GH Update Friday 1/24/03

General Hospital Update Friday 1/24/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Ned tells Faith that he knows that Faith was the one that trashed Carlyís club. He was visiting with Zander earlier and Zander came forward with news. Not only did he tell Ned that he came on to Faith in his drug-induced state, he knew that Faith had trashed Carlyís club and that is a no-no in Nedís books. Faith seems to be taking him for a fool and he doesnít appreciate that. She used his employee to go against him and that is uncalled for and over the boundaries. She really thought that she could get away with that. They were partners and she shouldnít be doing anything that surprises him. She resents that he wants her to come to him when she wants to do something. He obviously doesnít know who he is dealing with. She wanted Sonny shut down long before Ned came along and she will remain to be a free agent. She has an agenda and he would like to know what that is. What is she doing he asks, as he isnít sure what that is. She says one thing and then goes off half-cocked to do whatever she wants.

Felicia comes to see Coleman at his club. He canít talk to her right now, he says. He is moving around as if in a hurry and wants to get going. She tells him that this is about Ida. That gets his attention and he stops what he is doing to turn to talk to her. Coleman says that Ida woman committed suicide, so that should be that. Felicia tells him that Ida told her that she was paid to lie about Alcazarís death and she thinks that Coleman has something to do with that. She tells him to get her a cup of coffee and she will tell him what else Ida said. Felicia definitely has his attention now and he talks to Felicia on her terms.

Elizabeth seems happier than ever. Lucky has come to the diner to have something to drink and he talks to her briefly. Lucky can see that she has been feeling much better over the last few days. She is smiling and seems happier somehow. Maybe she has met someone. She tells him that she has gotten together with Ric, the guy that lives upstairs and she thinks that she likes him. She hasnít figured him out yet but she will. He says one thing and then later seems to contradict himself but that isnít a bad thing at this time. She is just getting to know him and that is the way that it is sometimes when you meet someone new. He has her guessing about him and that makes her think that he is like Jason. Lucky is sure that Ric isnít anything like Jason. Lucky asks if he has been shot yet. He hasnít. Lucky thinks then that he isnít like Jason then and that it is safe for Elizabeth to go out with him. She smiles over that. Lucky knows what she means when she says that she hasnít gotten a handle on Ric yet as he too has been having trouble figuring out someone that he has met. Lucky has met a woman too and can relate to Elizabethís problem. Her name is Laura he says. She finds that very interesting, He met her at the university. She isnít a student and has a job but he doesn't know what. She is very evasive about her life and he has to let her have her space as she absolutely needs that. He canít ask anything personal as that only gets him vague answers. So he tries to just take things as they come. Elizabeth sees that Luckyís mystery woman has walked in the door and she tells him that. Lucky turns to find 'Laura' standing at the back of the diner smiling back at him.

Ric agrees to meet the voice on the phone to get information on Alcazarís death. He was first alerted that there was someone out there that could give more information by finding writing on his bathroom mirror. He tried to talk to Sonny about it but Sonny would have nothing to do with him and neither would Carly. The voice says that Jason and Brenda are innocent. She is speaking in a hoarse whisper and she is standing behind Ric. Ric knows that only the person that did it would know that Brenda and Jason are innocent. He asks who he is talking to The voice hangs up.

Brenda is on the stand now. Scotty has been having a field day with her. He has managed to confuse the issues and badger her repeatedly. She says that Jason ran up and grabbed her after she came out into the hall of the hotel. She ran down the hallÖshe isnít sure how far down the hall she got. Scotty is badgering her, trying to make her say that she was out in the hall for maybe 3 or 4 minutes, but she tries to set the record straight. He wants to know how many halls she ran down. She believes that she ran down 2 halls but she canít be sure as she was in a big hotel. She was wandering down the hall. It was less than 3 minutes. She was distraught and went out to wander around. Jason found her and thenÖ The judge asks Scotty to stick to the facts. When Jason found Brenda, he didnít know that anything had happened to Luis. How could she be certain though? She knows because he told her that. Jason was on the 14th floor and the balcony. He seems to have had time to get in the suite and kill Alcazar. Brenda could do it and Scotty thinks that Jason did it for her. He is sure that Jason was the one that threw Alcazar off the balcony.

This is too much for Courtney and she gets up to leave the room. As she stands her legs give way and she falls to the ground fainting. Jason stands up, unable to contain his feelings at that moment. Others run to Courtney to assist her in case she is really hurt or ill.

