GH Update Thursday 12/26/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 12/26/02

By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita


Brenda is dreaming of the time when she and Sonny were an item. That was a long time ago. Everything has changed for her and Sonny now.  She has to face that. She gets out of bed to find Jax outside in deep thought. She goes to him and they hug each other. He has been a great help to her and she is grateful for that. She was worried when she woke up and he wasn’t there with her.

Luke is outside when Summer comes over to see him. He has been waiting to offer her a job. He has been desperately trying to get her out of the life that she has been living as a high class call girl, but it has been difficult to convince her that she is better than all this. He wants her to have a new career that she can really be proud of and get away from the man that has been spooking her. She thinks that she can take care of herself and doesn't want to fall into the trap of being under the thumb of another man again. He reminds her that she has to pay her rent somehow and she could use some help.

Skye is looking for her purse at the hospital. She was admitted and now is trying to get out as fast as possible. Alan and Monica are there watching her act desperate to get out of there. They are both deeply concerned for her. Monica wants to help her but she isn’t the easiest person in the world to help. Skye seems sometimes like her worst enemy. Skye feels that the family blames her for everything that has gone wrong and they would rather believe Brenda than she, who is part of the family. Alan thinks that she isn't ready to leave the hospital and that she is still unstable. She has been drinking lately and that hasn’t been a good scene for her. He is afraid that she will return to that life and he knows that she really doesn’t want that. She tells him that she has already signed herself out and will be leaving whether people like it or not. Coleman arrives asking if she is ready to go.

Felicia comes to see Sonny to talk about the case. He thinks that she has been set up and Felicia has to wonder if he isn’t right. The story with Ida in Canada has been too pat and dry. It is almost as if she was supposed to be found out. The woman deposited 100,000 dollars in her account, and the person that paid her off obviously was the one that was involved in the murder. Felicia and Sonny know that there is more to learn here.

Elizabeth is working when Rick and Carly come in. They sit to talk about the blueprint.

Ned wants to know where Courtney is but Elizabeth has no idea. Ned tells Elizabeth that the manager is looking for her as the pipe has burst. Carly comes up behind him asking what he wants now.

Courtney is home and wakes to find that Jason is leaving the apartment. Jason tells her that Sonny is expecting him and he didn’t want to worry her. She tells him that she hates that she would wake up and find that he is gone. He kisses her and then heads to the door. Courtney calls to him. She tells him that she wants him to leave and get out of there now.

Brenda tells him that she is happy to be with him. She would like to make sure that no one has been hurt at Port Charles. Jax tells her that she shouldn’t worry about that. Jax tells her that the best thing for them to do is leave things alone. Jason will be able to take care of himself. Jax kisses her worries away. She lets him and she loves that.

Jason tells Courtney that he is going to be okay with things the way that they are. She would rather have him get in a car and take off. She would go with him. She doesn’t care where he goes but he isn’t leaving now. Sonny is suspect now but Jason is sure that they will get out of this. She doesn’t think that people are going to believe him. What if something goes wrong? Jason will not run anyway. He is not going to live his life that way. She has people care for her and he knows that people care for her. He strokes her hair and assures her that he and Sonny know how to handle this. He needs her to understand that. He knows what is best. He has to go now. He kisses her again and heads to the door. She watches him walk off and out the door.

Felicia says that Ida swears that Brenda was the one that killed Alcazar. Sonny knows that AJ would like to see he and Jason in prison so that he can get his son back. He is sure that AJ was the one that paid off the woman. Felicia sees that the theory is good. That is where Felicia comes in. Ida things that she needs protection from him. Sonny assures Felicia that he wouldn’t ever hurt that woman. He only wants to clear Jason and Brenda. He can’t get what he wants from Ida if she is hurt.

Carly thinks that AJ is harassing Courtney by trying to find her at the diner.

Elizabeth goes over to Rick telling him that Carly and AJ used to be married. Rick finds that hard to believe.

Carly and AJ start their argument again about how Michael sees his father. Carly tells him that Michael thinks that AJ is a creepy guy that he wants nothing to do with. AJ isn’t backing out. Carly tells him that he is not welcome in this diner. She can’t throw him out but she can throw coffee on him and she gets a pot and holds it near him. He turns and walks off. Rick seems to be enjoying the show and he claps after AJ leaves.

Coleman was the one that brought Skye to the hospital and Alan and Monica are concerned about that. Coleman tells them that he has been looking after Skye. Monica doesn’t believe that Coleman wants Skye to be sober as he would benefit from her working with him. Coleman moves off to wait for Skye to be released. Alan tells Skye that he would like to help her get out of her predicament. He has a bad feeling about Coleman and would like to see him go away. Skye tells her father that Coleman is just a friend. He should really lighten up.

Summer thinks that Luke is overstepping now. He knows what she is feeling. He still wants to give a job to her. He would like to make her his executive hostess…the divine, holy hostess. She rejects his proposal. He can’t see why she would give up an opportunity like this but the reason for that is him. She has been many things in her life but she finds Luke to be just like the men that she has been dealing with. He is looking for a fantasy, she finds. He denies that. She has been paid thousands and thousands of dollars to be other women. She is not going to be a crutch for emotionally challenged men anymore.

