GH Update Tuesday 12/10/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/10/02

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Skye woke up with a hangover and flipped on the TV to hear about Jax’s confession and his relationship with Brenda. She tried to turn it off, but her fingers wouldn’t cooperate and she had to listen for several seconds before fumbling the on/off switch. She got up, a little woozy, to answer the knock at the door and found Coleman there. “I’m here to collect for last night, he told her. Explaining yet again that she appreciated his help, she tried to turn him away. “You owe me big time,” he explained, going nowhere. “You’re not dealing with Courtney. I have no intention in dressing in sequins and prancing around in front of drunken losers,” she told him. He assured her shoving him under the rug was a mistake and let her in on his recent escapades with AJ and his succession in blackmailing the black sheep. He assured her he retired from the strip club business. “So, what are you doing now? Dirty movies or is extortion really doing it for you?” she asked. A knock on the door interrupted their heart to heart. Coleman called her a “wildcat” and ordered her to send her caller away. AJ had other plans though, pushing his way inside and confronting her about the Alcazar murder, informing her that if she didn’t clean up her act she would go up for first degree murder. AJ asked Skye if she was trying to be charged, wondering why she hadn’t blamed Jason like he’d told her to. She told him to come back another time. “There may not be another time if you just binged yourself into a murder wrap,” he told her. “I don’t need to be drunk to despise Brenda. I’ll tell anybody who listens how I feel about her. She’s a plague on my life.” She told AJ she was sure Brenda had killed Alcazar, but he sensed something else going on and waited to hear the whole story. She turned the tables telling him he wanted Jason to pay for ruining his marriage, but she also pointed out that he had no one to blame but himself. “I’m fighting destiny here and all you had to do was stay out of your own way,” she said sarcastically. Telling her brother to get a psychotherapist didn’t help any; he explained that once Jason was in prison, Courtney would have nowhere else to turn. With one last request for her to stay away from Jax and the PCPD, he left. Coleman came out of the shadows wise to the ploy. “I didn’t give you nearly enough credit. Hell, a DUI is the least of your problems. You killed Luis Alcazar.” He threatened to take his information to the police, so she offered him money, but he refused. He told her it was all about appearances - how she appeared guilty with his new information and how he wanted to appear to the people of Port Charles. “I want to move up into the world of power and privilege, and you’re going to make that happen for me, Skye,” he told her, asking for connections rather than money. He told her to get started and left.

Alexis cooed to her baby as Cameron watched, bestowing upon her expensive donuts and mocha cappuccino. He brought her the newspaper as well - the headline lit a fire under her attorney genes - “Jasper Jacks confesses to Alcazar murder.” Caught off guard by the disturbing news about her best friend and ex-husband, she asked Cameron to stay with Kristina for an hour while she went to the PCPD.

Jax was ushered into the interrogation room where Brenda waited on him, assuring him she wasn’t going anywhere without him. Jax told her that he loved her and that he had no other option. “After four years I finally have my life back together I’d like to have you in it.” She explained that he was ruining his future, but he told her he had made up her mind. She told him she wouldn’t let him go to jail any more than he would let her. Jax pointed out that he had asked her to believe in him four years ago and she hadn’t, asking her to choose to believe in him this time. He told her to go and leave it up to him.

Jason watched Courtney sleep before getting called away by Sonny, with orders to pick Brenda up from the PCPD. He promised his boss he would get her home before she did something crazy. Courtney let him go reluctantly, asking him when she would see him again. He told her he would come back when he could. She wondered if it was awkward for him that they were both married. “I don’t love her. I don’t even like her,” he assured, explaining the marriage was on paper. Courtney agreed that her own was as well and told him she didn’t feel wrong being with him. They shared a kiss before he ran off.

Jason went down to the PCPD to find Jax and Brenda arguing in the interrogation room. When Brenda came out, he pushed the ring into her hand and told her to put it on because he was her husband. “You’re my husband for about five more minutes,” she informed him, but he had news of his own - he stopped the annulment. “I took a wild guess that you don’t want me testifying against you and I don’t want you testifying against me,” he told her. She informed him that though she felt he belonged in jail, she didn’t want to be the one to send him there. “See, now this is exactly why I want to stay married. Now put the ring on,” he ordered. They agreed as soon as the killer was found and the situation straightened out they would go to the Dominican Republic and split up for good. Scotty chose that minute to interrupt, blaming Jason for tipping the press about Jax’s confession. Brenda asked him what he was going to do if he found out Sonny wasn’t guilty and she and Jason left. They didn’t get far though; the press was waiting for them at the door, questions blaring and tape rolling.

Courtney watched the charade taking place at the courthouse, waiting on Jason to return to her.

