GH Update Thursday 1/2/03


General Hospital Update Thursday 1/2/03

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth talks to Zander about his job at ELQ. He is an errand boy for them. He does whatever he is told but at least he has a job now. He has been trying to jumpstart his life again and this job seems to be the way to do it. He isn’t making a lot of money but he is making an honest living. He doesn’t have to worry about getting shot or arrested now and that alone seems strange to him. He misses the danger though in a strange way. The new job is kind of tame now in comparison to the life that he used to lead. Elizabeth thinks that is a good thing. Zander is going to have a future now. Elizabeth thinks that he has made the right decision and she is very proud of her friend for doing so.

Luke enters the diner and goes over to see Elizabeth. He tells her that he is going out of town. He takes money out of the till saying that he will replace it later, and then his son comes over to see him on his way out of the place. Lucky tells Luke that Nicolas has been in London to see Laura. Luke is interested in that but he has to go out of town. He would like to know what has been going on with Laura though. Nicolas walks in saying that Laura has been getting worse and he would like to know what Luke wants to do about that. There are some options, but Luke has been trying to stay away from having her drugged. He knows that she would hate that.

Gia talks to Alexis about Brenda and the case. Alexis tells her that there is an eyewitness that is involved in the case and Alexis can’t get near the woman.

Scotty is at court and meets Skye who worries about what is going to happen. She wants to be too involved and that worries Scotty. Scotty warns Skye to calm down about the case. She has to act rational if she is going to help him get to the bottom of his case. He thinks that maybe he shouldn’t use Skye on the stand as she isn’t a credible, sober witness.

Jason comes to see Courtney and finds her sleeping. He goes over to the bed and she wakes to find him there. She is so glad to see him but she can see that something is wrong by the look on his face. Jason knows that she tried to save him and he warns her that can’t happen again. She could have jeopardized everything with her efforts.

Carly talks to Sonny about the wall that they broke down in the new place. She feels that something bad has happened there. She hates the idea of putting her club there. Sonny has to go and talk to Jason about the arraignment before it starts. Carly reminds him that Jason would do anything for him and that there is nothing to worry about. Sonny leaves the apartment and finds Jax and Brenda coming out of the elevator. Sonny tells them this is a bad idea.

Nikolas couldn’t have contact with his mother but he could watch her through glass. She is still quite disturbed. Laura doesn’t eat or move anymore. She just sits there. Luke would like to get her out of there and into some other environment but he has no way of doing that. Luke knows that he has made some mistakes in the past, but he thinks that there is a way to make things better for Laura. Nikolas says the doctors think that drugs will help but Luke has always been reluctant to do that to his wife. Lucky hoped that his mother would have come out of this on her own but there is no change and they have to do something else now to take care of her. Luke doesn’t want her drugged. He will call the doctors and find out what can be done with this new therapy. Nikolas offers Luke the number. Luke has the number but he hates calling as he is constantly told that he makes Laura worse. That seems to be the worst of it for him. He loves Laura so much but he makes her worse. Luke thanks Nikolas for going to England but he will take care of things from here on.

Skye wants to help Scotty with his case but Scotty thinks that Skye is a bad witness and may ruin the case. Skye feels that she is clear on what happened in the past. He feels that he can’t risk her freaking out and coming in there drunk to ruin everything that he has built. Skye promises that she will not drink the day of her testimony and that she will be clear as a bell. She would like to have a part in bringing Brenda down a notch or two. She will do anything to make sure that Brenda is convicted.

Sonny tells Jax that Brenda being with him doesn’t look good. He is jeopardizing her case by being seen with her. She doesn’t look good as a married woman trotting around with Jax from place to place. Jax should know better. Brenda knows that he is right but she still wants to be with Jax. Jax kisses Brenda goodbye and she enters her apartment alone. Sonny comes into the apartment behind her telling her that she is in trouble for trying to save Sonny and he is sorry for that. She knows that he is sorry but she had to help him out. Sonny tells her that she isn’t handling things very well and they don’t know where Jason is. They have to find him and have a talk before the case later on.

Jason tells Courtney that he doesn’t want to give her up, but the next time that she puts herself in danger for him, he will walk away from her as quickly as possible. He knows what she was trying to do and she is not to do that again. He can’t be with her if she is going to put herself in danger for him. He is glad that she cares but she can’t act on it. He knows how to handle things and she has to trust him to do the best for the both of them. She can’t go against him when it comes to their lives. She is sorry. He tells her that she makes it hard to do his job. She could become a distraction. The only way that this is going to work is if she promises that she will not get involved. She hates this. He has to go now. She calls to him and he returns to her. She promises that she will not get involved. He isn’t sure if he can believe her. He tells her that he has to go and she assures him that when he gets back, she will be waiting. He kisses her and then he leaves. She quietly says, “I love you…”

Luke is outside when Summer comes up behind him. He hands her some money telling her that the job offer is off. He tells her to go on home.

Summer returns the money that Luke has given her. She pays her own debts. She is a great girl and Luke wishes her nothing but the best. He tries to walk from her but she stops him. He was going to make her act like his wife again so that he could pretend that he was with her. The last time that they tried it, it didn’t work. She reminds him that she has been Laura to him before. He knows that Summer is great but she is not his wife. She tells him that she can be as real as he wants her to be. She really would like to be Laura for him.

