GH Update Wednesday 12/18/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/18/02

By Caroline
Pictures by Juanita
proofread by Audrie

Jason cooked Courtney breakfast and they had a happy moment before her cell phone ring. Jason almost answered it by mistake, but they got lucky since it was Elizabeth calling Courtney in to work. “Maybe you should put one of those funny ringers on there so we can tell whose is whose,” he suggested. She told him too an joked with him about the look on Sonny’s face if the Star Spangled Banner started playing in the middle of a big meeting. He asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she told him she wanted to get a tree and decorate it. She asked his wish too. “Just to be here with you,” he told her. “Good answer,” she kidded.

Elizabeth told the sick waitress that Courtney would be in. The waitress expressed her concern that Courtney wasn’t busy, which made Elizabeth begin to think about what she could be doing.

Carly walked into Kelly’s and took a seat, just after Courtney had arrived. Courtney explained to Elizabeth she was more than happy to take an extra shift with the divorce, Christmas and Rosie all digging into her pockets. Elizabeth took the time to notice that despite her woes, Courtney seemed t o be holding up rather well. She also took a stab at trying to find out where she had been when receiving the call to come in, but Courtney lied, telling her she had been walking Rosie. Jason came in at that moment, sitting down with Carly after smiling at Courtney. He was quite disappointed when he found out Carly had called him with an “emergency” because she couldn’t read the blueprints of Kelly’s basement. He told her he had more important things to do and got up to leave. He changed his mind though when Rick showed up, taking interest in Carly’s project. Asking the attorney what he was really after, Jason challenged his relationship with Sonny’s wife, telling him not to try to get to Sonny through Carly. “When I look at Carly, I see a lot more than Sonny’s wife,” Rick told Jason. Carly asked her new friend to excuse them and she had a one on one with her best buddy. She asked him why any interest in her always had to be about Sonny, but Jason turned the conversation around, asking how she knew Rick was okay to be dealing with. She pointed out that Sonny had had him checked out and that all of his paperwork was in order. She also told him she was impressed about the proposal he had written and was happy to have him involved.

Courtney left as soon as the crowd slowed, making a point to let Jason see her departure. While he continued his conversation with Carly she stood outside, tree pulled close and distracted him, telling him to meet her at the apartment. He tried to wrap it up really quickly, telling her “Sometimes when something seems too good to be true, it is.” She had a comeback of her own, “Sometimes when things are wonderful, they’re just really wonderful,” she said noticing his attention was on the window and not on her. She teased about falling in love and told him to have fun. He told her not to call him unless she had a real emergency – not the nightclub, and left. Elizabeth watched him leave and Carly took notice. “You’re too late, Elizabeth,” she told the waitress. She informed his ex that he had moved on and wouldn’t be looking back. “Jason and I broke up because he lied to me. I don’t care what he does or who he sees,” Elizabeth informed. “Oh, then things worked out for the best,” Carly said with a smile and left.

Courtney dragged a tree down to the docks to take back to the apartment. Jason caught up to her and offered to help. She was a little concerned people would notice, but he insisted. Before they even heaved the large ember up, though, Mike appeared and offered to help his daughter move and decorate the tree, despite his afternoon plans. Jason and Courtney chuckled privately as, once again, their attempts at escaping together failed. She waived goodbye with a good-hearted smile.

Gia watched Nikolas drag a tree on Kelly’s doorstep, then ducked out of their tree-hunting task to go to the office and take care of business. He explained he wanted them to pick out and decorate the tree together, but she pressed for just one hour. He gave in.

Felicia went to the apartment across from Alcazar’s hotel room to confront the elf sewing lace onto green and white fabric. The apartment was set up to look like Santa’s workshop. The elf explained that he hadn’t been working that night, that he had just recently begun, replacing a woman who quit suddenly. Santa came in at that point and Felicia used the words “murder investigation,” to get a forwarding address for the woman. She headed to Canada to track her down. Once there she found the woman in an expensive hotel room and her detective instincts put the whole package together. Flashing a badge and pushing her way into the hotel room, she got the woman to admit she had seen the murder as it happened.

