GH Update Monday 1/27/03


General Hospital Update Monday 1/27/03

Update By Glynis
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Summer tells Lucky that she canít make love to him. They were getting into it hard and heavy but she just couldnít do the job. She pushed him away at the last minute finding that she couldnít do this. She isnít ready. That is funny considering that she was a prostitute and a very good one. She is sorry that she led him on this way. She really did mean to go through with the act but something is in the way. That is ridiculous coming out of the mouth of a hooker but there it is. That is the fact and there is nothing that she can do about it. She is there with someone that she likes and is attracted too and she canít perform and so they have to stop. She likes him and he is funny and he accepts her and that scares her. It is too much. She isnít used to dealing with the emotional in men, only the physical. She canít imagine sleeping with him.

Edward tells Faith that he is happy with the progress that she has been making with Ned. He was hiding in the back room as Ned came in and made love to Faith. First she pulled a knife on him and threatened his life, but then she warmed up to him. Afterwards, she warned Ned not to cross her or he will find her a formidable enemy. He warns her of the same. He isnít surprised that she and Ned have become intimate. They are both passionate young people and that is expected sometimes. She finds Ned attractive and thinks that Ned can give Edward a run for his money as he is just as smart. he apple doesnít fall far from the tree you know. She will be able to get to Sonny until he has nothing left and that is the plan. Edward likes that she likes his plan and has been going along with it as instructed. She is a wonderful girl. Ned is the most like him of all the kids, but he wants Faith to remember who her real partner is. That is him. He is the man that is best for her and he wants her to remember that. She will.

The hearing is starting again. Brenda and Jason have just been found guilty of murder and the entire room has paused over that announcement and wait to hear what is going to happen next.

Jason warns Brenda not to say anything. He knows that she is having a hard time with this, but he doesnít want anymore outbursts. He wants her to stay in her seat this time and let things take their course.

Courtney is freaking out as the hearing starts and Carly tells her to hold it together. Courtney canít hold it together. She has just heard that the man of her life has been convicted of murder and that frightens her. Sonny tells her to calm down.

AJ tells Scotty that he has done a nice piece of litigating. AJ loves the way that things have worked out. He has managed to watch his brother get convicted of murder and nothing could make him happier.

The judge addresses the court. Jason and Brenda are remanded to jail until sentencing the next day.

The woman that is meeting with Ric tells him that Jason and Brenda are not guilty. She phoned him to meet her and she stands behind in dressed in black and wearing a veil over her face. She seems to want to help but not at the expense of being found out. It is clear that she is the one that really murdered Alcazar and Ric means to bring her to justice. The woman hands Ric something that is evidence to the killing in order to free Jason and Brenda. It is from the night of the murder.

Ric knows that the DA is not going to look at this piece of evidence without more to go on. Scotty is going to think that they are fabricating the whole thing and throw it out. He needs the woman to come forward to make this happen. His recollecting the story isnít going to fly. If she is going to make things straight, she is going to make things straight by coming forward. He knows that she is the murderer. Who else could know all this without being the one that did the murder? Ric has pushed her too far and she runs off. Ric turns but not in time to see who was behind him. She is gone.

Darla tells Jason and Brenda to stay calm and she will do her best for them at the sentencing hearing. A corrections officer comes to them telling them that they are going to be held and they will be back for the hearing. Brenda would like to make a call but she canít right now. She isnít allowed.

Scotty comes to Sonny telling him that allís well that endís well. He is proud of himself for doing the deed. He has managed to get Jason in jail and that has been a hard feat. He would have liked to get Sonny but that isnít possible now, but maybe later. Scotty thinks that Jason is dumb to go down this way. Carly tells Scotty that he is the one that belongs in jail and not Jason and Brenda.

AJ comes to Jason telling him that he has chosen a wife and now he will get life. That is very funny, but only to him. It has taken a long time for AJ to get to this point and he would like to revel in it.

Courtney turns to her brother asking, ďNow what?Ē She thinks that there is more that he can do to save Jason but Sonny has nothing to tell her.

