GH Update Monday 1/20/03


General Hospital Update Monday 1/20/03

Update By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky is with Summer and he tells her that he is going to call 911 to get her to the hospital. They had their date that night, but he didn’t come in to be with her. He still refers to her as ‘Laura’ as she has said that was her name. When he got to her apartment, he saw that the door was opened and he pushed his way in there asking out for her. The room was dark but he entered anyway. He just returned to watch videos with her for a while as she suggested to him when he was leaving. It is a good thing that he has come back. She is in terrible shape now. She only wants to get up and he helps her to do that. She has blood on her face. It is clear that she has been attacked. But who did it? Was it the guy that she used to work for as a call girl? She says no. That guy is much too nice to have done something like that to her. Lucky would like to know who did this then. She says that some guy did this to her. She doesn’t want to give up the name of the guy or who he is. Lucky guesses that it was the senator that did this. Her lack of an answer lets him know that he is right. Lucky gets the phone to make this right by calling the hospital and then the cops but she stops him. She grabs the phone. She tells him no. She wants him to leave this alone and let it fade.

Cameron is at his office and he looks at a picture of his family as they used to be. There they all are in another time and place. His beautiful wife and his two sons, one of which is dead as the other son killed him in a hunting accident. He is torn now that he has seen Zander. He hasn’t seen him in a good while and now he finds out that the boy is in the same town as he and he was even assigned to counsel Zander when he was picked up and put in jail. They were snide to each other. Cameron told his son that he wished everyday that Zander was the one that was killed that day instead of the other son. The other son had promise and Zander had none. What a waste. He wipes the items off his desk in fury. Gia is behind him and sees what he has done. She is innocently standing in the doorway when he turns to see her behind him. What is the saying? Like father…like son? That is all that Cameron needs to hear from her. It is clear that Zander has confided in the young woman.

Zander is having a fit on the street. He tries to get up and walk straight, but that is much harder than it should be. He has been sleeping by a garbage can and he wakes now in the snow thinking that he has to get somewhere, barely unable to walk after taking drugs from a buddy that has provided them.

Jax kicks out the camera people for the trial that are in Brenda’s hospital room. Brenda is upset that he has done that. She wanted to testify after the tape was shown in the courtroom. She wanted to say her side of things, but he has taken over and made the decision for her that she isn’t to talk to the courtroom. He is sure that she is going to jail and can’t do anything to save herself. He has also stopped the camera from recording so that no one in the courtroom can see them or hear what they were talking about. Jax thinks that the tape that came out of the safety deposit box will not help her. It showed her being angry at Alcazar and trying to hurt him. That can’t be something that will help her. He is sure of that. He thinks that it is too late for her. The only thing that he thinks that she can do now is give up Jason to save herself.

At the trial, the camera with Brenda’s face goes off. The monitor is blank. Scotty thinks that something is up over there at the hospital and that Alexis’s client has caused the monitor to go off. Alexis thinks that it is just equipment failure and nothing else to be worried about. The judge isn’t sure what to think of any of this.

Scotty thinks that the tape that they have just watched is evidence that should be used in the trial. Alexis thinks that she can ask for a mistrial as a result of the way that Scotty has brought the tape out. She wants the evidence suppressed as she didn’t have a chance to look at it first. Scotty thinks that she just hates what is on the tape and not the way that the tape has been brought out. The judge adjourns the court. He has seen enough for the day.

Jason asks Alexis what is going on and she has to admit to him that she has no idea.

AJ thinks that Jason is finally going to the slammer and so is Brenda. That will give him what he wants and Skye what she wants. Skye doesn’t think that is going to happen. Things were not so clear to her during the trial. Maybe that was because she has been drinking through it all. Coleman comes up saying that Sonny knows that they paid off Ida. Sonny approached Coleman earlier. He was curious as to why Coleman was there and why he had suddenly gotten so close to AJ and Skye. They turn to find Courtney and Sonny watching them from afar. Sonny still finds it curious that they are all good buddies. There are reasons why each of them want to see either Jason or Brenda go to jail for murder. AJ says that he didn’t pay off anyone so he has no problem with anyone. They walk off quickly.

Courtney knows that Skye was probably lying on the stand that day to get back at Brenda for taking Jax from her. Sonny tells her that the less that she knows, the better. He would like her to stop asking questions and let him deal with whatever has to be dealt with.

