GH Update Tuesday 1/21/03


General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/21/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

The senator has appointed Scotty to a new office. Lucky has been hiding in the bushes and he sees the senator give Scotty money for something.  The senator remarked that the woman was nothing but an ex-prostitute anyway. Those words struck Lucky hard.  He has been trying to help 'Laura' with her problem and trying to get her to roll over on this guy but she is too scared and tells him that she will get a harder beating the next time if she doesn't forget about what happened.  Lucky had no choice but to listen to what she said.  It is her life and he can't force her to do as he wishes.  He kept asking her over and over if she had been raped but she denied that ever happened to her.  They discuss Alexis Davis in the new position that Scotty has gotten, and Scotty thinks that she would be horrible in the position. Scotty pats the senator on the back as he leaves.  Scotty is told to enjoy his evening and he is thanked again for his help in a very difficult matter. The senator goes back into the fundraiser and Scotty watches him walk off. Scotty is alone now and Lucky comes out of the bushes telling Scotty that there is no way that he is going to let Scotty get away with this.  He grabs the man by the collar roughing him up a little.

Summer makes a call leaving a message for a friend.  She had tried to reach her friend but wasn't able and so she leaves a message.  "No need to call, I will just get back to you later."

Gia is confronting Cameron over the treatment of his son. She has been trying to make him see that the boy has been having a terrible time getting it together and holding it together as he has had all these demons in him. She used to wonder what was wrong with him and now she feels that she knows what his problems are, and they all have to do with Cameron.  They are standing in his hospital room.  Zander is in the bed sleeping comfortably after having been brought to the hospital by an ambulance.  He went to the Quartermain's thinking that Emily was still living there and he demanded to see her.  Gia thinks that his father has been judging his son as if he has done nothing wrong in his life.  How condescending.  Gia thinks that Cameron is the reason why Zander is in this bed.

Alexis comes to see Sonny but he is not there and she walks by Carly as she has things that she has to say.  Once she has said them, she will leave. Alexis says that Kristina needs an operation and Alexis needs to take her to the hospital that night.  Carly is a little sad when she hears that.  The trial is going on in spite of that. Scotty will have things his way no matter what.  The judge isn't working in her favor it seems.  Kristina needs the operation and Alexis has chosen now to get her to have it.  Carly has some questions about all this.  Just how serious is Kristina's condition?  Kristina is not in danger her and her life isn't at risk, Alexis has just decided that this is the time that the operation must take place. Carly can't see why Alexis would pick now to have the operation unless.. Maybe she is doing this deliberately to damage Jason's case.  Alexis has nothing to say to Carly on that matter.  Carly thinks that she got it right. She thinks that Alexis is going to hurt everyone by bailing on them now when they need her most.  Sonny comes into the room asking who is bailing out on who.

Brenda is telling Jason that they have to go to Lisbon as she has get to get out of there.  She called him and asked him to meet her at the docks so that they could have a talk.  Jax has come up with this plan and Jason has to wonder if Jax was acting for her benefit or he really meant this.  Brenda assures him that Jax is on their side.  Jax is going ahead to set up a place for them to go.  Jason doesn't like the idea.  It is too pat.  Jason tells her that he can't walk away from his responsibilities in town. She has to wonder how he is going to be responsible from prison for anything or anyone. She wants him to set his life up somewhere else where he can be free and find a way to clear their names.  He wanted to leave town before and now he doesn't. She can't figure this out about him.  She thought that he would jump at the chance to run.  She rants and raves and finally he agrees that she is right and that they have to go.  She has a good idea and after seeing the tape, he knows that she is as good as fried.  He offers to make all the arrangements for them to go.  He takes off his coat and puts it around her as he walks her to shelter and out from the snow.

Lucky tells Scotty that he knows that the senator beats women and Scotty covers it up.  Scotty says that he knows nothing about all that.  Lucky grabs the envelope in Scotty's hand and tells him to take his money and shove it.  Lucky believes nothing that this man says and he never will. Scotty says that no one has been beaten up and in fact he has no idea what Lucky is referring to as he says these things to him. Why would a senator want to beat up a hooker?  What could a senator have to benefit from doing something like that?

