GH Update Tuesday 12/17/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/17/02

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis stood in Alcazar’s hotel room, with Cameron nagging at her from behind, asking her what she was doing with her theories about enemies in powerful places using the balcony as an opportunity to get rid of Alcazar. He pointed out that the theory was weak and downright ridiculous. He told her the theory was an excuse because she didn’t want the real killer to be found. She pointed out that she was trying to protect Jax, her client and best friend. He pointed out her sudden change of intrigue, first compulsively hovering over her child and now throwing herself into her work. She told him it was no mystery, that she was just trying to help a friend and wanted to get back to her daughter A.S.A.P.

Ned cooed to Kristina about taking her home and walking in the park. Felicia joined him in the neonatal room to make small talk, but Alexis was unhappy with the situation when she arrived. Taking Felicia out into the hall, Alexis asked her not to return to the neonatal room for fear of spreading germs to the children in the hospital’s care. Felicia apologized and agreed not to return, but let Alexis know she was planning on heading to Alcazar’s hotel room (even though Alexis had just returned from there) at the exact time of the murder to see if any people nearby had a time table they kept that might put them in the situation to have seen the murder. Ned took Alexis back into the care facility, upset at her rudeness to Felicia. He pointed out that she would be around to fend any unwanted visitors on her own if she weren’t so preoccupied with Jax. Calling her MIA because of her recent obsession with the Alcazar murder was a low blow, and Alexis told him if he hated her that much he should leave. He told her he was confused about the situation. She offered to clear up any confusion by explaining that she would be raising Kristina alone. He refused to leave, telling her that Kristina needed him too, because without him she’d be left alone for hours. “Don’t you dare question my commitment to this child,” she told him. “And don’t you dare question mine,” he spat back. He pointed out that one day she declared him the father and the next he was on the doorstep, and he made it clear he didn’t appreciate that kind of treatment. She asked him what he was still doing there and he pointed out that he was there for Kristina, since her mother had taken so many wrong turns in her life. He even took the lowest blow of all, pointing out that after chasing around a married man who didn’t want her she all of a sudden thought he looked good again. “She wasn’t put on this earth so you could prove yourself superwoman,” he explained. He pointed out that Kristina needed him, even though Alexis didn’t, and that he was willing to cut his losses and move on with his life. Cameron, standing at the doorway, heard everything.

When Ned left, Cameron entered the room to discuss the situation with Alexis, pointing out to his new acquaintance that Ned just might be telling the truth. Alexis tried to condone her actions by explaining she was being pulled in several different directions, but Cameron wouldn’t take the excuse. “You’re using motherhood as an excuse to be compulsively involved with your child, and I’m telling you right now that that can be counterproductive,” he told her, speaking from experience. “Living through your child can have terrible consequences.”

Luke confronted Summer about hiding her identity and whereabouts. “Your phone number and address are like national security secrets,” he told her. He lumped her into one of three categories: crazy, a sadistic game player, or a terrified young woman hiding from something. She admitted that she was hiding from her lover, a powerful, married man who had taken her as his mistress. He offered to get the man out of her life for good, but she refused, wanting to take care of the situation on her own. “Everybody’s got dirt in the backyard,” he explained, offering to dig up the guy’s past and haunt him with it. She still refused, but agreed to meet Cameron after a little more coaxing and Luke’s promise to never see her again. They went to the docs where Luke explained she didn’t have to reveal any personal details, just shoot the breeze about what he and she had been up to recently and then move on. Just as they stood there discussing it, a man walked on to the docks and she hid behind a tree, claiming that the man was her ex, the one she was hiding from. Luke confronted the well-dressed man, telling him “the lady you’re doggin’ doesn’t want to see you anymore.” The man claimed to have no idea what he was talking about. Luke made a threatening step toward him and put his hands on his lapels. The man threw up his hands and claimed he was being attacked. Conveniently enough Taggart was nearby and ran it to split up the fight, ordering Luke to go with him to the PD. Cameron chose that moment to arrive as well, but could do nothing about the arrest since Summer had disappeared again.

