GH Update Thursday 1/23/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 1/23/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Zander is in his room when Bobbie comes to see him. He is looking bored in his room and fidgety. She tells him that he is free of the drugs and has been doing well. He should be able to get out of there soon. He wants to get out of there but she wants to discuss some outpatient counseling with him first. He has to have a plan for his life now so that this doesn’t happen again. He can keep his job and his life the way that it has been going but he needs something more to help him get things straight. Bobbie says that he will be dealing with Doctor Gilmore for counseling now. Zander knows that his father is out in the hall and he calls to him to come and tell him that he is being dumped himself instead of sending someone else to do his dirty work. Cameron comes into the room to face him.

Carly comes to see Sonny after checking on Michael. He thought that she was sleeping when he came in and she wasn’t. She knows everything that Sonny did when he came home last night. She felt that he needed quiet time to think and she didn’t get up and bother him. Sonny reveals that Brenda and Jason are across the hall. They had a plan to escape the country last night but they didn’t take it. She wouldn't leave without him so he brought her back here.

Jason has to go to see someone now that he has Brenda settled. Brenda asks if he loves her. He stops short. He didn’t’ tell Brenda who he was going to see and he certainly didn’t tell her that the person that he was going to see was a woman. Instead of answering, he tells her not to do anything stupid while he is gone.

Elizabeth is at work and she sees the Courtney is having a hard time while she does her job. She looks worried and haggard. Courtney finds her watching and Elizabeth gets back to work, not wanting to make eye contact with her as that might seem to be understanding or sympathy. AJ comes to Courtney telling her that he only told the truth up there. He doesn’t want her to think badly of him. She thinks that he is a coward for what he has done and she wants nothing to do with him. AJ turns and finds that his parents are there at the diner. They have heard what Courtney has said and they think that Courtney has a point. AJ is a coward.

Ric gets out of his shower in his room above the diner, and finds that someone has written on his bathroom mirror in big red letters. “I KNOW THEY ARE INNOCENT” The writing catches his attention for a moment.

Felicia comes to court telling Scotty that she has information. Court is about to start now and she feels that she has something important that Scotty should know. Scotty will not hear it. The judge has an agenda and Scotty will follow that as closely as possible. Introducing new evidence at this point is out of the question. Scotty wants to use Ida’s statement as it was first received, and not have something else brought in to change that vein of thought.

Ned tells Faith that if Scotty doesn’t bring down Sonny, he will. They are waiting for court to start and they are standing outside the courtroom. Faith is with him and it is clear that they are friends. Edward comes to talk to Ned and then he sees who Ned has been dealing with lately. Faith wasn’t what he expected. It is worse than he thought.

Carly learns that Jason didn’t want to leave town the night before and so, Brenda didn’t want to go either. Carly will meet Sonny at court later, he tells her but he has to go now. Sonny thinks that Courtney is too wrapped up in this as it is. He worries about her being exposed to the media. He has a lot of enemies. Carly tells him that Courtney is worried about him and that is the reason why she keep showing up at court. Sonny likes that she cares but he doesn’t want to see her face on the news. That is not what he wants for her. She shouldn’t have to go through this.

Courtney is outside the diner praying out loud to god for Jason and his safe return. Jason is behind her listening to her prayer…”Please bring him back to me soon…” He is touched by her words. He says, “Maybe you should pray for something else.” She turns and runs to his arms. Her prayers have been answered.

Alan and Monica tell AJ that they don’t believe that Jason killed Alcazar for a moment. He isn’t that kind of person. Did AJ lie for revenge? AJ thinks that Jason should be held accountable for a change instead of getting away with everything that he does. AJ doesn’t kill people and Jason does. He thinks that what they see at the trial that day will prove his point and he will get to see his brother pay for his crimes for a change.

Ric comes into the diner on his phone. He thinks that he has information to help Jason and Brenda. Elizabeth thinks that he is leaving a message for Sonny. Ric doesn't answer her question. Taggert comes in asking Ric why he is talking to Sonny. Does he have information on the case?

Cameron tells Bobbie that he has to talk to Mr. Smith for a moment. Bobbie leaves the room. Cameron tells Zander that he was admitted under his signature and he will not leave until he is sure that the boy is fine. Zander says that he was getting on with his life and now his father has shown up. Zander feels that his father doesn’t give a damn what he does. Cameron tells him to do what he wants. Zander asks him what he is standing around for and Cameron turns and leaves. Zander starts making kicking motions with his legs as he lies in the bed. He gets so angry sometimes.

Courtney can't believe that he is there. Jason changed his mind about leaving. He came back because he wanted to. Whatever happens, he will deal with it. Brenda is there too. They are going to fight this thing. She couldn’t stand it without him. That is what he needs to hear. He will be there for her as she is for him. They kiss. He holds her close to his heart.

Brenda is at home when there is knocking at the door. She goes to answer and finds that Carly is there. She explains that she has to stay there and prove that she is innocent. Carly will be at the trial with Sonny. She leaves.

Edward has seen Faith’s picture in the newspapers. He can’t believe that Ned has been carousing with mobsters. Edward finds that Ned has been picking some lousy people to hang with. Edward thinks that Ned has been trying to damage ELQ. Ned tells Edward that he has lost to Sonny and he shouldn’t get away with it. Edward wants to be the one that gets to Sonny. Ned will mow down his grandfather if he gets in the way.

