GH Update Friday 12/13/02


General Hospital Update Friday 12/13/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


At Kelly's, Carly gripes to Ric about Sonny. She wants to teach Sonny a lesson. She talks about having her own club again and Ric helping her out. He laughs but then says it's "sudden". She tells him that she's not taking no for an answer. He agrees and shakes her hand. As she leaves to go tell Sonny, Ric helps her on with her coat, impressing her with his manners. She leaves and he watches her.

Lucky goes to Kelly's and tells Elizabeth that the men in white coats took his dad away. They go outside and stand in the snow. Lucky says that now both of his parents are having breakdowns. He cries and asks how this can happen. She tries to make Lucky feel better by saying that Luke didn't just lose his mind. He asks if she's saying that he shouldn't have let Cameron take Luke.

Cameron takes Luke to a cabin (not a hospital). Luke, in a straight jacket, wants to know what he's up to. Cameron replies that he's making it up as he goes along. Inside, Cameron takes out a knife, which scares Luke. Luke babbles apologies while Cameron moves toward him menacingly. But he just cuts the straps to Luke's straight jacket. Luke thanks him. Cameron offers him coffee or hot chocolate. Luke asks him what he's up to. Cameron says they're going to wait for Summer, however long it takes Luke to admit that she doesn't exist. If she does show up (in Luke's head), he will be committed. Later, the clock ticks away. Cameron reads. Luke asks if the therapy will be successful if he dies of boredom. Cameron lists some things they can do, including talking. Luke says, "No thanks, I'd rather dance with invisible blondes". Cameron asks if he's admitting she's not real. Luke says if that's what it takes to leave, sure. Cameron says he can't just fake it. Luke wonders how he will know. Cameron says he would be surprised. Luke settles in for a nap. Luke looks as if someone has walked into the room and says, "Well, finally! Took you long enough". Cameron looks at him like he's crazy. No one is there. Cameron watches intently while Luke talks to thin air. Cameron asks Luke to describe her, so Luke does. Luke says that Summer asks what Cameron thinks he's doing, holding him against his will. Luke pretends that Summer has a glass of wine, then that she calls Cameron a jackass, and then acts like she is going to hit Cameron in the head. Luke is so convincing that when he says, "Summer, don't! Watch out!" Cameron actually turns around reflexively and looks. As soon as he does, Luke bursts out laughing. "Gotcha!" he chuckles at Cameron.

Luke keeps laughing at Cameron for falling for his joke. Luke asks Cameron what motivates him. Cameron reveals in their conversation that he's divorced. He falls silent when asked if he has any kids. Cameron says his son is dead. Luke says he's sorry. Cameron goes to get sugar because they are getting low. Luke tries to get out of the chains on his feet. The door blows open and in walks Summer. Luke squints, not believing his eyes. Luke says her hair is up, just like he imagined it. She chuckles at him for thinking about her hair. They talk about whether she's real or not. Finally she goes over to him, lets her hair down, and undoes the manacles on his leg. He smells her hair while she does. She says if she wasn't real, could she do that? He isn't sure. She says they should leave, so they do. Cameron returns and rushes out to see where Luke went. He looks down and only sees one set of footprints in the snow. He looks  worried.

Skye asks A.J. what his idea is. Coleman comes up and listens outside Skye's door as A.J. tells her that this plan will solve her problems (and get Jax out of jail). A.J. tells her the plan off-camera and then he leaves, saying that he'll be in touch. Coleman shows himself and asks Skye what her plan is to help him up in society. She tells him to get out so he says that if she doesn't, he'll go to the police with the plan that A.J. just spilled out. She tries to call his bluff but he starts to leave to go to the cops. She pulls out a shotgun and points it at him. He wonders what she wants him to do, leave or stay. She talks about how she will get away with shooting him with the cops. He walks toward her, confident that she won't shoot him. The gun muzzle is up against his chest so he moves it to his heart, taunting her. He tells her, "go ahead, blow me away" but she can't do it. He grabs the gun and drops it. He grabs her and says she should show him what she's got. They kiss passionately and start ripping off their clothes. Afterwards, Skye is disgusted at herself. Coleman tells her how things could be worse and in the process calls A.J. a "loser". She gets upset but he just scoffs at the idea that A.J. is a good person. He says that A.J. is not good with details. He tells Skye that she's a "bad girl" and does "bad things". She needs someone who is her equal. She walks away and goes to get a drink. She wonders why she should trust him. He says he's all she has and kisses her neck. Her cell phone rings, so she uses that as an excuse to walk away from him. She gets annoyed at the call.

