GH Update Monday 12/23/02


General Hospital Update Monday 12/23/02

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Luke is on the roof handcuffed to the good doctor. He is threatening to jump and the doctor would like to stop him from doing that. Luke thinks that the sees the woman again. He looks at a point over the good doctorís head and fixes on a spot. The doctor refuses to look at the hallucination that he is sure that Luke is having. He will not be drawn into this whole fiasco. He thinks that Luke is determined to jump off the ledge and is trying to get the doctor to turn and look at the spot to make his way off the ledge. Luke thinks that the man is afraid of being proven wrong by him. The doctor has had some theories about the whole episode with Luke and Luke is sure that the man doesnít want to be proven wrong. The man turns around and he stops in shock at what he sees. Luke is sure he the has seen the woman now. He only waits to see what the doctor is going to say now.

Michael is afraid that the police are going to take Sonny from him and he clings to him, not wanting to let him go. Carly thinks that Taggert is sick for scaring her child this way. Sonny is already in handcuffs and Michael is having a hard time seeing his father this way and Taggert knows it. Taggert thinks that this will be a lesson to the child for the future.

Mac is at the Quartermaines looking for Brenda. He is sure that she is there along with Jason. Mac is shining a light in the eyes of the Quartermaines as the lights to the house have gone out and they are in darkness. Skye is drunk as ever thinking that Brenda is long gone now and that the cops are wasting their time. She really is a pathetic figure sitting on the couch with a drink in her hand, smirking about it all. The cops are also interested in Jason who is missing also. Lila is upset and the police are sorry for that. They really donít mean any disrespect to her but this has to be done. Coleman is there and Skye says that he is her guest and that is why he is there. The family is not all that glad to hear that Skye has taken up with this man. Ned thinks that the real killer is Sonny and that the police are wasting their time there harassing his family. The lights that were out suddenly go on. The Quartermaines have managed to prove that Jason and Brenda are not there. Mac turns off his flashlight and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. If that is true, then Mac has to wonder where they are then. Mac thinks that the Quartermaines has something to hide. He is sure that Jason was there earlier. He is going to have the grounds checked. Lila demands that he show her a search warrant before doing that. Mac complies with her request.

Monica tells Alan secretly that she hasnít seen Jason or Brenda and that neither has he.

Skye is drunk as ever. She heads to the booze again to get another drink. Ned thought that she was interested in payback but it seems that she isnít. Ned is going to get Sonny in his own way and he isnít going to use the police.

Jax and Brenda are running through some trees when Jax is hit over the head by Jason who grabs Brenda and runs off with her, against her will. Jax gets up from the floor to give chase when he is ordered to freeze. He turns to see a policeman standing behind him with his gun drawn and aimed at him.

Sonny is willing to go with the police but first he would like to talk to his son alone.

Taggert asks Courtney about Jason but she says that she has no idea where he is and that he is probably with his wife.

Sonny tells Michael that he has to be brave while he is away. He promises the boy that he will be home for Christmas. The boy gives his father a hug. Carly thinks that Taggert should be proud of himself for doing this. Sonny is ready to go. He is already handcuffed and gets up heading for the door.

The doctor sees that the woman that Luke has been seeing all along is real. Cameron introduces himself and Luke and he are finally safe on the building. Luke promises the woman that he isnít going to let anyone harm her. Cameron thinks that Luke isnít in any position to promise anyone, anything. The woman is concerned about all of this. Luke only cares that the woman is real. The doctor feels that the woman being real may be the problem that Luke faces next.

The police want to know what went on with Jax in the bushes, but Jax says that he only fell down and that was all. The cop is happy with the explanation and leaves Jax who heads off in the direction of where he last saw Brenda.

Mac tells Monica that she and her family can be held as suspects for not helping him find Jason and Brenda. Monica threatens to slap him with a suit for treating she and her family this way. Alexis stands by and watches everything come to pass. Mac thinks that Jax may have helped Brenda and Jason escape. Skye is oblivious to everything that is going on and she heads to the booze again. AJ is disturbed that everywhere that Skye goes, Coleman is there.

Skye looks out the window and sees Jax outside. She sneaks outside to tell Jax that Brenda is going down in flames and he should get away from her.

Felicia reports to Alexis telling her that Scott is giving her the run-around. Alexis thinks that it is time to do some damage control on this issue.

Cameron has Luke back inside the hospital. Luke is told that he has to sty in the hospital and that doesnít jive well with him. He wonders how a hospital allows a crazy man to get on the roof of the hospital. It is clear that things will go a lot easier if they just let him go. Luke wants to talk to his sister but the administrator doesnít want to let him. Luke threatens to cause trouble is they donít let him out of there. A cop comes to Luke telling him that he is to stay with him until he is released. The administrator doesnít want all this press.

Cameron goes to the ĎLaura look-a-likeí thanking her for staying. She has to go now, but Cameron tells her that if she ever needs help, she is to call him. Luke has managed to get himself released and he heads into the elevator with the figment of his imagination or so she was.