Cameron tells Gia that she has passion but he denies that this is his doing. Zander was the one that chose to leave home and deal drugs, Cameron will not be blamed for that.  Cameron takes no pleasure in seeing what Zander has become and he can't change it.  Cameron doesn't respect his son because the boy is a coward and can't stand up to the fact that he was the one that killed his brother and ruined the family.

Carly thinks that Alexis is walking out on Jason on purpose.  Maybe this was a set-up all along to screw them all over.  Alexis says that she has to take care of her daughter and so she is leaving the case now.  Sonny tells her that innocent people could be put to death if she walks out on them now. She can't be concerned with that.  Alexis will hand over the files and make herself available for consultation if needed for the new attorney. Sonny knows that she has a responsibility to them.  She feels that her responsibility is to Kristina and that is all that she has come to say.  Her family comes first and she thinks that Carly and Sonny should understand that.  Jason comes in as Alexis is leaving and he tells Sonny and Carly that he is leaving the country with Brenda that night.  Alexis isn't there to hear that announcement as she is long gone.

Jason thinks that Jax's plan is the only one that they can follow at this point. The tape was very damaging to Brenda and Jason.  Carly thinks that they can figure out who the real killer is if they work on it harder. She doesn't want Jason to leave them again.  Jason asks for false ID for Brenda. He needs no money but wants Sonny to meet him at the airstrip. Carly goes to Jason and hugs him, warning him to be careful as she loves him and wants to see him again.  He loves her too.  He is gone now.

Lucky brings Scotty to 'Laura's ' house.  She opens the door and in walks Scotty like King of the Hill!  She wasn't expecting that and she stands back unsure what to expect from Scotty.  He can see that she has been smacked around. He assures her that whoever did this will pay for it.  'Laura' hopes that Lucky is happy now.

Cameron tells Gia how Zander always refused to follow the rules.  He got the boys shooting lessons and trained them the best that he could for hunting, but still.  Zander is awake now.  Nothing changes the facts that the shot his brother and he died.  Zander tells his father a story.  Once upon a time the father woke up. "He had two sons, the favorite and the other one. He only came home with one.  The favorite died that day; shot by the other, and that was the meanest joke of all. The father looked around and all that he had left was the other. Nobody lived happily ever after." That about sums it up. Gia finds the man to be cold.  He turns from her and walks out.  Zander tells her that she can go too but Gia isn't ready to go.

Ned comes to see Kristina and learns that she isn't where he thinks she is. She needed surgery but he didn't think that she would be getting it so soon. Cameron comes to see Ned asking for Alexis. Turns out that she has left and she has told no one where she is going.

Jason tells Courtney that Alexis has walked out on them.  Jason tells her that the tape was damaging and that he has to leave the country.  He has to go.  She nods her head.  She knows that he is running now.  There is no other way.  Jason says that if things clear up, he will be on the first plane back.  He is leaving this night.   She tells him to give her a minute as she is packing a bag to go with him.

At the airport, it is a foggy night.  Brenda is already there waiting for Jason.  Sonny shows up and he is carrying a suitcase with him.  She goes to him.  She tells him that Jason isn't there yet.

Sonny gives Brenda the suitcase and she assures him that she will give Jason the suitcase. She needs nothing else now. There were many times when she wondered how her life would have been if she had made different decisions. She is sorry that she has to take Jason from Sonny.  Sonny is depending on Jason to take care of her. She has Jax.  Sonny tells her that he will do everything to clear she and Jason.  Brenda knows that he will.  He tells her not to spend the money in the suitcase all in one place.  She assures him that she won't. He knows that she is going to be okay.  He walks away from her.

Courtney isn't going to let Jason leave with him.  She wants him to fix this but he can't. She is crying now.  If he takes her with him, she will be cut off from everyone that she loves. She tells him that being with him is all that matters. Anything is better than losing him.  They belong together.  He tells her that he knows that she can do this. He wants her to smile for him. He is glad that she cares for him but she can't come. She has to stay there until she is safe and then he will send for her.  How long is that going to be?  He can't give her a date but he will make it as soon as possible. He is not going to lose her.  He kisses her as he has never kissed a woman. She tells him that she loves him and will wait for him as long as it takes.  He walks quickly to the door and leaves.

