GH Update Thursday 1/30/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 1/30/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

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Cameron comes to see Alexis and ends up kicking down her door after hearing her scream. She sounds like she is in distress and he feels that he has to get to her. She tells him that she fell asleep and had a nightmare that she can’t remember now. He really would like to know what her dream was about but she has nothing to offer him in the way of an explanation. She looks at her door thinking that he has damaged it by kicking it in, but he is sure that it will be find. She has no idea what her dream was about and doesn’t care to try to remember it. She is exhausted and has been for a long time. She didn’t even mean to fall asleep. She was just sitting up and the sleep came to her. She has wind chimes on the table and that puzzles Cameron. She doesn’t remember where she got them or how they got in her room.

Ned comes to see Faith to talk about Sonny. She has summoned him to come to her and talk about this situation. She is tired of procrastinating. He would like to take things one step at a time and do things in stride as that is the best way. She would like to move now and get a move on Sonny as soon as possible. Ned knows that Sonny will come after them with guns blazing if they don’t go after him right and then everything will be spoiled. He doesn't want that. He will have things done his way or he will find another partner. She has no choice for now. She has to listen to Ned and do as he wishes. Ned leaves her as he found her.

Carly takes Sonny to her club showing him what it will be like. It still looks like rubble for now, but Carly has a vision that she will put into action and she will make the club all that it can be. He can see that she is excited now that Jason and Brenda are free. The overturning of the conviction has sparked a fire in her and it can’t be denied. He is sure that she is spending money now that she has her thoughts properly focused on the club and he jokes about that. She promises that the club will be great but it will not be cheap to finish it.

Brenda comes downstairs to find Jax there waiting for her. She has enjoyed a glorious morning of freedom and is ready to share that with him. He is glad to have her back with him where she belongs. He tells her that she is truly free now and doesn’t have to worry about anything as he has taken care of everything for her. She doesn’t have to make any big decisions except what she wants to have for breakfast and that is a great feeling. Jax has a decision for her that she has to make and even thought she doesn’t want to face another decision he forces her to. She would like to have breakfast first, but he has a surprise for her…a velvet box. She opens it up to find a glorious diamond ring inside. It takes her breath away. He asks her, “Will you marry me?” She tells him yes.

Jason and Courtney are home and he kisses her as he is glad to be there with the one person that he missed the most. He thought that he was going to lose her forever but here they are free and clear to be together. They have no worries and no threats to worry about anymore.

Scotty is being chased by the press as he has mistakenly accused 2 innocent people of a murder that they haven’t committed. The press is questioning Scotty’s methods and they are sceptical as to his motives. Scotty says that the 2 people were not guilty and that he knew that and has been trying to get out the guilty people throughout the trial to solve the case. Hardly believable. Mac thinks that Scotty has screwed up big time and needs to face that fact. He has heard Scotty talking to the press and think that the guy’s career is doomed as a result of his actions. Scotty is sure that the real killer will be found and he would like to be the person to find that person. In fact, he thinks that he already has found the culprit but bringing her to justice is the problem. There is a woman out there in town that has caused the murder and that could be anyone.

Skye is on Alcazar’s balcony leaning over it…thinking…she looks down below at the traffic and thinks really hard about what might have happened that night. She tries her hardest to remember the details.

Mac wants Scotty to admit that he has screwed up big time but Scotty will not do that. He will do anything to save that reputation that he thinks that he has. Mac thinks that he is a clown. The egg is on his face and not Mac’s, so Mac doesn’t really care what happens to Scotty at this point. Scotty is closing in on nothing. He acts as if he will be the one to save the day but he really has nothing. Mac will have no arrest until he is sure that Scotty is right about what he is saying. Scotty needs Mac. Scotty thinks that they can find the woman that did the murder together. The woman is vindictive and cunning and wanted to get Brenda in jail for the rest of her life. He wants Mac to see what he sees so that he too can understand that Skye is the killer.

Skye remembers the night of Alcazar’s death. The thoughts come to her slowly as she walks through the tunnels of her mind. She walks back into his apartment from the balcony and feels her way through her memories…someone came to the door…She got up in a haze and looked at the door…She was alone when she woke up…Where was Alcazar? She reached for the doorknob and opened it to see Alcazar fighting with someone outside the room…As Skye is thinking to herself, a hand touches her shoulder and she turns to find Nikolas standing behind her.

