GH Update Monday 1/13/03


General Hospital Update Monday 1/13/03

Update By Glynis
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Carly lies to Scottie telling him that Sonny hasnít left the country. Scottie has gotten his nose facing Sonnyís penthouse and he is sure that the man has jumped bail. He tried to find Sonny at his office but the man wasnít there. Now Scottie has come to his home to see if he is there and lo and behold, Sonny isnít anywhere to be found there either. Scottie wants to go ahead and get a warrant for Sonny leaving town but Carly thinks that he is spinning out of control and paranoid. Carly thinks that he is going to look silly when Sonny is coming through the door any minute. Scottie is sure that is not going to happen. Faith arrives as Scottie is standing there and Scottie is really interested in this visitor. He canít get his eyes off her.

Brenda tells Jax and Jason that Ric was the one that was in the hotel with her. She is sure of it. She knew that she had seen the guy before but she couldnítí remember where she had seen him. She was trying to remember if she had met any associates of Alcazarís that looked like Ric, but that isnít the case. Ric was in the room in South America, and he was arguing with Alcazar and Ric was accused of stealing and Brenda peeked in and saw Ricís face. That was a year ago. The guy that saw Brenda in the hotel was a guy with a gun. Could that have been Ric? She thinks so.

Sonny has figured it all out. He has returned from his trip and he feels that he has all the answers. Ric admits that he followed Alcazar for a time but that was all. Sonny thinks hat the man pushed Alcazar off the balcony and is standing by and watching 2 innocents go down for it. Ric hated Alcazar and wanted him dead but he is sure that he wasnít the one that did it. He tells Sonny that he is wrong there. He says that he saw the man fall from a balcony but he wasnít the one that killed him. Yes, he was there, but that is all.

Brenda didnít see the man in the hotel face forward but the rest of the man fits Ricís description. Jax thinks that Brendaís right about this. He feels that they should be checking this out right away. Jax wants to go get Ric and find out if what she is saying is true. Jason tells Jax that he should wait. Jax doesnít want to wait for Sonnyís in put. Jason didnít say it that way, but that is what he means and Jax knows it. Jax wants to move on to plan B now and get things moving. Jax will not wait for someone to put Brenda in jail. He leaves and Jason turns to Brenda warning her that she needs to get control of Jax before he gets her put in prison.

Ric says that he was in the hotel and he saw Brenda there. Sonny has brought the question to him, knowing that Ric had been there. She was hysterical and he turned from her face that night so that she wouldnít see him. Sonny knows that Ric is looking out for himself. He knows that Ric was the one that paid Ida to keep her mouth quiet and probably killed her. Ric is probably there to get close to Sonny and Sonny has never been comfortable with that idea. Now he knows why. Sonny is angry thinking that Ric has been trying to get close to Carly, and to get close to him.

Zander is having a flash back. He was with his father and his brother and he had just shot his brother. They were on a hunting trip when the horrible incident happened. His father, Cameron shouted at him, ďYou killed him! You killed your own brother.Ē

Alexis is sorry that she discussed Ned with Cameron earlier. Confiding is someone is how she got into this mess in the first place. She should have kept that stuff to herself. Cameron thinks that she is ignoring what is best for her daughter by disallowing Ned access to the child. Cameron reminds her that Ned is the babyís father and that canít be ignored. She knows that Cameron doesnít even know half of the story. If he did, he would see why she is trying her best to get control of this situation. If she puts a rift between Ned and Kristina, she will regret it. Alexis tells him that what happened with he and his son is an entirely different matter. Cameron is not so sure.

Scottie wants to know what the mob wives are going to do together. Faith thought that she would come for a visit now. Faith wants Scottie to leave for a while and leave her with Carly. Scottie remains but leaves after Carly nearly pushes him out. Scottie warns Carly that Sonny better be back the next day or he will be a fugitive. Faith had no idea that Sonny was out of town. She asks Carly about that but all that Carly wants to know is what this woman wants.

Faith thinks that she heard a sound from Carlyís club. There are rumors that spirits are around there. The space used to belong to Faithís family. Faith read a book like that where the spirits wouldnít let people move into their space. The people had to eventually give up and move out. Carly gets a call that there is flooding in her club space. Sounds like a pipe burst. Carly will be right there. She thinks that she is being sabotaged. Faith says that she was only being helpful. Carly doesn't like being threatened. Faith says that she was only warning the girl, that she might have trouble.

Gia is working on the laptop on the bed as Nikolas comes in. he moves her books from the bed and gets on the bed with her. He would like to snuggle but she isnít into it. She gets angry with him for interrupting her. He tells her that he has just come from the hospital and he couldnít see his little cousin. Gia was there and she should have called him about Alexis but she has been really busy.

Ned is at the hospital to go and see Kristina. The nurse says that he isnít allowed to visit the baby. The doctor gave specific orders. Ned orders the nurse to tell Alexis that he would like to see her right away.

Zander is faced with his demons again. He pops some pills that a friend has given him. He has been thinking of the past and canít face it alone.

Sonny tells Ric that he has witnesses that will testify that he has been seen with Alcazar. Ric tells him that he canít prove that he has been around Alcazar. Ric knows that no one is going to believe Brendaís story. Sonny says that Ric is clearly the one that did this killing. Ric says that he may be forced to say that he saw more than he did. Sonny warns the man that it would be very unwise for him to testify against Brenda and Jason. Ric says that he doesnít want to cause any trouble. Sonny tells him that he is not to see him or Carly again. He is to sever his ties with his family. Sonny told him that he should have run when he had the chance. That was Ricís mistake.