Cameron and Ned are stunned that Alexis has been moving around the way that she has been. She has been making a statement that she is Kristina's mother and that Ned is nothing.  Cameron thinks that he needs to cut her some slack.  Ned meant to be there for the surgery and Alexis knew that.  Alexis is vulnerable and this will  not snap her out of it.  Ned is going to push back at her now.  Ned tells Cameron that if he wants to get to know Alexis on  a personal level, he will be up for a big surprise.

'Laura' tells the story of how the senator started punching her and kicking  her and then he left.  All because she wouldn't serve him anymore. She didn't go to the cops as no one would believe her like Scotty obviously doesn't. Why would a senator do something like that? They lie, they cheat and they blackmail.  That is why 'Laura' has no trust for the law.  Lucky wants Scotty to do something about this.  He tells 'Laura' to get dressed as a squad car will pick them up in 10 minutes.  Scotty leaves and Summer turns on Lucky.  She asked him to leave her alone and he didn't.  Lucky couldn't stand to see her beat up like this. She warns him that if that bastard kills her, Lucky is to remember this day.

Zander thinks that Gia is offering him charity and he doesn't like it.  She understands him now. She was wrong about him. She didn't have him figured out as she thought. She is looking at him now and she sees a guy with terrible pain and nowhere to put it. She is there and would like to hear his side of things.  He tells her that things are pretty much the same as always.  His brother used to defend him and tell their father to lay off. Zander would pick a fight with his brother from time to time.  He loved his brother but he was a lot to live up to.  He liked messing with his brother. Cameron put a lot of pressure on both boys. Then the brother went to Princeton and got straight A's.  Before the hunting trip, Zander asked him how his brother was doing.  Pete looked at his brother and said Alexander, don't worry about me. "I will be just fine."  Then Zander shot him.  Nikolas comes into the room behind Gia and Zander and she finds Zander crying and Gia comforting him.

Nikolas reminds Gia that they were to have dinner, but she forgot. Nikolas takes her outside the room to talk.  He tells her that he has been sitting waiting for her for a long time. She finds that he is making a big deal out of this.  There is a lot going on that he doesn't know. This is an ongoing thing with her everyday.  She doesn't want him to shout at her there. That is fine with him.  He walks out and she follows.  Zander has heard everything that has been said out there.

Scotty gets the senator and gives him back his money.  The senator says that he would like Scotty to keep the money. Scotty will not cover someone that beats up women.  The senator calls her a lousy whore.  The man had to put her back into line as the bitch threatened him.  Scotty is warned that he shouldn't go against him this way.  Scotty tells the man that he is to go back to Albany and pick up his wife.  The senator will not be threatened. Scotty just did it. He tells the man to take his money and get the hell out of there.  The senator leaves and Detective Lansing, 'Laura' and Lucky come out from hiding. They have heard everything.  The detective goes into the function using the front steps.  'Laura' tells Scotty that he was the last person that she expected that from.

'Laura' thinks that Scotty was brilliant.  He wanted her to have a little faith in law enforcement.  Lucky listens to Scotty and wants to puke. Scotty offers her a ride home. She needs a ride and thinks as she looks from Lucky to Scotty.  She thanks Lucky and leaves with Scotty.

Nikolas and Gia discuss Zander in the middle of the hospital floor.  Nikolas wants to know how Gia got wrapped up in Zander's life. She has forgotten all about her boyfriend over this.

Cameron comes into Zander's room and touches his forehead.  Zander wakes telling the man roughly, "Don't you touch me."

Ned and Faith meet and he tells her that he has been having a bad day. She reminds him that they are together to get rid of Sonny.  She warns him what they are about.  He tells her to shhh. He knows exactly what they are about. He puts his gloved hand in her mouth to stop it talking and then he kisses her.

Sonny and Carly discuss Brenda and Jason.  They are going to go off until this is ended.  Carly thinks that this might be not too bad.  Sonny has run off  to be safe and he had everything planned.  Things still went wrong as missing his family ate at him.  When he came back, Port Charles wasn't the same.  Some things were better but he couldn't get back the things that he had.  He warns her not to think of the past too much or she will miss out on the present.

Jason shows up and meets Brenda.  He tells her that everything has been taken  care of.  They have never been to Lisbon. They see the plane and he offers her a passport that he puts in her hand.  She doesn't get it. He tells her that he is not going.

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