GH Update Friday 1/10/03


General Hospital Update Friday 1/10/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Jason comes to the diner and hears that Courtney and Elizabeth are fighting. They are arguing as Elizabeth thinks that Courtney has been pretending to be her friend. She feels that Courtney has been using her to get to Jason and she doesnít appreciate that. Courtney told Elizabeth that she brought this on herself as she was the one that told Jason to get on with it. Thwack!!! Elizabeth slaps Courtney across the face. Courtney takes the slap like a man and she doesnít retaliate. Elizabeth tries it again but Courtney stops her warning her not to do that again. Courtney explains that she found someone that she cares about and she is not going to apologize for that. Finding Jason and caring for him wasnít something that she planned, it just happened. Elizabeth isnít buying that. She really thought that this girl was her friend. Boy was she wrong. Zander comes up and finds Jason looking in the diner. He asks what Jason is up to. Jason moves aside and Zander takes a peek himself.

Alexis has come to see Faith and finds that Ned is there looking like he has just made love to Faith. Alexis isnít shocked by what she sees as she saw the two on the docks earlier, she is just surprised at Nedís behavior. Alexis has an idea what is going on here. She knows that Faith is the widow of a mobster that wants revenge on Sonny and in doing so is getting together with Ned. The question isÖwhy?

Brenda wanted to speak to Mac but he wasnít available so Taggert has come to see her. Taggert makes himself available to her to hear what it is that she has to tell the police about her case. She tells him that she remembers something about the dreaded night of the murder at the hotel. She remembers seeing a man but she canít remember his face. He had on a big coat. Taggert finds this a little convenient at this time as she is about to be convicted for murder. He feels that she might be making this up. She wants him to check the surveillance cameras of the hotel. Taggert is finding this ridiculous and doesnít want to be sent on a wild goose chase. Brenda thinks that this guy could be the real killer. Taggert is not so sure that there is any man to find out there. Jax comes into the apartment and finds Taggert there and he demands to know what he is doing there.

Carly finds Ric in the club space that she has attained and there is a wild fire going and she wonders what he was doing before she got there. he doesnít give an explanation but simply changes the subject. He is worried about the trust that Sonny has for him. Carly thinks that he can tell that Sonny doesnít trust him and she finds that he shouldnít be surprised. He wants her to tell him if Sonny has broken his bail and gone off searching for clues. Carly will not divulged any information to him. If he has questions about Sonny he should ask the man himself.

The housekeeper of the house Where Brenda and Alcazar stayed explains that she was a lover to Ric and Ric started hating Alcazar and wanted revenge for some reason. Ric was in jail for a while. Ric came out of jail just before Alcazar was killed which is interesting timing. She is sure that Ric was the one that killed Alcazar. Sonny thinks that she is just saying things that he wants to her but she assures him that is not the case.

This is strange news as Alcazar was the one that got Ric released from jail, so what could have happened between the two for Ric to take a turn like he might have. Ric left but he promised that he would come back and get her. Ric apparently did all this because of something that was taken from him.

Carly is a little leery about Ric and his questions. He always has so many questions about Sonny and his work. He hasnít learned that he should keep his mouth shut and mind his own business. Ric wants to know anything that is going on as he is working on Jasonís case and thinks that he should be told of everything that happens or any developments. She feels that Ric is helping her with her club to get in good with Sonny and learn more about him. Ric assures her that he is helping her because he wants to. The sitter and Michael come in the room and Michael greets his mother and Ric. Michael loves the new club space. He thinks that it is really cool. Carly hugs her son who suddenly asks, ďWhen is daddy coming home?Ē Carly knows that Ric heard that and that pretty much confirms for him that Sonny has gone off somewhere.

Brenda asks Taggert again to check some tapes and find out if there was a man around the night of the murder. Taggert will do that but he canít promise anything. Taggert leaves and Jax knows now that there is no justice there. Brenda thinks that the cops will help and she will even hire a PI.

Faith tells Alexis that she met Ned doing business. Ned comes out of the back room buttoning up his shirt and he tells Alexis that he is a consenting adult and can do what he wants. Alexis tells him that he will not see the daughter that they have anymore. She will bring him and his inappropriate behavior to court if he tries to see Kristina. Ned warns her that there are things that she wants kept secret. If she fights him, she will not like the consequences. She canít believe her ears. She walks out. Faith thinks that Nedís revenge has more to do with that witch than Sonny.

Elizabeth remembers Jason bailing on her. Courtney heard Elizabeth tells Jason that she was over him. Elizabeth only said that because she was hurt. Elizabeth feels that she was playing up to Jason and trying to stay close to him. Courtney canít stop Elizabeth from how she feels but Elizabeth has to see that she blew it. It is too late for Elizabeth to change her mind. Elizabeth wanted Jason to tell her that. Jason enters the diner with an explanation for not having Elizabeth understand why they didnít work out.

Elizabeth asks Jason if he is sleeping with Courtney. Jason refuses to answer her. She was the one that said that they couldnít work out and Jason realized that she was right. Elizabeth thinks that he likes Courtney more. This all happened because Jason was looking after Courtney for Sonny. Elizabeth asks about Brenda and how she feels about this. Jason tells her that Brenda couldnítí care less about this. Courtney went with Jason because Elizabeth told her that this was okay. Elizabeth thinks that she is sweating. She assures them that she will not tell anyone their little secret. She thought that they were all friends, but they can now go to hell for all that she cares.

Ned has every intention of staying in Kristinaís life. If things get ugly, he will have to deal with that. He turns to Faith. She is a woman that he really likes. She is sexy and great in bed. Together they are going to get Sonny out of the docks and out of their lives. He isnít going to be the kind of guy that gets her candy and flowers. They know that they are using each other to get what they want. If that is not enough for her, he will walk. She loves that he is using her, almost as much as she is using him. They start the kissing again.