Gia is looking through Taggert’s papers trying to find a receipt for the sweater that he gave his mother. It doesn’t fit. He hates that she is looking through his things. He takes the papers from her. Those are police files and she shouldn’t be looking through them. He finds the receipt and gives it to her. He kisses her cheek for helping with the sweater. He tells her that she is going to make a great lawyer. She can’t wait to prove herself.

Rick comes to see Carly who is reluctant to see him but she lets him in anyway. He can see that something is wrong. She knows that her husband is worried that something is going to go wrong. Carly thinks about the story that Catherine told them. She is worried about Jason who holds it all together for she and Sonny. Rick understands that the case against Brenda is stronger than that against Jason. If Jason testifies against Brenda, he could walk away from this.

Jason comes to Brenda’s house and finds Sonny there. Sonny tells Jason that Jax is not acting right and is jeopardizing Brenda’s case. Sonny tells Jason that Brenda is on the line. Everyone is on the line here. They have to find the person that paid the eyewitness. Jason tells Sonny that he was on the terrace taking pictures and Courtney went to AJ to get AJ to back off. Sonny is angry that Courtney is involved in this. She has gone through a lot of pain in this. She shouldn’t be involved.

Courtney shows up at court and AJ is there. He knows that she is there to listen to Jason. AJ reminds her that he will retract his statement if she comes back to him. She can save Jason. It is all up to her.

Courtney tells AJ that he has to do a lot more to get Jason off. AJ can only control what he can say. Courtney doesn’t trust him. She thinks that AJ would find another way to hurt Jason. He is making her an offer but she is the one that came to him. She learned that Jason doesn’t need her to save him as he is strong enough to save himself.


Jason tells Brenda to get down there. She comes down ready for court. He reminds her that all that they have to say is “Not Guilty…” Jason is very short tempered with her but he assures her that everything is going to be okay. They just have to get out of this. He warns her that they shouldn’t fight in public. She agrees. They have to act married. She has never been married before but she thinks that she knows how to act.

Rick, Sonny and Carly talk. Rick has an idea. He thinks that Jason could plead out as an accessory and get probation. Sonny thinks that Jason shouldn’t testify against his wife. This could work as Jason and Brenda have different attorneys. Jason could help himself but he will have to testify against her. If Jason and Brenda are not co-dependent, the whole case falls apart. Sonny wants Jason and Brenda tried together and he is sure that they will be found ‘not guilty’.

Zander bumps into Faith and recognizes her as Roscoe’s widow.

Jax is at the courthouse and finds Skye there. She is surprised to see him there. Jax thinks that Skye is responsible for Brenda being in trouble. She likes that he is going to see Brenda as the person that she really is.

Jax tells Skye that they are divorced and there is nothing left to do but divide property. He didn’t want to hurt her but she has been hurt. She is mad that he left her the way that he did. He promised to love her and cherish her. He stops her ranting. He really hopes that she turns this around before it is too late. He walks from her. She enters the courtroom and sits with AJ. The judge comes in. “All rise!” Everyone stands. They case is announced. The attorneys introduce themselves. The proceedings are to be brief. The defendants rises and are arraigned. They are accused of the death of Alcazar. Brenda pleads ‘not guilty’. Jason’s lawyer requests a stay on the proceedings to make a plea bargain. Jason is shocked at what he is hearing. Brenda can’t believe it either.

Rick whispers to Sonny that this is the way to go. He rises and talks to the judge about due process and he announces that Jason will be using him as attorney from now on. Jason only has to say the word. The man currently taking care of Jason tries to get him to listen but Sonny nods indicating that he would like to plead ‘not guilty’.

Zander talks to Faith, who gets no respect from Sonny. He can tell that Faith is after Sonny. She finds him really bright but she warns him to keep his mouth shut or he will end up very dead. He has a package for her and she takes it from him.

Summer and Luke are in a small town in a room with two beds. They are going to pretend to be married and they are using aliases. “Lloyd and Lucy Johnson” are the names that they will be using. They are going to get jobs together. He puts up a clothesline between the beds. He calls it the ‘wall of Jericho’. He will lie in his bed listening to her breathe. It is torture really. Sweet torture.

They are going to stay in the room together and join in the festivities of the area. There is square dancing that they could do there. Later they will go on the run and fall more in love. Then they will come back to the room and the wall will come down and they will finally make love. She smiles at that.

Gia knocks on the witness’s door and an officer lets her in to see Ida. The officer leaves so that they can talk. She pretends that she is from Scotty’s office and she tells the woman that there are holes in her story and that they have to go over it again.

The judge sends the court into recess now that the arraignment is over.

Rick can’t guarantee that Jason will be acquitted but he will try. Sonny tells Rick that if Jason goes away, so will Rick.

Skye goes over to Jax to rub his nose in it. It was heroic that Jason wouldn’t testify against his wife. Jason seems so centered and so focused. Skye has to wonder if the marriage is only one of convenience.

Brenda goes over to Jason telling him that this is his only way out. He should take it. Jason will not listen to her. Brenda accepts what he is trying to do and she hugs him. As they hug, Jax watches from his corner…Courtney watches from her corner…and Skye watches from hers.

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