GH Update Wednesday 1/29/03


General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/29/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

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Brenda woke up from a bad dream to find Jax at her cell. Excited to see her lover return, she kissed him through the bars. He promised to find a way to get her out of jail. Jax tried to make her promise not to go along with whatever plan Sonny had cooked up, but she told him she might not have to, informing him of the recent developments in the case – thanks to Rick. Jax pointed out that the killer may want to clear her and Jason, but the killer didn’t want to implicate herself either. With a plan in mind, Jax excused himself.

Luke spotted Summer outside of Kelly’s. “That’s pretty much a waste of make-up. You’re beautiful,” he told her, making fun of her primping before heading inside. She admitted she was heading to a date – a real one, not work. Luke told her he wanted to talk and asked her to visit him at Kelly’s when she got the chance. She assured him she would.

Inside Kelly’s, Lucky swiped the flowers off the tables and off the counter, putting them into a bouquet. “Would you like fries or a ribbon with those?” Liz joked with him. He admitted he was trying to cheer Laura up because of her rough time lately. He then asked if it bothered Elizabeth for him to bring Laura to Kelly’s. She told him it didn’t bother her at all, that she was happy for him. The phone rang, breaking up their conversation and he spotted Laura standing outside. Worried that she might change her mind about their date, he rushed to the door with the flowers. Luke left and she opened the door, nearly colliding with her knight in shining armor. Smiling, she thanked him for the flowers and they sat at a nearby table. She admitted she felt like a teenager headed to prom. He asked if she was really hungry, and she admitted she wasn’t, so they took their date elsewhere. They sat on the bench in the park, Lucky holding Laura in his arms and telling her about his growing up. He told her about all the different places he had lived, and she asked if his father was in the military. He laughed at the assumption. When she asked why he had moved around so much, he admitted that was material that should wait until the third or fourth date. She admitted that she thought a life like his would have been exciting, and mentioned his move into photography, pointing it out as having stemmed from his moving around so constantly. He admitted his photography wasn’t much. “I mostly took pictures of overdressed models,” he chuckled. He then asked her what she had wanted to be growing up and she admitted she had never really thought about it. She told him the only profession she had ever really considered was an auto mechanic. He laughed at the idea, pointing out her beauty. She admitted that in hooking, it had been her job to look good – to be a “walking, breathing fantasy.” She admitted it was an easy job that got her a lot of money with little effort. The conversation moved to the senator and his role in her life. She admitted he had been nice at first, before she found out he wanted her as his mistress, not his wife. She admitted that a life with him was comfortable, but that she had been dead inside. He told her that she was free and could be anything she wanted to be. They kissed, but as she began to awaken from that dead state, she pulled herself away, excused herself and left.

Lucky went back to Kelly’s to talk out the situation with Elizabeth. He once again explained that Laura had been dealing with a lot lately. Elizabeth told him it was a good thing she had met him then, pointing out his generosity and caring nature. He pointed out she hadn’t pegged him as gentlemanly or charming. “Don’t knock out good manners. They can be very appealing. They can also cover up the fact that the guy’s an axe murderer, but hey, we all take our chances,” she said jokingly. He pointed out that women had a choice – run or risk getting hurt, neither of which sounded appealing. She gave him a word of advice. “Just make sure she’s really running Lucky. She could be hoping you care enough to come after her.”

Cameron stopped by the nurse’s station while at GH and Bobbie informed him of Zander’s disappearing act. She explained that if he missed the rescheduled appointment, Dr. Baldwin would let the police have him. He assured her his son would make the next appointment and headed out to look for him.

Luke went to his club and found Zander there, in the middle of a three-way argument including the bartender. The bartender accused Zander and his acquaintance of running a drug deal on the premises and ordered them to leave. Zander refused to leave and began causing trouble, pushing and shoving the bartender. Luke grabbed him and assured his employee he would take care of the problem. “What the hell are you trying to prove and who are you trying to prove it to?” Luke asked, recognizing the signs from experience. Cameron came in at that point and explained to Luke that Zander was trying to prove that nothing mattered, and he was trying to prove it to his father. Shocked at the revelation, Luke sat back and watched the fireworks between father and son. Zander admitted that a counseling session or two wasn’t the only thing he’d missed out on through the years, and his father had missed out on just as much. He ordered his father not to start acting like a father after all these years. “You were never really good at it when you had a son, and you haven’t had a son since Pete died,” Zander told him, leaving. “Well, this day just got a hell of a lot better,” Luke said. “You’re piercing insights to the human condition don’t seem to apply to your own son, huh?” he asked.