Nikolas and Gia arrive at the diner and meet up with Lucky. Gia almost aced the LSAT and is very happy. Nikolas only wants to take her to Paris.

Elizabeth tells Courtney about AJ being there and Carly laying into him. Courtney smiles as she hears the events of what happened.

Felicia and Mac arrive at the diner and Felicia would like to talk about Ida some more. Felicia doesn’t feel right about the woman and the way that things have happened. Mac would have liked her to have called him on the case but Felicia had other loyalties to deal with first. Mac says that he doesn’t care that Sonny and Jason may go to prison, even if they are innocent. That would make up for the crimes that they have done in the past.

Jason and Brenda are in bed talking. They discuss where they could go to be together. Jumping from place to place sounds like the last 4 years of her life. She assures him that she will be happy with him but she really would like to get a house…and cook…she could learn to cook…she could have a guest house that they could turn into an office… He likes her dreams and shares them with him. She didn’t even get to see the people that she loves and now she has to do this again. Jax has been thinking about Ned and others trying to find out who pushed Alcazar off the balcony. Jax is going to wok on that as well. Brenda feels that she is trouble for Jax and he agrees. He tells her that she shouldn’t worry. He is going to teach her how to surf.

Jason and Sonny meet. Carly hears that they are talking and she hides to listen to them talking. Sonny says that Jason may have been set up. His murder charge shouldn’t set up. Skye has to be behind this and is trying to frame them for this. AJ must have hired the witness to say that Jason was the one that paid her to leave town. Carly comes out saying that Sonny should throw AJ back in the meat locker in order to get him to tell the truth. Sonny and Jason turn to her surprised that she is around and has heard their conversation.

Luke tells Summer that if she is serious, she will take a little help. She wants to do this on her own as she feels that there are strings attached. She doesn’t want to be in a position to have to pay him back for anything. She will figure this out on her own. Luke thinks that he is offering her free help but she thinks that she knows better than that.

Lucky thinks that his mother made his career easy for him by offering him the Deception contract the way that she did. Gia thinks that Lucky should take some classes and see what he really needs to be doing instead of photography. All that he has ever wanted was to be like his dad.

Carly wants something done about AJ right away. She feels that she was wrong for thinking that Courtney can handle this. Sonny knows that AJ may find out that they are working on a plan and he might become aware. Sonny wants Carly to stay out of this. Her interference could cause trouble. She tells him that she will concentrate on her club but she wants AJ stopped. Jason gets a call and tells Sonny that they have to go.

Coleman gets Skye out of the hospital and has brought her to his bar. He knows that she wants a drink and wants to offer her some so that she will be safe with him. He offers her a drink but she wants to get a cab and get out of there. Coleman makes her see that he is the only one that cares for her. How can she deal with the pressures that she will have to face without him? He has made her a drink that is very cold and very dry. She feels that he tricking her. He only wants her to have a drink and forget about all this.

Felicia meets up with Sonny and Jason and she has the address for Ida. Sonny and Jason want the woman to run from her home. When Ida leaves, someone will follow her and that should take them to the killer. Felicia agrees that this is a good plan.

Brenda and Jax have just finished surfing. He has been giving her lessons. He tries to give her some criticism but she defends everything that she did out there. She loves to watch him surf. Next time, she will be better. She hopes that he is not disappointed in her as little kids were out there surfing better than she was. There is a knock at the door and Jax heads over to answer it. It is a black man who says that he is the local magistrate and that he has urgent documents for Jax and Brenda.

Felicia comes to see Ida in police custody and she brings her some magazines. Ida is worried what is going to happen to her. Felicia tells Ida that she has to get out of there as she is not safe. She says that Ida is not going to live to testify. Felicia tells the woman to breathe and wait for an opportunity and then run.

Sonny and Jason wait for Ida to run. He wants her leaving on film so that they have proof of her running.

Courtney gets a visit from Carly who tells her that she has to be careful. Courtney only wants to make sure that Jason is safe. Carly tells Courtney to forget about AJ as he only wants Michael. Carly tells her that AJ is trying to frame Jason. That catches Courtney’s attention. Carly tells her that there is the eye-witness and that AJ was the one that paid the woman off to make sure that Sonny goes down and that Jason goes down. Courtney vows to get the truth out of AJ.

Coleman fills in some of the blanks for Skye who doesn’t remember things that happened the night of the murder. She remembers sitting on Alcazar’s bed and that is all that she recalls. She takes a drink of the alcohol. She doesn’t think that Coleman cares about her and only wants her money. She thinks that he is going to blackmail her in the end. He promises her that he will not blackmail her and that he will keep her secret, but why, Skye has to wonder.

Jax explains to Brenda that he is going to end his marriage. The magistrate explains that there are special circumstances to this. Jax signed the papers, and Brenda starts to sign hers but she can’t.

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