Skye sauntered into Club 101, her bloodstream already tainted. Asking the bartender to pour her another drink, she refused to help the dj pick out the music for the evening, telling him to ask her husband and claiming not to care. AJ joined her at the bar, telling her she didn’t need to be drinking, but he couldn’t force her to quit, so he asked for a favor instead. Skye assured him that they were still in agreement on their plan. “I want that home wrecking slut Brenda to pay, and soon,” she told him.

Carly dragged Sonny into Club 101, using Courtney to lure him there. He pointed out that he wasn’t fond of the club and asked where his sister was. Carly noticed Sammy Taggliotti perched nearby and asked what he was doing there, at a club in Sonny’s territory. Sonny figured it out the moment a prestigious blonde woman walked in the door. He explained to his wife that Taggliotti was meeting with her because she had just taken over her dead husband’s business interests, pointing out that the husband was the one who had strong-armed him for the club in the first place. Carly seemed confused, asking why the other families could respect this woman after he told her they wouldn’t do business with a woman. He told her it didn’t matter; they wouldn’t be doing business with her. He explained her last venture into his territory would be her first and last. She informed him she had no interest in his business, but was thinking of her future. When he put two and two together he asked her if she wanted the club back, but she assured him she didn’t, explaining that she wanted to start from scratch and Rick was going to help her do it. Rick chose that moment to step into the club and greeted the couple. Sonny pulled him to the side, explaining he didn’t discuss business in front of his wife, and Rick informed him that Jax had been released on bail. They sat down to discuss Carly’s new endeavor.

Before they got into the discussion, they had a show to watch though. When Courtney arrived late to work she apologized to Skye and Mrs. Jax sent her to wait on table 6. Who else was sitting there, ready to pounce but AJ. She turned back around and confronted Skye, asking her why she was forcing her to speak to him, especially since she had been one of the people who had been against their relationship in the beginning. “Imperfect people can get their hearts broken too,” she pointed out, telling Courtney that AJ still loved her. Courtney chalked it up and headed over to the table with a glass of water. Once there, AJ grabbed her arm, refusing to let her go. At the next table over, Sonny stood, ready to help out his little sister, but Carly encouraged him to let her handle it on her own. They sat back down to watch the show. AJ asked what had happened to her caring, compassion and forgiveness. “You turned those things against me,” she reminded him. He assured her he wouldn’t sign the divorce papers without a fight. “You couldn’t hold on to me with lies. You sure as hell can’t hold onto me with a piece of paper,” she told him. He asked her if she had moved on to someone better, someone like Jason. She didn’t answer, turning back around and heading toward Skye at the bar. “I don’t need a job where I’m manipulated into dealing with a man I can’t stand,” she told Skye, quitting. Skye tried to play coy, pointing out she had thought Courtney was kinder. “No. You thought I was a pushover and so did AJ. Well, I guess your both wrong,” she said. She stopped by Sonny’s table before leaving, where she informed her brother she wasn’t letting AJ get to her, and where she informed Carly that when the hostess job was available, she was ready to take it. Carly assured her she would be perfect.

With Courtney gone, they sat down to finish the discussion about the new business, Sonny noticing a change in his sister, a toughness of sorts. Carly played it off as being rid of AJ, not letting on about Jason having a large part to do with Courtney’s recent behavior. Before they got any farther, Sonny excused himself to the bar, where the woman with whom Taggleotti was dining came up for a brief discussion. Sonny warned her not to let Sammy mislead her, and she assured him she made her own decisions. He agreed that thus far they had been good ones. She pointed out that he hadn’t offered condolences for her late husband. And he agreed – he hadn’t (and wasn’t about to). He returned to the table and the discussion at hand. Carly informed Rick that Sonny had agreed to fund her venture, but Rick assured her it wasn’t necessary, pointing out that if she set up a funding package, she would have high quality investors backing the club and their vested interests would draw them and their crusades to the club regularly. Shocked at his idea, she agreed to make a list. He assured her the list was compiled and ready to go. Sonny questioned his quick relationships with these business investors, but Rick threw the focus off his associates and onto Sonny, pointing out that the club was only one opportunity, that he could do the same with some of Sonny’s legitimate endeavors.