Alexis is worried and running out of options now to save her client. Every turn has something bad there for her to deal with and now she has no idea what to do next. Alexis has to put Jason on the stand she tells him. She has no choice in the matter. She knows that he didn’t do the murder and that is why she is representing him. Jason doesn’t want to go on the stand as he thinks that he will make a very bad witness. Alexis says that she can’t do this alone anymore, so she is going to have to get his help. Sonny and Courtney hear what Alexis is saying to Jason. Alexis is pleading with Jason to save Brenda’s life.

At the Quartermaines, Alan and Monica are watching the news and Edward turns it off. They don’t need more news about the trial as they were there while it was happening. Alan wanted to hear more but Edward doesn’t think that Alexis is doing a great job and he wants nothing more said on the subject. He is a realist and he thinks that Alan and Monica’s children are sending Brenda to death row. Monica knows that Skye and AJ are a big part of this and she blames Alan for that happening. Monica is angry that Alan is always making excuses for AJ and Skye and the way that they behave and the things that they do. There has to be blame and responsibility for this and she feels that lies with AJ and Skye. Monica knows that Edward is biased on this whole issue. Skye to Monica is just as to blame for this all going wrong. Skye seems to do whatever she wants these days. The door flies open and it is Zander saying that he wants to see Emily right now. He seems to think that she is upstairs and wants to see her right now. They have no idea what he is talking about in his stupor or haze.

Gia has Cameron’s attention now. She sees the similarity between Zander and his father. No one knows Zander very well as he has no friends. Gia understands why now. Zander has a past and this man before her has something to do with that. Zander bounces from person to person and job to job and now she knows why. She is interested in why people do the things that they do. Cameron asks about Zander and what he has to been doing. He has been a kidnapper, a drug pusher and an undercover suspect in the murder of an undercover cop.

Scotty comes into Brenda’s room and he interrupts Jax and Brenda. Jax says that he is ready to make a deal and get Jason behind bars. Brenda tries to stop Jax from talking but that doesn’t work. he tries to make Brenda a witness instead of the murderer. Brenda says that is not the truth. Scotty says that if Brenda said that Jason did the murder, she could walk. Jax says that it is a deal. He wants her to take it if she loves him. Brenda tells him that he has to stop this as she can’t lie. He gets angry that she is always protecting Sonny. He sees that she doesn’t want to be safe and he tells her that he is done with her and they are finished. He tells her that she is only going to be a memory. Jax walks out. Scotty tells Brenda that the guy loves her and he is right that she should take the deal. She tells him to leave. He heads to the door and while opening it, Brenda throws a magazine at his back. He stops for a moment and turns to look at her slowly. Then he just leaves.

'Laura' comes out of the shower and Lucky has to ask if she had been raped. She says that she wasn’t. she doesn’t want to go to the police or the hospital. Lucky has a hard time with this. He wants her to see how sick this is. The guy stalks her and he thinks that she needs to fight back. 'Laura' thinks that she needs to leave this alone. This is her life and she would like him to stay out of it.

Gia tells Cameron that she thought that Zander was trying to be a bad boy and he hitched up with Emily who saved him from death row. Cameron shows no reaction to what she is saying. He seems to not care about Zander. Zander didn’t kill the cop that he was accused of killing. His other son Peter was a start athlete…the phone was ringing for him and Alexander shot him. Gia knows that must have been an accident. Cameron took every precaution to make sure that there were no accidents, but then Peter was shot. Cameron never tried to find his son, Gia says. Cameron thinks that she has only been hearing Zander’s side of things. Cameron isn’t going to fight with Zander. He is going to stay as far from Zander as possible.

The Quartermaines try to explain to Zander that Emily is not there. Alan can see that Zander is on something. He grabs the boy and tries to get him to talk but he doesn’t listen. They stop him running through the house and tell him that Emily is in California and that she is fine. Zander falls to the ground unconscious. Monica shouts for Alan to call 911 and say that there has been an overdose.

Elizabeth is behind Ric and she hears him asking for Brenda. She would like to know why.

Jax returns to Brenda’s room and she is surprised to see him. She has no idea what is up with him. Jax says that he staged all that to make Scotty think that the plan had worked. Brenda thinks that she should have just spoken to the jury and things would have been clear. Jax is sure that she would have been convicted. He has a plan. He is going to make her disappear and they will go and buy a house. He will make a brand new life for them. The trial is starting now, so they have time to plan. He will contact her when the escape plan is in order and then they can vanish. They will tell Jason so that he can work on his own escape. He gives her a cell phone and it is to be used to learn where to meet him when the time comes. She doesn’t’ want to do this. He knows that but the odds are against her. He is sure that this is the only way. She only cares that he calls Jason and let him know what they are doing. He asks her to trust him as he knows that this is going to work. He kisses her head. He loves her. He leaves and Brenda has to wonder what is going to happen next.

