GH Update Monday 12/9/02


General Hospital Update Monday 12/9/02

Update By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Carly and Sonny confronted Jason in the hall, inquiring as to where he had been all night. Before he had to lie, Sonny’s phone rang and Brenda was on the other end, asking for his assistance. Sonny lied to his wife, telling her the call was from Rick and was urgent. Carly caught Jason again, leaving his apartment and asked if he was going back to Courtney’s. He told her for a ride, and she interpreted that to mean bad news - something had went on with Courtney that he needed to figure out. Jason told her if she wanted him to be happy to stay out of his personal life. Jason went back into the penthouse for something and Rick showed up. He told Carly he had information for Sonny. Not recognizing his face, Jason shoved him up against the wall, pressing his cheek to the drywall. Not giving the unfamiliar face or his best friend a chance to explain, he ordered Carly to check Rick’s briefcase for a weapon; She told him there was none and “he’s doing some work for Sonny and don’t ask me what ‘cause I wouldn’t know,” she told him matter-of-fact. He told Carly he had news Sonny requested, but she didn’t understand why he wasn’t meeting with Sonny after the call. He told her he hadn’t called and the realization of the truth hit her like a brick. Jason was still unhappy with the stranger’s presence. “I’ve never heard of you so you’re going to leave. If Sonny wants to see you he’ll call you.” Rick took the hint and got into the elevator. He asked Carly why she would think Sonny was meeting with Rick and she explained that was the lie Sonny had told her. “It’s obvious he got a call from Brenda and went to her again,” she told him. He tried to settle her down, telling her not to escalate the situation, but she turned the tables, telling him to stay out of her personal life this time.

Rick visited Scotty at the PCPD, telling him he was in a unique position to help the DA with his bout against Mr. Corinthos. He pointed out that he was in position to help Sonny get rid of the DA or vice versa. Scotty didn’t bite, refusing any kind of deal and sent Rick back with that message.

Sonny showed up moments after Rick left and Scotty used the opportunity to his advantage, telling Sonny about the attorney’s double agent suggestion; Sonny nonchalantly advised him to take Rick up on the offer and then asked to see Brenda. He headed into the interrogation room and Scotty stood near the door. Moments later Mac joined the DA and gave him some advice: “I forgot to tell you, if you plan on illegally listening in on Sonny and Brenda’s conversation, you’ll have to do it somewhere else. It won’t happen in my department.”

Inside the interrogation room, Brenda informed her ex-lover that Jax had confessed to the murder to protect her and she would have to admit to it to get him released. She explained to him that he wouldn’t have had to confess if his wife hadn’t placed the blame on her. He pointed out she was playing into Scott’s hands, offering them all up. He told her that that Jax was physically able to push Alcazar over the balcony, but Brenda wasn’t, that he would take care of the situation and get all three of them off the hook. He make her promise to be quiet, pointing out it wouldn’t be easy with Scotty’s sleazy ways, but it was necessary. She agreed.

Sonny left the interrogation room, running straight into Scotty. Pointing out that Jax had confessed to murder he ordered Brenda’s release. Scotty tried to conceive holding her, but Mac informed them all she would be released in the morning, telling them all that keeping her longer would be illegal. Scotty tried to heat up Sonny’s heart rate by asking if Jason would be picking up his own wife or if Sonny would be doing the honor, but it didn’t work. Once Sonny left, he tried his charms on Brenda. She tried to avoid him, asking to be taken back to her cell, but he kept her there, trying to feed her anger by telling her she wanted to look pretty for Sonny in the morning. He fueled the fire by explaining that if this was their plan it worked out great - getting Jax to take the fall so she could be with Sonny. Scotty pointed out that Jax had confessed and would go away for first-degree murder. Vividly describing what would happen to him if he was found guilty, Scott pressed Brenda for her confession. “I can guarantee that is never going to happen,” she told him. “Yeah, if you admit you killed Alcazar,” he tossed back.

