GH Update Friday 1/3/03


General Hospital Update Friday 1/3/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Luke is in the inn with Summer and it is morning now. They have spent the evening sleeping in the same room but behind a curtain as Luke did with Laura so long ago at the same place. Summer has agreed to be his ĎLauraí for now to help him get through the days. He was willing to set her free, but she suddenly decided that she wanted to help him in his emotional turbulence over Laura. He wakes her telling her that it is time to blow the pop stand with him. She was great living out her part of the play that he has thought up for her. She wakes up on her side of the curtain fully clothed but rested. She flirts with him a little but not much. She knows that she has a role to play and she is going to do her best for this man. He has been wonderful to her. She asks him who she is to be now. She should be Laura? Or should she been Summer now? He tells her that she is Summer. He thanks her for doing this for him. Being back at Beaches Corners with her has helped him get through another nigh as most of them have been sleepless over Laura.

Brenda gets a visit from Jax and she hurries him into her apartment when she opens the door and finds him standing there before her. She runs to him and they hug. She jumps into his arms and he catches her like a little child. In a lot of ways she is like a little child. She has missed him terribly but they have to stay apart for some time so that she can get through this trial. He hates the fact that she is still married to Jason. Jax doesnít see why she has to do that. He wants Jason as far away from Brenda as possible. It has been explained to Jax over and over but he still doesnít get it. Jax wants to be with her. That is where his heart is. Where is her heart he wonders.

Jason didnít know that Sonny was going to get Ric in on the case. He almost did the wrong thing and he still doesn't like Ric all that much. Sonny has to admit that Ric does think well on his feet. Jason will let Ric be his lawyer but something is definitely off with the guy. There is a knock at the door and it is Ric. He was called for and so he has arrived. Sonny tells him to get in there. He would like to Ric to talk to the witness and get her to say that she will retract her statement.

Carl hears Courtney arguing with AJ and she comes over. She hears Courtney saying that he was the one that paid the witness to say what she has been saying. AJ tells her that she shouldnít believe in Jason so much. He thinks that all the women in Jasonís life are programmed like she and Carly and Brenda are. He leaves and Carly turns to Courtney, telling her that she has blown it royally.

Taggert is angry with his sister as she pretended to be Scottieís assistant to get information from Ida. Nikolas thinks that Taggert should let up on Gia but he thinks that she has broken the law once again by pretending to be Scottieís assistant. Nikolas tells Taggert to back off but Taggert gets angry telling Nikolas to back off as he is the one that causes much of the trouble. Gia thinks that there has been no harm done so that they should forget about this. Taggert thinks that there is a lot to worry about. She may get busted.

Jax and Brenda sit and talk about what they face. She tells him that she does the things she does because of him. She didnít want to leave him before. They have been over this and over this. She came back because of Jason and she isnít afraid as she didnít murder anyone. She believes in the justice system. She wants to know why he came over there. He tells her that he would like to help her. He begs her to let him make her feel safe. He is the only one in fact that makes her safe. They kiss. She really does love him. As they are kissing on the couch, Jason walks in and slams the door to get his attention. Jason tells Brenda again that this is bad for her case. She has to understand that.

Luke and Summer have a broken down car now. They stand on the side of the road. She has to wonder who she is now. He tells her that she is Summer. He and Laura broke down in their caddy many times. Luke wonders why he shouldnít get a newer car and the reason is that he is more attached to his car than he is to most people. Summer understands that as people disappoint you. Luke finds that she understands him after all. She asks him when they are supposed to have sex now.

Luke tells Summer that sex for them isnít in the cards right now. He tells her that she is beautiful and sexy and she is magic to him and he likes that she is helping him go back to the better times in his life. Like the time that he went to the theatre with LauraÖor the time that he was on the run with Laura. Sex is totally different from his memories. He would just like to keep on with the road trip and not do anything that would pale in comparison. She assures him that she is very good in bed and he is sure that she is. He wishes that he could fix the car himself. She gets an idea and moves into action.

Carly sits Courtney down telling her that this whole thing is like a train wreck. Carly overheard Sonny and Jason talking and then Courtney shows up and now AJ seems to have the upper hand. Courtney hasnít been thinking and she really needs to. Carly understands how Courtney feels having to deal with AJ but she canít squash AJ. She has to use her head and follow the rules. She canít discuss Jasonís business and she has to avoid repeating things that she hears. Courtney feels like an idiot. She is new at this but Carly has been at this for a very long time. She tells Courtney to deal with this for Jason. Courtney wants help and Carly will give that to her. She tells Courtney to tell Jason the truth as that is the only option.

Gia and Nikolas talk to Alexis about what Gia did with the witness. She has tampered with the witness. She lets Alexis know that Taggert knows about this but she is sure that she will not be turned in. Gia has a tape on video and Nikolas shows that to her. It is a tape of Gia talking to Ida. Gia is asking for the truth and nothing else. Alexis demands that the tape be turned off as she doesnít want to hear another word.

Jason tells Jax and Brenda again what can happen if people see she and Jax together. She keeps pretending that everything is going to work out. Brenda assures him that she will be more careful in the future. Jason leaves and Jax turns to Brenda asking why Jason is trying to keep them apart. He thinks that Jason is trying to dictate their lives. Brenda tells Jax that she doesnít want to see him at all.