Courtney gets up saying that she is fine. Sonny and Carly take her out of the room and Sonny says that she is to go home. Courtney wants to stay there and she promises that she will be fine. Carly tells her that she should go. Courtney hasnít eaten all day and she thinks that she will be fine now. She wants to stay.

Scotty resumes his questions.

Ned thinks that Faith only tells him what he wants to hear. Faith tells him that he is not a mobster because he slept with her. He knows that her husband would put up with her going behind his back. She has watched Sonny get more and more powerful and she wants to put him down. Ned tells her that there can be no secrets. She tells him that she will cut him off if he pushes her. She leaves to go home now.

Lucky asks if 'Laura' is fine now. She is wearing makeup and looks fine. She is glad that Scotty has gotten the senator to lay off. Lucky knows that Scotty canít be trusted either. Lucky asks about Scotty taking her home. She tells him that Scotty flirted but that was all. She likes that Lucky cared for her. He is only glad that she is okay. She wants to bring him over to her house for a proper thank you.

Felicia has questions about Winona coming to see Ida. Coleman says that he hasnít seen Winona for months. Ida says that she was paid to say that she saw Brenda throw Alcazar off the balcony. Felicia has no idea what Coleman has to gain over this. A man is dead and a woman is dead. Felicia is not a cop. She only wants to clear Brenda and Jason of their charges. Felicia knows that Coleman didnít do this on his own. She wants these charges to disappear. Coleman doesnít want to help Felicia. She wants his help or she will go to the cops. AJ arrives remarking that he sees that Felicia and Coleman have met.

Scotty is talking again.

Courtney comes back into the courtroom and Jason has a brief look at her.

Brenda only has her co-defendant, who is her husband, to help her. Scotty thinks that she went to Alcazarís hotel to confront him not knowing that Skye was in the other room. The man held her captive for years. He told Brenda that he would never let her go. Brenda is being badgered but Scotty is left to continue. Alcazar would have kept Brenda and he tried to murder Sonny. He shot Jax because she loved him. She loved Sonny and Jax and he was threatened by anyone that she loved. He had threatened Jax again and she wanted him dead. She did want to kill Alcazar. She admits it freely. Scotty is done with his questions.

Jason holds his head in his hands. He tells the defense counsel to get her off the stand.

Dara asks her questions. Brenda says that she didnít kill Alcazar and that when she left him, he was alive. The defense rests.

Scotty says that Brenda is beautiful and successful and she is accustomed to the adoration of men. Luis was rich and powerful. He has mansions, yachts, property and Brenda lived with him. She sailed on his yacht and spent his money for years. Alcazar believed that he owned her like a car or an expensive piece of art. That is a horrible way for a woman to live. 2 women saw the confrontation between Brenda and Alcazar. Ida and Skye both testified that they saw Brenda attack Alcazar with a knife. He was stunned and wounded and looking into the eyes of the woman that he loved. Her husband was a professional killer and he pushed Alcazar over the railing, sending him to his death. Part of Scotty wants to believe that Brenda wasnít capable of doing this. He wanted to believe that Jason acted alone and took advantage of the fight that Brenda had with Alcazar. Scotty remembers the tape with Brenda lunging at Alcazar with the scissors. The tape was in a safety deposit box labeled murder. Brenda wanted Alcazar dead and she couldnítí do it herself, so she got a man that she trusted. A man that she knew was capable of murder. Her own husband Jason along with her conspired to kill him. Alcazar has spoken from his grave with a cry for justice. The jury is the only one that can come back with a claim of guilty.

Felicia comes to AJ now and tells him that she knows that he was the one that paid Ida. Felicia has an email that implicates both he and Coleman. AJ thinks that Felicia is conning them into a confession. All that she wants to do is fee Brenda and Jason of their charges. AJ says that if she keeps repeating the accusations, they will take legal action.

Ned comes to talk to Faith. She refuses to answer the door. Ned kicks the door down. He grabs Faithís arm and drags her out of her chair. He starts kissing her. She pulls out a knife that she holds in front of his face. ďYou think that you can just come in here and take me? Take this!Ē

Dara addressse the court. She thinks that Scotty has badgered the witness and that is the kind of trick that a prosecutor uses when he hasnít got a case. Brenda hated Alcazar and wanted him dead. Those are thoughts that someone has had about someone in our lives. Brenda didnít want to kill Alcazar and she didnít do it. The prosecution has tainted witnesses and evidence. The whole case that Scotty has is made up. Ida may have been coerced and pushed for her statement. Skye was drunk when she gave her testimony and she is not creditable. She feels that there is a shadow of doubt. There is also a cloud from the prosecution that means to convict innocent people. We have to see that Brenda should not be used to get to Jason. The only thing that points to the truth in her belief is a claim of not guilty.