Jax asks Brenda to spend the rest of his life with him. He has just proposed to her and wants her to be his wife forever. He loves her and he will always love her and no one else he says. They could have been married a long time ago and now nothing is going to stop them from being together. This time, things are going to go right. He pushes her to say yes to his question again. She tells him yes as he wants. She will marry him. They are laughing and giddy now. He takes the ring and puts it on her finger to show his commitment to her. She screeches at the sight of the ring on her finger. Someone comes to her door and they don’t move away even though Jax and Brenda don’t answer. Jax thinks that the person will leave if they ignore them and stay very quiet. That is not about to happen though. Someone shouts out that it is the police at the door. Jax says that he will get rid of them and rushes to the door. It is Taggert standing there. He wants to talk about Skye to Jax. He would like to get information on her, and the murder.

Carly shows Sonny all the areas of the club. She has places for people to fall in love in there. She has spent a lot of money on the place and will have to spend more. Ric arrives and wants to talk to Carly. He tells her that he has the preliminary work on the club for her. He is handing over everything that he has in his possession that he was working on for Carly and the club. Sonny has made it clear that he doesn’t want Ric anywhere near his family and Ric has finally accepted what Sonny has said. He wishes her luck with the club and turns to leave. Sonny would like to speak to Ric alone for a moment before he goes. Carly leaves them to talk and she heads up the stairs to leave. Ric thinks that he is going to get a tongue lashing but Sonny thanks him for getting the conviction set aside.

Courtney is sure what she feels for Jason but she isn’t sure that they should tell people. Her father is going to be angry and Jason would like to deal with that. Sonny might not be happy but Jason thinks that in spite of that, they should tell him as soon as possible. Courtney thinks that they should keep their secret longer. Courtney is still married. Jason tells her that he is getting her an annulment that day. Courtney thinks that he is right. There is no reason to hide their relationship anymore. He is right! She leans forward and kisses him.

Cameron thinks that the wind chimes don’t seem to be Alexis’s style. Alexis tells him that she isn’t worried about the chimes. Cameron would like to talk about Alexis’s dreams with her. Alexis thinks that she has been sleepwalking. She fell asleep and things were moved when she woke up. She went somewhere but has no idea where it was that she went. She is sure that she is fine. Cameron agrees to drop the subject. He is there to tell her that Ned is upset that Alexis took Kristina for surgery without telling him. That was her decision to make. Scotty calls Alexis telling her to come down to the police station as soon as possible.

Ric thinks that what he did wasn’t a big deal. Ric only did it as he didn’t think that 2 innocent people should have gone to jail for something that they didn’t do. Sonny tells him that if Carly wants to hire him then that is fine with him. Jason comes into the room. He tells Sonny that he is taking Brenda away. Jason tells Ric to send him a bill for whatever. Ric tells him “whatever…”

Nikolas asks Skye what she is doing at Alcazar’s apartment. She has been tracing her steps from the night of the murder. She feels that there is something at the edge of her mind and she wants to get at it. Nikolas only knows what he has heard on the radio. She says that she didn’t make any calls. She was drinking that night and she has memory loss. She has to know what happened that night. She wants Nikolas to keep quiet about her being there. He will do that. Skye leaves and stands in the hall thinking.

Taggert has questions about Skye but Jax thinks that Skye wasn’t the one that did the murder. Taggert is glad that Brenda has had her charges dropped. He leaves and Brenda and Jax resume their evening. Skye is seeming like the suspect and she could be the killer. Jax doesn’t want Skye in jail for the rest of her life. Skye is hurt but she is responsible for her actions. Jax knows that she is in serious trouble. Brenda thinks that Jax should help her. That way, Skye would get on with her life and then they can get on with theirs. Brenda understands that. Jax feels obligated to help Skye somehow. He has to leave now but he will be back.