Ric gets a call from Sonny who wants to know what has happened with Ida. He wants to know if Ida has gotten the 2 million dollars that Sonny sent over there for her. Ric tells him that things havenít gone as planned. Sonny wants to know more but Ric pauses for a few moments first as he turns to the body of Ida that is hanging by a rope from the ceiling and swinging in the non-existent breeze in the room. The shadow of her corpse figures prominently on the wall beside Ric who only stares at it calmly as he stands composed while holding the suitcase packed tight with the 2 million that Sonny put aside for the woman.

Carly tells Courtney that she is lucky that she has her to look out for her. Courtney knows that Jason is going to be angry with her but Carly knows that honesty is the best plan now.

Taggert is there when the body of Ida is brought out of the suite. Scottie shows up and Taggert tells him that it looked like a suicide. Scottie tells Taggert that a beautiful, African-American woman visited Ida the day before. The woman got Ida to talk to her on tape and Scottie wants that tape or things are going to get a little dicey.

Alexis has demanded that the tape of Ida be turned off and Nikolas does as he is told. She says on tape that Brenda was the one that did the murder. Alexis hates that she might be in the position of having to talk about that tape. She says that in her mind the tape has ceased to exist and she wants nothing to do with it.

Jason and Sonny are discussing the death of Ida. They have no idea who could have killed the woman. Seems that someone paid the woman off and then offed her to make her death look like a suicide. Sonny needs Jason to make a list of enemies and Sonny will find out who did this.

Jax thinks that Brenda wants to break off the relationship so that she can go back to Jason. She assures him that she is doing this for herself. She has to do what is right for her case. Jax only sees that she has run back to town for the man that loves her. She keeps telling him that she has to be married to Jason so that they canít testify against each other. Jax doesnít believe her. He is sure that this is all about Sonny. He goes out the door, slamming it behind him and she runs up to it kicking it as it closes.

Summer has managed to fix the car and it hums to life. Her father taught her everything about cars. Her father made her feel like she was useful. She loved her dad. He can see the light in her eyes as she talks about her father. Summer knows that he has a daughter. She is six or seven now. Luke says that he also has a grown son. He hasnít seen his daughter much as he feels that he isnít good for her. She has her motherís eyes. Luke thinks that all good things end badly but the right saying is that all good things come to an end. Luke has changed his mind about the trip and wants to go home. Summer asks him, ďWhat if I donít want to go home?Ē

It seems that Summer is having more fun than Luke thought that she would. She denies that she is having that much fun. She feels bad for him but she tells him that he had it for many years which is better than most. She is not going to play violins for him just yet. She refers to the game that they are playing. She likes it. He is surprised. She feels that she has been looking at her own memories as well. He likes the look in his eyes when he thinks about the woman that he loves. She knows that she is a substitute, but she likes standing in Lauraís place. That is like being loved. He knows that she is beautiful, sexy and smart and she is young. He tells her that she can have any man that she wants. She will be beating them off with a stick. She only hopes her dream man is like Luke.

Ric is at court and he tells Alexis that Ida is dead. The police think that she has committed suicide. Alexis thinks that the suicide idea is possible. Alexis thinks that his client may have paid Ida a visit. Jax shows up and eavesdrops on the conversation that Ric and Alexis are having. Ric thinks that this isnít good for either of their clients. Both Brenda and Jax are either going to be exonerated together or they are going to go down for murder one.

Courtney is home talking to Jason now. She tells him that she has been having trouble with all the rules. Jason is in a hurry and canít talk right now, but she wants to get this out. He interrupts her to tell her that Ida has been found hanging in her hotel room. She could have been murdered. Courtney panics when she hears that. Jason tries to explain more but Courtney interrupts him. ďI think that I know who killed herÖĒ Jason looks down at her, not unsure what he is going to hear next, and unable to figure out how Courtney could have a part in something like this.

Luke is back at his office doing shots when he thinks of Laura and how much she looks like Summer. The visions of both their faces frighten him.

Summer is at the diner when Scottie comes up behind her shocked at first. She sees him staring at her and she turns to look at him. He breathes finally when he sees that the woman before him is not Laura but something else. She sees that she has got an admirer and she asks him if something is wrong but he tells her that he thought that she was someone else.

Gia and Nikolas are talking and he leaves her alone after telling her that he doesnít understand what she has done. She is alone now and ready to throw the tape that she has in her hand of the dead woman into the water rushing in front of her but her brother shows up thinking out loud that he is just in time. She stops her throwing motion to turn and stare at him.

Alexis and Jax talk and Jax tells her that Jason is the one that has killed the 2 people involved. Carly shows up and hears what Jax is saying to Alexis. Alexis knows that Jax is only trying to free himself of Sonny.

Courtney tells Jason what has happened. She was talking to AJ and she told him that Jason and Sonny were on to him and that they knew that he was the one that bribed Ida. Jason makes her sit down. He knows that she made a mistake. That happens sometime. He is only glad that she told him. He isnít mad, but he is hoping that maybe she will understand why he canít talk to her about business anymore. Courtney canít believe that she is still married to AJ. What if he were the one that killed that old lady.

ďBrenda is tied to the lethal injection chairÖAlcazar is above her and then he sticks her with the needle. She canít move and she screams out in horror as she realizes that she is going to be executed by the very man that she has been accused of murderingÖShe screams out loud andÖĒ That is when she is awakened from her dream. Sonny hears her screaming and rushes in to help her and make sure that she is alright. He sees that she is sweaty and shaking.

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