GH Update Monday 1/6/03


General Hospital Update Monday 1/6/03

Update By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Luke looks over his bills in his office and laughs at most of them. He tries to prioritize them when Cameron comes in. He just bolts in the door without knocking. Luke is not happy to see him. Cameron is just checking up on him as that is his duty. Luke tells him that he is fine and he wants the man out of there. Cameron thinks that Luke is shutting his place down but Luke denies that. The place looks like a mess and it is clear that Luke hasn’t done any work for a while. Luke thinks that he may reopen the place. The doc asks if he is talking about real life this time. Luke is very curious to know what the doctor is talking about.

Scottie finds Summer thinking that she was Laura at first. He was looking at her from the back as she stared into the windows at the diner. She tells him that she gets that a lot. People have told her that she looked like someone in the past. He asks about her being in town as he has never seen her before. He is entranced by her and wants to talk to her more. He introduces himself to her and she is polite to him but that is all. She isn’t waiting for anyone but was just passing through. She was looking in the window of the diner as she used to know someone that hung out there a lot. He tells her that the best Key Lime pie is in that diner that she was about to enter and that he would like to buy her some if only she would come inside with him and get a table. She seems like she is about to go in with the man, but Lucky comes and tells Summer that whatever Scottie is telling her, she doesn’t want to hear it.

Taggert catches up with Gia as she is about to throw the damning tape into the rushing waters at the dock. She lied to the woman and told her that she was Scottie’s assistant so that she could go in there and interview her and she taped the meeting. The tape is now nothing but trouble to she and Alexis and she figures that she had better get rid of it. Taggert demands that she give it to him instead of throwing it in the waters to be damaged and lost forever. She will be risking her law career, so she gives him the tape. She is sure that Scottie is going to throw the book at her now.

Jax asks Alexis to make Jason go to jail for the murder of Alcazar. He is desperate and wants to do anything that he can to get Brenda free so that they can continue their lives together. Getting rid of Jason will also make sure that nothing comes of them getting together for real. They are already married and that is too much for Jax to bear. Alexis tries to talk to Jax as a friend and make him understand the way that things work, but she will do her best for Brenda…her client. Carly is listening to Jax and Alexis speak and she hears Alexis telling Jax that he has nothing to worry about. Carly can’t be sure what that means.

Alexis leaves him and goes into the empty courtroom to get to work on her case, and Carly follows her telling her that there is no way that she is going to let her frame Jason for the murder. Alexis has her head down but Carly will not be moved.

Courtney and Jason discuss Ida’s death. Courtney thinks that AJ was the one that killed the woman or the one that hired someone to kill her. Jason isn’t so sure about AJ being the one responsible for what has happened. This seems to have a professional ring to it and AJ doesn’t have it together that well to do something like this. Jason will not testify against Brenda as she is his wife and they can’t testify against each other according to the law. He describes Brenda as spoiled and messy but he still doesn’t want to see anything bad happen to her. Courtney wonders why Jason is doing this and putting himself in such jeopardy. He tells her that it is for Sonny.

Brenda had a nightmare and Sonny came in after hearing her screaming. She dreamt that Alcazar was going to kill her. She was strapped to the lethal injection chair and he was about to administer the injection. That was when she woke up screaming. She thinks about her going after Alcazar with a knife but she didn’t kill him. She was angry but she wasn’t angry enough to kill the man. Someone else did that, as she knows that she couldn’t have been the one to do this. She knows that Jason didn’t do it either. She knows Jason and he is just not the one. Sonny tells her only to stay calm and trust that he is going to take care of her and make sure that she is going to be free. She believes in him and will do as he says.