Ric thinks that Jason doesn’t like him but Sonny says that is just Jason. Jason likes the truth and he doesn’t like the way that Ric held that back before. Ric can understand that. Sonny wants to know how Ric got on Alcazar’s bad side and why Ric is so determined to get on his good side.

Ned tells Cameron that Kristina is fine and is resting comfortably. Cameron knows that Alexis has been in a lot of turmoil. She has had a lot to juggle on her plate. Why did she take the baby out to have a surgery that she didn’t need at that moment? Cameron tells Ned that his attitude isn’t helping Alexis. Alexis seems to be still processing Kristina’s death. Cameron tells him that he needs to cut Alexis some slack.

Alexis tells Scotty that she isn’t interested in a job with Scotty. Scotty says that he is on the trail of the killer and he would like anything that Alexis has regarding that. Scotty would like Alexis’s take on the case. He has been wondering who she thinks that real killer is. Alexis thinks that he should be having this talk with his detective. She tells him again that her daughter is her priority and that she might not have the time to talk to him.

Skye and Jax talk about Taggert coming to see him asking about Skye saying anything incriminating. Jax protected her by saying no. Taggert has quite a bit of evidence on Skye and Jax wants to know the truth. Did she kill Alcazar? Why is he there? He wants to help her.

Ned thinks that whatever else they may think, Alexis is a survivor. She knows how to take care of herself. Is she the type to pick up wind chimes? No she isn’t. That is more like Kristina. That used to drive Alexis crazy that her sister was flighty. Alexis has wind chimes and doesn’t remember buying them. Cameron tells Ned that he should start caring for Alexis if he really cares for her welfare.

Ric tells Sonny that he could help him with his business and making it look legitimate. That was what he did for Alcazar. Then Alcazar put Ric in confines. Ric tells him that there are others that want to be a part of Sonny’s club but he is the best. Courtney comes to see her brother and Ric leaves. Courtney tells Sonny that she has something to tell him about holding the gun to AJ’s head. Sonny was worried about her getting hurt as he doesn’t want her to get involved. He wants her to promise that she will not get involved. She can’t do that.

Brenda is at the apartment when Jason bursts in telling her that their marriage is getting annulled. Brenda doesn’t want to go with Jason but he tells her that they both want this and they have to do this. Why does he want to do this so quickly she wonders.

Jax wants to help Skye as he thinks that she was the one that murdered Alcazar. He thinks that Skye was the one that made the phone call as she felt remorse. Scotty is after her and he doesn’t want to see her pay for that. Jax hasn’t been kind to her but he thought that the lies to convict Brenda didn’t work and now she needs help too. Skye has no reason to trust Jax but he can see that Skye is self-destructing. Someone comes to the door. It is Scotty and Taggert. They walk in with questions about Alcazar’s murder.

Cameron comes up on Alexis with her baby and she is talking to her baby in a trance of some kind. Cameron calls to her but she doesn’t answer him. She is telling her baby that no one is going to harm her. Cameron calls out to her again but Alexis pays no attention and continues talking to her child.

Scotty thinks that Skye has snapped as her husband has been stolen by Brenda. Jax thinks that he is trying to find a new suspect for his murder. Jax is not going to let this happen.

Brenda wants to know why Jason wants to annul the marriage so quickly. The girl that he likes isn’t a fling, obviously. Brenda can see that he really likes this girl. Jason would just like to go. Brenda tells him that she and Jax are engaged and she asks Jason if he would like to congratulate her. Jason thinks that is the best news that he has heard all week. They head out.

Courtney tells Sonny that he shouldn’t give her orders as to how to live her life. Sonny tells her that he will not give her orders anymore. Still, he doesn’t want his life to touch her. Courtney leaves and Carly comes in. She can’t believe that Sonny thinks that Ric should be helping her now. Sonny is fine with Ric helping her. Carly shows Sonny the dance floor and they test it out by dancing together to no music. Carly thinks of backing out again from having the club there. The place has a bad history. This place belonged to Faith. …Someone is coming down the stairs as Carly talks to her husband…. Carly continues her story. At the stroke of midnight, someone came in and opened fire … AT that moment, the person that has come down the stairs opens fire with his gun on Sonny and his bride. Sonny and Carly fall to the ground as Carly screams in horror.