Ned chose that moment to walk in, already upset with his situation and placing the guilt on Sonny. He asked about the unfamiliar person at the table and was educated that Rick was Sonny’s newest attorney. He took advantage of the coincidence to point out that Sonny had ruined his last attorney. Carly tried to step in, reminding Ned that Sonny hadn’t done anything to Alexis. But Ned believed otherwise, pointing out that Sonny’s presence put so many people in danger. “And you’re next, Carly. Or are you too dumb and too greedy to see it?” Sonny refused to let Ned belittle his wife, standing and ordering him to apologize. Ned refused, telling Sonny to apologize to his family members, to Alan and Monica for stripping their son from them, to AJ for taking away his wife and to Alexis, for taking Kristina. He pointed out to Sonny his attempt at loyalty was laughable. Sonny turned the tables, pointing out that Ned hadn’t been the most loyal of players, sleeping with one woman while still in love with her sister. Unhappy with the accusation, Ned leaned in, attempting to punch Sonny, but wasn’t in the best condition and ended up on the receiving side of a beating. “Don’t you ever disrespect my wife,” Sonny told him, leaving. Skye tried to help him up, but he insisted on being independent, refusing to be taken to the hospital or to go down to the PCPD. He promised her he would have his revenge. “Good. Payback’s a bitch,” she smiled.

Jax and Brenda cozied up on the floor in front of the couch. Brenda pointed out to her lover that he wasn’t Superman and that he could, very easily go to prison. He pointed out that he was fine and explained that he wanted to help her. She assured him she wasn’t helpless and that she needed her independence because she had been too dependent on Luis. He told her to let him work out the situation and she agreed to try. Jason busted in just as they began to kiss, interrupting any attempt at passion. “I need to talk to my wife. Alone,” he told Jax. Jax told him to drop the “wife” bit, but Brenda told him not to fight it. “There’s no point in arguing with him, he’s not the sharpest tool in the box,” she told Jax, encouraging him to leave them alone. Jason told her again that her adultery could get them all into trouble and pointed out anything they said in Jax’s presence could be used against them. He informed her that he was preparing to take her out of the country before they could be convicted. Brenda asked him if this was Sonny’s idea and he assured her it wasn’t, pointing out that Scotty had her on tape admitting to stabbing Alcazar. He promised he wasn’t trying to protect her, he was trying to protect himself. Brenda turned the tables on him, asking him if he wanted to go away with her, in a sexy, sassy voice. He denied the prospect, but she continued, telling him they could “hang out” and, changing tone, drive each other crazy. He pointed out that he just didn’t want arrested. She reminded him that it was Christmas time, asking him if he celebrated the holiday. When he nodded, she promised she wouldn’t give him any more trouble if he would wait until after Christmas. “You always give me trouble,” he smirked. She agreed that if anything came up beforehand they would leave immediately, but until the situation changed they would wait. “You’re welcome,” she said before he left, though he was unsure for what. “For not making you spend Christmas with me,” she teased.

After Jason left, Jax returned and she told him that Jason wanted to go out of the country. He agreed that it was a good idea. She promised she would send him a postcard, but he told her it wasn’t necessary because she wouldn’t be with Jason, she’d be with him.” You are the woman I love,” he told her. “Where you go, I go.”

Jason went to his and Courtney’s hideaway and was mildly surprised when she returned there before her shift was over. With a smile on her face, she explained that she had quit and all the hoopla surrounding the decision. When she got to the part of AJ accusing her of sleeping with him again, he asked if she was bothered by it. She assured him that she wasn’t, that AJ had no hold over her anymore. They hugged. She sat near the fireplace, preparing the logs for a nice, warm evening. When he asked if she needed help she told him she was fine, but pointed out that if she became dependant on him that she would miss him too much when he and Brenda left. He explained that plans had once again changed and they wouldn’t be leaving until after Christmas. “Brenda doesn’t want to leave Jax, and I don’t wanna leave you,” he said.

Felicia arrived at Alcazar’s hotel room and went out onto the balcony. Looking at the adjacent building, she noticed some lights on in a room parallel to the one she was standing in and smiled at the discovery.

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