Edward hates that his son will not come to reason. Faith assures him that once she gets the better of Sonny, she will give him her cooperation and full attention. Edward loves the attention part. This is his woman and he is glad that she knows that. Edward warns her that if she takes her eyes off Sonny, she will lose control of him. She has to watch Ned as well. He is shrewd. Faith will do that. She will make sure that Ned is watched and that Edward gets a full report. She looks forward to her weekly meeting with Edward. Edward tells her that it is okay to take Ned to bed but she is warned to avoid getting emotionally entangled with him as that would cause problems later.

Lucky tells Summer that he found her attractive the first time that he saw her. She would have been okay with just that line but now he is a friend to her and she hasnít an idea how to deal with that. Lucky is fine with her not sleeping with him. Let it ride! He is fine being just friends with her. She canít believe this as she is not some blushing virgin. She would like to do this and she wants to do it. She kisses him passionately and pulls at his shirt again but he pushes her away as he knows that making love is something that they are not going to do.

Summer assures Lucky that she has no STDs, so he has nothing to worry about. He knows that she may have a world of experience and that doesnít mean that she is ready for him. He remembers her being very clear about being with him before. Now she seems to want to sleep with him but that could just be because she is thanking him for being a friend. She tries to deal with being rejected. Lucky hasnít had a lot of experience. He has been with 2 women. One was the love of his life and the other was a few months ago. His first girlfriend was sacred and the other girl was a few months ago and it wasnít enough and someone got hurt. She doesnít understand. What is he saying? He seems to want to be only in love with girls. Someone worth waiting forÖbefore he makes love to her. She finds him sweet looking.

Edward is home and he has heard the news. Lila is resting and doesnít know the news. Monica thinks that AJ has been vindictive and sent his brother to jail. Skye thinks what AJ just testified to what he saw. Alan knows that Skye has been drinking too much and that has coloured her thinking. Skye thinks that they have done justice. She raises her drink. ďHere is to us. Life is good and justice is sweet.Ē

Scotty comes to the police station and tries to be a big mouth but Mac tells him that he is in charge there. Scotty leaves and Carly thanks him for his help. Carly, Courtney and Sonny are there to see Jason and Brenda.

Carly asks Taggert if he feels good getting Jason for a crime that he didnít commit.

Courtney comes in to see Jason who thinks that she shouldnít be there. She couldnít help it. She goes to him and kisses him.

Sonny goes in to see Brenda. She is cuffed and Sonny wants the cuffs off but the officer will not do that. Sonny assures him that Brenda canít escape. The man removes the cuffs and Sonny appreciates that. Sonny sits across from Brenda and she thanks him. He tells her to save the thanks. He is going to get her out of this. He swears to that.

Felicia tells Darla that she has heard false testimony. She tells how she knows about Coleman and he fits in as he is the one that is fronting for AJ and Skye. Felicia thinks that they should be subpoenaed and brought to justice. Ric comes in to see Darla. He says that he met with the real killer that night and the woman wants to free Jason and Brenda.

Ric knows that Scotty isnít going to want to hear this. Darla is going to need the both of them, Felicia and Ric to bring this out. Felicia knows that Scotty loves the publicity and is not going to give up this case without a fight. Ric is ready to give him a fight.

Skye thinks that the family doesnít have to worry about Jason anymore as he will be in jail and safe. Monica threatens to throw her out. Skye appeals to her father who has nothing to say. Monica orders her out and Skye leaves. Monica wants AJ to tell her if this was all worth it. He seems to want the family to be guilty for loving Jason more than him. Monica has 2 sons but right now, she is ashamed of one of them.

Jason assures Courtney that he will never give up. She will do anything that he needs. He needs her to go. This is killing him that she is involved. She wouldnít have traded this for anything in the world. He believes that. They kiss. He is cuffed and canít hold her as he would like to. She assures him that everything will work out. This is just a bump in the road. She goes to the door but looks back at him one last time.