Brenda checks her messages and learns that Sonny did phone her to tell her about the tape. He explains to her why he wants Jax in jail. He believes that Jax didn't kill Alcazar; he's not a killer and he wouldn't have let Brenda go to jail for one minute if he had been the real killer. So Scott is going to try to prove Jax is innocent, and eventually he will because there's not much evidence. But until they do all that, they can't put Brenda in jail for it, either. He says Jax is stalling and he's just helping out. Brenda scoffs at the idea that he's helping Jax. She asks if he can guarantee that Jax will be okay in the meantime. What if the tape is the last evidence they need, she says. He says the tape only proves that Jax was in the building. She is unsure about whether to believe him. He says he doesn't want Jax to go to prison, he just wants to help out her and Jason. Sonny says with a smile that he's not looking for a thank you. She smiles and asks, "You're not?"

Jason comes in just then. Brenda leaves to visit Jax. Sonny explains to Jason what happened. He isn't sure that Brenda got the message so he thinks she needs to be "removed". Sonny wants Jason to take Brenda away "for a honeymoon". Jason isn't sure how Sonny wants him to do that. Jason reminds him of how it worked out before and says being away on an island with Brenda is his idea of Hell. Sonny wonders if there's some other reason he doesn't want to leave Port Charles.

Jax and Alexis are called to a room where Scott introduces them to a Mr. Wong. He says Mr. Wong is going to be administering Jax's lie detector test. Jax says he didn't agree to that. Alexis objects. Scott wonders what he has to hide now that he's already confessed, unless the confession was a lie. Jax goes ahead with the test, despite Alexis' objections. Brenda arrives. Scott asks his first question: is Jax in love with Brenda? Alexis objects and she argues with Scott. Jax stares into Brenda's eyes continually after she walks in, and says "yes" so the lie detector test tells that he's telling the truth. Scott asks some other questions about Brenda and then asks if he killed Alcazar. Alexis threatens to file a court paper so Jax doesn't have to answer. Jax says he'll answer and when he is asked again if he killed Alcazar, he says "true". Mr. Wong says he answered truthfully. Scott wonders how Jax passed the test. Alexis is shocked. Scott phones to get Jax ready for transport. He says they're taking a "field trip".

Courtney phones someone to ask what time they'll be able to meet her. Later, she is outside his apartment and asks if he's there, but gets no answer. She is leaving on the elevator just as Carly arrives. She wants to leave but Carly asks her to come inside and help her celebrate. Carly tells her about the club. She asks Courtney to be the hostess. Courtney would rather leave but Carly insists that she come in. Then Carly realizes she doesn't know why Courtney is there. Courtney tries to make up an excuse as to why she is there to see Jason but it's not believable, so Carly laughs. Courtney admits that Jason is not there. Carly tells her to wait right there and she goes inside. She say "wife alert" so that Sonny and Jason will cease any business talk. Carly asks Sonny to get her some water and then she signals Jason to go outside because Courtney is there. Jason grimaces and leaves. Courtney tells Jason that she's glad to see him; he is, too. She says she has a surprise for him.

Carly talks to Sonny about her new club, thinking he's going to hate the idea. But he says "fine" in the middle of her babbling. She jumps for joy and kisses him. She goes to get the newspaper to look for property. Sonny makes some suggestions, including getting Benny to help her out, but she says she has her own guy: Ric. Sonny is suspicious about why Ric is so involved with his life all of a sudden. Carly soothes Sonny and they chat about her club. Carly imagines Jason arriving with Courtney. Sonny says no, he doesn't want to lose his right hand man. She asks what he means. He says that if he ever found out that he'd laid a hand on his sister, he'd have to kill him. It's not clear whether he's joking or not.

Ric chats with Elizabeth at Kelly's about his new job. Elizabeth groans and makes a face. She tries to tell him what Carly's like without sounding like a shrew. She says Carly is "tricky" but he says he enjoys a tricky situation every now and then.

Jason and Courtney go to look at an apartment. Courtney loves it. The landlady recognizes Jason and warns Courtney that Jason is married. Courtney's face falls. She tries to explain while Jason gives the woman double the rent. Courtney says trust her, she knows what she's doing.

Scott, Mac, Taggert, Jax, Brenda, Alexis, and some other cops go to Alcazar's apartment to re-enact what happened that night. Alexis objects but everyone ignores her. One of the cop videotapes what they are doing. Scott stands in for Alcazar as Brenda shows them what happened. Mac questions Brenda harshly; Jax objects. Scott tells him to shut up. Skye rushes in and says that Brenda is a "lying little witch". She says Brenda didn't leave; she was there and Brenda murdered Alcazar in cold blood. Jax asks why Scott is dragging Skye into this. He insists that Brenda did not kill Alcazar. Scott says Jax can do his part in front of the Cameron. Jax explains how he struggled with Alcazar and then threw him over the balcony, as he acts it out with Scott. Scott shows Jax there is blood on his clothes. He says he had Taggert pick up some fake blood. He explains that since Alcazar had a big cut, Jax would have had blood on his clothes, too, since they struggled. But they didn't find any blood on his clothes. Which means Jax is lying through his teeth.

A.J goes to Skye's place and finds Coleman sitting on her couch, making himself at home. "What--in the Hell are you doing here?!" he yells. Coleman smiles.

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