Carly tells Courtney that she is going to the police station. Michael is upset but he knows that she has to be with Sonny. Carly tells her that when she is involved with a man like Sonny, she has to be there for him when he gets arrested. Courtney thinks that they might be in the way if they get too involved. Carly tells her that Scott can do whatever he wants, but the men in their lives have to know that they are loved. She would like Courtney to come with her and stand around the station. Courtney hopes that Jason has gotten away. The sitter is with Michael and so Courtney and Carly leave.

Jason drags Brenda home to pack her things and get out of there. He gives her 2 minutes to get ready. They enter her place and Jax is already there to give Jason a whopping whack on the head. He is knocked out cold and Brenda can only stand over him not knowing what to do next.

Mac warns the Quartermaines again that they may be guilty if they know where Jason and Brenda are and they donít tell. The police leave and the family starts calling out for Brenda. Skye thinks that this is hilarious. She knows that the woman would like to escape with her husband. Skye thinks that Brenda is the one that did the killing. The rest of the family donít believe that she did this. Skye says that she saw Brenda kill Alcazar. Skye thinks that she is a credible witness, but Edward thinks that she is only a drunk who would do anything to get her husband back. Alan would like to take her home but she thinks that he only wants to get rid of her. Monica doesnít feel sorry for her. Skye wonders if they would cover for her as they cover for Brenda. Coleman offers to take her home, but she is not ready to go. She feels that her family wishes that she was the one that killed Alcazar so that they could get rid of her. AJ is the one that stops her rampage and holds her as she cries.

Brenda is concerned about Jason. What if he is hurt? Jax is sure that Jason will find a way out of this. Jax ties him up to the banister and Brenda reluctantly leaves with Jax. Once they are gone, Jason lifts his head. He has been awake all along and he has heard what has been said. He starts working on the ropes that tie him to the banister.

Sonny sees Alexis and Carly at the station. He stops and stares at them as he is being led by Taggert.

Luke comes into his new friendís apartment. She has nothing personal there and he feels that she doesnít really live there and is just passing through. That happens to be the truth. Luke thanks her again for showing up for him. She thinks of the things that he has done in the past. She canít afford to be around someone like him. She has to stay invisible. The phone rings but she doesnít move to answer it. She tells him that she canít be with him. She thinks that the caller is just a regular and that she can talk to him another time. She finally answers the phone. She says that she has been thinking about the caller all day. She tells the caller to come ready for anything and to be on time. He asks her after her call what if she leaves with him and walks away from all of this. She doesnít want to think of that. Luke wants her to stop running from the politician that is after her. He tells her that women like he end careers everyday. All she has to do is say the right thing to the right person and the career of this person will be over. She has thought of that already. She says that she doesnít want the spotlight. She wants to be left alone and not be on the news. She wants to be left alone and she shouts out to him to leave her alone and get out. He sits with her telling her that things are alright. She assures him that things are not alright.

She tells him that she has been shutting herself down to get on with her life. He has had that experience with Laura. He would like to help this woman get on with her life. She reminds him that he was about to jump off a building earlier. He would like to do the same for her. She doesnít need a man to save her. He tells her that he knows someone that gave up the life and went to school. He knows that this can be done. The doorbell rings and the woman knows that her client is at the door.

Sonny talks to Alexis thinking that she is still thinking that he is responsible for her sisterís death.

Jason gets himself free and heads to the door. He sees police lights in the window. He hears them through the bull horn. ďCome out with your hands up!Ē He looks around frantically trying to figure another way out.

Monica wants to get Skye out of the house, but she doesnít want to go. AJ grabs her and takes her out the back way. Monica has to wonder if Skye really did kill Alcazar. She has been dangerous from the start, so maybe she did it.

Ned has Skye in the backyard and she starts spewing her crap about Brenda. AJ reminds her that the police think that she is the one that killed Alcazar. AJ wants her to hold on as the person that they paid to be a witness has been coming through for them. They have no idea, but Coleman has been listening at the door and has heard every word of their conversation.

Luke seems to have hit a nerve in this young woman that he counsels. He heads to a back room saying that a change in her life is up to her. She answers the door telling the man that she is not working that night. He leaves and she shuts the door. Luke comes out knowing what she has done. She smiles as she tells Luke that she told the man that she canít see him anymore as she is leaving the business. Now what?

On an airplane, Jax has Brenda on a private place. She would feel more comfortable if Jax flew the plane. He assures her that they will be in the air in a few minutes and they can go where they want. He assures her that they will be back as soon as they find the real killer. She is sure that everything is going to be okay as long as she is with him. She goes to him and hugs him.

Jason has been captured by the police and he is taken to the station where he finds Courtney and Sonny. Courtney tells Jason that she wanted to be there for him as this isnít fair. Taggert comes to Courtney telling her of some of Jasonís past events. Sonny tells Taggert again that they are innocent. Taggert willing to agree the Brenda may be innocent but if she is, then who did the murder.

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