Luke and Cameron sat at the bar, Luke pouring the shots. Cameron admitted that though Zander had been smart, he had never applied himself and they never found a way to motivate him. He told Luke that his son had shot his own brother out of recklessness, but had tried to blame it on his dead sibling. He admitted it hadn’t helped having an unforgiving father. “The first three are on me,” Luke said, referring to the shots. Then he took one and toasted. “To fathers who make unforgivable mistakes and the sons who have to live with them,” he said, downing it. Cameron restrained from participating in the ritual, admitting that he wasn’t seeking comfort. Luke informed his doctor that Zander would either come back or shut him out forever, that it was his choice to make. Cameron tried to change the subject, asking Luke about Laura. “Which one?” was Luke’s reply. Cameron told him to choose and he began talking about his wife and her condition. He admitted the doctors believed her condition to be permanent and that she didn’t want help. Before he could wallow any more, he turned around and Summer stood behind him. Cameron excused himself and let the friends talk.

Luke sat her down and admitted that when he had talked about his wife, Summer had assumed she was dead. He explained that her assumption fit his feelings, so he had let her go on thinking it. But he told her the truth – that it was easier to think of her that way instead of the way that he had just seen her. He told her of his visit, of how he had to sit and watch her through a one-way mirror because the doctors had thought his presence would push her further into regression. He admitted he had hoped to go there and get through to her, but he hadn’t. “It was sort of like watching the sun go into a hole and knowing it will never come out again,” he described. She admitted she had a sense of what that felt like. “My wife may never leave the darkness … she may never come home to me again,” he said sadly, holding hands with Summer across the table.

At the courthouse Sonny confronted Rick about the mystery woman. They agreed that the evidence took the case to a whole new level. Courtney joined them, and Rick asked what she had been doing with Scott. Courtney admitted she had done something Sonny wouldn’t approve of and told them all of getting AJ’s confession at gunpoint – on tape. Sonny was disappointed in her methods of obtaining the confession, pointing out the evidence would be admissible in court. He lectured her on the danger she could have encountered, but she refused to sit back and take it. She pointed out AJ had accused Jason because of her. Sonny reminded her AJ had always had a vendetta against Jason. Without revealing the truth, she managed to turn the situation around again. “I am the one who married AJ, Sonny. Whatever damage he does is my responsibility.” Sonny tried to point out that AJ had ruined her life, but she told him she wasn’t sorry – that she had to do something.

As Jason was ushered into the courthouse, Carly tried to inform him of the new evidence, but the bailiff refused to let her talk, shoving him into the courtroom. He went in and started to ask Dara the news. “Your attorney will fill you in. It’s not me anymore,” she admitted.

Scott cornered Alexis in the PCPD station house. He welcomed her back and told her the appeal would be a waste of time. “There’s not going to be an appeal because this farce ends today and I came back to make sure that happens.” She accused him of suppressing the evidence Rick brought to his attention. Taggart agreed, interrupting their conversation to inform them that the “shadow.” “The mystery woman knows more about the stab wound than the D.A.,” he announced. He admitted that the information about the third stab wound had been sealed to verify the true killer, and that the blood on the patch the killer had given Rick was indeed Alcazar’s. Scotty tried to brush it all off as too little too late.

Jax ran to the courthouse to confront Skye about Alcazar’s murder yet again, believing she had lashed out and regretted it. He pointed out the similar situation with her grandfather’s hospital stay to back up his point. “Guilt? Please. Over Brenda? I hope she gets a life sentence,” Skye scoffed in return, refuting his accusation. “I am here to savor the moment that home-wrecking tramp is dragged out of here in handcuffs.” Edward and Alan arrived, hearing her confession. She turned on them, ending up in a one on one with daddy dearest. He asked her what it was she was trying to accomplish and told her whatever she was doing, it wasn’t making her happy.

While Skye was having a heart to heart with daddy, Edward had a little tet a tet with Jax. They began to talk about the new evidence, but the bailiff ushered Brenda in and Edward made a beeline for the defendant. He told her they would fix the mess she was in. Edward went into the courtroom, but Jax remained behind to talk with his love. She started to tell him to find Skye, but he admitted he already had. Before they got to continue, Scotty interrupted, commenting on Jax’s new hairstyle. “Glad you took my advice and went to my barber. This is a sentencing, not a cocktail party. Now lets go,” he told them. Jax kissed Brenda’s forehead and they were pushed into the courtroom and silenced.

Brenda took her place next to Jason and they confronted their attorneys. Jason asked Alexis why she was returning at this point in the trial, and she admitted she thought there was a possibility of securing their release. Dara confessed that Alexis was the better woman for the job, but Jason wasn’t convinced. “Well, then she can work for Brenda because I can’t really trust her right now and I don’t feel comfortable wither her representing me,” Jason told them. Brenda pulled him aside though and asked her to do this one thing for her. He pointed out Alexis had bailed on them when they needed her and that he had done a lot more for his wife than “this one thing,” but agreed to go along with it; and Alexis resumed her position as the Morgan’s attorney.

