GH Update Tuesday 1/28/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/28/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Carly comforts Sonny after he finishes breaking stuff up in their living room, including their coffee table.  He is embarrassed but she reminds him that they can afford to replace it all.  Sonny keeps blaming himself for what happened to Jason.  Sonny says he has to go see Jason.  She gives him $20 to give Jason, to pay him for their bet, just in case she doesn't seem him again.  Sonny assures her that it will only be temporary.

Jason & Brenda have a heart-to-heart talk as they wait to be processed.  He talks to her about how they're going to break out on their way to Pentonville.  She is afraid that something will go wrong and they'll be shot.  Jason says that may happen, but it's better than dying in prison.  Jason instructs her on how to create a distraction so they can escape.  She's not happy when he says that if she can grab a gun, to do so.  She says she can't shoot anyone.  He says that's okay because if she did, they'd have a real charge hanging over them and not just the false murder charges.  Brenda confides that she used to always try to get Jason to like her and it really bugged her that he didn't.  She says that now he's so nice to her after everything she's done.  He says gently that he never understand what she does, either, but he does understand why she wanted to kill Alcazar and how she stood by Jason when she could have run.  He appreciates her loyalty.  He respects her, which makes her feel better.

Courtney threatens to shoot A.J. unless he confesses that he set Jason up.  He tries not to; they argue back and forth about Jason. Finally ,he is forced to admit that Coleman found Ida, but A.J. and Skye paid her to lie.  Courtney hurries off after he says that.

After the mysterious woman tells Scott and the rest that she stabbed Alcazar in the stomach, she hangs up.  Throughout this episode, new evidence keeps popping up but Scott keeps trying to ignore it.  It's like the boy with his finger in the dike.  Too much evidence and too many people determined to get to the truth.  Felicia keeps saying that Ida lied and was paid off.  Taggert informs Scott that Alcazar did indeed get stabbed in the stomach.  Only a few people knew about it but it was mentioned in the evidence files.  Scott apparently did not bother to read them all.  Ric keeps needling Scott about procedure and tries to kiss up to Taggert.  A cop takes the piece of coat with Alcazar's blood on it to forensics, despite Scott's protesting.  Ric warns Scott that if he doesn't tell the court about the new evidence, he will go to not only the judge, but the press, with it.  Ric and Scott argue about the case.  Taggert steps in and says the judge will get the new evidence, including the tape and transcript of the phone call from the murderer/woman. 

Courtney comes in, saying she has new evidence as well.  Scott doesn't want to listen but it's either that or let Taggert and Ric deal with it without him.  So instead he orders Ric and Felicia out, but he can't get rid of Taggert.  Courtney tells them that she has a tape recording of A.J. confessing to paying off Ida.  They get suspicious of what else is on the tape.  She tells them that she held a gun on A.J.  She doesn't care if they arrest her or not.  Taggert warns her not to go to the press with the tape because then they will have to arrest her and her life will be ruined.  He assures her that other evidence is coming to light.  Taggert assures her that he will do everything he can to find out who the killer is.  She wonders what will happen if he gets fired, but he assures her that he won't.  After she leaves, Scott tells Taggert not to be too sure.  Taggert ignores Scott's threats and calls the judge, saying that there is new evidence.  He knows that he is following the law and Scott will be the one to get in trouble for not doing what he's supposed to.

Mac tells Brenda that she is going to be processed now.  She says bye to Jason.  Mac tells her that he's really sorry this happened to her.  Sonny arrives and asks for a moment with her; Mac doesn't want to grant it but relents to give them a few minutes.  Sonny and Brenda pretend like they are hugging but she asks him to find Jax for her.  He tells her that he's going to bust them out and everything will be okay.  Sonny visits Jason.  Sonny tries to blame himself for what happened but Jason takes responsibility.  Sonny tells him that he has men working on the escape and gives him the $20 from Carly.  Sonny swears to bring him home.

Felicia visits Brenda in her cell and tells her that she's been working on her case.  She tells her what little she knows about new evidence .  Brenda thinks Skye might be the mysterious woman but it doesn't make sense to her that Skye would try to confess after everything she did to send her to prison.  She doesn't think Skye is the killer.

Skye goes back to the Quartermaine mansion and drinks some more.  A.J. comes in and doesn't see her at first.  He is annoyed to see her drinking some more as she babbles about Jason being the favored bastard.  He tells her that she's better clean up her act because this isn't over yet.  She knows that the Q's, Sonny, and Jax are not going to let Jason and Brenda go to prison.  She tells A.J. that he'd better remember the words "my sister is innocent" because if the cops come after her, she won't be going down alone.

Ric goes to see Carly to let her know about the new evidence.  She is still mad at him for not telling them the truth about his past so he can't get a word in edgewise.  Sonny returns just as he is starting and he blasts Ric, too.  Ric manages to tell them some of what has been going on but Sonny is very skeptical because he distrusts Ric so much and because Taggert is the one in charge.

Courtney visits Jason again and tells him about the tape.  He is annoyed that she tried to save him again after she promised she wouldn't.  She doesn't see why he's upset and tells him that she loves him.  He tells her about his past with Carly and says that he loves Carly but he can't trust her because she does all these things that she thinks are right but betrays his trust.  He wants to be able to trust Courtney.  She starts to get it finally.  He says there are things going on that she doesn't know about and asks her to wait for him and not doing anything else.  She agrees.  They kiss and hug.

Mac goes to Brenda's cell and tells her that they are working on some new evidence.  He gives her Jax's cell phone and says it was found in her personal effects, and it's been ringing every five minutes.  He tells her she has ten minutes.  Brenda talks to Jax; she tells him not to come there and that either the new evidence is going to let her out or they're going to escape.  But once she mentions that Sonny and Jason are behind the escape, he hangs up.

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