GH Update Thursday 1/9/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 1/9/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Jason is coming home and he puts his keys in the door to open it and go in to be with Courtney. Courtney opens the door before he gets in, glad that he is there. She heard him coming in and beat him to the door. Elizabeth is there listening and hiding behind the corner. She leaves after they enter the apartment. She has heard Courtney telling Jason that she has been waiting for him and has missed him.

Inside the apartment, Courtney is upset. She wants to be alone with Jason and not be the reason that he be found out to be a murderer. She is very sorry that she has caused all of this trouble for Jason.

Carly confronts AJ about lying about Jason. AJ has proven himself to be a terrible enemy by lying about seeing Jason in the wrong place at the wrong time. AJ is willing to stop his lying if only Jason will give up Courtney. He wants his wife back. He knows that Jason has a thing for his wife and that makes him nuts. He can’t get back on track with Courtney with Jason in the way. He thinks that Carly feels the same and doesn’t want Jason to be with anyone as she likes having him at her beck and call. She doesn’t want to deal with AJ and do anything underhanded with him for any reason. She wouldn’t screw up her relationships that way. AJ tells her that they both can get what they want in this if she would only cooperate.

Sonny is in South America and he asks about Brenda and Jason. He has jumped bail in order to get more information on the murder to free his good friend and Brenda. He finds the place where Alcazar and Brenda stayed and he talks to a housekeeper who attended to Brenda and Alcazar when they stayed there. He is going to look around alone and he also wants to know who Alcazar’s business associates were. The housekeeper leaves Sonny alone in the room. He walks through the room where Alcazar and Brenda stayed looking at the bed and items in the room. He looks in a drawer and finds women’s clothing in there. Sexy lingerie and undergarments. He looks at a picture over the dresser and then pulls it forward to find a safe behind the picture. He tries some numbers…Brenda’s birthday maybe?…the safe opens. Sonny finds a passport with Brenda’s name on it. He looks through the other things in the safe and finds a folder…He reads the contents.

Brenda is hypnotized. Jax, Alexis and Cameron are there to witness what she says in her trance. She remembers hiding so she won’t be seen by someone. It is a man but she has no idea what the man is doing there. He is doing something with his coat but she isn’t sure what. The whole point of this is to see if maybe Brenda can go to trial as someone that wasn’t of their right mind. That would help her get a lighter sentence if she is found guilty. All in the room hope for the best.

Ric has been watching from outside the room where Brenda is being hypnotized, and he knows that Brenda is telling secrets. He doesn’t want that and shows anxiety at her telling the story to Cameron, Jax and Alexis. He bursts into the room telling Cameron that is enough. He has managed to momentarily stop the session. Brenda is still under, but she says nothing. She is on pause.

Ric is upset that he wasn’t advised of the hypnotism he says. He feels that as counsel for Jason, he has a right to know everything that is going on as that could affect his case. Alexis tells Cameron that Ric is right to want to have known about this. She apologizes to Ric for not telling him about the hypnotism session and he accepts her apology. Jax is there too and he reminds Ric that he is not Brenda’s attorney so telling him what is going on wasn’t an obligation of theirs. Alexis invites Ric to sit down and hear what Brenda has to say. Brenda is still under the influence. She is feeling alright and remembers where she left off in her story. She tells everyone that the man that she was hiding from has gone now. He was only there for a moment. Now he is gone. Someone is grabbing her…it is Jason. She smiles as she says that. The man came from another room other than Alcazar’s. She is being yanked down the stairs by Jason. The session is over. She seems to have remembered all that she can. Cameron takes her out of the hypnotic state by counting to 3. Brenda awakes and knows that someone else was there at the time that Alcazar was murdered, but who that person was is a mystery to her. He was in the hall though.

Zander comes into the diner to see Ned. Ned wants him to drop off an envelope for Alexis. Ned also wants him to check out the basement where Carly is opening her club. Zander is a little unsure as to why he should be going to Carly’s new club space. Ned would like to know what Zander thinks of the club space. Sonny could lose a lot of money or make a lot of money with this venture and Ned would prefer that Sonny lose money.

Elizabeth comes into the diner and hangs up her coat furiously. Zander goes to her seeing that she is upset about something. She says that she just got a bit of reality thrown in her face. She thinks that Courtney and Jason are pretending to be friends and lying to her. She heard them talking earlier and knows that there is more going on between the two.

Courtney tells Jason that AJ could give evidence that she is with Jason. That worries Courtney. Jason knows that AJ hates him but he is motivated by Courtney. Courtney would never go back to AJ for any reason. Jason thinks that they should think about the risk of meeting there from time to time. She knows that meeting him in secret is a bad thing right now, but maybe they shouldn’t be meeting at all. She hates being the reason that he keeps getting in trouble. Jason doesn’t want this to stop. He takes her in his arms and kisses her.

Carly would never do anything with AJ to jeopardize her relationship with Jason. She tells him that Jason would do anything that he could for Courtney. Carly is bored with AJ and his games. He is always there with the need to compete with his brother. What a twisted thrill. He is a big loser. AJ tells her that she had the chance to save Jason and she threw it away. She tells him that she understands Courtney wanting to be with Jason as she wanted to be with him too when she was married to AJ. AJ calls her a slut as he goes into the elevator and leaves.

Jason comes in to talk to Elizabeth but she has no time for him. He can tell that she doesn’t want to talk to him. He wants to know about AJ but she has nothing to say to him. He doesn’t need her for anything she thinks. He never changes does he? He only walks away. He tells her that there were things that he couldn’t tell her and she was the one that walked out of his penthouse and that told him lots. She was the one that put herself where she was. Jason leaves after seeing that nothing is going to come of this.

