunning. She tells him that she always thinks that things will be better in the next place. She believes that she didn’t murder Alcazar and she wants to prove it. She doesn’t want to leave now. She needs to be there. She has a feeling that everything is going to work out. He thinks that she is making a huge mistake. She can do this if she has someone with her to help her. Jax will be there for her. That is all that Skye needs to hear.

Sonny talks to the man that played the prank on them. They hear sirens in the distance. Sonny wonders if he should let the cops take care of this, or take care of it himself. Sonny tells the man that they could take a stroll along the docks…you know what I mean? Does he press charges or does it let this go? The man says that this never happened. Sonny orders him to be let go. Carly can’t believe that the man has been let go. Ric can tell that someone is trying to send Sonny a message. Sonny tells Ric to follow the man and find out where he goes. That will tell Sonny who is playing jokes on him this way.

Ned is angry at Faith. He just heard that someone tried to kill Sonny at the club just now. Faith knows that he is angry. Ned warns her that Sonny will shut them down before they start. She denies that she is the one that did the prank. she understands Ned. She knows that if she slips up again, their partnership will be over. That will be sad as they have so much work to do. She undoes the buckle on his belt and pushes him to the floor.

Elizabeth knows that Courtney knew how to get Jason as she got information from Elizabeth. Courtney denies that she did that. Elizabeth finds that Elizabeth has that innocent routine down pat. She is the perfect little mob girlfriend. Courtney isn’t perfect and has lots of anxieties. Courtney can’t make her see what she means. Elizabeth thinks that Courtney is like her brother and has ice in his veins. Sonny is supposed to be cold as he is a mobster. Elizabeth thinks that Jason couldn’t have done any better for himself by picking someone else.

Mac gets the story that kids were setting off firecrackers and that was all that people heard. Carly offers to take them to the club and show them that there are no bullet holes there. Mac doesn’t want to hear about retaliation about this. Sonny assures him that is not going to happen. Mac doesn’t want this to escalate. Mac and his officers leave. It doesn’t matter if Mac suspects something or not. Sonny doesn’t want Carly to worry about this. Sonny has sent Ric off to do what Jason usually does. Ric seems to be always at the right place at the right time. Sonny really doesn’t trust Ric… he already has a right hand man.

Jason gets out a huge wad of money and starts counting it. Brenda tells him that she is grateful that he agreed to marry her in the first place. Jason says that he was blackmailed. Brenda threatened to do something to Brenda. Jason was only protecting him. She asks if Jason was seeing Courtney at the time that he married her. That is none of her business. Brenda wonders if it is possible that marrying her meant keeping Courtney away. Jason tells her to let this go. She senses that she has hit a nerve with him just them.

Ric comes to see Carly who is a little jumpy. Carly tells Ric that helping Sonny is a big deal. Ric likes that Sonny is trusting him little bit. Carly has to go to Michael and she walks off. Elizabeth comes to Ric asking if he is okay. What else was Ric to do? Elizabeth doesn’t understand why it is so important for Sonny to like him. He seems to be acting like Jason that way. Not to mention his girlfriend. Ric didn’t know anything about a girlfriend for Jason. Elizabeth finds that hard to believe. She tells him that Jason and Courtney have been together.

Courtney serves Jax and he can see that she is in love. They discuss marriage and she tells him that the next time that she says her vows, will be the last time. She sounds like she has someone picked out already.

Brenda wants to know more about Jason’s girlfriend. Does Sonny know? Jason tells her that no one knows that they are together. Brenda starts singing…”Jason and Courtney…sitting in a tree…k-I-s-s-I-n-g” He tells her to shut up. She won’t. He ends up screaming at her, “SHUT UP!” She screams as loudly as she can. A man comes in asking about the annulment. They both turn and face in at the doorway.

Skye and AJ talk and AJ thinks that she looks as guilty as hell. Is she drunk? She knows that she looks different. “Isn’t it wonderful?”

Ned and Faith have just made that wild jungle love that they love to make and Ned leaves, going to the bathroom. There is knocking on the door and it is the man that Ric caught outside of the club. The man is upset that he has been caught. He wants his money and he wants it now. She whispers that he will get it but he has to get out of there now. She closes the door and turns to find Ned standing behind her. “Who the hell was that?” She says that it is the maid. She wanted to make the bed but she told her that she didn’t need that service. She drops her robe, showing Ned that she is buck naked and they start their kissing again.

Cameron has followed Alexis home. She has no idea that he has been behind her for most of the afternoon. She goes into her apartment and he is about to knock on her door when someone comes to the floor using the elevator. Cameron hides as the man comes to the door. He has many boxes in his hand. They are silver gift boxes and they are all held together by a big red piece of ribbon tied in a bow on top. The man knocks for Alexis and she tips him and takes the boxes out of his hands. She re-enters her apartment and closes the door. Cameron is becoming more and more mystified by Alexis’s behaviour.

A woman is sitting in a chair and looking at her face in a hand-held mirror. She has on a red wig.

Cameron decides to knock and see Alexis. He knocks and knocks as he knows that Alexis is in there.

The woman inside Alexis’s apartment is wearing a red wig…and putting on lip liner. She hears someone calling outside the door. The person is calling for Alexis but the woman in the wig, who is Alexis says quietly, “…Alexis doesn’t live here anymore…”

Edward talks to .fail and he is angry as he hates it when he is being toyed with.

The man for the annulment has brought the papers for them to sign and get their divorce. Jason signs and now it is Brenda’s turn. She sits before the papers and takes the pen. She puts it down and says that she doesn’t feel well. Jason can’t believe this. “Could you sign the paper please?” Brenda won’t sign. The official asks if there is something wrong. Brenda turns to Jason and says quietly, “…because I love you…”Jason’s mouth is hanging on the floor after hearing that. He hasn’t got words to say to her right now.

AJ has to wonder why his sister has such a goofy look on her face. She tells him that she is going to get Jax back!