Sonny went home and found Carly curled up on the couch. He tried to continue with the lie, but couldn’t. As she was on her way up the stairs, he admitted that he had been with Brenda. She told him she already knew. He admitted that he didn’t want to upset her and it was easier to lie. “Been there, done that,” she confessed. He told her he knew she would find out anyway. It proves that Brenda can get to you anytime she wants, she knows it and there’s nothing I can do to stop you from going to her.” He explained that his objective was to get her out of trouble so he could stay out as well. Then what, she asked. He explained that he was committed to her and apologized for lying. Carly forgave him, understanding that he forgave her for plenty of her own lies. Offering to claw Brenda’s eyes out, Carly kissed her husband and told him Rick had the information he requested. Sonny hoped he had enough to top Scotty.

AJ and Courtney’s argument heated up as AJ accused Courtney of bedding his brain damaged brother. Courtney pointed out that a divorce meant her doings were none of his business; he of course pointed out they weren’t divorced. He told her he lied to himself about her. “You’re nothing but your basic run of the miss everyday slut,” he told her. Courtney told him to get out of her apartment, but AJ claimed it was theirs. She pointed out she had paid for it, a point that led to a heated argument about her work as a stripper. AJ told her he never loved her, but the person he thought she was. He explained that he gave up everything for her and she had betrayed him for the one person he hated the most. Calling her a looser he informed her about Jason’s tastes in the opposite sex, “My brother has a thing for sweet, innocent, untouchable girls. Good girls. And you blew that the minute you jumped into bed with him,” he told her. He told her that for an emotionless skeleton of a man, as Jason was, that she was just easy sex, but not to fret, his brother would keep her around a little longer. “Even Jason, the antisocial moron that he is, likes a convenient place to rest his head, so to speak.” He told her. “Until another angel comes along. A Robin, another Elizabeth. Then he’ll leave you and never look back. ... I can’t tell you how much I’m going to enjoy watching that,” he told her. Threatening to call the police got her nowhere. “Why don’t you call Jason and beg him to come guard you. You might as well get it while you can,” he told her, leaving. With AJ gone, she went to the bedroom and looked at the pile of clothes on the bed.

Jason went to Courtney’s apartment to discuss their behavior. “What do you want with me?” she asked him outright, unsure about his motives as well as her own after AJ’s bravado. He explained that he shouldn’t have left, that things had just heated up too quickly. “I like you. Regardless of what happens next. I don’t know what that is,” he confessed. Sensing her upset, he asked if he had hurt her already, but she explained her feelings had lingered from her encounter with AJ. She admitted that her husband knew they had sex, even though she hadn’t confirmed it. Jason told her he didn’t care if AJ knew and he didn’t care what he thought, that she shouldn’t be ashamed. She told him she didn’t, that she was just glad he came back. They discussed her love for AJ, or lack thereof. She admitted to herself she had never really loved her husband, but felt strangely guilty for being attracted to her brother-in-law. She confessed she had thought about their kiss in the rain quite frequently. He admitted he had too. She laughed, pointing out that he got married quite quickly afterward. Yet again he explained that it was Brenda’s idea and he did it to protect Sonny and Carly. Considering how AJ handled the news and foreseeing the same reaction from her father, Courtney asked Jason to keep their relationship between them. He agreed. “I don’t have a lot of experience with dating and I am going to make mistakes, so you’ve got to tell me ‘cause I don’t want to hurt you.” She promised him he wouldn’t. They kissed on it.