Michael wants to know about his father but Carly doesnít answer and the sitter takes him out to go to the apartment. Ric says that Carly should keep Michael close to her until Sonny gets back. He can tell that Sonny has jumped bail. Rick gets a call and it is Sonny asking him to meet him at the Elm Street Pier in 3 hours. He is to come alone. Ric hangs up wondering what the hell that was all about.

Sonny is still in South America, but not for long. He has a drink as he thinks what he has to do now.

Carly asks who called and Ric lies to her that a paralegal has called him. He seems fidgety now saying that he has things on his mind. He convinces her to leave with him. The fire is nothing to worry about as he is sure that it will burn itself out.

Scottie is talking to Taggert about what Brenda has said. Scottie thinks that she is making this up. Taggert sees that things are not fitting. Maybe Brenda was fighting with Alcazar on the balcony and then she left. Scottie thinks that Taggert is trying to undermine his case and he throws Taggert off the Alcazar investigation.

Jason and Courtney come home and she tells him that maybe right now isn't the time for them to be together. Maybe she is a slut. That was what Elizabeth pretty much said. She really knows nothing that Jason feels for Courtney. Jason wasnít in love with Elizabeth. She thought that there was more there but she was wrong. IT couldnít have worked. Courtney wonders what it would have been like to have met Jason some other way. Jason sees that she is very brave and would do anything for the people that she loves. He really saw who she was that night.

Zander bangs on the diner door and Elizabeth lets him in. He asks if she is alright. She says that she is fine. He tells her that he and Jason were outside watching her go at it with Courtney. He asks who won. She tells him that Courtney won.

Cameron is walking on the docks when he comes across Alexis sitting alone on a bench looking out into the dark waters. Cameron asks her what is going on. She tells him that Ned is trying to take Kristina from her.

Alexis thinks that Ned is untrustworthy and cunning and he is dating a mobster now. Why is he doing this to her? Cameron thinks that she is overreacting. She starts ranting and hopes that Cameron doesnít hope that she deserves this. Cameron knows that no parent deserves to lose their child.

Elizabeth says that she caught Courtney in a lie. Zander can see that things didnít go that well. She wants Zander to stop her the next time that she wants to go on another adventure. She doesnít want Zander to be fragile with her as that is obviously a reason for Zander to push away. Elizabeth wishes that she didnít care anymore.

Jason told Courtney once that he isnít experienced at dating. With Robin, she would want to do something and he would just do it. He loved her, but he doesnít miss her anymore. Courtney is full of questions about what would make him fall out of love with him. He tells her that Robin was the one that fell out of love with him first. He was working with Sonny, but whatever she said was right and he believed her. They never talked about his job and he got hurt and she wanted him to quit, and then they broke up. It seems that he chose Sonny over the girl that he loved. He knows no other life. She went to Paris and then she came back, but then he had Michael and Carly lied about him being the father. Jason didnít really steal Michael, he was just helping Carly. He was Michaelís father for a while and Robin didnít think that it was right so she told the truth. That was the day that he stopped loving her. He never knew that could happen. He suddenly felt nothing for her at all. Courtney canít believe that she was married to AJ. She doesnít think that she has been loved before. She had this idea in her head how she thought that it should be and then AJ pretended to give her that. She remembers when he was guiding her and she gave him attitude. That was because she was so confused as he was so honest to her and she trusted him. She didnít even really like him then. She was mad at Sonny and Coleman and she took it out on Jason. She has never apologized for that and she tells him now that she is sorry. He isn'tí sorry for anything as that is why they are together now. She moves closer to him. She asks him if he ever stops what he is doing and wonders when he is going to see her again. He does that. This is all news for him as he has never had anything to look forward to. She looks forward to seeing him too. They start kissing and the true emotions come out.

Taggert is angry that he has been cut off the case. Taggert threatens to tell on Scottie and how he has handled the case. Scottie warns him that he could end up in jail. Taggert warns him that he is someone that follows the letter of the law. Scottie warns him to stay out of his way. Taggert reminds him that he is not the commissioner yet. Scottie gets a call and it is obviously good news.

Brenda remembers things and discusses them with Jax. She remembers a house in the middle of the rainforest. She went into a room and Alcazar and a henchman had a guy with a bag over his head and Alcazar and the henchman were threatening the guy and saying frightening things to him. They had him tied to a chair and they had a rope round the guyís head. Jax asks if she remembers what the guy looked like or if she remembered his voice.

Zander tells Elizabeth that if you have to work too hard to be with someone, then you shouldnít be with them. He thinks that Jason is an idiot and not she. She thanks him for saying that to her.

Alexis never thought that she wanted a child but Kristina is the most important person in her life. She is the reason for everything that Alexis has done. Cameron finds that the child is important as he gives the parent a chance to make things right that were wrong in the parentís life. Alexis suddenly decides that she has to see her daughter and she goes running off.

Scottie comes to Sonnyís apartment to see him and Carly opens the door. Scottie walks in without a warrant. He wants to speak to Sonny but Sonny isnít there. Scottie thinks that Sonny may have jumped bail.

Jax asks more about the man that was captured by Alcazar in the forest. Brenda has flashes of memory but she remembered that Alcazar was asking for his money back. The man said that he will cooperate. The bag was removed from the manís head and Brenda saw the manís face. Jax comes in and learns that the man that she is talking about is Jasonís attorneyÖ Ric.

Ric has shown up for his meeting with Sonny. Sonny asks why Ric didnít tell him that he knew Alcazar. Sonny asks the man, ďYou were the one that killed Alcazar, arenít you?Ē Ric just stares at SonnyÖ

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