The jury is excused. The appointed members rise and walk out of the court room.

Laura has Lucky at her place and she cooks for him. She has lived alone for a long time and she loves good food. She asks Lucky if he can cook but he only does that if he has to. He still watches what he eats though. She envies him as he has friends and family that he can trust. She hasnít had anyone close to her for some time now. He thinks that her life isnít all that bizarre. People in America are binding and relaxing with each other. She feels like she is on another planet. The men that she knows only want one thing and it has nothing to do with her. She gets up to get them coffee and Lucky takes that moment to kiss her tenderly. He isnít rushing at her and he is gentle with her. He wouldnít want to scare her. He canít feel his feet now. They continue kissing some more.

Faith still has her knife in Nedís face. People in her life donít make threats, they make action. He grabs her arm and takes the knife from her. He runs the blade up her arm telling her that he is truly dangerous. He releases her and drops the knife as she drops her gown and she comes to him, kissing him with the fury of a snake. He likes it. They fall to the ground to make passionate love.

The defense tells Brenda that they have to just wait and see now. The trial is over. Jason tells Brenda that she did good. Jason couldnít get up there and tell the story and Brenda did her best to do that.

Courtney has to wonder what will happen now. They have to wait. Sonny thinks that waiting is good. Carly thinks that Brenda and Jason are going to be found guilty. Courtney would like to leave now. Sonny is going to get something to eat and he walks his wife and sister out.

Jason sees Courtney leave. Brenda tells him to go with Courtney. Jason wants to stay with Brenda. She tells him that he is only going to annoy her.

Scotty catches up with Sonny saying that he had the jury eating out of his hand. That is really tough talk, Sonny thinks. He tells Scotty that words can get you in more trouble than he thinks. Scotty tells him that he is going to be next. Scotty has to leave as he is going to talk to the press.

Sonny returns to the courtroom and goes to Brenda. He touches her shoulders telling her that it is going to be alright. Carly returns and finds her husband with his hands on Brenda and his head close to hers. She makes herself leave the court room, trying not to think the worst.

Felicia comes and tells Sonny that she knows that Coleman and AJ were the ones that paid off Ida. Felicia will set things in motion.

AJ is upset that Coleman has been talking to Felicia. Coleman tells him to calm down. AJ is worried about Skye as she is the loose cannon. One too many drinks and she will put them in trouble.

Ric comes to the meeting place to meet the voice. The woman appears. She tells him that he is to listen and do everything that she tells him.

Faith and Ned are finished making love and they canít believe the way that they are together. Ned knows that he shouldnít turn his back on her again. She has another thing to tell him. If he makes an enemy of her, she will destroy him. He will do the same. They start kissing again.

Courtney is home when Jason comes in. She rushes to him. They hug and he wants to make sure that she is okay. She tells him that she has fainted as she didnít eat that day. Jason knows that Scotty made things worse than it is. He may be found guilty and if that happens, he will be given a sentencing hearing and then taken to prison. Courtney is sure that will not happen as it canít end that way. He kisses her face and his phone rings. She begs him not to answer the phone but he does.

Carly comes back for Sonny.

The defense comes to Brenda who has been sitting in the same place the whole time. She is told that the jury is finished and that they have a verdict. Sonny and Carly hear what the defense has said.

'Laura' removes Luckyís shirt and kisses him some more. They are getting heated in their groping. They are very gentle with each other. She suddenly stops and canít do this. She pulls her blouse closer to her body.

Ned tells Faith that they are going to go after Sonny hard with no warning. He gets his coat and leaves Faith where she lies. Edward comes into the room. He tells her, ďWell done my dearÖĒ

Ric is talking to the mystery woman and she wants to tell the truth. She said that Jason and Brenda are innocent as she is the killer.

Court starts again. Courtney walks into the room and sits. Jason senses that she is behind him but he doesnít look.

The jury comes in. A slip of paper is given the to judge. He reads it and returns it. The forewoman readsÖĒThe jury finds Brenda and JasonÖguilty.Ē The courtroom groans as the verdict is read. Sonny closes his eyes. That is just what he didnít want to happen. Carly stares straight ahead, not believing.

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