Mac called Cameron to the PCPD just before Luke arrived on the arm of a local cop. “Bubba, why do you keep dragging me in here when you know damn well you’re not going to lock me up,” Luke asked. According to the arresting officer, Mr. Spencer admitted to being a pimp for a solicited prostitute, so they brought him in. Cameron asked if the prostitute was blonde haired and blue eyed. The officer admitted he hadn’t gotten a good look, but that she had called herself Debra. Luke denied it, offering that many prostitutes give different clients different names. Cameron pointed out it could mean there was no Summer. “Oh, there’s a summer. It comes once a year,” Scott said sarcastically, looking at Luke. “Are you really chasing a phantom blonde around town?” he asked. Luke offered proof that his lady friend was real and took Cameron to the department store. Looking for the leftover champagne, he explained he and Summer had spent the evening there. The security guard informed them any leftovers would have been thrown away by the night crew and asked what he had been doing there. “Having a picnic with his imaginary friend,” Cameron said sarcastically. The guard offered to go look for any surveillance tapes. Luke continued to try to convince Cameron that the woman was real, but the shrink chalked her up to a fantasy. “You don’t get it, do you? I can’t fantasize enough. Nothing changes this reality. I’ve given it my best shot,” Luke told him, explaining that he had brought this look-alike here because he and Laura shared a special night there once. “Last night I pathetically tried to recreate something like it with my elusive paid assistant,” he admitted. The doctor asked Luke if he realized what he was risking, but didn’t get to tell his patient exactly what that was before the security guard returned. The tapes only captured him breaking in, no sign of the girl. Luke tried to make sense of it, telling Cameron she must have been out of range, but the doctor refused to partake. From the department store the duo went to the docks, Luke calling out Summer’s name, frantically looking for his new acquaintance. He told the doctor he wasn’t insane and held out yet another scarf in proof. The doctor told him he should be taping the scenario. “Yeah, for your article,” Luke said sarcastically. “No Luke, for you, so you can see how crazy you sound.” Trying everything in his power to make the doctor a believer, he offered to question his staff at Luke’s for proof. Cameron asked about the woman’s phone number or escort service name. “If I was going to make up somebody out of thin air, why didn’t I conjure up my wife?” Luke asked. Cameron explained subconsciously he didn’t believe he deserved Laura and therefore found a look-alike. “You’ve got all the answers. It’s a damn shame they’re all wrong,” Luke told him. The doctor gave him one last chance, giving him four hours to produce wonder woman or he would be spending time in a mental facility.

Skye climbed out of her car and looked at the limp body lying on her hood, rolling it over to find Nikolas Cassadine. She thanked God when she felt a pulse on his neck. “You plowed right into him. I saw the whole thing,” came a voice from the shadows as Coleman emerged. He ordered her to call 911 and began looking for her cellular phone in the car. He didn’t find it, but he did find her bottle of booze and accused her of being drunk. They didn’t have to call for the police, the police found them and took Nikolas to GH at once, even though he assured them all he was fine. When they asked for the information about what happened, Coleman took the blame, telling them that he had been driving. Coleman told the cops that he had served Skye at Jake’s and realized she was drunk, offering to drive her home, feeling responsible.

Skye rushed to the hospital to check on Nikolas, Coleman close behind. Once there she shoved some money in his hand, and thanked him for his services. “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I’d be very happy if I never had to lay eyes on you again,” she told him, heading to Nikolas’ room. Once inside she apologized to the prince, admitting guilt (for being drunk and needing to be driven home, of course). He assured her it wasn’t her fault, but an accident and took the blame for himself for walking out into the street carelessly. Gia rushed in, having heard the new news (there is a new Gia, so don’t be surprised if you see a pretty native American girl with short, frizzy hair getting up close and personal with Nikolas instead of the long-haired beauty you’re used to). Gia apologized for being late, also taking the blame, seeing her lateness as having caused his recklessness and Skye’s. She began explaining why she was late, having worked with the attorney Ned hired to keep Alexis’ practice going and getting news about possibly attending Jefferson Law at the PCU law school. She apologized to her fiancée that this would push back their pending marriage even more, but explained neither one of them was rushing to the alter. Disappointed, Nikolas agreed that they had plenty of time.

Skye returned to the lobby of GH where she encountered Coleman, yet again, with her keys in hand. She tried a polite brush of another time, but it didn’t succeed. He handed her back her money saying, “You owe me a hell of a lot more than thanks.”

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