GH Update Friday 1/17/03


General Hospital Update Friday 1/17/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky and Summer are kissing on their walk after their date. They had a marvelous time. She is some pool player and he protected her when one of her old clients tried to approach her for a date. Lucky was going to get out of control over it, but Summer convinced him that the whole thing wasn’t important and that the man didn’t know that she was free from the hooker life now. Lucky is showing her how to end a date by kissing her like she has never been kissed before. She likes it. She wonders if he is going to ask her out or not but there is another guy in her life and he asks about that. He wouldn’t want to step on anyone’s toes by overstepping with her if she is involved with someone else.

Cameron has just been called into see someone at the jail and he is shocked to find that the person is his son. He offered to get someone else for Zander but Zander called out to him saying that he should go ahead as all he has ever done is turn his back on him. Cameron is his father and he hasn’t seen him for a long while. Zander accidentally shot his brother while the 3 of them were on a hunting trip and Zander has been living with that hell ever since.

Courtney could see that Jason and Brenda were pretty close when they were talking earlier. Carly warned her not to go to the hospital and get involved in Jason’s other life but Courtney couldn’t help herself and she went to the hospital. She found Jason in Brenda’s room talking to her and they looked really close. She had to come as she had to see him. She knew that Jason was having a terrible time and she wanted to be there for him. Brenda is fine and is fighting with Jason already though, so there is nothing to worry about. Jason is glad that she is there to see him. Cops come to get Jason and bring him to court. The trial seems to be going on. Courtney gets hysterical but Jason calms her and then leaves her asking her to let Brenda know that the trial is starting anyway.

Alexis thinks that continuing the trial is unfair to her client. Brenda is not critical but she is in trouble and needs medical attention. The judge seems to think that maybe Brenda put herself in jeopardy and he has no sympathy for that. He is going to continue the trial as scheduled in a few minutes. The judge says that the trial is to commence in the next 20 minutes. Scottie warns Alexis to get her client ready as they are about to go ahead..

Sonny has found Jax with the tape that he has gotten from the safe deposit box. Sonny demands that the tape be given to him so that he can watch it and find out what is on it before the trial starts. He thinks that he has a better idea of how to handle things to ensure Brenda and Jason’s protection from getting convicted. Jax doesn’t trust Sonny with the information. Jax doesn’t want to give the tape to Sonny. The two haggle over why they should both have the tape. Time is being wasted.

Summer assures Lucky that she is not sleeping with the other guy in her life. She is helping the guy as his wife is dead and she is helping him relive his memories. Lucky finds that all very interesting. The guy is not a boyfriend she tells him. Lucky offers to take her home now and make a second date with her. She would like that.

Jax and Sonny are still arguing when the police arrive saying that they have orders to open a safety deposit box. They see that the box has been disturbed and Jax admits to having the contents. He hands it over to the police and they take it and leave Sonny and Jax where they found them. Sonny wonders why Jax gave the tape up. He could have hidden it in his pocket or lied. Seems that Jax would rather take his chances with the cops than Sonny as far as the tape is concerned.

AJ and Monica talk about Jason and his trial. Monica is fearful that her son will be found guilty of this crime and she knows that he didn’t do it. Monica tells AJ that if he sends Jason to prison, he will have to do it in front of her. That is why she is there.

Scott gets a call. He likes what he hears. “Perfect timing…” He announces that the trial will commence in 20 minutes.

Skye hears Scottie’s announcement and she takes another drink from her flask. It is going to be a hell of a day.

Edward sees Coleman at the courthouse and he asks what interest he has in the trial.

Courtney comes in to see Brenda in her room. She introduces herself. She says that Jason has been taken back to the courtroom. Brenda can’t believe that the trial is starting without her. Courtney thinks that Brenda doesn't need to be in the trial now. She tells Brenda that Jason stood up for her in the courtroom. Jason is very loyal. Brenda asks if she is a friend to Jason. Courtney says yes. Courtney leaves her to go back to the courtroom.

