GH Update Thursday 12/12/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 12/12/02

By Kristi & Suzanne
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Sonny is on the phone, leaving a message for Brenda about Jax's hearing.  He hears a knock at the door; it's Taggert, asking why Sonny requested the presence of the police.  Sonny politely offers him a drink, which makes Taggert more suspicious.  Sonny gives Taggert the tape of Jax at the murder scene.  Taggert's wondering what Sonny is doing with it;  Sonny wants to know why it was lost in the first place but explains he is giving it back. He suggests that Taggert take it to the judge right away, unless he's as corrupt as the DA.  Taggert leaves. Carly comes down and but he says she isnít going to Jax's hearing.

Felicia is interviewing Skye at Skye's place about what happened the night of Alcazar's murder.  Skye says that it's all about Brenda.  Jax confessed to protect her and Scott is after her so he can use her to get Sonny and Jason. Skye recounts what she says she saw, so Felicia asks why Skye didnít try to stop Brenda.  Skye doesn't answer but is convinced that Jax didnít kill Alcazar.   A.J. arrives and ushers Felicia out to keep Skye from spilling the beans.

Jax tells Alexis that he is ready to plead guilty and take responsibility for what he has done. Alexis says that she knows he didnít kill Alcazar.  She says that this is just a bail hearing so he needs to keep his mouth shut.  Scott walks in and says they are there to fight each other, but she knows he's not planning to really fight.  He says they both want the same thing.

Cameron is at Luke's.  Lucky walks in, wondering where his dad is.  Luke is at Kelly's, giving money out, dressed like Santa. He's telling everyone that they can take anything in the store.  Elizabeth tries to stop him & threatens to call Bobbie. Lucas walks in with Georgie, so Luke gives them both money.  He walks out, acting crazy.

(The rest of this will be updated Saturday, sorry)

Liz has a hard time getting stuff back from customers.  Bobbie walks in, furious, and threatens to call the cops. She wants to know whatís going on.   Someone explains that Santa gave them permission to take everything.  Lucas, Georgie, and Elizabeth confirm that it was Luke and that he's out of control.

Lucky also tries to stop people from taking things from Luke's.  Cameron asks about Summer, whether Lucky has seen her.  Cameron tells him that Summer is an illusion.  He tells Lucky that his father is losing it.

Luke walks into the police station, giving money to all.  Mac is talking to the press about Jax's confession when Luke comes in. Luke hands money to Mac, too. Luke is going on about how Mac is a great commissioner.  Mac threatens to lock up Luke if he doesnít leave.   Eventually, Luke wanders out, still handing out money and going "ho ho ho".

After Felicia leaves, A.J. jumps down her throat for talking to Felicia.  He tells her not to talk to anyone else.  He insists that she go sober and he's going along to keep an eye on her.

Alexis and Scott argue some more about what he's doing.  He wants Jax to go free so he can find the "real killer".  Alexis is all for that.  Alexis tells Jax that the judge is running late, but they'll get bail and tomorrow he can explain what has happened and how he has been lying for Brenda.

Carly and Sonny argue.  He has to go give the cops the tape but he doesn't want Carly to go to Jax's hearing.  She is annoyed.

Luke is now in the park, still giving money out. The reporter that was at the PCPD comes by, asking what Luke is doing.  Lucky and Cameron watch in amazement as Luke babbles to the camera.  The press asks Luke if he thinks he is Santa but Luke replies that he doesn't. He pulls down the Santa beard and they realize he's Luke Spencer.  Luke says he did this to get attention.  He makes a plea to Summer into the camera. He begs her come down to his club and prove to someone that she's real.

Elizabeth closes Kelly's. Bobbie tells Liz that Luke did the same thing at the club.   Georgie is wearing a short, sexy top, which Lucas suddenly notices admiringly as she takes off her coat.  Maxie comes in and wants to know why she's wearing her shirt, then says oh, it must be so that she can Lucas to notice her.  Georgie looks embarrassed.  Carly storms in, wanting to know why the door was locked and where Bobbie is. Carly acts like she is boss when Bobbie tells her to help clean up Kellyís. Ric walks in and Carly immediately jumps down his throat, thinking that Sonny has sent him to spy on her.

 Skye shows up at the hearing and tries to talk to Alexis and Jax but neither one wants to see her.  A.J. tries to make peace and has Skye sit down with him.  Sonny walks in and sits in the back as the hearing starts.  Alexis lays out how Jax is not going to skip town, he has ties to the community, etc. and he agrees to hand over his private jet so he can't leave town.  Scott agrees on the bail.  The judge is just about to set a low bail amount when Taggert rushes in, saying he has evidence against Jax.  Scott looks angry.

After Luke gets off camera, Lucky worries that Luke hasn't slept much lately.  He looks really worried but Luke assures him he's fine.  He does sound a little crazy, especially since he doesn't have a valid reason for giving away all his stuff.  Cameron badgers Luke about Summer, saying she's not going to show, he made her up, etc. but Luke ignores him and heads for the club.

Ric is finally able to get a word in and tell Carly that Sonny didn't send him.  She is a bit out of breath and upset so Ric suggests they sit and have coffee and an apple turnover.  When Carly complains about Sonny, he suggests that maybe she wasn't cut out to be a mob wife.  This sets her off again and she starts chewing him out for presuming to know what's best for her.  Mollified by his apology, Carly starts thinking that maybe she should start another club.

Alexis, Scott, et al. look at the videotape of Jax at the hotel on the night of the murder.  The judge asks Taggert sternly why the tape wasn't available before.  Taggert exchanges angry glances with Scott and says that the tape was "unavailable".  The judge chews out Scott for going along with the low bail when he knew the tape existed.  The judge doesn't like whatever's going on.  He says the bail is denied.  Skye screams, "No!" and yells that he's innocent.  Alexis asks Jax if he knew about the tape and he admits he didn't.  Scott and Sonny exchange taunts in the courtroom.  Scott phones Brenda to let her know what happened (to put pressure on her).

At the club, Luke watches himself on TV.  Cameron and Lucky arrive.  Luke offers them a drink as they wait for Summer to show up.  Cameron starts on Luke's case about how he made up Summer.  Then he has some men in white coats come in and put a straight jacket on Luke and haul him away.  Lucky tries to stop them but Cameron asks him what he will do if Luke harms himself.

Ric insists on helping Elizabeth clean up at Kelly's but she really doesn't want his help.  He keeps chatting to Carly about her new club idea.

Skye and A.J. go to her place.  She goes toward the booze.  He says getting drunk won't help, but he has a plan to help Jax.

Scott tells off Taggert for double-crossing him.  Taggert doesn't look like he cares what Scott thinks.  Alexis insists that Jax tell her the truth about what happened that night.

Brenda storms into Sonny's place and wants to know if he lied to her about not hurting Jax.  He asks if she's checked her messages. He tried to phone her beforehand to let her know what was going on.  He was helping Jax stall Scott so that Scott couldn't get to Brenda.

ON THE NEXT GENERAL HOSPITAL: Carly tells Ric she will tell Sonny about the new club. A.J. has a plan to reunite Skye and Jax. Brenda asks Sonny if he wants Jax in jail. Scott gives Jax a lie detector test.

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