The judge called the trial to order and recapped what had happened during their last session. He told them they were found guilty of murder in the first degree and that they would be sentenced to a minimum of 22 years in prison, with the possibility of a life sentence. Alexis made a motion to vacate new evidence and presented the judge and the D.A. with a packet of papers revealing the evidence Rick had brought forward. Scott tried to thwart off the motion, calling it a desperate attempt to derail the trial. The judge called a recess to review the evidence. Jason turned in his seat and looked at Sonny, then Courtney.

Gia brought Alexis some paperwork and Alexis showed her gratitude, admitting that Gia had done a great job. She asked her assistant to deliver some of Kristina’s paperwork to the hospital, so Gia went on her way. There she witnessed Zander ordering Bobbie to page Gail so he could reschedule his appointment. Bobbie refused, but told him she could leave a note or he could wait. He agreed to wait. Zander watched as Gia handed over the papers Alexis asked to deliver, but couldn’t keep his mouth shut, directing his anger at her. “That’s a step down, isn’t it?” he taunted. “Crusading as almost lawyer to errand girl.” She turned the tables to his psychological breakdown, but he wasn’t so thrilled with the change of subject, admitting he was sick of the psychological insights. She told him to stop acting like he needed them and to deal with his life. Zander told her that his father couldn’t stand to live with him, so he had finally cooperated with his wishes and left. He pointed out that he went thousands of miles away from home so he would never have to burden his family again, and his father managed to show up. He conceptualized it as showing up just so that his son would never forget his sin. He then told Gia a little about his relationship with his brother and she pointed out that it sounded like his brother loved him very much. Zander admitted the feelings were mutual. “Why can’t my dad see I lost Pete too? Why is his loss the only one that matters?” Zander asked, pointing out that his father may have lost his best son, but Zander had lost his best friend, his older brother, and the only person who ever gave a damn.

Alexis and Carly bumped heads again. “Nice timing,” Carly told her nemesis. “The case takes a turn for the better no thanks to you and all of a sudden you’re back on the job. What’d ya do? Hear we weren’t going to lose after all?” Alexis tried to plaster a smile on her face and thanked Carly for her concern about her daughter. Carly admitted she was glad everyone got the chance to see Alexis as a hypocrite and bounced off.

Rick made chitchat with Courtney and Sonny while they waited on the trial to resume. He explained to Courtney what would happen. She was hoping that the result would be a mistrial, but before they could discuss the possibilities, Sonny took Rick aside. He pointed out the convenience that the murderer chose him to speak through. “You’ve done nothing but jump through hoops of fire to make yourself useful to me. And now, all of a sudden the evidence to free my best friend and his wife jumps right into your lap.” He made a comment that the timing couldn’t have been better if Rick had planned it. Rick took the offensive. He pointed out that the killer might have chosen him to speak through because he didn’t have an agenda or an axe to grind. “I don’t know how to make it any clearer. I did not go looking for this, it came to me. As usual, that doesn’t matter. Personally, I don’t give a damn anymore,” he said, leaving. Sonny chucked as he walked away.

Sonny didn’t remain alone for long though before Jax caught his attention. Jax told Sonny that he was going to take over Brenda’s release from prison. Sonny told him to do whatever he wanted, that he didn’t care.

When court reconvened, the judge admitted that the new evidence presented was exculpatory. He told all present that the evidence, had it been presented during the trial, would have changed the outcome of the decision. He pronounced Mr. And Mrs. Morgan released and proclaimed that all charges had been dropped. Jason and Brenda hugged tightly, relishing in the glory of freedom. Brenda then ran to Jax, hugging him even closer. Skye watched the drama unfold, silently crying to herself. She excused herself from the courtroom and took a walk in the park. She and her flask rested on a bench, wallowing in self-pity.

Carly cornered Rick outside, thanking him for his attempts at clearing Jason and Brenda. She admitted that Jason was her best friend, even though he’d been awful to his lawyer. She admitted Sonny was grateful too, even though he wouldn’t admit it. Rick told her Sonny’s thanks were not necessary, that hers were more than enough, and excused himself. Sonny found her out in the snow alone and asked her what she was doing. She admitted she had been thanking Rick. Sonny pointed out the convenience of the situation, but she didn’t care. She admitted she was just happy he had helped when he did, even if it didn’t all add up.

Jason found Courtney out in the hallway and stole a moment. Their excitement was all over their faces.

Scotty turned to Taggart and pointed out that they had just sent months of preparation to the dumpster. Taggart told him it didn’t matter, that they weren’t guilty and the confession had been real. Scotty made it a point to tell him that they all looked like fools because of the situation and the only way to remedy the problem was to find the real killer.