GH Update Tuesday 12/31/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/31/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Carly and Ric are in an old building and break down a back wall with a crowbar.  It reveals an old bar, broken up with cobwebs, etc.  They can't believe their eyes.  The clock has stopped at 12:01.  An old woman walks in and tells them that they're looking at New Year's Eve, 1926.  She tells them a story from back then.  Modern-day GH characters take the place of the people back then as Carly envisions it in her mind.  Carly is the old woman, Catherine.  Sonny is her gangster husband, Marco.  Everything becomes black and white as the story unfolds.

Catherine looks around at her new club which is opening on New Year's Eve.  Marco comes in and admires her; they flirt and talk about how happy they are.  They have a dance together.  Nearby outside, some thugs talk about how they're going to get rid of the punk Marco because he's controlled the waterfront way too long.  Marco's little boy (who looks like Michael) comes up and points a finger at them and says, "Bang! Bang! Bang! You're all dead!" but they tell him to beat it and chase him away.  The other gangster, Murphy, looking like A.J., walks up and asks if they're ready.  He says that "Marco dies tonight."

Marco's main man Joe (Jason) stops Marco's son from running and falling and gives him a jokingly hard time about seeing his dad without an appointment.  A woman who looks like Courtney comes up and puts her hands around his eyes and says, "Guess who?"  He guesses the famous female movie stars of the day and then says correctly that it's his fiancée, Violet.   They are obviously very much in love, and they kiss.  She wants him to elope with her right now but they have to stay because the party is important to Catherine.  He doesn't think it's a good to get Marco mad at them right when they're starting their married life.  They plan to leave for Niagara Falls at midnight.

Marco and Catherine's son, Michael, runs in and his mother gives him a kiss. He doesn't like the mushy stuff. She notices that he hasn't washed properly.  He hands Marco something in a box and holds out his hand for promised payment.  Marco asks jokingly, "What if I don't have the cash?", so the boy replies, "Interest compounds daily. "  Marco chuckles and gives Michael the money, saying he's his father's son.  Catherine wants to know what's in the box.  Marco gives her a stunning necklace to remember the night by.  She is overjoyed.  He says they're diamonds, which are forever, like them.  Ric and Carly interrupt to ask a few questions.  The old lady lives across the street and saw that there was some activity so she had to come over.  The visit has brought everything back to her very clearly.

Joe and Marco chat.  We learn that they are best friends and Marco rescued Joe out of an orphanage.  He tells Joe to give him his gun so he can enjoy himself tonight rather than being on duty, so Joe reluctantly complies.  Marco calls over Paul (who looks like Ric) to put the gun in the safe.  Marco calls him a "college boy" and says he thinks that one day they'll go legit.  Marco and Joe laugh at that idea.

Catherine is happy to hear from Violet that she and Joe are going to get married tonight.  Violet hopes Marco won't mind but Catherine says she can take care of him. Murphy comes in and Marco's kid runs up to tell him that he looks swell.  Catherine comes up and pulls her son away and tells Murphy to leave him alone.  Marco comes up. Murphy's goons are behind him.  Murphy wants to stay but Marco informs him that the party is by invitation only, and he's not welcome.  Murphy reminds him of the waterfront he stole from him and says, "It's a hard fall down. "  He grabs Violet as she walks by and insults Joe.  His bodyguards keep Joe from attacking him and then he walks out.  In present time, Catherine says she had a bad feeling then but didn't get it get to her.  She looks at the broken clock and hears gunshots in her mind, so she screams.

Carly and Ric have her sit down until she is feeling better.  They explain that they researched to find this building and she learns that Carly is married and Ric is her business partner.  Catherine insists on finishing her story.  She says that they had a huge turnout, including senators, congressmen, movie stars, and just regular people from the neighborhood.  Marco and Catherine look over the gathering proudly.  Violet says hello to her father, who looks like Mike but has an Irish accent, and they chat about the bigwigs there.  He mentions that her brother has done well for himself since the day she was running numbers.  She chides him and asks him not get drunk and pick a fight for Marco.  He promises not to.  Joe takes Violet away for a dance.  Catherine's voice-over talks about how much in love Joe and Violet were.  Violet wonders if they should tell Marco about the wedding, but Joe says they can tell him later.

Outside, Murphy paces and lights a cigarette.  Father McBride (Edward) comes along and says he was reading that cigarettes are dangerous.  Murphy retorts that so can the next bus driving by.  Father McBride wonders what happened to Murphy because he used to be honest, self-respecting and god fearing.  Murphy says that was a long time ago.  Father McBride says it's never too late to change his path.  Murphy asks when he's going to realize that it's too late to save him.  Father McBride invites him for a new year's mass, but Murphy says he plans to spend the evening with lots of gin and women.  The priest says he'll pray for him.

Catherine welcomes everyone in the club through one of those old radio microphones.  They all cheer and music plays.  A salvation army band comes in, banging drums, etc.  The woman in charge looks like Alexis.  She yells at them for sinning and tells them to repent as they all boo her.  A many who looks like Ned tells her to go away and leave people in peace.  She recognizes him as Lenny, her wayward husband.  He recognizes her as Chastity, his wife.  He's with his bimbo girlfriend, Faith.  Chastity is aghast.  Lenny throws her over his shoulder and carts her out, saying they're going home.  Just then, the cops (with Taggert) rush in with the mayor (Scott), for a raid.  Marco protests and pays off Mayor Tom (Scott), so he calls off the raid and they leave.

The old woman says she never dreamed that her favorite holiday, New Year's, could hold such unspeakable tragedy.  She has Ric help her up and she walks over to the door, remembering.  Faith feels bad for Lenny and he says he's getting a divorce so she can officially be his girl.  Violet and Joe tell each other how much they love each other.  Catherine and Marco admire them.  Marco lets on that he knows about their engagement and he's not upset about it.  They do the new year's countdown with Paul leading.  They kiss as the clock strikes twelve.  Just then, Murphy's thugs burst in the door and start shooting.  There are screams.  Marco tries to get away but Joe throws himself on top of him to protect him.  After the bad guys leave, they see that Joe is dying.  Violet and Catherine are very upset.  His last words are "I love you".  The old woman tells them that Joe died and they all died a little bit that night.  Violet went crazy and had to be put into an asylum.  Marco blamed himself for what happened to them both and withdrew into himself and the bottle.  He was consumed by revenge so one night he found Murphy alone and shot him, then threw down the gun and waited for the police to take him away.

Catherine says he died in prison from a broken heart and she never saw him again.  She was afraid her son would end up in a life of crime so she gave him up for adoption.  Paul and his wife adopted him, with the help of Father McBride (Edward).  Catherine says she lived more in those hours than she has ever since.

Ric and Carly are moved by the story and thank her for sharing it.  Catherine gives Carly the necklace that Marco gave her on that night.  Carly doesn't want to accept it but the old lady insists.  As Ric escorts the old lady out, Carly rushes over and hugs her and tells her that she'll never forget what happened.  Sonny and Jason arrive and wonder why Carly is crying.  She says she's just happy to see them and tells Jason that she loves him and he's her best friend.  Sonny and Jason are wondering why she looks so shaken up.  She tells them that this place was "an old speakeasy back in the 1920's".   Sonny asks if she's putting her new club there.  She asks if they believe in fate or destiny.  They both believe that you make your own, so she's happy to hear that.  Sonny says they have to leave because they promised Michael he could stay up until midnight to watch the fireworks.  The leave as Carly takes a last look around.

The End

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