GH Update Wednesday 12/11/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/11/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


A blonde woman with a long blue scarf walks on the docks; Luke mistakes her for Summer. Luke asks the woman if she's seen Summer, but she's never heard of her. She's annoyed at Luke for bringing the police patrols there. She walks away. Luke looks upset, like he's worried that he imagine Summer. Summer comes up behind him and says he looks terrible. He tells her that the guy that was hassling her was an undercover cop. She doesn't know what he means. She says it wasn't her; she wasn't on the pier. He says he is starting to wonder if she really exists. He asks her if their encounters really happened. She says they did. But what bothers him is that no one else has seen her. He wonders if she really exists. She asks, "What if I don't?" Then she clarifies, maybe he would be better off if she didn't exist. He says he'd only be better if HE didn't exist. They talk about their relationship. He thinks they met for a reason. But he still wonders if he invented her. She insists that she's real. He asks her to prove it, like give her an address or phone number. She doesn't want to give it out. She doesn't know what he's looking for. She's upset so she starts to leave. He assures her that he's not a stalker. He asks her if she can meet one person, to prove that she's real, for five minutes. She hesitates. He asks her to meet him at Kelly's in a half hour. She has to go meet with her client to tell him that she's going to be late. He goes to make a phone call; she is gone as soon as he turns around.

Felicia is touching Kristina while Cameron watches. Alexis comes in and wants to know what's going on. Felicia tells her how beautiful her daughter is and what a miracle she is. Alexis smiles and thanks her but says she's fragile; Cameron points out that the doctor said it's okay to touch her. Alexis, on edge, says that there aren't supposed to be more than two people in the room. Felicia leaves immediately. Alexis asks him what on earth he was thinking. They argue. He says Alexis is being absurd. Alexis admits she overreacted because she's tired. Cameron suggests that she rest. She says she can't now because she has to defend Jax. He is amazed. He can't believe she would take on a murder case after obsessing about her child. She says she needs to. He says he can't wait to see who she is tomorrow, then he leaves.

Cameron finds Felicia as she's about to leave. She feels bad about upsetting Alexis. He says Alexis's just exhausted, and now she's going to defend Jax. She's worried about what Alexis is getting into. He asks for her help. They chat about Luke. He says her name came up when he chatted with Luke. She says they had a history but the true love of his life was Laura. He says it's Alexis that needs help. He asks if she would be interested in taking on some of the footwork of Alexis' case. She laughs at his audacity. He knows she can convince Alexis that it was her idea. She agrees. She doesn't think Jax should stay any minute in prison for killing Alcazar because he deserved to die. He is surprised but she tells him that he abducted her children. He suggests that she not tell Alexis that this was his idea, so she agrees. Cameron takes out his cell phone and turns it on. It rings immediately.

Luke phones Cameron and chews him out for having his cell phone turned off. He tells him to meet him at Kelly's in 20 minutes to meet his mystery woman.

At Courtney's place, Jason tells Courtney that he has to stay with Brenda until they find out who really killed Alcazar. She understands. They kiss; it's hard for them to part. They stare longingly into each other's eyes. They exchange sweet words. Jason wonders if maybe they can see each other sooner than he thought. He wonders if maybe they can meet secretly where no one else would know them. He says they'd have to sneak around but he worries what that will be like for her. She doesn't mind and says they have nothing to be ashamed of. She thinks it's a good idea to keep it secret anyway from A.J. because of how weird he is. Jason promises to watch his back. She agrees to meet in secret.

Elizabeth arrives for work at Kelly's. Scott and Taggert are there; Scott tells Ric that he stole something from him, so he needs to give it back. There is an envelope peeking out from underneath Ric's bag. He say she doesn't know what Scott is talking about. Carly stands up and disgustedly tells Scott to take Ric away to jail. She says he's been snooping around Sonny and he should find out what Ric's up to. Scott tries to pressure Ric so Ric uses his legal maneuvers to threaten to sue him for false arrest. Scott looks uncertain; Carly admires what Ric is doing and taunts Scott. Carly pics up her bag, which has Ric's envelope underneath it. Ric says he'll go with them voluntarily (the distraction was enough for Carly to get the evidence hidden).

Sonny tells Brenda that he does want her to be free and he really doesn't care what happens to Jax, but he's not trying to set her up. He says he has a great life and he cares about her. He wants her to be happy. She knows. She says he was a huge part of her life. Good or bad? he asks. A little bit of both, she concedes. He feels the same way. They smile at each other warmly. He advises her to stay away from Jax. She wonders what if she really did kill him. He knows she didn't because she looked him in the eyes and said she didn't.

Sonny arrives at home. Carly apologizes for throwing a fit before, then she explains what happened to Ric. Sonny is annoyed that Ric involved her in stealing evidence. She says she offered to help. That doesn't make Sonny feel any better. He wants her safe. She wonders what's really making him upset and asks if it's Brenda. He says he just has a lot on his mind and lists the things he's been worrying about (conspiculously leaving Brenda out). She tells him how great Ric was and asks him to look at the tape. It is a tape of some family, but behind them is Jax, arriving at Alcazar's hotel mere seconds before the time of the murder. Sonny says he has to take this to the police to shift blame away from Brenda.

Scott interrogates Ric about the tape. They dance around verbally. Scott wonders if he should take him up on his offer after all. Sonny arrives and asks what they were discussing. Ric jumps up and starts acting paranoid, like Scott is trying to set him up. Sonny explains that Carly told him that Ric had been brought in and he wanted to know if he needed help. Scott asks if he works for Sonny but Sonny says he's considering hiring him as his lawyer. Scott lets Ric go and they leave. Ric tells Sonny outside that Scott was suppressing evidence and if he gets the tape again, it will disappear. Sonny knows and agrees; he thanks Ric for the job well done.

Felicia goes to Alexis and apologizes again for touching Kristina. Alexis says she's the one who's sorry; she says she's been tired. Felicia says she knows what it's like to have a sick little girl. Felicia knows that she has to take care of her work as well. Alexis tells her about defending Jax. Felicia offers her help, so Alexis takes her up on it. They discuss Jax's case. Felicia tells her that she can do all the leg work. Alexis doesn't want to presume but she knows that Felicia will do a good job and save her a lot of time and effort. She thanks Felicia and Felicia leaves.

Luke waits outside Kelly's. Cameron appears and wonders where Summer is. They are standing in the snowfall, and Cameron wonders how long they are going to wait. Luke is sure she will come. Luke asks him why he imagined that she would meet him. Cameron tells him that he set it up as a test for himself, etc. Cameron leaves, tired of waiting. Hey, Luke, take a PICTURE next time!

Inside Kelly's, Elizabeth asks Courtney how it's going with Jason. Courtney looks unsure about how to answer. She tells Elizabeth that they had dinner and that was it. Elizabeth is surprised and talks about seeing Jason with Brenda on TV.

Brenda watches the news report that talks about Jax's arrest and confession. She grabs her coat and heads out frantically. Carly comes out and asks Brenda where she's going. They yell at each other. Brenda wants to go tell the police she killed Luis. Carly tells her to keep her damn mouth shut. The elevator arrives and Jason gets out. Great, says Brenda. She goes back to her and Jason's apartment. Carly fills Brenda in on where Brenda was headed and adds that Brenda doesn't care about him, Sonny, or anyone else except Jax. Jason thanks Carly for doing a good job and goes in to see Brenda. He asks her how many people she's willing to sacrifice in order to save Jax. "As many as it takes", she replies.

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