GH Update Friday 12/27/02


General Hospital Update Friday 12/27/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita


Courtney comes in as AJ is getting off the phone. He turns and is surprised to find her there. She wants to know if AJ really loves her and she has some questions for him. She wants to give him a chance to prove his love to her as he said it is. Jason is watching from outside through a zoom lens. He sees that Courtney is over talking with AJ and he wants to make sure that nothing happens to her.

Brenda is sleeping again when she is suddenly awake. She calls out for Jax and can find him nowhere. Taggert comes into the room with his gun drawn, ďFreeze!Ē Jax is led in wearing handcuffs and he starts to fight for Brenda. She screams Öand that is when she is wakened from her dream. She wakes to find that she is in the safety of her room that she shares with Jax. Jax comes in and finds her awake. He is dressed and has been busy making a surprise for her. She loves surprises and wants to know what he has been up to. He takes her hand and leads her out to the patio. A gown is hanging on the door for her and champagne is chilling for their enjoyment. There is more to come though. He isnít going to tell her anymore. She will have to wait. He will leave her now, but she has to be ready when he gets back for their big evening.

Rick and Carly discuss Sonny but Carly is leery discussing Sonnyís business with Rick. Rick thinks that there is a way that Sonny can legitimize his business. Carly knows that Sonny has been in his business his way for too long to change that now. Rick thinks that Sonny hasnít had the right person in place to change things for Sonny. Rick wants to get Sonny into legitimate holdings and investments. Rick tells her that she could have Sonny in a legitimate business as CEO. Carly tells Rick that she grew up in a trailer and Carly wanted to be a physical therapist. She did a lot of things wrong and then she met Sonny. That was the best thing for her. She knows that he is controlling but she doesnít want anyone else. She wants him the way that he is. Rick thinks that she could have more. She could have Sonny and not be frightened for a change.

Jason watches as Courtney talks with AJ. Courtney goes over AJís feelings for her and his motives. She was told that AJ would change if she came back to him. She wants to know what AJ has in store for Sonny and Jason. AJ says that he was telling the truth all along. Courtney thinks that AJ wants Jason and Sonny to go to Jail. Courtney finds that AJ must be pushing Skye to make her lie. Courtney thinks that maybe AJ could pay the witness to have her change her story. Courtney thinks that he can get the witness to say that she made a mistake. AJ might do this for her but there is something that Courtney is going to have to do with AJ. AJ moves closer to the girl and Jason who canít hear what is going on senses that things may begetting out of hand over there.

Luke bumps into Summer who has decided that she will take some classes. She is intrigued and would like to learn something. She met someone there that treated her like a real person. She really liked that. She is interested in acting. Luke thinks that she must not enjoy being herself if she wants to do some acting. She tells him that if he doesn't like her choice, he doesnít have to have anything to do with her classes. She likes pretending sometimes. He would like to contribute to her education if she would only let him.

Sonny comes home to find Carly with Rick. She tells him that they have been looking at club locations. Rick tells Sonny that his idea will make some money for all of them. Carly tells Sonny that Rick finds him to be a great business man. Rick tells Sonny that he has an idea on how Sonny can get legitimate. Sonny tells the man that his business is none of his business.

Ned comes to see Faith who is dressed in a black negligee. She doesnít have her guards with her this time as she is sure that she can handle herself. Faith thinks that Nedís past is very interesting. She knows his history in business and she can tell that he likes to be in charge. She likes to be in charge too. That is convenient that they both want to bring down Sonny. She has been thinking about what he has said to her. She will work with him but she will not come cheap. He has offered her one million dollars. She is sure that he can do anything that he sets his mind to. They will work together but she will need some additional perks and assurances to know that Ned is safe and trustworthy. He throws her down on the table and they start madly kissing.

Brenda is ready for Jax now and she comes out of the room in her gown to wear the champagne is. He is not there yet. She goes over to the phone and sits by the desk. She picks up the phone and asks to speak to the Port Charles police department. Taggert gets her call. Brenda tells him that she is calling. Taggert signals for another officer to pick up the phone. Taggert tells her that he knows that she is the one that killed Alcazar. He tells her that Sonny has been arrested for conspiracy. That is when Brenda hangs up. Taggert feels that he has told her just want he wanted her to hear.

AJ tells Courtney that Sonny and Jason and going to prison and that there is nothing that she can do about it. UnlessÖ she stops the divorce and comes back to him again.

Luke tries to write Summer a check but she will not take it. Luke wants to give Summer the check but she will not take it from him. He wants to be with his wife, but she will not help him. He tells her to take whatever classes she wants and she can do whatever else she wants. There is no catch. All he wants is her to keep the game going for him that she is Laura. His Laura.

Sonny doesnít like that Rick has been talking about his business with Carly. Sonny keeps his business separate from his family and he assures Rick that he wants to be alone with his wife and that this isnít going to happen again. Rick turns and leaves. Carly tells Sonny that Rick must have the message now. Sonny can tell that Rick wants Sonny to need him. Sonny isnít going to be a law abiding citizen. Rick seems to be telling Carly what she wants to hear. Carly assures him that she isnít trying to change them again. He can tell that she wants something. She tells him that if she had her choice, she would have him out of the business. She hates that the cops are always breathing down his neck. She only accepts this because of Sonny.

Courtney canít believe what AJ is asking her to do. AJ should be grateful. AJ tells her that Jason only helps out because of Courtney and not him. All that Jason does is save people. AJ wants to know the truth. He wants to know the first time that Courtney decided that she wanted to be with Jason. She tells him that she didnít care for Jason that easily. She realized that AJ said that he loved her but that was fake. He had other motives. AJ asks her what she is doing there asking him to lie for his brother. He will do it for her to comeback to him. Why does he want her though when she clearly hates him. AJ tells her that she is going to be his sweet, affectionate wife again. Jason is watching as the two talk, but that is all that he can do.

Ida goes to Coleman and tells him that she is running for her life. She has been told that Sonny is looking for her. She has gotten away from the cops and is going to get out of town. Skye comes into the room and Ida recognizes Skye right away. ďYou! It was you!Ē

Jax comes back to get Brenda for their big night out. He finds nothing there. The gown is there, but Brenda is not there as he planned. He calls for her and goes through the room looking for her but no one answers.

Brenda is on a planeÖ She is sorry that she had to leave Jax that way, but she has to do this. He will understand.

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