Mac tells Carly that Courtney is coming out so she can go in and see Jason now.

Courtney goes to the phone and makes a call, ďI need to see you right away.Ē

Sonny tells Brenda the plan. She is to go into the cell and stay calm. She is to hold on to her dignity and respect. She thinks that he is drawing from his experience in prison. Brenda canít handle it when people try to hold her still. That makes her crazy. He tells her that when the walls start to close in, she is to think of a happy place, any place but there. She will do as he tells her.

Summer has a question for Lucky. What happened to the woman that he loved? He tells her that life happened and things happened when they were very young and they got sucked in. They couldnít handle the pressure. The woman is still around and he is a still friend with her. Summer is glad about that. Lucky doesnít want to lose this woman now. Lucky tells her that he is going to the arena later and he asks her if she would like to check that out. She would. He thanks her for a beautiful evening and he gets up to go. She walks him to the door but she pulls him to her again and kisses him tenderly. That was for being honest to her. That makes her like him even more. He likes her liking him more. ďGoodnight 'Laura'ÖĒ

Sonny tells Brenda that he is going to get her out of there if that is the last thing that he does. He wants her to remember that she has a place in her head and that she can go in there any time that she needs to. She will remember. Sonny kisses her head and leaves.

Jason needs something from Carly. Courtney is hurting and so is Sonny. They are not thinking clearly. Jason is trusting Carly to keep her head and take care of Sonny and Courtney. He bets her $20 that this will all work out. Carly agrees to that.

Scotty hates that Jason and Brenda are getting all these visitors. He thinks that Mac should just call a party.

Sonny comes in to see Jason next. Sonny knows that Jason is going to prison for his decision. Jason thinks that Sonny made the best decision that he could. Jason asks Sonny to take Carly home. Sonny warns Jason that he will sic Carly on him if he doesnít behave. Time is up. Jason is told to hang tough.

Ric and Felicia show up to talk to Scotty. Taggert would like to hear what Felicia and Ric have to say. Scotty takes them to his office.

Carly and Sonny have to wonder what this is all about.

Faith makes a call to Ned but he is not thee. She leaves a message that things are not resolved and that she needs to speak to him again.

Courtney meets Ned at the courthouse. She tells him that he has gotten what he wanted. She hopes that this was enough. AJ thinks that Jason got what he deserved. She knows that he has lied. She is trying to hang on to what she first learned about him. He seemed to be good and decent and she believed that his being bad was a lie. She wants him to prove to her that she is wrong about him. She tells him that it is not too late for him to come forward and admit that he lied. It is not too late for them.

Jason and Brenda are brought together for a moment before they are taken to their cells. Jason sits. She tells him that she wanted him to know that he was right. They should have gotten on the plane that night. She starts crying. She tells him that she is sorry as she believes that this is her fault. She is sobbing loudly now. He knows that they are going to find a way out of this. She pulls herself together. She is fine.

Carly and Sonny are home now. They have to tell Michael about Jason but he is at Carlyís motherís house. How are they going to tell the boy that Jason is going to jail for something that he didnít do? Sonny feels so responsible. Brenda trusts the system and Sonny knew that this was a set up. He couldnít stop it. He starts smashing the decanters on the table. He smashes lots of things in the room.

Scotty is in his office now and Ric tells Scotty to tell everyone that Jason and Brenda are innocent. Ric tells of how he met the killer and got a swatch from Alcazarís coat. Scotty thinks that they are trying to shine a shadow of doubt on the case. He tells them that this isnít going to work. A man comes in telling Scotty that he has a call that he has to take. Scotty doesnít want to take the call. Taggert orders that the call comes in. The woman in on speakerphone. She tells him that he has made a mistake. Scotty doesnít believe it.

Courtney is trying to get AJ to do what is right. All that AJ can see is that she is seeing Jason in that bright light that makes him seem that he has done no wrong. Courtney reaches into her purse and takes out a gun. Jason taught her how to use the gun. She points it at AJ telling him that she has nothing to lose unless AJ helps to get Jason out of jail.