GH Update Thursday 1/16/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 1/16/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Zander goes to a bar and tries to get a drink but he cant’ get served as he looks wasted. He has popped some pills earlier to hide the images in his head of his having killed his brother in a hunting accident. His father, Cameron was there and accused him immediately of doing the deed and he was right to do so as Zander was guilty. The bartender wants nothing to do with Zander if he wants a drink. Zander starts a story about how he always messes things up no matter what he does. Maybe he can fix things though. He goes to make a call. He gets to the pay phone and dials. “It’s me…Happy birthday!”

Nikki and Gia find Brenda in the lake. She is unconscious. Nikolas brings her out of the lake and lies her flat on the snow. Gia does CPR but can’t get her breathing again. Nikolas calls the medics to get help over there right away.

The judge is asking for Brenda as it is time for court to start. Brenda is nowhere to be found. Jason has no idea where Brenda is. Alexis approaches the bench. She has to come up with something to tell the court as to where Brenda may be.

Courtney tells Sonny that she overhead Coleman talking and she thinks that Coleman might have killed Brenda. Sonny is glad that Courtney has brought this to him. He will take care of it. Sonny looks over to the other seats and sees Coleman sitting peacefully watching the proceedings.

Alexis tells the judge that Brenda is trying to clear her name and wouldn’t have missed her trial if she could help it. Scottie begs to differ. He thinks that there is more to this little story but he isn’t sure what that could be. He asks the judge to put out a warrant for the arrest of Brenda. Alexis is quick to jump in and say that she needs time to find out what has been going on. Alexis would like a short recess to investigate Brenda’s whereabouts. Scottie thinks that Alexis is delaying proceedings, and Alexis denies that. That is not a tactic of hers.

Taggert enters saying that he has located Brenda. She’s at the hospital after having been pulled from the lake. The courtroom starts humming, Taggert tells everyone that Brenda might not make it.

Taggert goes on to explain that he got a call that Brenda has been in the lake. She is alive and was wearing a wet suit at the time of her rescue. That is all that Taggert knows.

Sonny decides that he has to go and take care of some things at the hospital. Carly tells him to go ahead as she will take care of Courtney for him.

Alexis asks for a recess so that she can take care of things. The court should be able to see that Brenda’s not being there isn’t a way to escape court. Scottie disagrees. He thinks that there is a lot more to this than meets the eye. The judge says that the court will adjourn until a better date can be set for trial. He instructs the jury not to discuss the case with anyone. “All Rise!” Court is adjourned.

Scottie still thinks that this might be a trick. He doesn’t put it past the other side to set up something to make it look like Brenda has been attacked, to differ guilt from Brenda.

Edward comes to Jason and asks him to forget the bad blood between them and to remind him that they all love Brenda. He would like to help if Jason needs anything. He leaves and Courtney comes over to Jason but she doesn’t get too close. They have to keep up the façade of him being marred to Brenda. This is all very hard for Courtney and Jason can see that. AJ sees them thinking out loud that she should give Jason a goodbye kiss as she may not be seeing him much in the future.

Nikolas and Gia are interviewed about Brenda being taken out of the lake. They try to answer the questions but they don’t know much. The cop wants to know more about Brenda but there is nothing that they can help with. Nikolas and Gia have no idea what Brenda was doing out there. They shiver as they are cold and wet from getting Brenda from the lake. They watch as she is wheeled off to the hospital. It is just starting to snow.

Zander continues his talk on the phone…”we were so happy…We were going to run away together…me and my Emily…Mexico…we were going to wait tables…as long as we were together…did you ever think of what if we done it? All of a sudden…there is a limit as to how much time you can spend with somebody…it’s okay…we were good together…had to break up…wasn’t my idea…things are going better…who is that in the background? Who is that? Is that your new boyfriend?…Is he going to take you out? Huh? No, no don’t hang up…” The line goes dead. She has hung up on him. Zander takes the receiver in his hand and in the process of hanging it up, ends up banging it hard…then harder…then HARDER on the booth attached to the wall. He is freaking out. The staff at the bar comes running as he is about to ruin the booth and cause some serious damage. The bartender gets Zander around the waist and holds him as others are getting punched and kicked by him when they try to stop his assault on the booth.

Zander is taken to jail. Mac is disappointed in him as he keeps screwing up his life. Mac is done with the second chances. If Zander wants to be a career criminal, Mac will treat him like one.

Lucky and Summer go out together and they play a great game of pool. To Lucky, Summer is the perfect woman. They are having a great time. She is like an exotic bloom to him. There are a lot of layers to her and he would like to know more. Summer doesn't’ like him asking her questions as that makes her uncomfortable. They start another game. Lucky goes to get them drinks and a man approaches Summer telling her that he has been trying to get a hold of her. She tells the man that she is out of the business now. The man will not take no for an answer. Lucky comes up behind the man asking if he is looking to get his face pushed in.

AJ goes to Courtney saying that if Brenda dies, the prosecution of the murder will fall on Jason. He may get the death penalty. Courtney can see that AJ is so jealous of Jason. He is really hateful. Carly tells AJ to leave Courtney alone. AJ knows that Carly is upset as is her whole family. AJ tells her that everything will work out, but what if she is wrong?

Brenda is brought into the hospital and Tony and Alan tend to her. Nikolas and Gia are in tow and they don’t have more to tell the doctors. The medics start work on Brenda.