“You don’t think Jax confessing is the end of it, do you?” Carly asked her husband, understanding he was afraid Brenda would do something stupid. He assured her she wouldn’t, that he just wanted to get the situation under control to get himself and Jason out of the mess. He told her to let him handle it alone, so she went upstairs. She came downstairs to show him the drama on the TV set, Brenda and Jason being confronted by the reporters outside of the PCPD. He turned the tube off and told her to leave him alone about Brenda. She assured him she would leave him alone all right, and left. He turned the TV back on to listen. He called Rick to find out about the information, but only got his voicemail. Max knocked on the door informing him Jason and Brenda had returned. He headed to the apartment.

In true form, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan were at each other’s throats the minute they were in the door, Brenda informing Jason she was going back to her cottage. He told her she needed to stay so their marriage looked genuine. She refused, but tried to settle, offering to help him pack his stuff and take it to the cottage. “My house is nice. I have pictures on the wall and I have food in the refrigerator,” she taunted. Jason pointed out that Jax’s signature on the property deed wouldn’t help their situation any, only exploit it, so she agreed to stay - for a limited time, as long as he didn’t talk to her. “Why don’t you cook some brownies. Why don’t you make me some cookies or something good,” he said sarcastically. Sonny chose that moment to knock and interrupt their dispute, asking to speak to Brenda alone. “Please, take all the time that you want,” Jason told him, heading upstairs. Sonny informed her he was still working on Jax’s behalf, but Brenda warned him if he didn’t do something soon, she would. Sonny told her to give him more time that Scotty was working on the death penalty and her confession could send Jason to jail as well. “Are you saying I need to choose?” she asked him. He told her to remain calm. She told him how Scotty had tried to get her to confess and told her she was stupid - that Sonny’s plan had paid off - putting Jax in jail for murder and keeping her for himself. She told him she realized that that wasn’t the truth anymore.

Alexis headed off Jax at the PCPD, extremely upset about his predicament. He told her she should be with her baby and she agreed. “You’re right, I should be. But thanks to what I can only believe is your temporary insanity, I’m here with you.” She told him she wouldn’t let him plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit. He informed her he had plenty of reasons to want Alcazar dead “I’m not arguing motive, I’m arguing method,” she informed, insisting on being his attorney, deducing that no one else would take the job without implicating Brenda. He knew better than to reject her offer.

Taggart noticed Scotty’s ear pressed up against the door and commented on Mac taking the time to debug the interrogation room. “It kind of makes it awful hard to violate people’s rights by listening on their conversations,” Taggart pointed out. Scotty shrugged it off, reminding Taggart that if Jax hadn’t admitted to lying for Brenda, he wouldn’t for Alexis. Taggart changed the subject, ordering Scotty to retrieve the tape proving Jax was in the hotel the night of the murder, assuring him if the tape was going someone would point him out for suppressing evidence. A few moments later Scotty came back from his office informing Taggart the video was stolen. Alexis came out of the interrogation room and informed them, as Jax’s lawyer, she was privy to any information they had on him. Scotty informed her he would be happy to help, then turned to the matter at hand - finding the video.

While Cameron attended to the baby, Felicia joined him, checking on Kristina’s health, worried about Alexis’ state of mind. Remembering how awful it felt to only be able to wait and pray, Felicia shared her feelings with Cameron and expressed her desire to touch the baby. He told her to go ahead, not seeing why Alexis would be upset. Moments later, she was in the garb with her hands on the preemie. Alexis chose that moment to come in, wondering what was going on.

Carly stomped into Kelly’s upset about her argument with Sonny. Rick came down from his room and greeted her, asking if her husband was at home. “Are you kidding me?” she asked. “I know nothing, absolutely nothing. I don’t know what time of day it is, which end is up. I don’t have the sense to come in out of the rain. You know what I am? And my purpose in life is to be this good little wifey and not say anything and keep my mouth shut. Go ahead. Ask Sonny. He’ll tell you,” she ranted. He told her not to worry, that Sonny surely appreciated her for her intelligence and insight. She assured him he was right, that they she had just gotten her feelings hurt. Rick seemed to understand all too well, how she and Sonny could interpret things differently. Scotty and Taggart barged in, interrupting their conversation. Rick slipped his document under the briefcase on the table before Scotty could accuse him of having something that belonged to the DA.

Zander ran into Gia (literally) in the hallway at the courthouse. She asked what charges he was up for; he informed her that he was there delivering something for his new boss - Ned. Shocked, she informed him she was working for Alexis. She informed him “If Alexis isn’t careful, she is going to get herself disbarred.” They discussed Alexis’ obligations and Zander expressed his opinion that the baby should come first, that too many children were considered accessories to perfect lives, instead of being valued for being themselves. Gia realized they were talking about Emily and Zander was worried the new child would be treated in the same fashion as his former love - like she was owned by her family because of their wealth and position. “I just think that a kid should be more than a picture on Dad’s mantle,” Zander told her. She agreed and told him to tell her father that, admitting her picture had been replaced once the second wife had come along.

Jason headed to Courtney’s. She was happy to see him, but he was bearing bad news - because of the hoopla he wouldn’t be able to see her for a while.

After Alexis left him, Jax asked the guard why he wasn’t being sent back to his cell. The guard informed him of yet another visitor and in walked Skye.

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