Scottie arrives at the police station telling Scottie that the tape has been retrieved from the safety deposit box. Scottie takes the tape and leaves to watch it.

Gia tells Mac that Zander is going to receive counseling and she thinks that things are going to work out for him.

Cameron tells Zander that his mother and he broke up as she wanted to start over. Zander asks Cameron if he has killed any deer later. Zander asks Cameron if he sees Peter lying on the ground. Cameron admits that he does. Zander asks him if he wishes that he were the one that were dead. Cameron admits that he does wish that…everyday.

Peter showed lots of promise, more than Zander whose real name is Alex. He had no direction and no promise. Zander tells his father that he is a lousy shrink. Cameron lost everything when Zander pulled that trigger. Zander didn’t mean to shoot his brother but that will not bring him back. Cameron leaves Zander in the room and Zander grabs a chair and throws it into the wall.

Cameron goes to Mac to tell him that the kid is not worth any help. Zander comes out and Mac tells Zander that he is going to get in more trouble. Zander leaves.

Jax comes in to talk to Brenda and he tells her that he got a tape out of the safety deposit box that was labeled murder. Jax wants to know what is on that tape. Brenda has an idea what is on that tape. When she asked to go home, things got bad. She had a picture of Jax and then one day it was gone. Brenda’s phone rings and it is Alexis telling her something shocking. The door opens and some men come in with cameras. The judge has ordered it so that she can participate in the trial.

Alexis is getting ready for the trial. She wants Jason to handle his icy cold stare as the jury will be watching him and he will appear to be a killer. The jury is watching.

Edward asks Coleman why he is there. Skye says that Coleman is there for moral support. Edward can see that Skye has been drinking and soon someone will have to take her to the stand when it is time.

Sonny comes over to Coleman thinking that it is about time he and Coleman have a little talk.

The proceedings are started and everyone is seated. All parties are present. Brenda is shown on a monitor in the courtroom.

Alexis starts her opening speech.

Brenda hears Alexis’s voice over the monitor placed over her bed. Jax is beside her like the loyal, faithful dog that he is to her.

Zander is outside punching the wall when Gia comes up. He tells her that the therapist is his father. Zander left home and Cameron didn’t want to find him. Gia can see that he is not alright. She wants to know the story but he doesn’t want to tell her. Zander tells her that something moved and he thought that it was a deer but it was his brother. He and Cameron watched Peter bleed to death. Gia feels bad for him. Nikki comes up and hears Gia talking to Zander. After Zander leaves, Nikolas comes up asking what that was all about.

Lucky gets Summer home to her door. It is an awkward time. She asks him in but he thinks that they should quit while they are ahead. They are going to have a second date though. She tells him that she is around if he would like to come over and listen to music or whatever. He is about to kiss her but he doesn’t and instead he leaves. Summer enters her apartment and turns on the light to find a man sitting on her sofa.

Alexis tells the jury that there is a long list of people that wanted Alcazar dead. He did bad things and he continually operated above the law. She wants them to know that this man has kept Brenda for 4 years and has been walking free to do as he wishes. The bottom line is reasonable doubt as no one will know what happened the night of Alcazar’s death. They have to put the pieces together. They will listen to the facts and Alexis is sure that the state can’t come to the conclusion that Brenda killed Alcazar.

Scottie calls AJ to the stand.

AJ walks to the front and is sworn in.

Sonny is talking to Coleman outside the courtroom. Sonny is confused about Coleman with AJ these days. Then Ida is dead and now here Coleman is with Skye. Sonny tells him that if Jason and Brenda are convicted, he will take care of the situation. Coleman is shaken by the visit from Sonny.

AJ testifies to seeing the man that was driving the limousine. AJ points out Jason as the driver of the limo.

Alexis asks AJ questions. AJ says that he had a clear view of the limo. He says again that Jason was driving the car. Luis was in the car as well as Skye. Skye is his sister and Jason is his brother. Skye was sitting in the back with Alcazar. She didn’t seem as if she had been kidnapped. AJ didn’t tell the police this. He is a recovering alcoholic. He says that he isn’t drunk now but Alexis thinks that he may be drunk now. He admits to the conflicts with Jason and that he is a contract killer. He says that Jason drove Alcazar to his death and nothing will change that.