Alexis wants a report on what happened with Brenda from Cameron. She wonders if someone of sound mind could snap like Brenda may have. Cameron tells her that things can happen that make you regret a moment in your life and wish that you could have that back. Alexis asks if that was what happened when Cameron’s son died.

AJ confronts Jason on the docks. AJ tells him that there is a chance that he could forget about what he said if he could get his wife back and then Jason can go back to his life working for Sonny for years to come without being in jail.

Brenda tells Jax that she has remembered something from her hypnotic state. She remembered a guy in the hall and she didn’t remember the guys face. Suddenly, she remembers that the guy had a shoulder holster. The guy had a gun.

Ric has gone to a familiar place and he finds a button and puts it in his pocket. The button was in a plant holder. He quickly leaves the scene.

Sonny is interviewing the housekeeper even though she doesn’t want to talk about Alcazar who was very generous to her. His guests never stayed there when Brenda was there. He wanted her left alone. He said that Brenda needed special care because of her illness. Brenda was kind to the woman. Brenda was treated like a queen and given everything. Alcazar waited on her hand and foot. She thinks that the couple was very happy. The door opens and 2 men walk in. One in a suit and one in military clothes with a rifle. The suit tells Sonny that he is trespassing and that means that he will be shot.

The housekeeper explains why Sonny is there. Sonny is told that he is going to a prison compound. Sonny tries to talk his way out of this but the man is not impressed by him. Sonny drops some names as he has business partners there. The man suddenly lowers his head when he realizes that he may be going against his superiors. The suit sends the military men out of the room. The suit offers to help. Sonny wants information on prisoners released 3 months prior to Alcazar’s death. The suit leaves to do as he has been ordered by Sonny. Sonny is alone again. He throws a picture on the floor and picks it up to find Jax’s picture in the back of a picture frame that he has broken.

Brenda and Jax share a private moment. Brenda worries him. He has been taking chances for her. Jax realizes that Brenda was willing to protect him and he would like to do the same for her. He has to go but she begs him not to. He tells her not to worry and he leaves the apartment.

Outside Brenda’s apartment, Carly is there. She stops him as she would like to discuss some things with him.

Alexis thought about Cameron’s sons and wondered if Cameron has found his youngest son yet. Cameron hasn’t had any luck. Cameron’s marriage is over and his practice is all that he has. He has been only trying to get to the end of the day. He couldn’t even stand himself, so he went back to school and did his residency in psychiatry. His parents were from Port Charles. He used to bring the kids to town to visit his parents. Alexis sounds like she understands what Cameron is doing with his life. She has a child and can see why Cameron does what he does. She has compassion for what Cameron did for his family but she finds him pretentious and is only working with him to get her client help. In another time, she would be after his license.

AJ tells Jason that he loves Courtney and that Jason doesn’t. he tells Jason to let her go. Jason tells him that his personal life is not AJ’s business. Jason grabs AJ and tells him that he has backed off from AJ for years as they are brothers. Jason warns AJ that if he hurts Courtney again, there is going to be trouble. AJ walks off after feeling properly warned.

Jax doesn’t want to hear from Carly that he shouldn’t be with Brenda during her trial. Jax thought that she was smart but she isn’t. Carly tells Jax that he needs to keep up this charade or the love of his life may be killed by lethal injection.

Cameron thinks that Alexis has a fear of commitment. Alexis thinks that he has no right to comment on her life. She tells him that all she wants is a bill for Brenda’s session. Cameron finds her hiding behind a curtain of professionalism. Alexis is putting away her papers and cuts her finger on a piece of paper. Zander shows up and delivers a piece of paper from Ned. Alexis reads the paper knowing that Ned has finally gone too far.

Jason finds the Private Detective that AJ has hired and tells him that he needs to stop watching Courtney. He tells the man that Courtney is the sister of Sonny Corinthos. The man didn’t know that and doesn’t’ want to step on that man’s toes. Jason warns the man that accidents do happen… The man wants no trouble and leaves hurriedly saying that he doesn’t know anyone named Courtney.

Courtney comes to the diner and Elizabeth locks the door. Courtney thinks that there is something important that they have to do at work, but Elizabeth has her there to ask her when Jason became her daddy?

Courtney admits that she was with Jason. Elizabeth is mad that Courtney told her that she and Jason were just friends. Elizabeth doesn’t believe anything that she has said about being stalked. Elizabeth thinks that Courtney has been after Jason ever since she laid eyes on him. Jason comes to the diner and sees the girls talking inside. Elizabeth tells Courtney that she has been pretending when the whole time she was after Jason. Courtney says that Elizabeth said that she was over Jason, so how she feels now is on her. Elizabeth hauls back and slaps Courtney in the face.

Alexis comes to Faith to talk about Ned. That is amazing timing. Ned comes out of the back room in a towel, asking Faith to make him one of those amazing martinis. He stops dead when he sees Alexis there.

Brenda calls Sonny telling him that she remembered a man the night of Alcazar’s murder. Sonny tells her that he is in her old room. Sonny is getting close to the answers that he needs. He asks if she was happy at this place. She tells him no. She warns him to be careful and she hangs up.

Brenda remembers being in the room with Alcazar. He had bought her a new bracelet. He was angry, though, as he found a picture of Sonny. He took the picture from her telling her that the picture isn’t healthy for her to have. The picture was thrown in the fire.

The official comes back to Sonny saying that he has no names for him to investigate. The man that came to visit was of no importance and so they don’t have a name for a man that was hanging around there. The official leaves and the housekeeper provides a picture for Sonny to look at. “Is this the man?” Sonny looks at the picture…”Well, I will be damned…” That picture is of Ric.

Back in Port Charles, Ric is working hard to get rid of evidence that he has in his possession. He has a fire going and is throwing a coat into that fire. Carly appears and sees him with this raging fire going and she asks him, “What are you doing?”

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