Alexis’s phone rings and Gia answers it for her. Zander says that he would like some help from Alexis as he has been arrested. Gia tells him that she will relay his message. Alexis comes back learning that Zander has been arrested. Alexis asks Gia to go down and take care of Zander for her as she has to deal with Brenda now.

Scottie tells Sonny and Jason that they are to get lost and not hang around the hospital. He is conducting an investigation and he doesn’t want them around.

Jax comes to Brenda to assure her that everything is going to be alright. She opens her eyes and looks up at him. She nods her head. Sonny is outside the room and sees Jax talking to Brenda. He doesn’t like what he sees at all.

Lucky tells the guy to bug off. The guy tells Lucky that Summer’s a hooker. Lucky tells him that the lady isn’t a hooker anymore. That man is sorry that he has upset Lucky. Summer tells Lucky that the man didn’t know and that was why he approached her. Lucky lets the guy go. Summer thinks that some guys get off on this stuff.

Gia shows up to help Zander at jail. She explains that Alexis is busy right now. Zander thinks that he is going to be thrown into the drunk tank and then it will be over. Mac tells Zander that he isn't going to get off easy this time. He has to agree to counseling and get help this time.

Alexis goes to Jason asking if this thing with Brenda was a set up. Jason denies anything of the sort.

Jax is still talking to Brenda…

Jason says that he would like to talk to his wife. Jax is told to leave so that Jason can talk to Brenda.

Jax leaves the hospital room and Sonny is waiting for him to learn what they have been talking about. Jax denies that he has been talking about anything with Brenda. Sonny tells him that he saw them and he knows that something is up.

Skye is at court and she runs to the bathroom to have a sip at her flask…

AJ tells Coleman that Skye has to go on the stand and if she is drunk they can forget about it.

Courtney wants to be with Jason and that scares Carly as she is beginning to act too much like Carly. Courtney is worried about Jason and wants to be with him during this time of need.

Zander says that he isn’t going to a shrink. That is fine with Mac. Maybe Zander will get 18 months and then he will hit the streets and then he will remember a time when he could have had help. Then he will get in trouble again, cause guys like this always do. Gia wants a few minutes with Zander and Mac leaves. Gia can see that Zander is wasted and she tells him to shut up and listen. This is a crossroads for him. He can’t maker her go away. Gia wants go know what set him off. She guesses that it was Emily. He and Emily have grown on her. The point that she is trying to make is that he changed when Emily was around. She gave him her heart and she saved his life. She thinks that he should see the shrink and he should take advantage of this as his opportunities are running out. Zander agrees to see the shrink.

At the bar, Lucky and Summer discuss hookers. Lucky knew a few and he even saw one once. Nothing happened with her. He didn’t have sex with the hooker as he was in love with his girlfriend. What happened that night was about him dealing with a woman who has said no. Summer apologizes as she almost called him a pervert. She asks him if he would like to take her home. She would like to make a detour to Kelly’s. He thinks that is fine. They get up and he puts on her coat for her.

Carly knows that Courtney wants to be with Jason but she can’t go to the hospital. Courtney doesn't know how to behave. She needs to learn how to behave. Elizabeth couldn’t handle this and look where she is now. They have to follow the unwritten rules if they want to be with their men. “To hell with the rules. Courtney is off like a shot to go to the hospital.

Sonny tries to get Jax to share his information that he got from Brenda. Jax is in a hurry to leave. He says that he has to go for a walk in the park.

Jason talks to Brenda who is awake and looking off into space. He tells her that he needs her to tell him what it was that she was looking for out there. She had to get something from the yacht. They were going to seize all of the safety deposit boxes and she needed the key. Jax has the key now. Brenda wants Jax to handle this. Jason wants to handle this but Brenda thinks that this isn’t going to be any good for Sonny if he gets any more involved in this.

Scottie comes in to talk to Brenda. He wants to know what she was doing in a wetsuit. Jason tells Scottie that unless he has official business, he should leave. He turns and goes saying that he will see them both in court. Brenda isn't’ sure that she can do this anymore. She is sorry that she wasn’t at court. She needs to get some rest now.

Courtney has arrived at the hospital and she watches as Jason talks to Brenda through the glass windows…

Jason thinks that it was brave of her to take a risk like she did. She can’t believe that he is giving her a compliment. Jason leaves and finds Courtney outside.

Courtney wishes now that she had stayed at the courthouse.

Cameron comes into the interview room and they immediately recognize each other. Cameron will have him reassigned. He turns to leave and Zander tells him to go ahead and turn his back as he always does.

Lucky and Summer walk together and then they kiss.

Skye is throwing it back with her flask. Coleman takes the flask from her. She thinks that if Brenda dies, she will get Jax back but Coleman tells her that is not going to happen. There has been too much bad blood and Jax is not coming back. Skye turns to him and he gives her flask back. She opens it and takes another drink. She gets up and downs the rest of it. Coleman thinks that she is going to blow her testimony that day. She is getting smashed. Coleman tells her that if she blows the testimony that day, everything will go down the drain. AJ comes by as Skye is having a drink and she spills some of it.

Alexis explains to the judge that she had no way to know that Brenda was going to end up in the lake. Scottie says that Brenda is a flight risk. The judge would like to proceed. Alexis wants to have more time.

Jax gets to the safety deposit box. He opens it to find a tape inside labeled ‘Murder’. He takes the tape and is about to walk out of the bank when Sonny walks in behind him. Sonny stretches out his hand saying, “I will take it from here…” Jax stands and stares at the man.

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