GH Update Monday 12/30/02


General Hospital Update Monday 12/30/02

Update By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Scotty and Taggart discussed Ida’s escaping from custody at the PCPD and the danger she might be in with Sonny on her tail. Scotty wasn’t worried, offering to pin Sonny for murder if she disappeared again. He warned Taggart that if Ida was alive, he’d better find her.

Jax arrived into Port Charles, heading straight to the PCPD and Brenda. Scotty already had her in his clutches, telling her that they had arrested Sonny and Jason, which was a lie. She offered to turn herself in, but not for the murder, simply because there was a warrant for her. Jax arrived just in time to keep her from talking too much. “This is what cooperation looks like,” she informed them, since they don’t see much of it. Scotty told her she killed Alcazar and he would prove it. She asked what he was waiting for. She apologized to Jax, and he forgave her, instantly understanding, and offered his support.

Taggart informed Scotty he was well on his way to the gallows and he was his own executioner.

Coleman and Skye confronted Ida, who admitted to seeing Skye on the veranda with Alcazar, but not seeing Brenda at all. She pushed the fact that Sonny had a tail on her and used it to bargain for a better deal, after figuring out that Skye was too drunk to remember if she was the culprit or not. She threatened to tell the police the truth until Skye and Coleman were ready to pay up. It didn’t take Skye long to figure out that was the old woman’s motive, but she sure fought her on it. They ended up settling by giving her a bracelet and a pair of earrings to tide her over, and offering a $100,000 payoff. She agreed that her story would remain the same – if she received her cash in a timely fashion. After she left, the duo piddled around until a deliveryman arrived with some documents for Ms. Quartermaine-Jacks – divorce papers. She asked Coleman to leave her and remembered her wedding day.

Sonny and Carly had a heart to heart about his job and their lives, Carly admitting that she loved their life, but couldn’t help wishing for something more. Sonny told her life was good, and she agreed, but reminded him of how much the power, money and respect had cost them – him especially. He told her that his dream had a place in his heart and that was enough. He pointed out that they couldn’t go back; reminding her that Jason and Brenda were in trouble and he needed to get them out of it. He confessed his life, as hard as it had been, had given him more than he had ever thought possible and he couldn’t let it go if he wanted it to. She tried to convince him he didn’t have to let go of everything, but it just frustrated him. He reminded her that we all do things that drive the person we love crazy, but we love that person anyway and we just have to deal with it. They hugged just as the phone ring – a report that Brenda had turned herself in. He excused himself and left her alone. She immediately got on the phone to Rick – requesting his assistance in keeping her from doing something crazy by keeping her focused on her new project.

Jason watched Courtney and AJ argue through the veranda door at the Quartermaine mansion. AJ asked his wife how far she was willing to go to save her new boyfriend. They began to struggle, but Jason pushed through the door immediately and struggled with his brother, pushing him face down on the table. Courtney stopped him, admitting she had thought AJ had paid off Ida and was trying to make a deal with him to keep him from testifying against his brother. Jason let him go after warning him never to touch Courtney again. AJ left just as the call came in about Brenda turning herself in. He informed Courtney of what was going on and informed her he was taking her home before he went to the PD. She tried to apologize, admitting she was just trying to help.

Sonny arrived at the PCPD moments before his right hand man and had to deal with Jax. Jax told him he wasn’t needed, that he was getting Alexis as Brenda’s attorney. Sonny pointed out how convenient it was that Alexis wanted both he and Jason behind bars. He then accused Jax of not taking care of Brenda. Brenda informed Sonny that it was her decision to leave and hers to return. Taggart interrupted, ordering her to go with him for “processing.” Jax tagged along. Scotty stayed behind to egg on Sonny, telling him that he ordered the hit and Brenda would take the fall. “You’re trying to frame an innocent woman to get to me. Doesn’t that make you a criminal?” he asked. Scotty pointed out that the law didn’t apply to him. Jason took that moment to interrupt, asking about Brenda. When Scotty left, Jason voiced his opinion that it wasn’t AJ who paid off Ida. Just then the witness herself walked in and they had their chance to see just who it was who had her in their pocket. Scotty got to her first, but Sonny was close behind, being as friendly as possible. He asked her if she was going to tell the truth better this time. She told him she had told the truth the first time and noticed Jason nearby, asking about Mr. Morgan. “Do you want to meet him?” Sonny asked coyly. She quickly declined the offer. “Knock it off Lurch, or I’ll throw you in the cage,” Scotty told Jason, who stood nearby watching. Sonny pointed out Ida’s bracelet and told her, “I hope you held out for some big money.” Scott pulled her away and told her Sonny couldn’t hurt her, taking her in to pick Brenda out of a lineup.