Lucky tells 'Laura' that the girl that he told her about that was raped was scared and didn’t want to tell the cops. When it was time for fight back, they had no evidence. Finally they caught up with the guy. Summer says that she wasn’t raped. She isn’t a scared kid in a park. She doesn't want to go up against a senator. Lucky says that if they call the press, the guys career will be over. She just doesn’t’ want to get it worse the next time. She wants him to let it go. He has only had one date with her and already he is trying to take over. She wants to go to sleep now. He tells her that the date was fun. That is worth a lot to her. Lucky gets his coat. She only needs sleep and aspirin. He brought her some cds and he would like her to keep them for a while. She tells him to call her in a day or two. He will definitely do that. He leaves and she rushes to her purse to get some pills. She takes a whole bunch and lies on the couch to heal.

Ric thinks that Elizabeth has been following him. She denies that saying that she is only there to see her grandmother. Elizabeth knows that he is there to see Brenda. He wants her to know that he isn’t going to testify against her. They both know about the tape and Ric wants Brenda to know that he is on her side. Elizabeth thinks that his being a lawyer must give him a headache. Elizabeth wants to know if he likes Brenda or is trying to impress Sonny.

Courtney is writing in her journal…”writing in my journal keeps me from going crazy….I wish that all this would disappear…everything would be quiet and nothing bad would happen and I would find the courage to tell Jason how I feel…to tell Jason how I love him…” She hears the door and runs to meet Jason at the door. He sees her journal. She tells him that she has been writing but it is private. He gets it from her and makes her chase him for it. He gets her in his arms and holds her close to him.

Brenda is in her hospital room in the dark when Scotty comes in and turns on the light. He tells her that he had a meeting with the judge. Alexis couldn’t get a postponement from the judge. The whole case is going to be over in a couple of days. Scotty thinks that this is going to be over in 2 or 3 hours. Once the case goes to the jury, he will not be able to help her, so if she is going to roll over on Jason, she has to do it now. He leaves her turning off the lights again as he goes out.

Brenda asks Bobbie if she can get her IV out as it is hurting her. It stings and wakes her up. Brenda is not dehydrated and if she promises to drink her fluids, Bobbie is fine with taking it out. Brenda has had a bad couple of days. Bobbie tells her that things will work out. She tells Brenda to get some sleep and she turns off the lights, closing the door behind her. In the dark, Brenda gets her purse from under the sheets and pulls out her hair from the ponytail holder.

Zander is sleeping with Monica watching over him. Gia comes in to learn that Zander was high on something. He came to Monica’s house and collapsed in the den. Zander is restrained to the bed as he tried to leave the hospital. He just got violent. He is so sad. Monica thought that he was turning his life around. Something happened to him. Gia knows what it is.

Ric asks Elizabeth to have a cup of coffee with him. First he asks her why she thinks that he is trying to impress Sonny. Ric has followed Sonny’s career for a long time and Ric would like to learn from him. Ric thinks that he can make Sonny’s career legal. That is enough of that and they walk off to get coffee.

Gia comes to the front desk looking for Cameron. Gia shouts at him that Zander is in the hospital crashed out on drugs. Gia lays into him for letting this happen. As she is shouting at him, Brenda comes out of her room with her face hidden by a hat and she gets on the elevator and leaves the floor.

Courtney is worried about the tape that was shown at the trial. He tells her that she shouldn’t worry about the tape. They are alone now and that is what she wants. She has something to say to him. She isn’t sure how to say this. The phone rings and Jason answers to someone. He has to go right away. Jason tells her that he has to go and he heads off, promising to be back as soon as he can. He gets his coat and leaves her standing there.

Lucky and the senator are going to a fundraiser and Scotty is kissing his butt big time. Lucky watches as the senator gives Scotty some money. The senator tells Scotty that he is glad for the help that Scotty has given him as the ‘woman’ is an ex-prostitute and that concerns him. Scotty tells him that he has nothing to worry about.

Brenda makes it to the docks and Jason is there. Brenda thanks him for being on time. She tells him that she escaped from the hospital. She has something to say to him. Brenda tells him that Scotty came to her room and said that the trial is going to be over in a couple of days. Scotty said that Alexis tried to stall the trial and the judge didn’t go for it. Jason denies all of that. Brenda tells him that they have to leave and get to Lisbon that night.

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