Sonny tells Brenda that Ida is dead. Brenda had no idea. They said that it was a suicide but Sonny doesn’t buy it. It was too convenient. Brenda wants to know if she was murdered then. That seems to be the case but Sonny can’t be sure at this point. Sonny thinks that Alcazar’s associates killed her and that Brenda and Jason are next. Brenda doesn’t know much about Alcazar’s business but she was at a place in Monaco. She was there with his staff but people flied in and out a lot. She isn't sure if they were business associates. Sonny is going to jump bail and find out what is going on. Brenda worries about that. Sonny is going to go for as long as it takes. He tells her to take care of Jason and not to drive him crazy.

Carly demands that Alexis not sacrifice Jason for Brenda. Alexis will not discuss this with her. She has a lot of work to do. Carly tells her that she heard Jax tell Alexis to make Jason the scapegoat. Carly gets so mad that she slaps Alexis’s face. Carly warns her that she will dismantle her life if she does this and she assures her that Sonny is going to hate her more than she does.

Gia is confused. She thought that helping people was about justice. She can’t trust the system. Taggert explains that the law is all that they have. Scottie is his boss and he has to do as he is told. He will do anything to win. Taggert used to be that way. Gia thinks that this is unfair. Taggert wants Sonny more than anyone but he will not break the law to do it. Gia can see that Scottie is using her brother as if he is nothing at all.

Scottie tells Lucky to get lost. Lucky threatens to hit him again. Summer is confused about this conversation. Lucky tells Scottie to leave. Scottie warns Summer not to waste her time with this loser and then he leaves.

Luke and Cameron play poker. Luke thinks that Cameron will leave after one hand, but he might not. They get the cards. Cameron asks about Summer and the recreation of moments that Luke enjoyed with Laura. Luke tells Cameron to mind his business. Cameron feels that he is playing a game with Summer. Luke thinks that things are going well with Summer. Luke is feeling that his life is not over now. He feels that his wife is still by his side. The reality of it all means nothing. Luke feels that he is responsible for Laura getting sick. He is sure that he was the one that put Laura in the hospital. The doctors want to try drug therapy and Luke can’t stop thinking about that. With Summer, Luke managed to be with the Laura that he knew. Cameron can call it whatever he wants. Cameron warns him that this thing with Summer has to end. Cameron is worried about Summer this time.

Jason explains Brenda and Sonny’s life together. She made him crazy and he made her crazy. Sonny cares for his wife now and she makes him happy. Carly makes Sonny better. Sonny can’t stay away from Brenda as he needs to know that she is happy and that is why Jason married her to keep her safe. Jason will not be married forever now. Brenda is beautiful but Courtney is the one that has Jason’s eye now.

Alexis practices her speech to the jury alone in the courtroom. She hates what she has come up with so far. What she has sounds patronizing. She decides to talk about Brenda as a human being that got caught up in forces that were beyond her control…”She found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time…” She hears clapping and turns to see her dead sister’s ghost standing beside her. Her sister tells her that she has been letting people hurt her. …”Why shouldn’t Sonny pay for everything that he has done? Don’t you know that he would steal your baby if he knew about it?” Alexis has been sleeping and jumps awake when Cameron touches her. He asks her what she is trying to prove.

Carl comes home and tells Sonny that she heard Jax asking Alexis to screw Jason. Sonny says that nothing is going to happen to Jason. He tells her that he is going to South America that night. Sonny thinks that one of Alcazar’s associates was the one that killed Alcazar and then Ida. He is going to jump bail to get this taken care of.

Scottie is thrilled that Taggert was able to get the tape that Gia had. Jax is near the office and hears the two talking. Scottie is sure now that he can nail Brenda for the murder now. Taggert leaves so that Jax and Scottie can talk. Jax would like to know if Jason can go down for this instead of Brenda. Jax wonders how difficult it would be to frame Jason. Jax tells Scottie that if he frames Jason and lets Brenda go free, he will make it worth Scottie’s time.

Lucky and Summer go into the diner and eat together. He tells her that there is a blues band in town and he would like her to come there with him. She likes the idea but she has plans. Lucky is kind of hot for the girl but she knows that she has to do something else. She gives him her number and she agrees to see him around.