Taggart asked Ned if he wanted to press charges against Sonny for assault. “What’s the point of pressing charges against Sonny when you know they’ll never stick,” he pointed out. Alexis came in at that moment, seeing Ned for the first time since the scrape and inquired as to what had happened. Taggart informed her and she tried to convince the two of them to press charges. Ned continued to refuse, admitting to taking the first punch. Taggart pointed out something very real to her though – the reason people are scared to press charges against Sonny is because she spent the last two years making him untouchable. “You wanna get Sonny?” Taggart asked. “Do what I’m doing. Put your money on Roscoe’s widow. The mob has a much better chance of taking him down than I do,” Taggart informed. She gave up and went into the interrogation room where a fight had already begun to brew between Luke and Scotty.

Scott laughed at Luke in the interrogation room, finally getting a chance to lock him up. “The innocent guy you assaulted was a state senator and he’s pressing charges,” Scotty informed.  Luke tried to explain that he was protecting Summer and tried to dignify his answer with the details of her affair with the prestigious senator, but Scotty refused to listen, as did Cameron. Cameron tried to take responsibility for Luke, but Scott informed him it was too late, he couldn’t control Luke and he was headed to the mental institute. Cameron had a word in private with his charge, and Luke used the time unsuccessfully to try to convince him of Summer’s existence. “You’re supposed to be smart enough to know the difference between fiction and reality,” Luke told his good doctor. Cameron thought it rather convenient that Summer showed up only after he’d disappeared and twisted her ankle, leaving Luke to carry her and only one set of prints in the snow. Luke told him that she walked back to the cabin, to check out the footprints again, but Cameron informed him that the snow the previous night had covered any tracks. “You’re blending fact and fiction brilliantly, but she exists only in your head,” Cameron told him. Scotty joined them at that point, along with Alexis and offered to take him away. Alexis tried to fight the charges, but was unsuccessful. Cameron tried to sell Scotty on the idea that if Luke would admit his delusions he would be making progress and therefore could be considered an out patient. Luke refused to admit it. “You picked a helluva time to start having principles.” Cameron remarked as the guards for the mental institution dragged Luke out screaming about Summer. Alexis turned to Cameron, pointing out that instead of following her the night before he should have been helping Luke.

She stepped back into the squad room and called the hospital, inquiring about her daughter. Gia came in to get a settlement number and Alexis took her first look at the document in Gia’s hands, realizing she hadn’t written it or signed it. She told Gia she had filed an extension, but Gia pointed out that was two extensions ago and their time was up. She tried to redeem herself by explaining that she was just trying to help. “Answer the phone,” Alexis told her. “I did, and it kept being your worried clients who needed assurance you hadn’t forgotten them,” Gia pointed out. She assured Alexis the document was fine, but Alexis was still upset Gia had taken matters into her own hands. “I was trying to cover for you like I’ve been doing for a while,” Gia pointed out, informing her fiancée’s aunt that if she didn’t want her help that was fine, Nikolas would be happy to have her attention again. She returned to the PCPD to find Marcus, leaving a message on Nikolas’ voicemail promising to be there soon and begging him not to be upset with her. Taggart asked her what she wanted, catching the end of the conversation. “Believe it or not, I came back looking for some wise advice from my calm, rational, understanding older brother,” she said. She asked him if he thought she’d make a good attorney and explained that she had been doing a bit more than answering phones for Alexis as of late. He pointed out she wasn’t a paralegal and shouldn’t be doing the job of one, upset at her taking the bull by the horns. But he changed his tune, asking her if she thought she had done and good job, and when she assured him she had, he explained that Alexis was out of control and she just needed to cut her some slack. “And as far as Nikolas is concerned, you’re just going to have to plain cut him,” he dug.  She let his blow slide since he had made her feel better and went to meet her fiancée.

A little while later Nikolas returned to Kelly’s, asking Elizabeth if Gia had made her reappearance. When she told him she hadn’t, he sat down to wait. He began to leave just as she arrived, declaring she had the rest of the afternoon free. Nikolas informed her he didn’t – he’d had the morning free, like they’d planned, and left. Gia sat down with Liz to figure out what to do, explaining she’d stood him up at least ten times recently and he didn’t deserve it. “Well, if you want to fix it, Gia, do it fast or else it’ll be too broken to fix. Miss your chance now and there’s no going back,” she told her, speaking from experience.