Courtney shows up at the court and Sonny meets her outside the room. She wants to know if the trial has started. Sonny wants to know why she has come back there.

Gia explains that she was trying to help Zander with some family problems. Nikolas tells her that they are doing a closed circuit trial with Brenda in the hospital. Nikolas wants Gia to leave Zander alone. Gia knows that he has issues and she hopes that he can work that out.

Zander finds his friend and scores some more drugs. He says that he is better now. He puts the pills in his pocket and takes a few with a can of pop.

Courtney says that she is at the trial as she knows how much the trial affects him. Carly had to go home as Michael is not feeling well. Courtney says that she is there to be a better sister. She wants to care about him. Sonny tells her that he has made choices that he can’t undo. Courtney will not leave. Sonny decides to let her come inside the room and they enter as Scottie is questioning Skye.

Skye says that Brenda was going after Alcazar with a knife. Alexis gets her to admit that Skye is an alcoholic too. Alexis wants to know if Skye had a drink that day. Skye did. She doesn’t say how much drinks she had. Skye only says that she had a few drinks. The judge wants Alexis to move on. Skye admits to drinking the night that Alcazar was killed. She was very upset. Skye admits that she was drunk that night. Skye didn’t’ like Alcazar, she says that she hated him. She admits that she had sex with Alcazar. Alexis asks if the sex was good and then she withdraws that question. Skye says that she could see the balcony clearly the night of the murder. Skye says that she saw Brenda stab Alcazar. Alexis asks if she saw Alcazar pushed by Brenda. Skye admits that she hates Brenda as she showed up on her wedding night. Skye admits that she hates Brenda because she stole Jax. Skye is a mess. Alexis thinks that Skye had a blackout that night and Skye can’t remember if she did or not. Alexis thinks that Skye can’t remember if Brenda killed Alcazar or not. Skye freaks out. She points at the monitor screaming that Brenda was the one that killed Alcazar. She climbs down from the stand and she points directly at the monitor and shouts at Brenda’s image that she is a filthy whore. Jax pipes in saying that Brenda is not responsible for this. The judge says that Scottie has to get his witness under control. Skye shouts at the courtroom…”See???? She is in bed and he is right there with her! I can hardly wait for the jury to give you what you deserve you FILTHY WHORE!!!!!” Men come forward to get Skye and move her from the front of the courtroom before she does damage to the monitor where Brenda’s angelic face is innocently watching. Coleman hangs his head in shame. Skye has done a terrible job of it.

Lucky comes to see Summer at her house and he finds her door opened. She is on the floor and has been beaten up. She is crying and her nose and mouth are bloody. Lucky assures her that it is okay and he picks her up off the floor.

Cameron looks at a family picture…

Zander is wasted again and he stumbles through the streets. He hears his father shouting at him that he never thinks. Zander told him over and over that he was sorry but that wasn’t enough. Zander falls by a garbage can and he goes unconscious.

The judge tells Skye that if she has another outburst like that she will be held in contempt.

Scott has new evidence but Alexis hasn’t heard of any. It is a videotape that has been supplied by Brenda. Brenda admits to providing the tape. She found the key to the safety deposit box in the yacht. Jax provided the tape himself. Alexis would like to review the tape first before it is brought to the court. Scottie feels that her client has provided the tape and so they should watch it.

The tape is put in the machine. Brenda is there in their island hideaway, talking to Alcazar, telling him that she wants the keys as she is going out. She wants to go home. He tells her that she has to stay there and she fights him on the issue. She tells him that she isn't going to ever love him. He tells her to take her pills. She takes the pills and dashes them away. She picks something sharp up (a knife or letter opener) and tries to stab him, but he grabs her arm and stands to protect himself. The tape is stopped at this point.

Scottie says that this tape proves that Brenda tried to hurt Alcazar before, and it is clear to him that she has finally gotten it right.  Alexis objects.

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