Scottie tells Jax that the evidence that they have is against Brenda. Jax can see that getting Brenda free is going to cost him. Scottie tells Jax that it is too close to the trial for him to do anything now anyway. Jax is sure that he can do something if only he tries. Jax wants to know what Brenda needs to do to get out of this. Scottie tells him to get her to plead insanity.

Carly tells Sonny that he should stay as his trip could be dangerous. Sonny would do this another way but there is no way to do that. He tries to make her understand. He wants her to act like he is around. She will do what he says. She promises that she will behave while he is gone. Sonny will be back as soon as he can be. He won’ t be able to call her, so she has to be brave. They kiss and say their ‘I love yous.”

Cameron sees that Alexis is way too involved in her work. She is pushing too hard. Jax is her friend and she would like to help him. Cameron thinks that might not be the best reason. Jax comes into the courtroom and introduces himself to Cameron. He tells him that he would like the man to prove that Brenda is crazy.

Summer comes to see Luke at his office and she is shocked to find his bills all over the desk. He explains the different piles and which bills go where. He tells her that he doesn’t want to play the game today. She only came to say hello to him. He invites her to sit with him. He asks if he played cards with Laura. He tells her yes. He was the one that taught her to play. She was ruthless. Summer thinks that she can do ruthless too. He tells her that they will play but the loser will have to take a shot of whiskey. She asks him, “…five card or seven card stud?”

Ned tells Zander that he has to be very careful and do as he is told. They shake hands. Ned has to wonder if Emily wasn’t so wrong about him after all. Faith shows up and is surprised to find Ned there. She saw him with Zander and tells Ned that she doesn't like that boy and that she wants him out. Ned is not going to let her boss him around. She is a little angry but he cools that off with a sudden kiss. That seems to shut her up.

Carly comes to the diner to talk to Courtney. She can see that Carly is upset. Carly says that she is thinking about changing the location of her club. Courtney wants to know what is really wrong.

Alexis wants to know what Jax is talking about with this insanity plea. Alexis says that selling insanity is hard to do in a court. Jax would like Brenda to seem insane for court. Alexis thinks that this is wrong. Jax only can think about Brenda’s life. Cameron will do an evaluation first and for free. Alexis tells Jax to talk to Brenda about this and after she has made a decision on whether they should do this or not, they will take things from there.

Luke and Summer have been playing cards and she has been losing miserably. They continue to play but first she does a shot. He does one too but he didn’t have to as he hasn’t been losing. She tells him that she had a date with a guy from school but she gave that up to be with Luke. She didn’t go as she figured that Luke wouldn’t want her dating other people.

Ned explains to Faith that he has been wanting to develop the docks for a while but Sonny has always been in the way. They try to talk business but they end up kissing passionately on the docks. Alexis turns a corner and finds them in an embrace and she can’t believe her eyes.

Carly tells Courtney that Brenda coming to town has made things very difficult for Jason and Sonny. Courtney wants to know more. Carly tells Courtney that Sonny has skipped bail as he thinks that Alcazar’s associates killed him. She warns Courtney not to tell anyone about this. Courtney agrees not to tell anyone. She tells Carly she has to be strong too. Carly tries not to think bout Sonny getting killed. It might be too late already.

Sonny comes to see Jason telling him that he has to take care of things. Jason will take care of Brenda and he will try to find out more about Ida. Jason thinks that Sonny going to South America is a bad idea. Sonny just warns him to take care of Carly as she might do something crazy. A car is waiting downstairs and Sonny has to go and prove who killed Alcazar. He grabs his bag and leaves.

Brenda gets a knock on her door. She peeps through the door and sees Jax. She opens to the door to tell him that he shouldn’t be there. Jax enters with Cameron. Cameron tells her that the man is a psychiatrist. Jax explains that Cameron is the one that is going to declare her insane. Brenda turns to the two men in horror. She only thought that this guy was another lawyer.

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