Luke was dragged into the mental ward of GH, Scotty close on his heels, taunting him. They looked around him at the people throwing things and dancing and acting all crazy. “Welcome to your new home,” the DA teased. Luke started to get violent, trying to get at Scotty, but the guards held him back (the straight jacket helped too). Scott continued to taunt him, telling him that he’d be sucking jello through a straw in no time. “We both know the reason Laura’s where she is, is because of you and that’s what’s making you crazy,” Scotty said. Luke denied the accusation, blaming Scotty instead. After the jacket was removed and Scotty on his way out the door, the guards released Luke and the other mental patients came in for a closer look. He tracked down a nurse in a pink uniform and told her his story. She offered to go get him a doctor at the same time Cameron arrived. Luke told his own psychiatrist he didn’t need his help, but changed his mind when the guards came back into the room carrying the nurse screaming, who happened to be a patient. “It doesn’t bother you that the only person supporting your delusions is a mental patient?” Cameron asked. Luke pointed out that she had at least listened to him, something no one else had taken the time to do lately. Then he begged the doctor to at least hear his story and consider Summer’s existence. Then he challenged him to go out and find her. The doctor assured him if Summer did, indeed, exist, he would find her.

Ned met with Edward outside of Kelly’s; Edward had a briefcase with him. “I can see for myself you did goad that monster into a street brawl last night,” Edward commented. Ned didn’t want to argue with him. “The point is that somebody’s got to make Sonny pay, and it’s going to be me,” he told his grandfather. “You know Ned, I’ve always felt that revenge was a dish served best cold,” Edward hinted. But Ned was not willing to wait; he was ready to serve Sonny his just desserts immediately.  Pointing out the people in their lives damaged by Sonny already, he left his grandfather with one last comment: “Just be prepared to thank me when I get rid of Sonny once and for all,” he said. He took the suitcase to a hotel room, where some large bodyguards pushed him through the door and onto the bed. Before they got a chance to do anything harmful, Faith Roscoe appeared at the door and offered to frisk him herself. He took it with a smile on his face. When she asked his business he told her he wanted to be her new best friend.  She poured them a glass of wine and asked him why. He pointed out that he had a million dollars with him to start up capital for a new venture. When she inquired about the subject of the venture he explained bluntly: “Destroying Sonny Corinthos.”

Maxie and Georgie were selling mistletoe on the docks to raise money for a cause. Maxie was offering free kisses with hers. Georgie got a little jealous watching her big sister get all the attention. Lucas looked a little jealous too and offered to buy from Georgie. “Do I get a kiss with mine?” he asked. She was too happy to agree. After giving him his change, she reached up to kiss him on the lips, but he turned his head just in time, and she managed to land the smooch on the corner of his mouth. He thanked her and left, leaving plenty of lead way for a sister-sister discussion. Maxie pointed out that she had been right – Lucas saw Georgie as a kid sister. Georgie tried to fight it, pointing out he wouldn’t want to kiss her with her sister two feet away, staring. Maxie fought harder, reminding her he had turned his head, not letting her kiss him on the lips. “I’m going to prove to you that I can get Lucas,” she told her sister.

Rick watched Maxie as she continued to flirt with her customers, and remembered something from his own past – children taunting each other about young love, and a large fire. There were tears in his eyes when Carly caught up to him, wondering what had happened.

Skye went down to the PCPD on Taggart’s request. He asked her about Coleman driving her car. She tried to change the subject, asking about Brenda, but he turned it back around to the point at hand, asking her why Coleman hadn’t just called her a cab. “Maybe he tried and couldn’t get one. Maybe he wanted to get a look down my shirt. I don’t know,” she lied. He pointed out her story didn’t make sense and let her remain in the hot seat.

Courtney ran into Jason in the hall of their secret place. She apologized, but he was glad she’d gotten to spend the day with her father. She admitted she’d lied and told him she was going back to work so he didn’t return with more ornaments. She asked him if they had time to go back and get another tree, but he told her he didn’t think so. He took her inside and there was an extremely large tree – with an ornament of a golden retriever hanging from its branches. “I love it,” she assured him, hugging him.

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