Jason tells Brenda that she has to stop running her mouth to Jax. Brenda thinks that Jax is uncontrollable. Brenda thinks that Jax wants both she and Jason to go free. Jason knows that Jax is only doing this to get Brenda free. This is a murder case. Brenda trusts the man but Jason doesnít trust him. Brenda tells him that Jax isn't going to do anymore after this. Brenda thinks that Jason isnít able to understand as he hasnít love anyone. Jason tells her that she knows nothing about him.

Gia gives her man a massage and she knows that he has a right to be angry. The room is a mess with books. Gia says that they need another maid as the one that they havenít isnít working. Nikolas is worried about Alexis as she has been acting very erratic. Gia thinks that Alexis has been compensating. She has been under pressure and she may crack. She should know that she shouldnít do it alone. Gia has been trying to help her but Alexis wants to do it on her own. Gia stays as Alexis needs help.

Alexis comes to see Ned and she tells him that they have to take a step back and see what is going on. Ned says that Kristina is his daughter. She reminds him that he is not the babyís father. Ned reminds her that she wanted to keep that from Sonny. What is Alexis saying? Alexis sees that there are other factors going on. She doesnít like his choice in women. She shouldnít care but he is dating a monsterís widow. Ned knows how to separate his personal life from his other life. He tells her that his feelings for this little girl have nothing to do with Alexis. Alexis was the reason that he initially did this but Alexis has straightened him out on that matter. Ned loves this girl and if Alexis is saying that he isnít the father, then she must be saying that Sonny isÖand Ned may have to let him know.

Ric arrives at the club space and finds it flooded. He turns off the water and calls Elizabeth to get the number of the plumber that Kellyís uses. Carly arrives finding that the pipes have burst. Carly thinks that Faith is the one responsible for this. Carly thinks that they should go into action. Ric tells her that he canít work with her anymore as something happened. She knows that SonnyÖhappened. She knows that the call that Ric got before was from Sonny. He tells her that Sonny thinks that he is the one that ,killed Alcazar. Carly asks him if he did.

Jason is angry that Brenda has said that he knows nothing about love. Brenda never heard him say the things that he did. She thinks that he is talking about Robin but that is not the case. She would like a clue as to who he might be talking about. Jason will not answer her questions. Brenda thinks that the woman that Jason likes must be passive, blondeÖThey are shouting at each other Sonny enters demanding to know what is going on.

Gia has a lot of trouble working for Alexis but she does it anyway. She wants to learn from the best. Nikolas is feeling disconnected from Alexis as she is the only family that he has. The thing is that Gia remembers him and she loves him by choice and not by obligation. He knows that she is going to be an amazing wife and great attorney. She likes that he believes in her. He does. She will have everything that she wants, there will be no question. She thought that she wanted that but she is looking at Alexis and she sees that being a super lawyer seem easy. Gia thinks that to be a good mother, she might have to give up being a good lawyer. Nikolas reminds her that she will have him by her side every step of the way.

Ned will not be kept from seeing Kristina. Why is he doing this? The child isnít even his. Ned says that Kristina is his in every way that mattered. He has been there for her birth and she is named after a woman that he loved. Alexis feels threatened but that is because she is threatening him. Alexis is scared of him. Alexis knows in her heart that he wouldnít hurt her and the baby. She thought that they were friends. Alexis is not sure where that leaves them. Ned tells her that she has to accept that he is a part of Kristinaís life. She would like to be logical about this. Ned reminds her that Sonny will do anything to get that child. He would even kidnap her. All that Ned is asking for is reasonable visitation. He loves that girl and he will never hurt her or bring violence in her life. Ned asks her now who she wants to be the father of her daughter.

Sonny thinks that the has the information that will prove Brenda and Jasonís innocence. Sonny says that Ric came to town to kill Alcazar. Jason tells Sonny that Jax has gone to see Ric and they have no idea what he is going to do. Brenda stands up for Jax. Sonny tells Brenda that stupid boyfriend of hers is going to get Brenda put in jail.

Ric admits that he was involved in the Alcazar thing. Ric knows that Alcazar was killed and he went up to the suite and got everything out that could connect him. Ric could have left town and he should have. Carly knows that he is smart, so why did he stay? He tried to work for Sonny and work for him. Why is Sonny so important to Ric? Jax enters and pushes Carly out of the way. Jax pulls a gun on Ric and tells him that they are going to take a little ride. He walks Rick out of the basement holding the gun on him and they go up the stairs and out of the building as Carly stands behind them watching in shock.

Ned gets to see his baby after all. He promises the child that he will never let her down. Alexis stands behind him listening.

Zander comes to see Faith. He is clearly strung out. She wants to know what he wants. He wants her. She smiles at that.

Sonny knows that going after Ric is a mistake. All the evidence is pointing to Brenda. Ric saw her running from Alcazarís room and if Jax takes Ric to see Scottie, he will put Brenda in more trouble. Brenda sees what Sonny is saying and he goes to call Jax. Carly comes running in the room saying that Jax has taken Ric away at gun point.

Jax shows up at see Scottie with Ric in tow. Jax tells him that he has done Scottieís job for him. Scottie thinks that Jax is lying as he would do anything to get Brenda off. Scottie moves away from him but it is too late. The press is there. They want to know what Scottie has been doing about the Alcazar murder. Jax says that Scottie has been too lazy to do his job and that there is more information. The cameras start flashing and Ric stands there quietly.

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