The defense counsel is there at the courtroom and she tells Sonny that Scotty is corrupt but he is doing things that are legal and there is nothing that can stop that. Brenda tried to stab Alcazar in a moment of rage and that looks like premeditation. Jason seems to have done all this prep work to give his wife a chance to kill Alcazar and that adds up to murder one. Sonny understands what is going on now.

Ric runs up to talk to Sonny but Sonny wants nothing to do with the man. Ric tells him that he has information that could help Jason and Brenda if Sonny wants to help them.

Ric says that he got out of the shower and there was writing on his mirror in red lipstick. Sonny thinks that the man is trying to impress him again. Sonny tries to walk from him to his wife. Ric goes to Carly and tries to get her to listen to him. Carly tells her that he has done nothing but lie since he got to town. She doesn’t believe him and neither does Sonny.

Courtney shows up at court and Sonny tells her that she doesn’t have to be there. Courtney says that she is family and wants to be there. Sonny tells her that the case is generating a lot of publicity but Courtney will deal with it. She wants to sit with her family but she will sit somewhere else if he wants her to. She wants him to trust what she is doing.

Brenda comes into the courtroom and sits in her seat. Jason follows and notices that Courtney is there. Brenda starts talking to Jason about Courtney being there. Jason tells her to forget about it. Brenda thinks that Courtney looks like Snow White.

Sonny turns his head and sees that Faith is there.

Scotty starts his address to the court.

Zander shouts out that he wants to get out of there now. Ned walks in with food for Zander. Zander has been restrained and Ned removes them so that Zander can eat. He takes a healthy bite of the burger before him. Zander alerts Ned that he has a family and that has caused him trouble. Ned worries that he is going to OD every time that he has a problem. Zander doesn’t’ remember that he was looking for Emily. Ned thought that Zander could be useful to him but if it is too much pressure, a ‘no thanks’ will do. Ned wants to know why this happened.

Felicia talks to a woman that was asked to give Ida money. The woman was used as a go-between as the woman was old and she was less intimidating. She only passed on a message. The woman gets up and leaves saying that she is not to be called again. Cameron sees Felicia alone and talks to her. Felicia hates that she has been set up. She only wants the truth.

Scotty shows the court that videotape of Ida. They were the last words that Ida spoke. Ida might have been able to tell them that she saw Jason throw Alcazar off the balcony. The defense stands up against Scotty. Scotty has a plastic bag with a hair that belongs to Jason and he says that hair proves that Jason was the one that tossed Alcazar off the balcony that night.

Jason tells his counsel that he was on the balcony a few days before this happened.

Sonny tells Courtney and Carly that Jason was at Alcazar’s suite a few days before and he doesn’t want to have to explain why he was there.

Prosecution rests.

The defense calls Taggert to the stand. Taggert goes forward.

Edward hopes that AJ is enjoying this. AJ is…a lot.

Taggert testifies. He tells that Jax was another person that has been in Alcazar’s suite but that he has been cleared as a suspect. He is asked if Scotty Baldwin has suppressed any evidence that could clear her suspects. Scotty jumps up to defend himself. Brenda decides that she has to act and she gets up and heads to the front of the courtroom. The judge tells her that she is out of order. She says that she would like to testify to the truth and nothing but the truth. The bailiff and security move forward to her.

Zander tells Ned that he can still work for him if he wants. He has to see a Dr. Baldwin on an outpatient department. Ned tells him that if he misses an appointment, he will be out. Zander then tells him that he came on to Faith and that she turned him down. He also tells Ned more about Faith and her activities. Ned smiles at him as if nothing is wrong. He will let this ride this time but not next time.

Felicia wants to prove that Ida was a paid witness from the start and the woman that she was talking to was a go-between to pay off the witness. They have no idea who paid off the witness. Felicia says that Alexis has resigned from the case and is taking her daughter to get her well. That is her daughter and she is trying to get her well. What does Coleman have to do with this? What does he get?

Brenda is put on the stand.

Sonny explains to Courtney and Carly that Brenda has to testify now.

Faith gets a call and leaves to take it in the hall.

Brenda starts her testimony. The Quartermaines had a party for her and Luis Alcazar showed up and upset her. They left the party and later on she told him to leave town. He forced himself on her and started kissing her…so she pulled away from him and she started running and …she bumped into a room service cart…she went after him then. She didn’t kill him. She was upset and she wanted to scare him so…she did go after him with the knife…but he grabbed her hand and when she pulled away, she cut his hand…he grabbed her again and he threw her down on the ground. She got up and threw the knife down and she ran off. Jason wasn’t in the room but Alcazar was. Scotty is ready to cross-examine Brenda now. Does he want to cross-examine Brenda now? “You bet I do…”

Faith comes to meet Ned and he tells her that she went behind his back and that he can’t trust her so the deal is off as of now.

Brenda answers Scotty’s questions. She says that Jason was behind her at the hotel. He came up behind her and she has no idea where he was before she saw him. She thinks that he was in the stairwell. She isn’t sure though. He could have been anywhere. Brenda doesn't know what Jason was doing before she saw him. She only knows that he wasn’t in the suite when she came back in. She tries to talk but Scotty badgers her. He tries to make the story for her but all that Brenda can say is …”No.”

Ric’s phone rings and he leaves the courtroom to answer it. It is a woman. “It is me…I got your message…I will tell you what happened to Luis Alcazar…”

Brenda says that Jason didn’t have anything to do with Alcazar’s death. How could she know that unless she killed him herself. Brenda stops talking.

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