Sonny chatted with Jason and they concluded that AJ was covering for his sister. He pointed out that her wearing the bracelet was a price tag, that she was for sale to the highest bidder.

Scotty took Ida in for the line up and she quickly pointed out Brenda. Brenda came out upset, telling Jax to get her a lawyer.

Ned and Faith passionately kissed in her hotel room, Faith taking a hunk out of his lip with her teeth. Ned got up from the covers on the floor and headed for the door, leaving Faith twisted in the sheets. She didn’t approve and took out her gun, shooting at the door and convincing him to remain longer. He took the gun from her and told her there was no time for games, and began kissing her on the back. The two ended up back in the bed kissing and discussing their game plan. Faith admitted that Sonny was a lot of trouble to deal with, that she had to deal with the law. He told her to forget the law. She reminded him that she also had to deal with the families. He told her it wasn’t his problem. He told her they should take it real slow and enjoy every minute of it. She agreed, admitting there were no strings attached; that she always finished what she started. “We’ll see,” he taunted, slipping out of bed and heading for the door, against her wishes. “You can’t leave,” she told him. “Sure I can,” he assured her.

Alexis and Cameron had a major discussion in the neonatal room at GH. Cameron sarcastically asked his charge if she was annoying the staff once again. “I know,” he hypothesized. “She passed a gas bubble and you panicked,” he taunted. Instead of putting up her dukes, she played hardball silently, handing him a file – on himself, pointing out a four year, undocumented gap. “Do you do this with everyone you meet? Prepare a docie on them?” he asked. “I like to know who I’m dealing with,” she admitted. In so many words, he made the point that he wasn’t willing to talk about his family and didn’t want her nosing in his business. He pointed out his efforts to help her, but she retaliated with the fact that her lawyer instincts would have gotten her any of her multiple requests as well. She told him he was overreacting to her inquiry. “This from the neo-natal drama queen,” he commented. She then received a call from Jax informing her of Brenda’s situation and agreed to meet him immediately.

Ned arrived at the hospital before she had a chance to get away and the lovely couple got into yet another argument. She asked about his lip and he lied. He asked about the papers she was carrying and she admitted she was working. He informed her that he was going to spend some time with his daughter whether she liked it or not – that she would be too busy to notice anyway. When she rebelled, he explained he had sat back and let Lois take Brooke Lynn away, that he wasn’t about to let her do the same with Kristina.

Rick arrived at Carly’s, spending the first few minutes apologizing for trying to make Sonny’s business “legit.” She told him not to assume anything and to help her focus on her own life before she screwed it up by doing something crazy. He agreed to help her, but she made one condition – that he stay out of Sonny’s business. “If you can do that, then let’s get busy. If not, the door’s right there,” she told him. He suggested they go take a look at the basement of Kelly’s themselves. She agreed and they headed out the door. Bobbie went to the basement with them, trying to discourage their excavation, but she failed. Carly confronted her, asking her if she was curious as to what was behind the wall too, and she admitted she was, warning them to be careful. Rick held out the sledgehammer, asking Mrs. Corinthos if she wanted the honors, but she told him to knock himself out. Once the hard labor was done though, she didn’t hold back, being the first to trudge into the dark room that had been bordered up for so many years. “Ohmigod,” was all she said.

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